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Tuesday September 12, 2017


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The hypocrisy, double standards and cheap shots of Bharrat Jagdeo DEAR EDITOR, In the media on August 28th 2017 the opposition leader Mr. Jagdeo declared that he disagrees that PPP/C NDC councilors are uncooperative and categorically stated that these councilors have valid reasons for not participating in events. Then he absolved himself by guilefully stating that the PPP/C has declared its willingness to work with both the Local Government and Central Government Officials but he then defended the NDCs Chairpersons and Councilors by stating that ‘they have their opinion, they are on tight schedules and are constantly engaged in the people’s work’. I beg to differ. The PPP/C never wants to co-operate with the Local Government and Central Government and there is ample evidence to support this. I know for a fact that every NDC and RDC Statutory meeting is preceded by a Cau-

cus where PPP officials will come all the way from Georgetown to direct councilors what to say and do at the meetings. The political spin is always preferred and it’s always about making the Government looks bad. Based on information these councilors would have been directed not to attend certain events organized by the Government and to boycott the use of Regional flags. They were also directed not to raise rates and taxes at the various NDCs although the rates and taxes are ridiculously low. An annual rate/tax of $80 is paid in prime housing areas with many rich residents living in huge houses. This has starved the NDCs of the revenue which they so badly need to develop their communities. There is hardly any improvement in these NDCs. If it was not for the CIP workers who are paid by Central Gov-

The perks that the Fabulous Four gets at City Hall DEAR EDITOR, I refer to the letter of Nadine Jerrick on the current Town Clerk (TC) in KN of Sept 9th 2017. This is of one of the beauties of letters to the editor in that one gets news of troubling matters from those close to the actions and from what Nadine Jerrick has written I have no doubt of that closeness. One of the perks of office of the “Fab 4” at City Hall is travelling around to foreign cities to see what they do and to see to what extent they the “Fab 4” could copy. Who really believes that? Perks are perks, plain and simple. The TC himself has apparently stretched himself beyond all perks any of his predecessors had and he has successfully pleaded the issues of personal safety and that of family to establish himself as the ‘City King’. His earlier behaviour of demolition and castigations of the needy traders and hucksters still resonate and are now being fuelled by edicts and penalty impositions in the ‘City King’. Who will read an edict to this TC? Those cities visited in ‘perkish style’ would never allow such behaviour to go unattended without some official intervention. So the question is ‘why is the responsible minister not making his authority felt?’ The answer is obvious! Ministers have to be protective of their positions and as the TC is a well tried labourer of his party; there is

some lurking danger in exercising ministerial authority. That would never happen in any of the cities the Fab 4 visited! Now as an experienced manager both in Guyana and here in Toronto, we never allowed staff to permanently store their vacation. They don’t take it, we simply send them on leave and what do you know? Of the few who bucked the system, we found unattended tasks, scheduling, follow-ups, unanswered enquiries. So henceforth you take your vacation each year! Having had such experiences as a manager, I suspect that the TC has some filled closets and it is only a directive from the President that would send him off to settle his brains. Staff like the TC has an innate belief that the place could not run without them. The solution is so easy. The President simply tells the Minister to issue a directive. The TC would dash off to the President to plead his case, but alas, no such success! The problem however is that the President would not want to be the real person responsible! The party and merry go round will continue. The TC has to be corralled and stabilized and hopefully from that action he would work along by established organizational rules. Good order and governance should be the motto. Carl Veecock Canada

ernment then all the drains in the NDCs would have been clogged and the entire areas overgrown with bushes. Chairpersons and councilors must tow the party line or else they are threatened with serious disciplinary actions a face the possibility of not being re-elected. Jagdeo claims that these persons are ‘constantly engaged in the people’s work’. Again I beg to differ. Many residents don’t even know their councilors although they are living in the same area. Many persons from different areas visit my office on a daily basis and asked me to resolve various issues affecting them and made it clear that they do not even know who their councilor is. So the excuse of ‘tight schedules’ cannot hold water. They are uncooperative as directed. I will agree that they have ’tight schedules’ at Freedom House and to attend caucuses and Party activities. Whenever the Government tries to train these Chair-

men and councilors to become more efficient and to deliver a better service to the community, the PPP reverse this training and make it counterproductive. It is always about finding the ‘political twist’ and to garner ‘political mileage’, never development. It must be recalled that for 23 years the PPP never held any caucus because they never wanted councilors to make any input. Chairmen and councilor remain in their respective positions for years and years since no local government elections were ever held. Jagdeo is taking the high moral ground speaking about the Local Government Commission but the PPP government killed local government democracy from since 1994 to 2015, a period of nearly 20 years. Our Minister of Communities has made it clear that the LGC will be operative this year so I see no reason for Jagdeo’s politicking. At least it will not take two decades.

He must understand that this Government brought back to life our local democracy and will never do anything to stifle it. Jagdeo also took a cheap shot at President Granger, accusing him of wanting people ‘to pay homage’ to him and wanting ‘PPP councilors to wear shirt jack suit and tie’ whenever he goes to any Region. This statement is totally untrue and there is no evidence to support this. Councilors must dress appropriately as a matter of respect for the Head of State so where is the problem if a councilor wears any of the attire mentioned. I saw many PPP councilors wear their red shirt whenever Jagdeo visits or to attend any function at Babu John or elsewhere. Are we to assume that they were directed to do so by Jagdeo? What about the garlands which always adorn the necks of Jagdeo, Ramotar and other PPP officials? Were these not directed

‘to pay homage’ to them? PPP Organizers will ensure that they get Party members to elaborately prepare these garlands. Also many times ‘money garlands’ were used as well. I must also add that the majority of these councilors are hardcore PPP members or supporters who have no independent will of their own yet Jagdeo claims that they have their ‘own opinions’. Some are not even literate or barely so and all they can do is say ‘yes comrade’. The PPP controls most of the Regions and the NDCs and they must understand that when they imposed their political agenda on these Regional Chairmen, NDC Chairmen and councilors, they are retarding or destroying the development of these Regions and Communities. Guyanese are not that naïve to blame this Government when they know who controls these Regions and the NDCs. Mr Gobin Harbhajan Regional Democratic Councilor- APNU+AFC

