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St. Lucia Guide Overview St. Lucia Island in the Caribbean possesses a wealth of natural beauty—lush mountains, a steaming sulphur volcano, 19,000 acres/7,690 hectares of rain forest, charming black- and white-sand beaches, rare colorful foliage and exotic wildlife. Add to this mix the pleasant St. Lucia weather and the nice beaches, and you understand the island's slogan: "Simply Beautiful." There's plenty to do on this small island. The rain forest is an ideal place for hiking, mountain biking, bird-watching or standing near a waterfall to soak up the mist from its spray. There's also whale- and dolphin-watching, snorkeling, kite-sailing, fishing and diving. Vacationers who go to St. Lucia travel there to enjoy its charm and undeveloped feel, found in places all over the island. Whether visitors stay in a deluxe, all-inclusive resort or a local inn or hotel, St. Lucia and its residents extend a warm welcome. Make you next vacation a memorable one. Vacationers book with Islelander.

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