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Gyaw Gyaw Projects 2013 Grace Garden Education Center Total costs: 2013 Total time:

thb 588 428 / kr 109 400 thb 574 477/ kr 106 900 7 workers / 25 weeks

Sustainable Learning Center for Border Green Energy Team (BGET).

Photo: Line Ramstad

Materials: Loadbearing adobe walls as circular elements, can be closed off for security. Roofplates on local secondhand timber beams. Thick adobe walls are protecting towards direct sunlight and light bamboowalls opening towards north for natural light. Windows and doors with traditional woven bambo details. The building contains of classrooms, kitchen, library, computerroom and hangout space. Designed with focus on natural ventilation and light, functional areas for learning and customized outdoor areas.

Workshop Total costs: Total time:

Photo: Paw Eh Wah

thb 97 415 / kr 18 100 15 participants/ 2 weeks 10 workers/ 2 weeks

Design and construction of adobewalls together with 15 participants from Norway and Denmark as part of the learningcenter.

Grace Garden Toilets Total costs: Total time:

thb 54 609 / kr 10 100 7 workers/ 2 weeks

Toilet and shower for Grace Garden Sustainable Learningcentre. Materials: Timberconstruction on concrete slab with roofplates and bamboo walls.

Kwe Ka Baung School in Mae Sot Photo: Nick Powers

Total budget: Gyaw Gyaw costs: Gyaw Gyaw time:

thb 750 000 / kr 143 600 thb 10 715 / kr 1 900 1 worker/10 weeks

6 new classrooms for a migrant School in cooperation with Agora-architects, MTC and Casira organization (Canada).

Photo: Line Ramstad

Materials: Loadbearing adobe walls on concrete slab. Steel on eucalyptus logs. A concrete pathway connects the freestanding classrooms with gardens inbetween. Designed with focus on natural ventilation and light, functional areas for learning. Oo Klo from Gyaw Gyaw construction manager.

Garage, toilets and office for Gyaw Gyaw to ease work and better receive visitors Total costs: Total time:

thb 64 508 / kr 12 000 5 workers/ 8 weeks

A roof to cover our car in rainysesaon, extra toilets for workshop-participants and walls around our officespace to protect computers.

Photo: Line Ramstad

Materials: Rooftiles on simple timberconstruction, toilets with secondhand timber construction, concrete walls and cheap steelroof. Adobe walls and plywoodwindows in timberframes.

Toilets for Teacher Training College Total costs: Total time:

thb 8 664/ kr 1 600 8 workers/ 2 weeks

A cooperation with TTC who move from the camp to our village. They pay materials and half the salarycosts and we gave the rest.

Photo: Line Ramstad

Materials: Concrete slab with toilets, concrete walls and thin steelroof. It`s build in rainyseason, so alternative materials like bamboo and adobe were not available.

Toilets for the communityhouse Total costs: Total time:

thb 38 845/ kr 7 200 5 workers/ 2 weeks

Toilets and showehouse for villagers and visitors in cooperation with the villageleader. Materials: Re-use of timberconstruction for roof and half walls from demolished old toilet on site. Posts and half wall concrete. Colored steel roof.

Dormitory for 30 kids in Mae Tari Photo: Line Ramstad

Total costs 2013: Total time 2013:

thb 319 285 / kr 59 400 7 workers/ 12 weeks

Sleepingplaces and hangout area for homeworks for 30 Burmese children who go to Thaischool in the bordervillage of Mae Tari.

Photo: Line Ramstad

Materials: Timber construction of loggs cut on site with steelroof, resting on a concrete slab with bamboo reinforcement. First floor brickwall of burned adobebricks and backwall of riverstone/concrete for resisting the backslope. Second floor bamboowalls and details with spacious veranda.Timber floor with lowered walkways for easy cleaning and better sosial adaption.

Gyaw Gyaw Administration Total costs: Total time:

thb 348 402 / kr 64 800 10 workers/ 40 weeks

Equipment for making our work possible, administration salaries and transportation costs including plane tickets Oslo - Bangkok - Oslo.

Photo: Line Ramstad

Support to schools, single students and families in need. Total costs:

thb 139 550 / kr 26 000

Mainly support for food, schoolequipment and medicines/hospitalcosts to make education possible. The support also include rice to the village of Maw Kwee in cooperation with the Norwegian footballclub Vestkysten.

Photo: Line Ramstad

Ekstra support during flooding Total costs:

Photo: Line Ramstad

Total Costs 2013:

thb 26 000 / kr 4 800

As a result of extraordinary heavy rain and the opening of 6 different dams upstream, Moei River went all time high during rainy season this year and made our village of Noh Bo an island, putting several houses completely under water. It was counted as a 100 years flood and in Noh Bo`s approximately 60 years history, no one have ever experienced something like this. We supported families with money for buildingmaterials to rebuild their houses and get necessities they lost.

thb 1 682 470 / kr 312 800

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Gyaw Gyaw - Annual Report 2013  

Gyaw Gyaw - Annual Report 2013  

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