These critics overlook the positive achievements of the PPP DEAR EDITOR, David Hinds has conveniently overlooked the positive changes that the PPP has made to our Constitution; to Parliament; to the Judiciary; and to the economy. The PPP reduced the massive debt burden and recorded years of sustained GDP growth. There were more investments both local and foreign that led to prosperity and job creation; and the housing sector exploded with the distribution of over 100,000 house-lots to Guyanese of all ethnicity and political affiliation; The PPP built new schools and health-care facilities in every region, and expand welfare to our citizens. Yet none of this progress he sees. How sad that David Hinds has now been reduced to being the mouthpiece of the same corrupt political legacy he once despised. And in another recent article, “PPP has left Guyana in an ethnic trap” (KN, April 24), Dr Hinds wrote that the PPP political domination during its term in office, translates into ethnic dominance which “ensured that African Guyanese developed a very deep fear and hatred for that party.” According to the article, Hinds said that “the consequence is that attempts to reform governance will be seen by most PPP supporters as ethnic revenge on the part of the current government. He then went on to justify the victimization of those

perceived to be PPP supporters in the public sector as an “ethnic imbalance that needs to be corrected. Space does not permit an appropriate response to the erroneously views the learned Professor advocates, and to do so may very well put me in trouble. But I will say this: When the PPP/C took office in 1992, the Public Sector was made up of 90-95 percent AfroGuyanese. Even after 23 years the composition of the Public Sector was still about 75-80 percent Blacks in a country that has a significant Indian majority. On August 30, the Guyana Chronicle carried a photograph of the Attorney General posing with the staff of the AG Chamber. They were all AfroGuyanese. Of the 60 to 70 employees of the Ministry of Legal Affairs (professional staff included), only about 2 Indo-Guyanese now work there. The others have either been dismissed or forced to resign. Since Independence 50 years ago, there were only

ONE Indian Head of the Army, Major General Joseph Singh. And in the 23 years of PPP rule, there were only one Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud. Recently, the REO of Region 5 employed 17 persons, all of whom are AfroGuyanese in a region that is predominantly Indian. During the 23 years of PPP rule, there were only ONE IndoGuyanese Chief Justice, Carl Singh, who later became the only Indo-Guyanese Acting Chancellor of the Judiciary. And readers may recall that the PNC never gave Justice Singh the Agreement that would have confirmed him as Chancellor. There is no doubt that Afro-Guyanese fared much more under the PPP than at anytime during the entire 28 years of PNC dominance. Some would readily admit that had it not been for the PPP, they would never be able to own a car, a bus or a home of their own. The evidence is everywhere. Ulrick Leacock, a vendor and APNU supporter said, “If I vote back I would

vote for the PPP because they were doing quite well. Which in, when they were in power for 23 years I build a house and I was working for less money and now in APNU time I cannot by a bicycle.” The PPP stand prepared and committed to a public fact-base debate anytime with the likes of David Hinds and Eric Phillips to debunk the rhetoric they have been peddling for years to prevent more Afro-Guyanese from supporting the PPP. But don’t expect them to turn up, facts are stubborn things! HARRY GILL PPP Member of Parliament


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Trump’s action constitutes one of the most inhuman acts against humanity DEAR EDITOR, The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), was introduced by President Obama in 2012 and brought hope and structure to the lives of 800,000 young people to date with the opportunity to live, work, drive, and participate openly in society without fear of apprehension and deportation from America-the only country they call home. It gave these “Dreamers” a chance to live the American dream. The program’s termination is one of the most inhumane acts of disenfranchisement known to humanity and an affront to the highest principles of American civilization. We can no longer call ourselves “a nation of immigrants,” or “the land of the

free and the home of the brave.” It will place hundreds of thousands of the young people directly affected in jeopardy and fear, and will collaterally affect their families, friends, and neighbors, as well as workplaces and educational institutions. It is most un-American. We have enough natural disasters affecting our lives to add more of our own creation! The elimination of DACA without adopting an alternative solution is as tragic as it is draconian. It sends the wrong message to young people who grew up in our communities that they are not deserving of any rights, that they are inferior, and can be removed from that the US on a whim.

The central requirement for strong, integrated societies-public trust in our government and laws, will be further eroded. Trust me, I have personally experienced this abomination of laws and injustice. See, e.g. this Daily News article on how my American political aspirations were savagely abrogated: http:// DACA, because of its basic goodness, has forged an emotional connection with the broader US population, called the “DACAmented” population-a sophisticatedly organized collection of sympathetic elements, with a presence in every corner of America.

This mistreatment by GTT is shameful DEAR EDITOR, I have cause to once again seek recourse through your newspapers in having a simple issue rectified by GTT. I have exhausted every possible and conceivable avenue and unlike Freddie Kissoon, as he wrote in one of his columns a few weeks ago, I simply do not have the connections to call-up a favour from Ms. Parker or Mr. Nedd. I am a simple, regular layperson. I have no connections and absolutely no claim to fame. I guess that is why my issue is being left to fall by the wayside…just as before, earlier this year. My landline started freaking out on Saturday August 12, 2017. The line became crossed with what I imagined were a number of different neighbours as I was hearing their conversations…and I figure they would have been hearing mine. So much for privacy! Once this happens, the DSL service invariably goes down. I gave it a few days and after nothing improved a report was made on August 17, 2017 (Reference # 1948917). I was advised that it will take between 5 -7 working

days to fix. 5 -7 working day to fix a line? This wasn’t in the North Pakaraimas or Deep South Rupununi; this was in Agriculture Road, ECD. Anyway, so I waited, and honestly didn’t expect miracles so I didn’t expect to have it fixed by the 5th working day. Indeed, no miracles for me. The 5th working day came and went. But, the 7th working day came and went as well. And the 8th…and the 15th working day and the 21st working day and counting So, I decided to call the famous number that they have…you know, the number that you call but keep holding for an eternity for a customer service person? But we hold, because we’re told that our call is important to them…so we hold…and hold. Eventually, I was connected to a BRAINIAC. A real live BRAINIAC. After explaining the whole scenario all over again, she said “something wrang wid the line”. Seriously? I didn’t see that one coming. It immediately reminded me of the air crash investigator that declared very boldly after a particularly deadly airplane crash that “something went wrong”. They walk among us. Evolution clearly took a left turn here. We are now into the second week of school and my son who is now in third-form has no WiFi to do research. What a shame GTT, what a complete and utter disgrace. You people really have absolutely no shame. I was forced to go and “borrow” somebody’s WiFi

closer to Georgetown. They actually have the BLAZE thing that there was this whole hype and excitement about. No Blaze…it was more like a failure to ignite. Agonizingly slow. Definitely no Blaze here. It was like a flare-up of a hemorrhoidal nature! An irritating flare-up! The name is either a marketing gimmick or the marketing people really had no idea what they were actually marketing. So, the wait continues… indefinitely… until someone decides to show up…or not. Stanton Seepersaud

