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Come, Experience Feng Shui the St Lucian Way

Sometimes the cure for restlessness is rest.

St. Lucia has dozens of spas, many among the world’s best! So come on. Relax & Truly Let Go.

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SHUI St. Lucia


Peace on Earth, It's in Your Hands. Bonnie Hefner

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SHUI St. Lucia


Table of Contents Introduction – Welcome to the Exquisite Spas of the Creole Island Coconut Bay Resort - Kai Mer Spa Health & Beauty Day Spa Anse Chastanet Resort – Kai Belté Spa Kai Mer Spa Ti Kaye Village Resort – Kai Koko Spa Discover at Marigot Bay – Lapli Spa Mago Estate Hotel – Jungle Spa Sandals Resorts – RedLane® Spas Le Sport – The Body Holiday More Tagged Island Spas

Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet. Jeremy Bentham

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SHUI St. Lucia


The Bounty Lies Within Ourselves Carina Chatlani

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Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul.

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Welcome to the Exquisite Spas of the Creole Island Relax, Rejuvenate, Restore

Spas in Saint Lucia pride themselves on delivering exceptional beauty, naturally. The Soufriere Volcano, to the south, supplies mineral rich mud and steam baths unique to the island. Resort spas harvest these natural resources for use in some of the most sophisticated spa treatments in the world.

Mud baths are an ancient technique treating everything from skin ailments to arthritis. Mineral rich mud also purifies the skin's pores for a healthy glow. In Saint Lucia, several spas offer mud treatments, often enhanced with aromatherapies or massages.

Mineral baths are another ancient ritual for healing and health. The rich waters in Saint Lucia provide therapeutic refreshment for tired, stressed or tense muscles. Private and public mineral baths abound for maximum pleasure.

Mud and mineral baths remain popular worldwide. On Saint Lucia one must experience a shiatsu or hot stone massage overlooking the vibrant ocean waters. Natural aromatics and a gentle breeze create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Let yourself go in Saint Lucia.

Where does beauty begin? Where does it end? Where it ends is where the artist begins. Only in Saint Lucia

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Coconut Bay Spa

raise your body core temperature and increase perspiration, to release impurities from your system.

Indulge in an oasis of serenity at the organic-infused Kai Mer Spa featuring private treatment rooms, beachfront patios, steam rooms and beauty services like mani/pedis and a variety of hair treatments. Many of the spa services incorporate traditional treatments including a third-eye oil drip, Hot Stone Massage and freshly grown Aloe Vera. For a more romantic experience, Kai Mer also offers interactive couples massages. Teens and kids are also welcome to enjoy treatments with a parent.

Combinations Perfect – Contour - Packages anti-cellulite treatment for perfect contour with mud envelopment derived from sea algae. This treatment includes a detoxifying mud wrap and facial with a cellulite salt glow scrub.

Cellutox - Effective anti-cellulite treatment to refine the skin with a white algae mask, this treatment includes peeling, wrap and a gentle massage.

Coconilla - Experience a scrub of fluid strokes combining sugar,

KAI MER For the ultimate unwind, guests are encouraged to visit our full service Kai Mer, French Creole for "House by the Sea". Featuring treatment rooms with ocean views and private outdoor showers, a Swiss hydro shower, steam rooms, saunas and massage and mani/pedi patios. The spa offers an extensive selection of treatments including some for couples only. The spa also offers a full service beauty salon providing a variety of hair and nail treatments. Body Peelings Facials and Skin Care Wraps Massages Combinations Packages

coconut and almond essentials to stimulate, energize and tone the skin from head to toe. Next, shower in our state-of-the-art 12-head Swiss-hydro system. Then, enjoy an essential oil blend of vanilla smoothed over the skin with Swedish strokes and Shiatsu Kabuki (horizontal rocking) to complete the experience.

Facials & Skin Care Kai Mer Specialty Facial - This exclusive facial is carefully designed to accommodate all skin types - face, neck, and décolleté. Whether you are looking for relaxation, combating the effects of stress and environment, or obtaining balance and precise hydration, our Aesthetician will analyze your skin and determine which facial best addresses your goals. The Specialty Facial, depending on your needs includes: Rosaceous Facial, Luminous “C” & “Sea” Facial, Anti Free Radical Facial, Oxygenating Facial, Plantomer Soothing Facial.

Organic Rainforest Facial - All natural, organically grown herbs, fruits, and vegetables, hand-selected to guarantee high quality, are hand-mixed with pure hot-spring waters for this exotic facial, which offers dramatic results with nature’s regenerative and healing powers. The 80-minute version includes a rejuvenating hand treatment and foot massage to complete your luxurious experience.

Ocean Mud Facial - An energizing mud mask - made with ocean

Body Peelings

seaweed rich in sea enzymes, minerals, and vitamins delivers nature’s best nutrients to hydrate, rejuvenate and firm your skin.

Smooth as Silk - Wake up to the scent of lemongrass in this full body exfoliation, followed by a pampering massage. The coconut and lemongrass sugar scrub cleanses the skin leaving it smooth and silky. A light moisturizing massage balances and tones your skin.

Island Essence Salt Glow - Excellent for men and women. Choose your scents (grapefruit, lime, orange or tangerine) Relaxing, refreshing, or invigorating, this vigorous salt scrub leaves the skin smooth and silky soft. Gentle Caribbean Body Polish - Gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin includes a non-soap base fine body polish, which delicately renews the skin. Choose from our island essential oil blends, and then enjoy a light massage applying rich hydrating Lotion.

Men’s Facial - This deep cleansing facial is designed to benefit men’s skin-care needs. Enjoy a relaxing treatment with scented products, developed especially for men, to leave your skin clear, clean, and hydrated.

Bright Eyes - This treatment targets the delicate eye area eliminating puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. It will firm the contour of your eyes leaving them redefined and youthful.

Pedi Patio The perfect place to relax to the soothing sounds of the ocean and take in Coconut Bay’s signature view of the Maria Islands while enjoying a spa pedicure. Guests are invited to experience true pampering outdoors while sipping a cocktail or simply savoring the cool breeze.

Wraps Massages Soleil Suave - Saved From The Sun Wrap Harvested from our Aloe Vera garden minutes before your treatment, this famous healing plant soothes and softens the skin. A hydrating facial completes this ultimate Sports Massage (Deep treatment) - Sports Massage is a special form of intense stretching full body wrap experience. technique typically used for athletes. This alleviates the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s Detox - Mud Wrap - This heat treatment is detoxifying as well as soft tissue during physical activity. This massage will relaxing and stress-relieving. Wrapped in hot linens with mud, it will ease fatigue and reduce muscle tension while simultaneously increasing flexibility.

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FENG SHUI St. Lucia Compose Massage (Relaxing, balancing and relieving, deep treatment) - Combining several techniques, chosen by your therapist according to your needs.

Ocean Splendor Couples Massage (Relaxing, balancing and relieving) - Share a relaxing Kai Mer massage with your partner or friend. Enjoy these massages in a private outside area with two therapists (one for each of you).

Vanilla Coco Massage (Balancing and relieving) - Awaken the senses with a coconut and vanilla combination. This massage targets the back, neck, shoulders and head. Relax on a specially crafted chair by the ocean.

