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Ga Yaw Ga Yaw Projects 2010 Widow SHO Total costs: thb 75 410 / kr 15 000 Time:

7 workers/10 weeks

Materials: Timberconstruction on concrete slab. Half wall concrete to avoid rain and dirt on the productionareas. Banboo walls. Tinn roof.

Oo Pro orphanage Total costs: thb 35 982 / kr 7 200 Time: 10 workers /10 weeks

3 woorkers/ 10 weeks

Playground, footpaths and drainage. Finish fist floor in existing staffhouse and build a new house for music. All in cooperation with Oo Pro. Materials: Bamboo, stones and sand from the river. Bamboo reinforcement in the concrete footpaths. Adobe buildings.

Familyhouse Noh Bo Total costs: thb 70 710 / kr 14 000 Time:

3 workers/12 weeks

First floor in a private house to prove adobe as material. Materials: Adobe and plywoodwindows

Teamhouse Noh Bo Total costs: thb 206 173 /kr 41 200 Time:

10 workers/16 weeks

Materials: First phase: Timber posts construction. Concrete slab floor, bamboo walls and plywood windows. Brick plates roof.

Primaryschool Noh Bo Total costs: thb 119 033 / kr 23 800 Time:

10 workers/6 weeks

Materials: Timberconstruction on concrete slab. Half wall bamboo, to be replaced with adobe after rainy season. Tinn roof. Design adjusted to exisiting school.

Primaryschool Noh Bo toilets Total costs: thb 84 987/ kr 17 000 Time:

10 workers/2 weeks

Materials: Timber construction on concrete

slab. Concrete floors and interiors, plastic pipes and tinn roof and doors. Ceramic toilets.

Ga Yaw Ga Yaw Administration Total costs: thb 258 464 / kr 52 000 Time:

10 workers/52 weeks

Equipment for making our work possible,

administration salaries and transportation costs. Inkuding 2 x planeticket Oslo-Bangkok-Oslo.

Support to schools, students and families in need Total costs: thb 216 250 /kr 43 250 Mainly used for food for the children,

mosquitonet and medicines/hospitalcosts.

Total Costs 2010:

thb 1 067 009 / kr 213 450

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Gyaw Gyaw - Annual Report 2010  

Gyaw Gyaw - Annual Report 2010  

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