The time to act is now! It must flex its muscles, and mobilize resources and numbers. The DACA movement must never give up its collective rights to stay in America, and must not be silenced while forcing the legislative and executive branches to enact a permanent solution to a growing problem that can no longer be swept under the carpet. A large number of states, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and DACA recipients have immediately petitioned the federal court to stop DACA’s termination. Three lawsuits have been filed thus far. One lawsuit was filed by 15 states and the District of Columbia (D.C.), another by the state of California individually, and a third by a DACA recipient and Make the Road New York (MRNY), all seek to have the court declare the administration and Department of Homeland Security’s DACA announcement unconstitutional. The widespread opposition to DACA’s repeal around the country must be supplemented by urgent Congressional action to reinstate and/ or make the program permanent. Remember President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s counsel to us, “Peace, like charity, begins at home.” Albert Baldeo, civil rights activist. President, Baldeo Foundation and Queens Justice Center

Tuesday September 12, 2017

City Council’s actions that defy logic DEAR EDITOR, It was quite agonizing and indeed simply appalling to sit in the Chambers of the City Hall in Georgetown recently and witness the Mayor and Councillors engage in an exercise that not only defied logic and the will of the vast majority of the citizenry, but also in one that showed a complete lack of regard and thorough disrespect for the rule of law and the judicial system of Guyana. It is simply beyond any rational person’s comprehension how in the midst of a matter engaging the Courts of Guyana, and I speak of the burdensome and unlawful parking meter system that was foisted on businesses, residents and visitors to Georgetown by City Hall, they could be pontificating on the way forward for that very unwise and illegal initiative. It should come as no surprise that the ‘Fantastic Four’ and their cronies voted in favour of the council continuing on with the illegal parking meter system, and more disgracefully continuing with the same company, Smart City Solutions, as they clearly has a vested interest in this purported company continuing with this infamous project. One should not forget that it is they who got us into this mess in the first place, with the signing the contract, which the Town Clerk had no authority to so do, flying off to Central America to pal up

with representatives of the company, and it was they who hid the contract from the rest of the Councilors and the citizens at large, and who boasted that Smart City Solutions was here to stay. But in addition to the show of indifference to and defilement of the Court System of Guyana by some Councilors, it was the public display of pomposity, contempt and impertinence to the Councilors and the citizenry by the Town Clerk that was most egregious. Clearly this individual believes that he is a legal luminary even though he has no legal qualifications, believes that he is the smartest person in the room, even though Georgetown must be the most bankrupt and worst managed city in the Caribbean and Latin America Unless the Town Clerk can produce the agenda and minutes of a Council meeting he claimed that was purportedly presided over by then Mayor Hamilton Green and which decided that a parking meter agreement should be entered into with Smart City Solutions, or in the absence of that, unless the Town Clerk can show on what legal authority he exceeded the limit of GYD$250,000 that he on his own can enter into as a contract on behalf of the Council, then that contract is null and void. But more importantly he should be severely disciplined and possibly prosecuted. Modi Sankar

A certain newspaper is playing a dangerous game of... From page 4 according to Bisram because Africans couldn’t do anything on their own. On August 6, 2017 in the Guyana Times, Bisram wrote “As the Africans did, the Indians had to build the coastal plantations to prepare them for cultivation of sugar cane. So they had to move more than 300,000,000 tons of earth by hands (as the Africans did) without machinery. So Indians are superior to Africans even if the numbers are made up (Bisram, where is your source?) A month later, on September 10, 2017, as if the first lie of 300 million tons was not enough, Bisram wrote in the Guyana Times “Indians would have moved 500 million tons of earth. And logically they would be entitled to five times 15,000 (since they developed five times as many acres as the slaves) or 75,000 square miles. Bisram has written letter in the Guyana Times on August 6, 8, 10, 12 and many more

times in the last 2 weeks. His main focus is to poison the minds of ordinary Indians and to say to them “black man shouldn’t get no land”. To cap of his assault on Africans in Guyana, on July 28,2017 in the Guyana Times, Bisram wrote “Descendants of slaves are seeking reparations (compensation) for the inhumane treatment meted out to their ancestors. Indians, Amerindians, Chinese and Portuguese also suffered inhumane conditions under indentured labour; their descendants are also entitled to reparations. He repositions the call for reparations by Africans as Africans calling for land as payment for “land development, which incidentally Bisram claims Indians moved 500 million tons to develop lands. For his edification, although he knows, let me share this truth. Reparations are internationally recognized as justice for crimes against humanity. According to the

International Court of Justice, crimes against humanity are (a) Murder (b) Extermination (c) Enslavement;(d) Deportation or forcible transfer of population(e) Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law; (f) Torture (g) Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity(h) Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender as defined in paragraph 3 of Article 7 of the Rome Statute., or other grounds that are universally recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime within the jurisdiction of the Court (i) Enforced disappearance of persons (j) The crime of apartheid (k) Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally

causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health. Which crimes against humanity Indians, Portuguese , Chinese or Amerindians suffered in Guyana. Does one deny 475,000 Africans died to build Guyana? Or will Bisram claim 900,000 Indians died to build Guyana? Mr. Bisram, none of your trips and presentations to GOPIO in Mauritius or India will change the truth. You cannot change facts nor create your own personal facts. These Indians mentioned above should be ashamed but they lack honour or dignity or truthfulness and add to the deceit of the Guyana Times whose editors including Ravi Dev know the truth. I have refused to respond to the 12 letters from July to September 2017 of Guyana Times’ onslaught against African achievements and African dignity. Eric Phillips