Kai Mer Massage (Balancing and relieving) A classic form of fullbody massage to stimulate circulation and relax the body, providing a feeling of tranquility and heightened well-being.

Packages Caribbean Escape - Relax and enjoy a day dedicated to beautiful pampering with a 50-minute massage, a 60-minute body treatment, and a 60-minute facial. Your day includes a unique Kai Mer Spa lunch.

Just for Him - The perfect gift for the man in your life. This package Deep Tissue Massage (Deep treatment) - An intensified version of includes a 50-minute massage, a spa pedicure, and a men’s facial…a a Swedish classic. This massage uses deep tissue techniques to release chronic muscle tension and helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue. It helps loosen muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly.

Aromatherapy Massage (Relaxing) - Combine the sense of smell

combination of the most requested treatments.

Teen’s Treat - A great introduction to the Spa Kai Mer for the youth. A 30-minute Vanilla Coco massage, a 30-minute Teen facial and a manicure, for a terrific experience. Minimum age 14; must be accompanied by an adult.

with touch. This light, lymphatic massage will lull you into a state of sublime relaxation. We even offer a custom-blended Aromatherapy oil to re-create your Spa experience at home.

Paraffingo (Balancing and relieving) - A hot pack of Paraffin is applied to specific areas of soreness to increase circulation. Therapeutic massage techniques are then administered to help alleviate chronic tension or speed healing of injuries.

Maternity Massage (Relaxing) - A soothing, full-body massage for the mother-to-be specifically addressing discomforts associated with pregnancy. It benefits circulation, provides comfort and aids in relaxation, during your time of change.

Reflexology (Balancing and relieving) - This ancient Oriental massage method targets pressure points on the feet, which correspond to specific parts of the body. The technique promotes relaxation, relieves stress, and releases energy throughout the entire body. Reflexology can help treat migraines, asthma, fatigue, digestive weakness, knee, neck and shoulder pain.

Energy Glow - Low on energy? This package is for you…An Island Essence Salt Glow scrub, a Kai Mer massage and facial with a leg and foot relief to make you feel rejuvenated once again.

Anti-Stress - Leave all your worries behind with a Smooth as Silk Scrub, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue massage coupled with either a Mani or Pedicure.

Body and Mind Harmony - For Total equilibrium… Coconilla, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage with an Organic Rainforest Facial…a real treat.

Detox Around the World! - Give your body a break! An Island Essence Salt Glow Scrub, a Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap, a Swedish massage, a Perfect Contour, a Reflexology and a Deep Cleansing Facial…deeply detoxifying on all levels.

Total Beauty Hot Stone Therapy (Balancing and relieving) - An ancient art of healing using elements of Mother Nature - Fire, Water, and Earth - to relieve tense muscles, sore joints, stressed emotions, and a weary spirit. By massaging with the deep, penetrating heat of smooth Lava stones, your therapist deeply and effectively works your muscles and balances your energy.

Total transformation! A Kai Mer Specialty Facial, together with a Wash and Set, our Signature Spa Pedicure, Manicure and a Gentle Caribbean Body Polish.

Honeymooner’s Paradise - Let us pamper you from head to toe with 2 Hot Stone Back Massages, 2 Reflexology Treatments and an Ocean Splendor for two to enjoy by the Ocean...Welcome to Paradise. Final Touch…Visit our Salon for Pedicures, Manicures, Hair Styling and more. Waxing services also available.

Coconut Bay's Kai-Mer Spa in St. Lucia offers the perfect combination of island-grown ingredients, private beachfront treatment patios and personalized service to soothe

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FENG SHUI St. Lucia stress away. Dr. Manoj Kutteri, spa manager, has created five new spa packages for guests traveling in 2009. These customized packages treat the whole body and mind through nutritional counseling, exercise classes, Asian-inspired treatments like the thirdeye oil drip, acupuncture and traditional treatments.

Coconut Bay's Detox and Rejuvenation Program This six-day detox program is designed to cleanse and relax the body. Guests start with a Hot Stone massage, followed by a facial and choices of body exfoliation using lime and ginger or a Dead Sea scrub.

Don't Say A Peep, I'm Trying to Sleep – Coconut Bay's Sleep Program For those with trouble sleeping, this package uses acupuncture to promote the secretion of serotonin – the happy hormone – inducing a deep relaxation. Hopi ear candling uses lavender and heat to draw out impurities and relax the sympathetic nervous system. Rooms in the adults-only Harmony wing offer king-sized beds, overstuffed pillows and black-out curtains for sleep-in sessions.

Reduce Stress and Gain Some Finesse – Coconut Bay's Stress Buster Program An intense four-hand Abhyanga massage relaxes the muscles while a clinical foot reflex therapy invigorates the body. Ultimate relaxation is achieved by an Indian head massage with Asian-inspired oil treatment.

For your St. Lucian Feng Shui experience or for inquiries visit Islelander St. Lucia at Know more about Kai Mer Spa at Traveler’s Rating Travelers’ Review- SPA-TACULAR - Monday, February 16, 2009 at 9:00pm Coconut Bay's Kai-Mer Spa in St. Lucia offers the perfect combination of island-grown ingredients, private beachfront treatment patios and personalized service to soothe stress away.

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SHUI St. Lucia


Health & Beauty Day Spa At Health & Beauty Day Spa St Lucia, comfort, relaxation and hygiene come first

you can relax in the knowledge that there is no possibility of crosscontamination. Eliminate your unwanted hair and feel more confident and alluring with our waxing treatments.

Hair Salon Our affiliate hair salon is committed to the same high standards of customer service and offers you the full range of hair care facilities.

The Health & Beauty Day Spa, St Lucia’s favourite total body care spa The Health & Beauty Day Spa in St Lucia invites you to leave stress behind and rejuvenate your senses. We offer head to toe, total body care with a range of massage therapies, facial treatments, waxing, manicures, pedicures, and hair salon services. We are proud to offer the internationally recognised GUINOT line of products and facial services, including the Hydradermie Facial, guaranteed to deliver immediate results. Our Pedicure Lounge is an elegant enclave with three shiatsu massage chairs and equipped with clear jet, no pipe technology to ensure the highest standards of hygiene. We also boast the Mermaid Massage table, a blissful, floating experience that employs the therapeutic effect of water while you enjoy the relaxing ministrations of our skilled therapists. Our depilatory services are effective, discreet and hygienic. You can be confident that we subscribe to the very highest standards and use the PHD waxing system (Professional, Hygienic, Disposable). Superb results are achieved every time. Indulge your senses at The Health & Beauty Day Spa retreat where comfort, relaxation and hygiene come first.

Facials The GUINOT system of facial care has enjoyed an international profile that has become synonymous with luxury, relaxation and efficacy. Indulge in one of our GUINOT facials and enjoy immediately visible results. Your friends will too!

Massage Massage is not just an indulgence it is an essential part of holistic well being. At The Health & Beauty Day Spa, we offer a range of therapeutic and relaxing massage. Enjoy a traditional Swedish rub or hot stone massage that will penetrate to the deepest levels. We also offer aromatherapy massage and full body and back massage options.

Body Exfoliation Rejuvenating your mind and body is our passion. A body exfoliation is an important part of skin maintenance, sloughing off tired dead cells which give the skin a dull appearance, stimulating your natural oils and giving it a bright, youthful sheen.