Tuesday September 12, 2017

Kaieteur News

Media Assoc. fights GNBA’s attempt to collect outstanding fees

World Suicide Day observance…

Suicide can be prevented once signs are not ignored — Health Minister

The Guyana Media Association (GMA) yesterday expressed dissatisfaction at the fact that the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) is looking to collect outstanding fees owed by local broadcasters. Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, had said that over $125M was owed to the GNBA by broadcasters who neglected to pay fees over the years. Over the weekend, Nagamootoo’s office sent out a missive stating that GNBA Chairman, Leslie Sobers has written him. The missive also served to inform that Sobers indicated a willingness by most broadcasters to clear their debt. In fact, it was said that some broadcasters have already begun to clear their debts. Yesterday, GMA said, “It is this Association’s understanding that the Authority is making the demand for these back payments (from 2014) on the basis of fees set under a court-overturned regulation which was instituted by the

past administration. The fees set were successfully overturned by a court decision handed down by the then Chief Justice Ian Chang on May 9, 2014 and an absolute order was made on that date. “ GMA said that the decision follows an action by four existing broadcasters to challenge the imposition of $2.5 million in fees which represented a 1000% increase and would allow for financial ruin. “Further, it was considered in breach of article 146 of the Constitution which guaranteed their right to freedom of expression. The Broadcasting Act, as noted in the decision, allows for a fee ‘which shall be a sum equivalent to such percentage of the gross revenue of the licensee as the Minister may by regulations prescribe.’ This does not allow for the imposition of a fee to be prescribed by the Minister under an option where if the percentage of the gross is less than $2.5 million, the Authority will ask for the greater sum of $2.5 million, as

being demanded.” GMA said that in his decision on May 9, 2014, the former Chief Justice examined the sections in the Broadcasting Act distinguishing between a grant fee for a new licence and an annual fee. The Chief Justice in his decision stated the Authority’s reliance on regulations which were published on November 29, 2013 in the Official Gazette. The Association said that “this sets out the demand of $2.5 if it is greater than a gross percentage. Chief Justice Chang went on to rule that while the relevant section empowers the Minister to make regulations on grant fees, such a fee ‘would, of necessity, apply only to first time broadcasters and not to existing broadcasters.” Further, GMA noted that the former Chief Justice, in granting the order in favour of the existing broadcasters, stated: It goes without saying that an annual fee based on a percentage of gross revenue of the previous year, cannot apply to a first-time broadcaster and can apply only to existing broadcasters.

Suicide is preventable, once the signs and actions of those prone to the psychological endemic are not ignored. This was the perspective of Minister within the Ministry of Public Health, (MoPH) Dr. Karen Cummings, on Sunday, during the observance of World Suicide Day. World Suicide Day was observed under the theme “Take a minute, change a life.” Minister Cummings told an audience that early signs of a person prone to suicide are detectable, if we take the time to pay attention to those around us. “If we take the time we can change that person’s life,” the Health Minister stated during a local concert hosted at the Seawall Bandstand, Kingston. The concert was facilitated by Mental Health Unit of the Ministry of Public Health. Under a local theme “Mental Health is we Business: Take a Minute and Let’s Talk,” Dr. Cummings noted that while “a suicidal person may not ask for help, that does not mean that help is not

From page 3 said that there is need for building materials such as wood and zinc sheets, manpower in the form of specialists and labourers and aerial and marine transportation. Member of the PSC, Ramesh Dookoo, said that the private sector would have assisted Guyana's efforts on previous occasions such as when Haiti experienced its last disastrous earthquake. He said that the list of items that are needed will be circulated among members of the private sector so that persons can identify what they can contribute. However, he noted that the Commission had received complaints in the past whereby members would have contributed to relief efforts and they received no feed-

back. He said that this is not a critique of the CDC but said that it should be noted for future exercises. Dookoo expressed the Commission's full support towards the relief efforts. According to PSC member, Gerry Gouveia, when Montserrat and Grenada would have experienced their share of devastation in the past, a recognizance team was sent to the locations to create the linkages that were needed. “So I want to believe that maybe that is one of the avenues that we should look at where the fuel companies would have contributed to fuel for planes and the pilots fly for free, that type of thing and we put together a team to go on the ground.” However, Director General of the Civil Defence Commis-

sion (CDC), Colonel (Retired) Chabilall Ramsarup said that a recognizance team is not necessary since CDEMA is already on the ground and is able to provide the necessary information. This position was also supported by Minister Harmon. He said, “CDEMA has now enhanced capacity to do these types of recognizance operations, and this is a capacity that has been developed over years. In these territories, you have a capacity to assist in doing what Gerry wants. “However I will not stand in the way of the private sector wanting their own eyes and ears on the ground to do an assessment. Additionally, now that we are working with CDEMA,

and the CARICOM Secretariat and ACS Secretariat, it is important that we coordinate all of what we do with all of these organisations.” Harmon noted that the government has received a specific request from Antigua and Barbuda in the form of timber. He said that this is outside of what will be provided through the CARICOM mechanism. In addition to CARICOM stepping in to assist the affected islands, the European Union has mobilised €2M Hurricane Irma hit islands. Some of the affected islands are Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Barthélémy, Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Govt. Donates initial US$50,000 towards...

Minister of Health, Dr. Karen Cummings desperately needed… If you think a friend or family member is considering suicide, you might be afraid of bringing up the subject. But talking openly about suicidal thoughts and feelings can save a life.” The Minister also reiterated Government’s commitment to continue with the implementation of the 2015 to 2020 Mental Health Action Plan. Dr. Cummings said the Ministry will strive resolutely to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of Good Health and Well-Being for all Guyanese. “It is important to recognise that the trauma of suicide attempts leaves the victims permanently, physically, psychologically and emotionally scarred. We will continue to utilise media campaigns and education to raise awareness of suicide. We will be utilising a strong educational approach to dispel the myths about suicide and let others know about the realities surrounding national health crisis,” the Minister added. Director of Mental Health, Dr. Util Richmond-Thomas,

said that it is important to discuss the issues of suicide. She said that of the 800,000 persons who die of suicide each year worldwide, Guyana has had its fair share. “It is our business to conquer the preventable death by suicide. Every person who died of suicide lived in a community, most have relatives, friends, co-workers or classmates, yet they feel isolated and unable to cope with life stresses and make a decision that it is better to check out of life” the Director explained. Dr. Richmond -Thomas therefore encouraged those present to take a minute and let those persons know that people care. “These troubled persons need to know they can trust relatives and friends and not be ashamed to discuss their issues,” she emphasized. Those who may need help were also encouraged to contact the Ministry of Public Health Mental Health Unit or to seek counseling via the suicide hotline numbers on: (+592) 223-0001, 223-0009, 600-7896, 623-4444, 592-2230818 or on Facebook- at Guyana Interagency Suicide Prevention Help Line.

Tuesday September 12, 2017


Kaieteur News

EVERYBODY’S SLEEPING One of the things that I have always dreaded is attending the after-lunch sessions of a conference or seminar. I struggle to keep my eyes open during these sessions. There is the tendency, especially if it is a government arranged event, to have a sumptuous lunch. All manner of food is dangled in front of the participants at lunchtime. And since it is free, most people over indulge, with the effect that their brain is forced to signal to their body to send extra blood to the stomach and abdomen to aid in the digestive process. The result is after-lunch

drowsiness. It takes an effort to keep your eyes open after one of those heavy meals. However there are other problems. There are some persons who suffer from a condition that makes them drowsy not just after eating a heavy meal. Almost at any time they can doze off into a sleep. Sleep experts have found a way to elevate these incidents. They now refer to it as a power nap; something that they say allows the body to be recharged. My position, however, is that if I am paying you to work eight to ten hours, I am paying you to work and not sleep

on the job. Do not come to me with talk about a power nap. Take your power nap at home, not on the job. Furthermore if you are the boss, you need to set the example. You cannot be sleeping on the job. Otherwise those working under you would want to do the same. Everybody will demand his or her half-hour power nap. There are a lot of persons sleeping when they should be awake. And it is not just taking place in offices. The television cameras in Guyana have caught persons

Dem boys seh...

TnT now finding out nuff kak pass wid oil Crookishness deh all over de place, rampant. Everybody know bucket does go ah well one day ee battam must lef. De politicians, de staff and de workers do so much skullduggery that is a wonder de factory still stand up suh people can call it Skeldon. Jagdeo bring in a South African engineer to fix de factory wha de Chinese build. De man found out and report to dem that dem cooking de books and throwing away de cane juice by de thousands of gallons just to mek a payday. De Pee Pee Pee didn’t do nutten and de new coalition tunning a blind eye and deaf ears. De Trinidad govt keep reading de Waterfalls paper on de expose wid ExxonMobil. Dem see how kak pass. Dem start a probe into dem oil industry and found out billions of dollars end up in people pocket without de govt knowing. De Trinidad oil company was paying fuh oil that it didn’t get. Nobody know as yet how long this was going on. Wha dem boys certain is that people gun go to jail. Is only Soulja Bai ain’t sending nobody

to jail. People thief wholesale. Irfaat keep de books wid lead pencil and proppa erase numbers. Brassington that crook do de same thing and jump pun a plane and disappear. But yesterday dem boys hear Fly Jamaica invent a machine to keep scamps and terrorists off de plane. Is a simple and brilliant idea! De machine is an armored booth you step into that will not X-ray you, but will blow up any explosive device you may have on your person. De same thing gun happen when scamps taking out excessive cash and raw gold. Fly Jamaica boss seh it will also eliminate the costs to de govt holding long and expensive trials. You’re in the airport terminal and you hear an explosion. Shortly thereafter, an announcement: “Attention to all standby passengers. Another seat just free up. In de case of Brassington, three seat free up. Talk half and check pun all dem other scamps, including Lolo Feel.

dozing off in the most important institution of the land, parliament. Now imagine, there are persons who have to make decisions about our lives and yet these persons during important deliberations are caught sleeping. I had suggested some time before that parliament should be convened either in the morning or in the afternoons so that the effects of after-lunch drowsiness are less pronounced. I have seen at exciting sporting events, people sleeping. I could not believe it. One day I was in a movie house and heard snoring next to me. When I looked around there was a guy who was snoring, leaving his female partner embarrassed. It is truly an embarrassing thing to be caught sleeping on the job. One day a guy was caught by his boss sleeping. When his boss tapped him on the shoulder and he opened his eyes sleepily he

realized that he was in big trouble. He looked at his boss with a dry face and said, “Man, you had to disturb me while I was saying my prayers.” As you get older your body needs more rest. Many of us do not realize this and therefore suffer the consequences. Age catches up with all of us and therefore we need to know whether we can continue or what lifestyle changes we need to make so as to avoid sleeping on the job because no employer should tolerate staff sleeping on the job, none. Ever since the advent of television a lot of persons have been up late at night watching various shows. They are depriving themselves of rest and this has led not only here in Guyana but in many countries of the world, to something that is medically known as sleep deprivation. In my day people did not need to have all those cups

of coffee at work to keep them alert. You went to bed early and you rose early. This is not happening as much as before. I am sure that today if a survey was done, it will be discovered that most Guyanese are not getting out of their beds. And many of them are not getting sufficient sleep at nights with the result that they cannot function properly at work during the daytime. Employers and the public that they serve are being short-changed when persons cannot function at their best because they are not getting enough rest. Perhaps when persons are dismissed for sleeping on the job, the message will get through loud and clear that work is made for activity and not rest.


Tuesday September 12, 2017

Kaieteur News

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Should subordinates be punished for carrying out terrible orders of their superiors? We should never underestimate the familiarity with political issues by the ordinary man and woman in the street. Countless numbers have come up to me and when they start to talk, you are simply amazed at how knowledgeable these people are with the main currents in Guyanese politics. Last week I was waiting in my car for my wife when this gentleman came up and said; “Freddie, yuh didn’t write de thing on Sattaur.” I had not even the remotest idea what this chap was talking about and I told him so. Then he reminded me and the man was spot on. He told

me that I mentioned an incident with Khurshid Sattaur while I was driving on the street where Mr. Sattaur’s parents live. I described what Sattaur did and indicated a full column will follow. This was early in this year and I completely forgot. This gentleman remembered that. Well, whoever this fellow is and if he is reading this, I want to thank him for jolting my memory and here now is what I should have followed up on months ago. My mechanic, “Smallie,” who happens to be the mechanic of Adam Harris too, has his workshop on the street where Sattaur’s parents live in Bel Air Village (Greater

Georgetown). One morning, after fixing my car, as I passed the home of Sattaur’s parents, I slowed up on the hump and Sattaur was right on the bridge. He came up to the front passenger window and angrily asked me why I was attacking him, referring to a recent column in which I predicted that unbelievable skullduggery would emerge from the intended forensic audit of the GRA. He was loud and aggressive ( traits I could understand because I embody them too) and then blurted out some sensitive information telling me that he never did me any wrong but was ordered to do what he had directed against me. He called names which I will not mention here. I was worked up too. I told him he tried several times to victimize me; he did victimize

me. Sattaur kept insisting he had no problem with me and was instructed to go after me. There is a lesson to be learnt here and it involves the complexity of life itself. Sattaur named names of people who asked him to go after me. Before we go into the complexity of moral values, let’s describe what Sattaur did. First, Kaieteur News received three letters from Sattaur on information of the amount I was being paid as a columnist. Such a request in itself is proper and valid but it is immoral and depraved when context comes into play. No other newspaper was written to about their columnists. Mr. Sattaur enquired only about me. I was singled out and there is a law in this country against any kind of discrimination if you can prove it. Next, Mr. Sattaur wrote asking that I submit property tax return dating back seven years. That one completely stunned me. I knew nothing about this since I assumed that this was a tax for people

with assets not someone poor like me. I went to my fellow UG lecturers and asked them if