Hands & Feet Your hands and feet work hard for you but are probably the most neglected parts of our bodies. In our climate, no part of your body is more exposed. Our Manicure and Pedicure treatments are designed to keep the skin and cuticles healthy and to give you the touch of elegance that is the treat you deserve.

Travelers’ Rating – Travelers’ Reviews - “I have been to several spas around the world and love sampling new treatments and techniques. I was pleasantly surprised when I took advantage of the specials promotion of the Spa Ritual offered by The Health & Beauty Day Spa. 2 hours of pampering and the chocolate mint body scrub was the ultimate in getting spoiled. I definitely recommend this getaway to rejuvenate and replenish after a hard week. Ladies and Gents you deserve it.” - Margaret G.: Saint Lucian Entrepreneur “As soon as I arrive in St Lucia, my first thought is to book an appointment with Antonia at Health & Beauty Day Spa. She has

truly magical hands! I only wish she would open a salon in London & I didn't have to travel so far, for her unique touch!” - Simone G. London

I have enjoyed many spa and beauty treatments over the last 20 years at The St. Lucia Health & Beauty Day Spa. The ambiance is conducive to total relaxation. The Hydradermie facial is a favourite leaving my face so transformed and younger looking. The after care products for face and body care are the best. Antonia is always very helpful and willing to provide the best advice in skin care. - Alison Gittens

Dear Antonia, I just wanted you to know what a fabulous and enjoyable experience it has been whenever I have had a manicure and pedicure at St.Lucia Health and Beauty Day Spa. Ever since my first manicure and pedicure at your establishment in 2006, I have come to appreciate the importance of having this service on a regular basis. The atmosphere at St. Lucia Health and Beauty is very relaxing and soothing and the staff are courteous and attentive. I will always come back. - Paul Spencer

For your St. Lucian Feng Shui experience or for inquiries visit Islelander St. Lucia at Know more about Health & Beauty Day Spa at

PHD Waxing Your comfort, the highest standards of hygiene and the smooth, clean results of the best in waxing technology are our priority. With the PHD waxing system, the applicator is opened in front of you so that

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Anse Chastanet Spas

JADE MOUNTAIN -Anse Chastanet

KAI BELTÉ Located at beach level, the Kai Belté Spa was designed by architect owner Nick Troubetzkoy in the same airy and "in harmony with nature" style his resort guest rooms are renowned for, yet affording complete privacy. Professionally trained therapists offer a wide range of treatments, including Swedish massage, aromatherapy, and reflexology. Newly added services include shiatsu and ANSE CHASTANET'S own version of La Stone therapy, called Wosh Cho, patois for hot stone. Hair treatments include a tantalizing scalp and neck massage, based on Indian massage principles and reflexology. Also available are Ayurvedic treatments. Considering ANSE CHASTANET'S popularity among honeymooners and romantics at large, some treatments were specifically developed for them. There is, for example, the simultaneous in-room massage, designed to provide a massage for him and her simultaneously, so they can stay in each others' company. The Couples' Massage Course teaches husband and wife the basic principles of Swedish massage, a popular course actually not only taken by honeymooners but also by anniversary guests wishing to add a new dimension to their relationship!


Guests at Jade Mountain can choose from a carefully selected menu of spa treatments available in the privacy of their sanctuary or in JADE MOUNTAIN's boutique spa Kai en Ciel. Also, the Kai Belté spa located on the Anse Chastanet beach and the Kai Mer spa cottage are available to Jade Mountain guests at any time. We offer classical body and beauty treatments, as well as ayurvedic and holistic services.

Travelers’ Rating Travelers’ Reviews - My wife had the best massage ever! - M/M Peters

I don’t know where to begin! It is an absolutely fabulous resort. Everything about the hotel is beautiful, the food magnificent and the staff incredible. Just hope we can come back sometime. It is definitely heaven on earth. Yoga with Kirsten was excellent and potentially life changing experience. - M/M Moor

Kai Mer, Creole for "House of the Sea," is perched high on the hill right above the pristine coral reefs of Anse Chastanet bay and has a panoramic view of the shimmering Caribbean Sea and Anse Chastanet beach. Kai Mer can be booked for the following treatments: Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage Aromatheraphy Shiatsu Foot Reflexology or Thai Foot Massage

Your yoga program is wonderful. The teacher Kristen is very good and very welcoming. She is a real asset to the resort. We sent friends here 3 years ago based on our accidental discovery of Anse Chastanet 20 years ago. That experience was so great that we decided to come here also. We hope we will be able to return. M/M Lucks

At a surcharge of US 70 per hour couples can also book a simultaneous massage treatment or the popular couples mini massage course.

Loved the yoga, and Kristin. - M/M Brack

YOGA Kristen Coyle started her yoga training in her teens and has since then studied with several respected teachers of different Yogic traditions. Kristen began teaching Yoga in her home when she was 19 years old. Yoga, to her, is a continually evolving process, where each time you practice you feel refreshed afterwards, calmer and energized. In her classes you will find a flowing pose format with a focus on the alignment that is right for you, emphasizing that there is no one perfect way to do Yoga, only YOUR perfect way. Along with this comes guided calming visualizations, movement with the breath, and helpful hints to assist you into your fullest expression of the Yoga asanas, or poses. The classes are noncompetitive and open to complete beginners, as well, more challenging variations are offered to more experienced students.

We have stayed at many fine hotels and resorts; your high rating is well deserved. All of the staff are wonderful, friendly, helpful and happy. The room and beach are first class. - M/M Hirsh

Scuba staff went above and beyond in service to our group of divers and snorkelers, 10 year old Bill fell in love with the crew –not everyone is able to make a child feel so welcome. The food was excellent and all of the staff in the resort were friendly and welcoming. A special thanks to Peter for arranging our vow renewal –it was truly beautiful. My hot stone massage was excellent also and everyone loved the zip line tour. I would love to come back every year if I could. - M/M Wilson

The best food and service we've had in the Caribbean. The staff are very helpful and kind. Our bottle of champagne for our anniversary was a very special touch! The changing menu in the treetops restaurant was fabulous! - M/MCole

Spa treatment very good. Hiking tour was great. – M/M Bruder

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SHUI St. Lucia

FENG SHUI St. Lucia Our overall impression was that everyone was pleased to see us and did their best to help us enjoy every aspect of our holiday. The spa facilities are outstanding. They uplift you body and soul. – M/M Haining

Top knotch resort. Will recommend to fellow divers. Enjoyed the yoga sessions very much and the spa. Food wonderful! – M/M Mulconrey

Hot Rock massage was the best massage I have ever had. The room was exceptional, open, large, great views, private — best time of my life. — Mr/Mrs Wilson, Cape Elizabeth, USA

The entire staff in the spa was just marvelous. We had a total of six treatments and they were glorious experiences at the hands of very obviously capable, thoroughly trained and sensitive practitioners. — L and T Steenburg, Illinois, USA

Perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. — Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Hanbury, Jr

For your St. Lucian Feng Shui experience or for inquiries visit Islelander St. Lucia at Know more about Kai Belte & Kai Mer Spa at

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SHUI St. Lucia


Ti Kaye Spa

30 US$ by Couple / 20 US$ by Person

Kai Koko Exotic Massages


Neck & Shoulder Massage ( 30 Minutes) 45 US$ Starting from the back to stimulate the circulation, this massage continues with the Neck &Shoulders to drain tension away and finishes with a Head Massage to effectively ease out accumulated Stress

In true Ti Kaye style it was designed on scrap paper and everything was argued over. In the end it turned out better than imagined. In fact, the owner’s are very proud of Kai KoKo Spa and thinks it’s the best Spa on the island.