Frederick Kissoon they got a similar request. Not one of them knew about property tax. I rang Sattaur. He said that all citizens who have assets, including books, furniture, jewelry, have to declare property tax. I insisted that my friends didn’t get a letter. His words were; “Don’t you want to pay taxes?” Chris Ram did the calculations and I submitted $72,000 to GRA which I could ill have afforded. Two years after, Sattaur

came at me again claiming $7 million as undeclared income from Kaieteur News since I didn’t declare that I earned half a million dollars a month for my columns. That was not true. Nigel Hughes responded to Sattaur that the matter will be defended in court. So let’s return to moral values. It is no point in a newspaper column trying to polemicize on what moral values are. Even the great philosophers couldn’t decide that among themselves. Sattaur told me he had nothing against me and he was instructed. My question to readers is should I exonerate Sattaur for his victimization crusade against me because powerful people ordered him to do so? This is indeed a complex issue in philosophy but it leaves many questions open. Don’t humans have a conscience that deters them from hurting people? Don’t humans have a right to refuse a diabolical order to victimize their fellow humans? What do you think?

Tuesday September 12, 2017


Kaieteur News

GPL considering three solar farms It seems as though the Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) is moving towards diversifying its energy supply to its customers by creating an energy mix. On Sunday, the power company advertised for Expressions of Interest (EoI) for the installation of three 3-MegaWatt capacity Utility Scale Solar Photovoltaic (PV) farms. These facilities will be built in West Coast Berbice, East Bank Demerara and on the Essequibo Coast. According to GPL, it is a vertically integrated company where power generation is dominated by thermoelectric plants using heavy and light fossil fuel (HFO and LFO). The company explained that it is the sole official supplier of electricity in Guyana with its franchise area encompassing the coastal plain of all three counties, Demerara, Essequibo and Berbice where there are power generation facilities at six locations. The company said the total installed capacity of the company is 174.39MW and 121.99MW of that total is generated from HFO and LFO. GPL said that the demand for electricity continues to

GPL plans to improve its energy mix with three solar farms rise at an average rate of 2.24 per cent to 4.13 per cent which results in a three per cent per annum increase of fuel consumption for the generation of electricity over the last five years. “As a consequence of this heavy dependency of the electricity sector on imported fossils, fuel cost constitutes a significant portion of the production cost for electricity in Guyana and has a nega-

tive impact on current economic growth.” The company recognised that the most competitive and abundant renewable resources in Guyana include hydropower, wind, biomass, municipal waste and solar systems. “Guyana has substantial land space along the coastal plain, especially in the outskirts of major populated areas, such as Naarstigheid

(West Coast Berbice, Region Five), Kuru Kururu (East Bank Demerara, Region Four) and Lima Sands (Essequibo Coast, Region Two). As such there is considerable scope for developing utility-scale Solar PV systems.” The company said that these projects would ensure that GPL and Guyana are in a better position to reduce the harmful effects of using fos-

Security improves at West Demerara Regional Hospital

Dr. Karen Cummings listens as DREO Jennifer Ferreira-Dougall makes a point. The West Demerara Regional Hospital administrator, on Thursday evening, notified Minister within Ministry of Public Health Dr. Karen Cummings that security provisions at the hospital have shown improvement. This was highlighted during an in-house meeting with the hospital’s department heads and Regional Democratic Council representatives. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) agreed to strengthen security at the West Demerara

Regional Hospital (WDRH), after doctors and other health workers highlighted the facility’s poor arrangements. There were also charges of verbal and physical abuse meted out to hospital staff by residents of RegionThree, Essequibo Islands/West Demerara. WDRH Administer Sanjay Persaud explained that the 24hour security provided by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) stationed at the outpatient department has improved, however, the facility is en-

countering issues “in terms of efficiency” with the security personnel. Deputy Regional Executive Officer (DREO) Jennifer Ferreira-Dougall explained that the contracts, to hire the security firm attached to the hospital, were signed by the Ministry of Communities; which leaves the regional administration’s hands tied until the conclusion of the contracts validated for October month-end. “The security firm, I think their contract was signed by

the Ministry of Communities and it ends in the month of October so the region’s hands are tied…so the region could not change the security system”, the DREO said. She noted that there will be a new security system implemented by the regional administration, following the conclusion of the present security firm’s service. Minister Cummings reiterated that hiring new security personnel to ensure the safety of the hospital staff will be welcomed.

sil fuel based power generation on the environment, while generating considerable economic benefits derived from the reduction of fossil fuel imports. It was explained in the full page advertisement that bidders are being asked to express their interest in order to pre-qualify to bid for the development and operation of the three solar farms. The company said that each project will involve the installation of the three systems and this will be done under a 20-year Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) arrangement and the construction of associated substations and other related facilities for complete operation which will include generation and transmission of electricity to the national grid. This EoI comes one week

after GPL would have advertised for EoIs for the installation of a 50MegaWatt capacity dual fuel fired power plant to be located in or around Georgetown, East Bank Demerara or East Coast Demerara. The dual system will be able to use HFO and Natural Gas which is expected to be extracted when Exxon Mobil begins production in 2020. Presently, GPL has in its cadre of generation sets, systems that can be converted to use associated natural gas. These systems are being operated and maintained by Power Producers and Distributors Inc, (PPDI) the state-owned company that took over the operation of the Kingston, Vreed-enHoop and Garden of Eden power stations from Wartsila in January of this year.


Tuesday September 12, 2017

Kaieteur News

Mixed signals from ministers over ‘ban’ on single moms working nights It appears that a recent proposal by a minister to have female guards, who are single moms, not work nights, is making the administration nervous. Days after the administration said there is no proposal before Cabinet to halt the late nights, Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally, made it clear that while the ministry is open to options, nothing will be done to create a policy to exclude anyone. “The Ministry has no current or future intention to create any policy that would exclude single parent women from any sector in Guyana whether it is voluntary or involuntary,” the ministry said. It would differ somewhat from what her Junior Minister, Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Keith Scott, said last month. He met with representatives of private security firms and told them of reports of security guards were being underpaid. Reports of sexual harassment also surfaced during the meeting. Scott disclosed that he will be exploring options of easing the pressure of female security guards being made to work the night shifts. Of course, Scott noted, the option should be up to the female guards in question whether they want to work or not at nights. The Guyana Association of Private Security Organizations (GAPSO) came out after and condemned

Minister Keith Scott Scott. GAPSO said that that Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Keith Scott’s “choice to selectively dismantle and target single mothers” within the private security sector is a cruel and arbitrary attack on the sector. “GAPSO feels that it is a high-handed and unilateral approach being adopted by the Government and definitely lacks insight or thinking outside the box.” The association said that it remains unclear why only the private security sector was selected while other professions are excluded. It

also wants to know what suggestions if any there is, to solve the inevitable unemployment that will arise from such a decision. GAPSO noted that its President, Christopher Thompson, had warned that the Ministry of Social Protection should examine the issue in totality and present empirical data and analysis to support its intentions. GAPSO said it is taking the “opportunity to strongly advise the Honorable Keith Scott to strive for more informed positions, make better analysis from empirical

Minister Amna Ally data, refrain from hasty generalizations and demonstrate that he is capable of finding other solutions to his problem. Outside of this, he may very well be unwillingly creating a new economic and social problem in the society.” In recent times, there have been complaints against some private security firms which pay workers late; breach labour laws and which are collecting NIS contributions from workers and not remitting. Yesterday, the ministry

said that while it remains open to practical options that would provide flexibility for working single parent women in Guyana, it is fully committed to adopting measures and policies that would not contribute or impede single parent women being hired in all sectors of the economy. “We are cognizant of the far-reaching consequence of the implementation of such a policy such as the widening of the gender gap which the Ministry has been working towards bridging those gaps for years.

The Ministry said that an important aspect of its mandate is to remove constraints to women’s economic participation in the work force and to ensure that all women especially those facing intersecting forms of discrimination have equal access to employment free from gender discrimination including discrimination based on traditional sex stereotypes, pregnancy, and parenting. “For decades women have been fighting the stereotypical perception that they should not seek careers that may not suit their social status. However, the Ministry remains resolved to continue and not hinder the work that we have begun regarding gender parity because of pregnancy and motherhood.” The ministry said it is committed to ensuring that all sectors work better for women, ensure equal access to gainful employment; the provision of equal terms of conditions for women, safe working conditions and ensure women full participation in the economy which is vital to achieving sustainable development in Guyana. “The Ministry of Social Protection stands ready and willing to work with all stakeholders both private and public to champion any future policy modification necessary to guarantee the social and economic advancement and status of women especially single parent in Guyana.”

Eyewitness testifies in inquest into death of pedestrian A coroner’s inquest into the death of Sew Persaud, who was struck down and killed by a minibus on April 21, last year, at the Diamond Public Road, East Bank Demerara, continued yesterday before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. The inquest is being conducted to determine whether the driver of the minibus Christopher Bose should be criminally charged for Persaud’s death. Reports are that Sew Persaud was standing on the road outside the Diamond Diagnostic Centre when the bus bearing license plate PFF 9802 driven by Christopher Bose hit him. Persaud, who resided at 265 Third Street, Grove, East Bank Demerara, was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic

Centre where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Kaieteur News understands that Persaud left his home around 09:00 hours to travel to Georgetown. He had also planned to visit the Diamond Diagnostic Centre for a routine health check. His wife, Viola DaSilva, was contacted around 14:30hrs and was informed that her reputed husband was stuck down by the vehicle. The matter was reported to the Grove Police Station. An eyewitness to the accident, Indal Singh, of Lot 31 Diamond Junior Staff, East Bank Demerara was called to testify. He told the court that on the day in question, he was driving a car heading to Georgetown. He said that he was travelling in the vicinity of the Diamond Diagnostic Centre when he saw a motorcar

which was proceeding along the said road about 40 feet ahead of him. According to Singh, he noticed a man of East Indian decent attired in a red and white stripe jersey waiting to cross the road at the median which separates the eastern and western carriageway. He said that the mirror of the bus hit Persaud causing him to fall onto the roadway before the right side back wheel of the vehicle ran over him. The witness said that he noticed blood flowing from the injured man’s body. Persaud added that he came out of his car and went to Bose and advised him to report the accident to the police station. The witness told the court Bose was not proceeding at a fast rate. Also testifying was Rawatie Persaud, a daughter

KILLED: Sew Persaud of the deceased. Rawatie, who resides at Craig, East Bank Demerara told the court that on April 22, 2016, she visited the Georgetown Public Hospital mortuary where she identified the remains of her father to Government Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh in the presence of Police Lance Corporal Persaud. She said that her father was buried four days later at the Grove Cemetery.

Tuesday September 12, 2017

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REMANDED: Stephen Banwarie Two persons, who were allegedly busted with a total of 80 grams of marijuana at the Sherima Police Station, were both remanded to prison after they appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and pleaded not guilty to narcotics charges. Rushelle Azore, 31, of Lot 288 Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara, and Stephen Banwarie, 21, of Triumph, East Coast Demerara denied having 17 grams and 63 grams of marijuana respectively, in their possession for the purpose of trafficking. Azore was busted with the narcotics on September 7; Banwarie was caught the following day. Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore disclosed that the marijuana was found in Banwarie’s pants crotch. He said that on the day in question, Banwarie showed the narcotics to another man whom he inquired if he smokes. According to Moore, the defendant took out the marijuana and began smoking and upon approaching the Sherima Police Check Point, he borrowed tape from a woman to conceal the item. Prosecutor Moore disclosed that Banwarie admitted ownership of the drug in a caution statement. However, Attorney-atLaw Tiffany Jeffery told the court that the drug was not found in her client’s possession, but rather in the tray of a truck which had eleven other occupants. Jeffery contended that her client is barely literate. In relation to Azore who works in the interior as a cook, Prosecutor Moore said that the marijuana was found in a suitcase the woman was carrying. Further, the prosecutor opposed to bail for the duo citing that no special reasons were provided to the court. Both matters have been transferred to the Bartica Magistrate’s Court for September 28.

Tuesday September 12, 2017

New Music Programme to promote entrepreneurship With the intention to give young people across the country a step ahead into a developing industry, the National School of Music has this year advanced its tuition to 30 students and teachers in the music sector. The course is drafted after the Berkley style of music education and is certified by the Institute of Creative Arts. For the next three months, members of the programme will be tutored by Mr. Burchmore Simon, who noted that the course will challenge the creativity and technical skills of each student. Teachers from Regions Two, Five, Six, and Ten will be able to benefit from this initiative. The advancement of the programme became possible with the launch of Electronic Music Production course which is offered by the Music School with support from Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF). Andrew Tyndale, Coordinator of the National School of Music stated, “We realize that the creative industry is