Traditional Ti Kaye Massage ( 50 Minutes) 80 US$ The Asian / Creole Traditional Massage is a full Body Massage from the Feet to the Head This Special treatment will stimulate your blood circulation, improve your energy and drain away the tension

Shiatsu Massage ( 50 Minutes) 80 US$

What I like best is the vibe of the place and the sounds of the water beneath you. I hope you will see what I am talking about for yourself. It’s perched over a cliff overlooking the bay. The view is breath taking. The inside walls are lined with coconut wood that were hand cut and shaped. Even if you are not staying here at Ti Kaye while in St. Lucia, you should come spend a day here and experience this. Kai Koko spa is blessed with 2 fantastic persons; Sumi and Warni, they are called “the Spa Ladies”. They are from Bali. They really do make you feel comfortable when you walk in the Spa and one can sense their genuine character and a pride of their surroundings. Nothing is too much for them and they really are very good at their jobs. Please try the tea, it’s that good. They make it fresh daily and serve it cold. Last but not least are the ranges of products used. All of them are formulated locally by Green Papaya, a small company owned and operated by Patricia-Lee Cozier, a St. Lucian. Her products are all natural and tested. She has made some blends at the owner’s request that can only be found at this Spa. They cost more than the usual branded imports but you know what, I think the quality is far superior and I like the fact that they are local and excellent, that makes Kai Koko spa even more special. Plus why should the spa have products that you can find at any Spa you go to? It just would be unthinkable if there wasn’t one in the name sake of the spa, so yes they do provide coconut and chocolate ones. Even if you are not staying here at Ti Kaye while in St. Lucia, you should come spend a day here and experience this. Be prepared to be blown away.

The Shiatsu Massage is a Digito Puncture Technique using pressure points massage to release tightness and tension. Deep Relaxing feeling will be assured with this treatment, a real revival for the body and mind increasing energy level

Swedish Massage ( 50 Minutes) 80 US$ A relaxing and therapeutic massage to relieve tired muscles, increase circulation and improve overall skins tone. Recommended especially for those who never experienced a Massage

Kai KoKo Signature 4 Hands Massage ( 50 Minutes / 2 Therapists )120 US$ The ultimate sensation with Massage provided by 2 Therapists working together in perfect Harmony. The synchronization will balance the pressure of the whole body improving circulation. This is a combination of Shiatsu, Traditional Massage and Lomi- Lomi leaving the entire body re-energized

Bamboo Stick Massage ( 50 Minutes) 75 US$ Starting with a Traditional Massage, the Bamboo Stick will be applied on your back and legs to relieve your muscles and is well known for perfect relaxation

Ayurvedic Massage ( 50 Minutes) 75 US$ The Ayurvedic or warm oil Massage is an Indian Tradition: a technique employed to stimulate and balance your whole body. This Mental & Body Relaxation is provided with a special blend of essential oils which help to improve sleep, eliminate toxins and bring a complete relaxation

Warm Stones Massage ( 50 Minutes ) 90 US$

MENU Our Private Selection of Oils for Body Massages: Coconut Oil Chocolate Oil Lemongrass Oil Honey – Vanilla Oil Papaya – Pineapple Oil Mint Oil *Ylang-Ylang Oil Cellulite Oil Ayuderva Oil

A full body Massage starting with a Asiatic Massage and continues with the Warm Stones. The stones are infused with aromatherapy oils and placed on key energy points of the Body to harmonize the spirit. The stones give up their power and warmth to tired and tensed muscles promoting inner peace and release muscular tension

Creole Facial Treatments Special Anti Aging ( 50 Minutes) 60 US$


Pure Mango Papaya mask and honey, leaving your skin feeling smooth and radiant. Enjoy the benefits of these natural ingredients with an age-old reputation for skin softening and moisturizing.

Use of Jacuzzi & Relaxing room ( 50 Minutes )

Special Rejuvenate ( 50 Minutes) 60 US$ Pure Coconut Mask and Coconut cream cleanser. This treatment will

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SHUI St. Lucia

FENG SHUI St. Lucia effectively restore and hydrate your skin and it is a perfect complement to any skin care

Special Antioxidant ( 50 Minutes) 60 US$ The face is cleansed with pure Hibiscus and gently exfoliated to eliminate all the dead cells on the surface of the skin while purifying and leaving your face fresh

The Final Touch

This treatment is specially designed to fight against sun burn and the ageing of the skin. Sun Lover includes: – Cucumber and Honey Body Conditioner for cooling and soothing – Aloe Vera Body Lotion to ease Sun Burn prevent skin peeling and to lock in the moisture

Special Packages *CHOCOLATE PACKAGE ( 90 Minutes ) 120 US$

An ancient healing therapy: a Feet Massage on the reflex points can restore the energy & improve your health. Recover physical and mental harmony with this wonderful relaxation through your entire body.

Smell… Feel… Appreciate… Discover the pleasure….. The unique sensation of …. CHOCOLATE


Your skin will be soft, smooth and re-hydrated after our Chocolate Treatment

*Mango – Papaya Scrub ( 50 Minutes ) 75 US$

Love Chocolate and get wrapped in sweet bliss while regaining balance

Reflexology ( 50 Minutes ) 70 US$

The Island specialty is a natural and highly effective exfoliate and moisturizer. Take advantage of the fresh Mango with all its life force, providing live enzymes to give vitality while improving the skin complexion and smoothing out any rough areas of the skin surface. A gentle scrub to replenish sun kissed bodies with its anti oxidant and hydrating qualities

*Ylang – Ylang Scrub ( 50 Minutes ) 75 US$ A mixture of Hibiscus and Ylang-Ylang, specially blended to refresh and leave your skin soft and smooth. Hibiscus and Ylang-Ylang are recommended for sensitive skins due to its calming effect

*Lemon – Mint Scrub ( 50 Minutes ) 75 US$ A magical Lemongrass and Mint combination that sends your senses into blissful harmony while working on smoothening out the skin surface, leaving your skin firm, fresh and well nourished

Treatment includes Chocolate Body Scrub / Chocolate Wrap and the famous Chocolate Massage

*COCONUT PACKAGE ( 90 Minutes ) 120 US$ Have your body gently rubbed and then wrapped with pure Coconut, the best Ingredient for the skin with the highest level of Anti-Oxidants. The treatment includes: Coconut Body Scrub / Coconut Wrap / Coconut Massage

*HONEYMOON PACKAGE ( 90 Minutes ) BY COUPLE 200 US$ Share this fantastic experience of a Traditional Ti Kaye Massage combined with a Facial Treatment

Special Treatments


*ISLAND MASSAGE ( 90 Minutes ) 120 US$

A Combination of a 4 Hands Massage / Facial Treatment & Reflexology with 2 Therapists….a Must

This treatment has been exclusively created by Ti Kaye to give the best experience to our Guests by combination of 4 Massages.

*YLANG – YLANG PACKAGE ( 150 Minutes ) 200 US$ Choice of Body Scrub followed by Traditional Ti Kaye Massage and Reflexology

The session starts with a 30 minutes Deep Skin massage, followed by 10 minutes Shiatsu and 20 minutes Warm Stones Massage shoulders & neck to release the tension of your stressed muscles.

Two Days Massage Package US$145

To finish, a 30 minutes Reflexology will restore your energy and improve your health.

Day 1 Traditional Ti Kaye Massage Day 2 Ayurvedic Massage

*CELLULITE TREATMENT ( 90 Minutes ) 120 US$ This efficient treatment will help you to reduce the cellulite by an activation of the blood circulation. The session begins with dynamic and powerful frictions with a Hibiscus Scrub, which contains active ingredients to encourage lymphatic drainage. Magical essentials oils have also been added to this treatment to aid in the breaking down of fatty acid deposits, toning the skin and easing of tension on the mind. Followed by a mud mask from crushed volcanic stones which will purify your skin. The treatment is finally completed by a vigorous massage with a blend of pure essential oils: Basil, Fennel and Lemon

Three Days Massage Package US$200 Day 1 Traditional Ti Kaye Massage Day 2 Bamboo Stick Massage Day 3 Reflexology + 30 Minutes Jaccuzzi

Four Days Massage Package US$305 Day 1 Warm Stone Massage Day 2 Tchaisu Massage Day 3 Facial Treatment Day 4 Four Hand Massage + 30 Minutes Jaccuzzi

*SUN LOVERS ( 50 Minutes ) 80 US$ After a day spent in the Sun, come and enjoy our special Sun Lovers Treatment to calm, soothe and re- hydrate your skin.

Five Days Massage Package US$420

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SHUI St. Lucia

FENG SHUI St. Lucia Day 1 Four Hand Massage Day 2 Reflexology & Facial Treatment Day 3 Manicure & Pedicure Day 4 Ayurvedic Massage Day 5 Swedish Massage + 30 Minutes Jaccuzzi

Travelers’ Rating Traveler Review - This intimate spa has 3 Treatment Rooms crafted, as its Creole name suggests, from richly grained Coconut Wood and local Bamboo Trees. The must : a Relaxation / Meditation Room with a Private Jacuzzi perfectly positioned to take in the stunning Caribbean views and open yourself to the ultimate Magic of Ti Kaye Drawing inspiration from the location, the smells, the colors and nature, the Spa Menu features Treatments and Rituals created locally using St Lucia Treasures : natural, organic ingredients plucked from the virgin rainforest, lush mountain valleys and the mineral-rich, crystal waters of the island. Guests at Ti Kaye can now indulge themselves in a range of exotic, fruity and tropical top treatments devised exclusively for Kai Koko. Start with a gently exfoliating mango, papaya cream body scrub, followed by a detoxifying and hydrating coconut wrap infused with Caribbean herbs and virgin coconut oil, and a supercreamy coconut facial cleanse. Rinse off and enjoy a rich antioxidant full body chocolate oil massage and a sea-mineral foot mask blended from natural kelp. With a name like Kai Koko, it is not surprising that both cocoa and coconut feature in many of the spa's signature treatments, among them the chocolate body scrub which uses raw cocoa and nutmeg, and the coconut moisturizer which contains fresh coconut cream and other ingredients. In addition, Kai Koko offers a wide range of Massage and Package options from Traditional Asiatic Massage, Shiatsu, Creole Bamboo Stick Massage to Chocolate or Lovers, or Coconut Milk Packages, all expertly executed by two highly trained Balinese Spa Professionals who have had extensive experience at the Indian Ocean Deluxe Resort. Be tempted by a four hands massage or Island massage or Cellulite therapy incorporating deep tissue techniques imported from South East Asia. At Kai Koko, each treatment is a Ceremony and begins with fruit tea combined with a foot cleansing and massage ritual.

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SHUI St. Lucia


Discovery at Marigot Bay

to detox, tone, relax, de-stress, energize, or eliminate jet lag. All of the treatments are tailored specifically to the individual needs of the client. In addition to the luxurious international E'SPA treatments, the Lapli Spa menu features local treatments which make extensive use of Aloe Vera, hibiscus, cactus, sea moss, bananas, cocoa, coffee, honey and other locally-grown fruit and herbs. Bananas, the local pride, are used to firm, tighten and smooth away wrinkles Papaya is used to exfoliate Mangoes are used to rejuvenate Rich cocoa butter is used to heal and hydrate In addition to the Spa's Vichy wet room treatments, there is a full range of massage and beauty therapies available. Manicures and pedicures also can be arranged.

LAPLI SPA The Lapli Spa at Discovery at Marigot Bay treats guests to the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation while visiting St Lucia with a mix of international E'spa rituals and all-natural signature treatments. Lapli, meaning both "rain" and "blessings" in Creole, encourages guests to heal and renew in an intimate, personal Caribbean-Zen setting. The Lapli Spa's design reflects the Caribbean blues and greens of the sky and ocean. Extensive use of glass and an aqua colour scheme creates a relaxing and therapeutic ambiance that will have you relaxed as soon as you enter the spa. Three of the four indoor treatment rooms have private outdoor decks with open-air showers screened with tropical flowers. Outdoor treatment rooms provide a private and relaxing experience while immersing guests in the natural beauty of Marigot Bay.

Travelers’ Rating – Travelers’ Reviews - I am not a 'spa person.' I'm the gal who

Zen Garden Lapli also features a Zen garden providing an additional space for relaxation and healing with ofuru wooden soaking tubs and massage cabanas. The garden is designed according to the principles of Feng Shui, divided into sections radiating from a central circle. Available for private meditation, areas symbolize love and relationships, health, creativity, spirituality, career and life journeys, knowledge and understanding, security, and fame and recognition.

reluctantly gets their hair cut once a year at Supercuts. However, every now and then I want to get an eyebrow wax or a massage. And when I do, there's no better place. Wowwwww! The massages are top notch, grade-A, perfection. I love the waiting area in the back, the plush white robes, the professionalism of the body workers, the dim-lit rooms, the scents, the shower area afterwards..

it's all, well, exactly how I imagine the prefect massage experience to be. This place isn't cheap, but you get what you pay for. The brow waxing: I do this rarely, but when I do it's always precise and clean--again, perfection! So thorough and they really take their time and do the best job they can for you. Susie C, Cambridge, MA, 8/7/2008


THE BEAUTICIANS AT tiny Lapli Spa in Marigot Bay’s Discovery Hotel are thinking outside the bottle. Not only do they put an emphasis on fresh local ingredients (just consider their Fresh Fruit Facials, which vary in composition depending on what’s in season), but for many treatments, guests can actually harvest their own ingredients.

The spa menu features Susan Harmsworth's luxurious E'Spa products and treatments and therapists at Discovery's Lapli Spa are all E'Spa trained. There are range of E'Spa facials incorporating facial massage, aromatherapy and holistic de-stressing; ultimate clay, mud and marine algae body wraps that include a mind calming Oriental head massage, lymphatic skin brushing and a full body rub with targeted essential oils; hot stone therapy for harmonizing, relaxing and toning the body at its deepest level to restore balance through massage and placement on specific energy points; and a variety of massages

Some, like Aloe Vera (used in an hour-long, skin-soothing body wrap), are found right on the property in the hotel’s tranquil Zen garden. For others, guests can travel further afield. Spa-goers wanting to try one of Lapli’s signature chocolate treatments—which range from cocoa skin polish to detoxifying and moisturizing cocoa wrap—are invited to round out the experience with a field trip to the 250-year-old Fond Doux cocoa plantation in Piton National Park. There they can pick cocoa pods, watch seeds being polished in an energetic “cocoa dance” and smell the sweet bouquet of cocoa roasting. Guests walk away with their own sticks of organic cocoa, used in all treatments. The spa visit concludes with a mug of steaming cocoa tea—a sweet St. Lucian specialty

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SHUI St. Lucia

FENG SHUI St. Lucia Lapli Spa - Incredibly quiet, calm and peaceful. On my last day, I had a full body massage in the privacy of a treatment room with open doors leading out to a private patio with outdoor shower. Go for it! Very fairly priced. Cookie2008, London, UK Jun 24, 2008

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SHUI St. Lucia


Mago Estate Hotel

Mago Trinity, a combination of a steam bath smelling of eucalyptus, heated by local coal pots, a herbal bath in a whirl pool and a spa massage including lymphatic drainage. Afterwards you think you can fly ! His tour through the spa highlights of the neighbourhood takes a couple of hours. It’s unforgettable. He showed us the jewels of the Soufrière rainforest on his mineral tour. We were bathing in the warm healing Sulphur water and mud of the drive in volcano. Afterwards he showed us a fabulous trail through an impressive waterfall area. Here we enjoyed a natural body temperature freshwater pool. At the end we got a reflexology treatment in a warm open air mineral pool. The minerals have painted the walls in pastel colours deriving from Sulphur, iron, zinc and magnesium.

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Jungle Spa

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Revive Yourself! Cleanse your body and soul on our unique Spa Tour. Experienced spa therapists guide you through open-air spa facilities, hot sulphuric springs and refreshing waterfalls. Enjoy our signature treatment, the Mago Trinity: Ancient and modern massage techniques rid your body of toxins and help you find your balance. An ozonated whirlpool revitalizes you. And our St. Lucian Herbal Steam Bath with healing herbs and nurturing fruits replenishes your skin and soothes your mind. That blissful smile will never want to leave your face. That blissful smile will never want to leave your face.

Travelers’ Rating – Travelers’ Reviews - The management was very friendly and helpful providing advice, arranging trips, and generally seeing to it that guests were well taken care of. As part of our package, we were given a three-course candlelight dinner with wine on our porch. Since it was our 25th anniversary, it was very special. Don’t miss this! Another perk was a spa treatment consisting of a drive to a volcano, where we experienced an amazing volcano head-to-toe mud treatment in a Sulphur Spring, a back and foot massage while sitting in the spring, drying off in the warm sun, followed by going to a waterfall where we washed the mud off. It was so relaxing and soothing. Overall, we feel the Mago can’t be beat if you are looking for a very private, low key, stress-free, and enjoyable vacation.

The beaches nearby are wonderful, and the various activities that are offered around did never ever let us get bored. One of our favourites outside the estate was the so called 'drive-in volcano' with its hot Sulphur Springs. Also the spa amenities of Mago estate are great, actually the best we ever knew. The spa tour offered by Mago is unique. The food in their jungle restaurant with the breathtaking views to St. Lucia’s petit piton and to Soufriere (especially at night) was so different to all we are used to here in Oregon, but just as great!! we loved it. Thanks to the cook, Margarete you know! After all we can say these were the best vacations of our lives, and I am sure we will come back...maybe for our honeymoon

Don’t be afraid, the Mangos banging on the roof are making a big noise. We loved the jungle pool of Mago Estate so we did not pay too much attention to the beautiful beaches nearby. John Plaisir’s Spa is the best we have ever seen in the Caribbean. We enjoyed his

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SHUI St. Lucia


Sandals Resorts


Botanical Facial (50 min) Fountain of Youth Facial (60 min) From C to Shining Sea Facial (60 min) Hydration Station Facial (50 min) It's A Guy Thing Facial (50 min)



Red Lane® Spa is a sanctuary for mind, body and soul that reinterprets classic European spa rituals with a distinctive Caribbean flair. Utilizing renowned Pevonia® botanical products and custom formulations, we promise you'll discover a sense of ease and calm found only in paradise. Since every complexion is unique, we first conduct an analysis of your skin, then we will personalize the facial to your specific needs. All Spa Treatment are available at Sandals Grande St. Lucian, and Sandals Regency St. Lucia.

Bath & Body

Body Polish (50 min) Caribbean Sea Wrap (50 min) Exfoliation / Massage Combination (80 min) Java Jive Scrub (50 min) Salty Margarita Scrub (50 min) Seaweed Body Peel (50 min) Sweet Ortanique Scrub (50 min) Wake up & Smell the Coffee Wrap (50 min) Water Lily Wrap (35 min) Wrap / Exfoliation Combination (80 min) Wrap / Hydro Combination (80 min) Wrap / Massage Combination (80 mins) Wrap-sody (50 min)

Combo (Tropical bliss / Feet First Reflexology) 80 min Discovery Lane Massage Sampler (50 min) Discovery Lane Massage Sampler (80 min) Feet First Massage (35 min) Feet First Massage (50 min) Heart Rock Massage (80 min) Hit the Spot (35 min) In Each Other's Hands (80 min) Pregnancy Massage (50 min) Scents of Love Massage (50 min) Signature 4 Handed Massage (50 min) Sports Relief Massage (50 min) Sports Relief Massage (80 min) Tropical Bliss Massage (50 min) Tropical Bliss Massage (80 min) West Indian Massage (80 minutes)

Tropical Nail Bar French-tini Manicure (40 min) French-tini Pedicure (40 min) Mani on the Rocks (80 min) Margarita Manicure (50 min) Pedi Colada (50 min) Pedi on the Rocks (80 min) Straight Up Manicure (35 min) Straight Up Pedicure (45 min)

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SHUI St. Lucia

FENG SHUI St. Lucia Travelers’ Rating – Travelers’ Reviews - I stayed at the Regency 2/1-7 and had the hot stone massage. I LOVED IT! Rene' did my massage. It was $180.00 for a 50 minute massage. If you aren't staying at the Regency, maybe you could do a day there and schedule your massage for that day. Relax and enjoy! Penny

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Le Sport

We house 33 treatment rooms, serviced by 35 highly trained massage and beauty specialists. We use only the best and most natural products for all our treatments.


In addition to your pre-scheduled treatments that are included in the price of your holiday, many of our guests take advantage of Extra Stuff for added pampering. Massages are based on Swedish massage techniques using medium pressure and aromatherapy oils. No treatments are offered to children under sixteen.

Musclease Aromaspa Ocean Wrap A combination of seaweed and massage helps to detoxify, release muscle tension and muscle spasm and fatigue.


Deluxe Coconut & Spice Combo When all is said and done, The BodyHoliday is an eye-wateringly beautiful, adults-only holiday resort on the Caribbean coast. Luxury, indulgence and doing precisely what you want to do are very much encouraged.

A combination of a back, head, neck and shoulder massage, releasing back, neck and shoulder stiffness, eye strain and tension headaches.

Even if doing precisely what you want, amounts to doing nothing at all.

Lucian Ginger & Lime Scrub

So it wouldn't be right not to give you a proper sense of everything that's here for that vital doing-nothing-much mood you may be in. For example, there are three pools in addition to the main one, one for sports, one (another one!) for relaxation and the Jacuzzi (also pretty good for doing very little in).

After a light body brushing, warm oil is drizzled sparingly over the body, ginger and lime cleanses and polishes the skin with a final application of a skin-nourishing milk bath.

And there's the beach of course. We're pretty confident you have an idea of what an idyllic Caribbean beach looks like, it's probably one of the reasons you're reading this. So rest assured our displays, a palate of turquoises, cobalt, aquamarines, off-whites, palm-leafgreens and pale gold. There's a lot of it, too; you'll always have a sensation of personal space and room to breathe and be yourself. And relaxing just wouldn't be the same without including Yoga - the ultimate mind and body relaxer. And at the end of the day, enjoy your favorite cocktail, meet new and old friends and talk about your day's experiences at The Piano Bar. "Every year I come to The BodyHoliday, I always feel that it can't get any better, but to my surprise, each holiday does. I put it down to the dedication and the excellent service that the staff provides. . . I have not come across a resort in my travels which truly puts the customer first and tries to accommodate guests’ requests no matter how strange they may be!!

The Oasis, The Centre of Health & Well-being

Nurturing Massage for MotherTo-Be Helps to relieve tension in the lower and upper back, as well as alleviate swelling of the hands and feet.

Oasis Full body Massage This massage relaxes muscular tension and toxins that build-up in the body. It increases circulation and encourages muscle tone.

Oasis Hand Zone Foot Therapy The hands and feet are massaged working on pressure points resulting in total relaxation.

Elemis Skin Specific Facials You may choose, according to your skin type, one of the following facials. Fruit Active Glow – for dull, lifeless skin Hydrating Exotic Dew – for dry skin Herbal Lavender Repair – for combination and oily skin Absolute Lift - for all skin types Gentleman’s Facial

Hydro Therapy

Treatments included in your holiday When you arrive at The BodyHoliday, you will receive your personal treatment schedule. Every day of your stay (except on the days of arrival and departure) you receive a 50-minute body treatment designed to relax, rejuvenate and awaken your senses. The treatments are customized for both male and female guests.

Thalassic therapy, or hydro therapy, helps the body replenish essential revitalizing natural elements and mineral salts resulting in total relaxation. This therapy is a fundamental and invaluable treatment to enhance therapeutic treatments including; Improved circulation; Increased hydration; Improved muscular and skeletal condition; and Muscle toning, just to name a few. 2009: Conde Nast Traveler award - Second Best Spa Retreat Worldwide!

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SHUI St. Lucia

FENG SHUI St. Lucia 2008 and 2007: Spa Finder’s annual Reader Choice award – Top Spa in the Caribbean.


But for all the chance encounters, each guest tells us that because of the resort layout, you can always find your own private palm tree under which you can read a book, be alone with your thoughts, or just do nothing . . . plain old nothing. Solo travelers love The BodyHoliday. There is no single supplement. In fact we've even won awards for The Best Solo Traveler program. We look forward to welcoming you to The BodyHoliday circle of friends.

Yoga, at its very essence is about the union of things - body and mind, breath and movement. It combines a dynamic form of physical exercise with a philosophy that you can apply to your everyday life. You master the art of directing your breathing to various organs of your anatomy, thereby creating a process of healing, while at the same time, toning the body.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the resort. With so many activities and treatments available it was different from any other trip I've taken to the islands. Though I went with a friend it would have been just as enjoyable on my own as we often sat at the communal tables and had so much fun meeting new people who became instant friends.

The BodyAware Program

This is accomplished through special yoga techniques; Sanskrit Chanting or hymns focus on sound and thought; Mind Imagery is the mind's visualization used to learn to slow down, speed up or stop; Panic Re-energizing, or the Vital Energy, is contemplation on breath; Mind Resonance or mantras balances the mind's alertness and

At the BodyHoliday we present The BodyAware Program as your ultimate lifestyle consultation. If you struggle with exercise and diet, or lead a hectic lifestyle where the idea of exercise just seems unreal, this is the ideal program for you. During your stay with us, you will be gently guided into developing strategies that will increase your quality of life. You will experience new ways of eating and relaxing that will benefit you not just while you are on holiday, but for the rest of your life!

activity levels. At The BodyHoliday, beginners can practice Restorative Yoga and for those who want to acquire more advanced skills, Yoga Flow. People of all ages can reap its benefits. Daily yoga classes are included in the price of your holiday. Dr. Abhishek Jain

More often than not, fad diets lead to even greater weight gain in the future. Healthy nutrition and an active, stress free lifestyle are the answers to many of the body’s problems. The program begins with a detailed consultation, analyzing your health and fitness and establishing your long term goals. To help keep motivated, a BodyAware Specialist will be assigned to you for the duration of your stay.

Abhishek is our Indian yoga teacher and has practiced and taught the traditional Hatha Yoga method for over 12 years. He is trained and certified by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India. His classes embody the sequential practice of sun salutation, asanas, pranayama, relaxation and meditation. The aim of his teachings is to help you achieve higher levels of self-awareness and deeper relaxation.

This consultation is unique to us and is designed to help you make the right choices that will ultimately lead to your lifelong health and well being.

Laughter and Joy

Extra Stuff

Many of our guests share stories of lasting friendships they've made over the years while here at The BodyHoliday. Not friends who get invited to dinner every week but friends with whom they share special moments - their holiday experience.

You can do as little or as much as you want when you holiday at The BodyHoliday. It's your holiday to enjoy and customize how you want.

Like-minded people, couples, groups and solo travelers alike who meet while on holiday and find their common ground. They could have met around the pool after a treatment or at a yoga class. In The Clubhouse while watching the high-flying Circus Arts. At the Deli while ordering their favorite smoothie or afternoon sparkling wine. At The Piano Bar, having drinks before or after dinner. Or on The BodyHoliday Sunset Cruise. Or at the weekly Staff Theatre.

Your BodyAware Specialist will recommend activities and changes for you to focus on while on holiday and also design a program that will help you facilitate these changes on your return home.

Although our guests constantly remind us that the entire holiday experience at The BodyHoliday is special, we continue to offer services and activities for you to choose from that are designed to enhance your BodyHoliday experience. What would you like to work on? Your mind, your body or your soul? Or all three?

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SHUI St. Lucia

FENG SHUI St. Lucia You might be looking for some much-needed personal space, a firmer stomach, a little tranquility, a little one-on-one yoga, or that special pampering package - there’s a lot to choose from. Once you've had the chance to sit back, relax and review these offerings, you can create your own customized holiday.

are so relaxing with friendly staff. I was a bit nervous going as a solo traveller but I met many others there and made some good friends, this is truly a gem in the carribean.

Prove for yourself why we are one of travel's best gems and one of travel's best values.

For your St. Lucian Feng Shui experience or for inquiries visit Islelander St. Lucia at

2007: Spa Finder's annual Reader Choice Award, Among the Ten Best Spas in the World for Fitness Programs, Going Solo and Water Sports.

Know more about The Body Holiday at -www.the

Travelers’ Rating – Travelers’ Reviews - This was an amazing experience booked for my 40th birthday. the staff are so helpful and polite, the service is excellent, with more food than you can imagine on an all inclusive, the spa treatments

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SHUI St. Lucia


More Tagged Island Spas Escape Ste Lisi Beaty & Wellness Day Spa Escape Ste. Lisi is a spa that caters to both men and women (18 plus), who wish to relax, renew and rejoice in a tranquil environment. The spa is the perfect place to enjoy alone or with that special someone or to celebrate special moments with friends and family. The Escape Lisi Spa therapists are trained by Martha Willie (fondly known as Aunty Marth) in the affiliated school and a leader in delivering training to therapists on the island. You will discover that the therapists are attentive to your every need and committed to deliver a unique experience every time. Escape Ste Lisi Spa believe in a holistic approach to treatments. Therefore their treatments, and the Phytobiodermie products that are used, not only soothe and renew, they also rebalance and replenish your inner flow of energy. Escape Ste Lisi Spa offer a variety of treatments and packages which you can select from their spa menu. If you would like a specialized package they would be happy to personalize one for you. Gift certificates are available for purchase. Here is a review from one of their foreign clients: “…we received the best treatments we had ever experienced! We highly recommend some pampering at Escape Ste. Lisi.” Escape Ste Lisi Beauty & Wellness Day Spa look forward to welcoming you.

The RockResorts Spa® at The Landings St.Lucia St. Lucia is known for its many unique natural elements, from its windswept shores and distinctive mineral springs, to its lush rainforests and volcanic-clay-and-stone Piton Mountains. For centuries, the island's traditional healers have gathered local botanicals (including island fruits, flowers, spices and native plants) to restore islanders' sense of well-being and connection to the environment. The RockResorts Spa® at The Landings St. Lucia honors the island's natural treasures and rich cultural heritage by integrating indigenous products and rituals into its inspiring architectural design, stylish décor, innovative spa treatments and exceptional personalized services.

Illuminesse Laser & Aesthetic Skin Centre At the Illuminesse Clinic, the focus is simple - to provide the highest quality, most current medical aesthetic care with the best available reputable products; all with professionalism, privacy and comfort. The Illuminesse Clinic is an medical anti-aging non-surgial facial cosmetic rejuvenation clinic. Their focus is on using the latest and safest medical technologies to produce results. Their techniques are tried, trusted, and truely effective. Illuminesse is located at the private 4-Star Bay Gardens Beach Resort

Represents The Art, Science & Beauty of St. Lucia

Feng Shui Spa RELAX and truly let go..... Saint Lucia has dozens of spas, FENG SHUI SPA among the world's best! So come. be good to yourself. FENG SHUI SPA located in the caribbean island of SAINT LUCIA, creates the concept of Zen, combining Caribbean beauty and warmth of the local environment with the tranquility, balance and harmony, of the Zen Healing philosophies. The spa sets the mood, with flickering candles. gentle music and soft scents of natural island aromatic, healing oils, only the beginning to your JOURNEY. The wide range of offered treatments, includes various massages, facials, reflexology, waxing, pedicure and manicure, all using non-comedogenic, Dermalogica and France Laure professional products. Email to begin your St. Lucian Zen experience.

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SHUI St. Lucia

FENG SHUI St. Lucia Cap Maison’s Spa Maison Situated in the Main House at Cap Maison, Spa Maison offers an opportunity to indulge yourself and to be pampered. Spa Maison has chosen Sothys as their product house, a French company which has 60 years of experience in the beauty industry, and can only be used by professionally trained therapists. With patented formulas and specially developed Digi-Esthetique techniques to help increase the penetration of the product, Spa Maison is able to offer the highest quality treatments. Spa Maison has chosen their therapists for their experience and that bit extra – magic and healing in their hands, which makes their memorable treatments the best on island, leaving you with a feeling of total self indulgence! Treatments can be taken if you wish in your suite or room, on your terrace, on Rock Maison or under a gazebo in the garden - the choice is yours. Spa Maison also offers treatments for men. From time to time they offer other treatments from visiting therapists such as reflexology and shiatsu. On the terrace outside you may relax afterwards, and watch the birds and trees, whilst sipping a tisane or cold drink.

Heaven, Spa and Fitness Centre Heaven is “the” centre for relaxation and pampering and provides a personalized sensory journey to unite mind, body and spirit. This state of the art spa, with highly trained estheticians and a wide selection of treatments, features the well-respected Elemis products. Heaven is the only spa in St. Lucia to feature a Moroccan Rasul; a state of the art computerized treatment room where you can sit comfortably in your Rasul chair and select various muds and clays for your personalized body treatments. Private, relaxing and luxurious. The Rasul room releases hot steam, which promotes open pores and readies the skin for absorption. This process takes place in semi darkness lit only by the gleaming fiber optic stars and moon from above. A rain shower gently washes away the mud! After all your treatments at the Spa, you may choose to rest by the private pool. A great finish for the complete mind, body and spirit treatment. You and your partner can also book a Private Couple's Spa Suite, for a day or half day, for your treatments - complete with refreshments, a personal masseuse, a private pool and a cave to call your own. There are also private spa suites that are suitable for groups of friends, mothers and daughters or for the bridal party preparing for the big day. Whether it's your personal fitness regime or your spa preferences, the experienced professionals are at your service. Feeling good never felt so good. A robe is supplied in your Villa which is suitable for your spa treatments

Village Inn Resort’s Sea Shell Spa The Sea Shells Spa consists of well-appointed treatment rooms indoors and outdoors. They also provide a facial room specifically designed to enhance your spa facial experience. Sea Shell Spa use only the highest quality products for clients which are super hypo-allergenic and may be used on even the most sensitive of skins. They now boast a Hair and Beauty Salon fully equipped with a hair studio foot spa and all nail care requirements. Makeup application and other beauty treatments are also on offer in the Spa. All the staff are fully trained and certified in their areas of expertise.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you will join us. Then the world will live as one. John Lennon © 2009 All Rights Reserved – FENG

SHUI St. Lucia

FENG SHUI St. Lucia Ladera’ s Ti Kai Posé Spa In local patois, it means “little house of rest,” and in any language, pure pampering. The Ti Kai Posé spa at Ladera features indulgent treatments inspired by St. Lucia’s volcanic history and the lush rainforest that surrounds this peaceful retreat. The four treatment rooms at Ti Kai Posé are in keeping with the same intimate design and scale of Ladera’s suites. Treatments are available in the spa facility or in the privacy of your suite or villa. Ladera guests are also able to enjoy the new Mineral Soaking tubs in the spa gardens. Drawn directly from the source at the Diamond Mineral Baths near Soufrière (French for sulfur) these restorative waters are available right on property, in newly-built bathing pools. Conveniently located beside the Ti Kaye Posé Spa, guests may include a mineral soak as part of their pre- or postmassage routine, or simply use it to relax after a day hiking or spent at the beach. Originally built in 1785, just before the French revolution, with funds from King Louis XVI, it is rumored that Napoleon's Empress Josephine bathed in these same waters. The new Mineral Pools are complimentary to all guests. Ti Kai Posé is now offering "Rainforest Massages" outdoors beneath a tent in the lush, tropical spa gardens around the Spa.

And I think to myself what a wonderful world. Oh, yeah....

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