an expanding one in Latin America and the Caribbean and further afield where the GDP is 15.7 percent…so we think that providing our young people with the necessary skills and knowledge we are giving them the advantage of tapping into a growing and expanding industry.” Tyndale said that it is necessary to have this group ready for when the creative industries take off in Guyana. The coordinator added that while the students are anxious to produce music for not only themselves but others, the programme provides an opportunity for participants to benefit financially. It was on this note that he urged students to be regular and punctual to the classes, so that they will be able to gather much. The programme allows for participants to be ‘attached’ to KrossKolour Records, Vision Sounds and NCN, which proposes necessary experience. The programme happens to be one which follows another that focused on formal

music education in guitar and the harmonium, among others. The Electrical Music Production course is said to be unlike any other as it fits into the BNTF’s mandate of promoting entrepreneurship among Guyanese youths. Community Liaison Officer of Basic Needs Trust Fund, Simone Kellman-Washington, spoke about the functions of the organization. She explained that they are partially funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) through CIDA for projects such as construction of schools, water supply, health centers, and roads with the most recent being a provision of skills training. The officer noted that the movement towards skills training birthed as a result of Head of State, President David Granger, who emphasized the need for young Guyanese to receive skills training that will prepare them for the world of work and at the same time, empower them to start-up and own their own businesses.

A taxi driver was yesterday denied bail after he made an appearance in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Thirty-three-year-old Lester Joseph of South Ruimveldt appeared before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman to answer to four charges. The first charge alleged that on September 2, last, at King Street, Georgetown, while being in the company of another and armed with a gun he robbed Collin Accra of one gold and diamond chain valued $950,000. It was further alleged that on the same day in question at the same location, he discharged a loaded firearm at the victim with the intent to

maim, disfigure, disable or cause him grievous bodily harm. It was also alleged that on the same day, he had in his possession a .32 pistol when he was not the holder of a firearm license. The last charge alleged that on September 2, he had in his possession five live matching rounds of .32 ammunition when he was not the holder of a license firearm. The unrepresented man told the court that he has a matter of unlawful wounding in the Matthew’s Ridge Magistrate’s Court in the North West District. Police Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves objected to bail being granted to the defendant citing the serious nature

of the offence, the penalty the charge attracts and the fact that the defendant has a pending matter in court. The Prosecutor added that if bail is granted to the defendant he will not return to court for the trial. He stated that on the day in question the victim was about to enter a car at the Berbice car park, when the defendant and another individual approached him and snatched his chain. The court heard that the victim then gave chase after the defendant who then turned around and fired several shots in his direction. One of the bullets ended up hitting a pedestrian on the finger. The defendant then made good his escape. According to the facts presented, police on patrol duty later that said day received information about an abandoned car at the fire station. When the police arrived they conducted a search on the car and the firearm was found inside. It was later discovered that the vehicle belonged to the defendant’s girlfriend. Joseph was later arrested and was positively identified by the victim. The court heard that he admitted in a caution statement to committing the offences. The prosecutor objection was upheld and the defendant was remanded to prison. He will make his next court appearance on October 2.

Taxi driver remanded for discharging gun at man

Speeding cyclist killed, pillion rider critical A 23-year-old man was killed and the pillion rider hospitalized after an accident around 13:50 hrs yesterday at Aubrey Barker Road, South Ruimveldt. The dead man has been identified as Sunil Samaroo, of Kaneville, East Bank Demerara. The pillion rider was Keitze Bazilo, 24, of 33 Howes Street, Charlestown. He is hospitalized. Investigations revealed that the deceased who was riding an unregistered motorcycle along with the pillion rider, was alleged to have been racing with two other motorcycles, east along the Aubrey Barker Road when he lost control of the bike. Both persons fell off the motorcycle and onto the roadway. They were taken to the Woodlands Hospital in an unconscious state; where the rider was pronounced dead on arrival. The pillion rider remains admitted in the ICU, in a critical condition. Investigations are in progress.


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Workers dumped tonnes...

A South African engineer is claiming that the loss-making Skeldon was seeing the dumping of tonnes of cane juice by workers. From page 7 Kaieteur News, Somai said that he made some shocking discoveries. “With the lack of any throughput controls in the front end of the factory, I was quite surprised to see that the grinding rate was within good tolerance (within 5%) of the requested target grinding rate. This raised suspicion and caused me to further investigate. “I sat in the control tower on 8 April 2015 from 2pm to 4pm and just observed the entire operation. To say the least, I was quite shocked at what was happening.” That date was a month before the May 2015 general elections.. “The actual tonnage of cane for the hour was not being declared but rather what was asked for. The excess for that hour (anything that was over the target) was carried forward to the next hour. So if

200TCH was the target and the actual was 250TCH then the difference of 50TCH was carried forward to the next hour. If the following hour was only 150TCH actual grinding rate then what is declared is 200TCH.” He said he asked questions of factory officials and staffers. “They all admitted to what they were doing but they did not know how serious the consequences were in terms of operations up stream. By doing what they are doing it is not only illegal, it has… operational effects…” The engineer recommended that GuySuCo seriously need to refrain from this practice and put in proper controls to maintain a more accurate throughput. “We cannot rely on feeder table operators to give us the throughput we require. They simply cannot judge by eyesight.”

The Coalition Government had ordered an inquiry into the state of the sugar industry and has even tabled a white paper in the National Assembly on the future of GuySuCo. Billions of dollars annually is being plugged to GuySuCo to keep it alive. Despite failing fields and little cash, made worse by Skeldon, the Opposition has been appealing for the administration to hold off. Last year December, the century-old Wales, West Bank Demerara closed its gates. Rose Hall and Enmore have been recommended for closure too, Skeldon has been slated for privatization with a number of interest expressed already, including to the rice miller powerhouse, Nand Persaud and Company, makers of the Karibee Rice and another from Tate and Lyle.


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Tuesday September 12, 2017

Tuesday September 12, 2017


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Irma floods Jacksonville, Charleston and Savannah Leaving a trail of devastation in Florida, Irma trudged north on Monday, flooding downtown Charleston, South Carolina, uprooting trees in Atlanta and cutting off coastal communities. A weakened Irma — downgraded to a tropical depression Monday night — still packed power. At least three storm-related deaths were reported in Georgia and one in South Carolina. The deaths occurred mostly when tree limbs fell on victims during the tropical storm that stretched 650 miles from east to west, affecting at least nine states. As Jacksonville, Florida, grappled with record storm surge, the level of the destruction became more apparent in the hard-hit Florida Keys at the southern tip of the state. Areas without water, power or communications are likely to remain so for some time. Irma flooded portions of River Street in the tourist magnet city of Savannah, Georgia and forced police to temporarily shut Highway 80 leading to the barrier island community of Tybee Island. Water also filled The Battery, the downtown Charleston neighborhood where the Ashley and Cooper rivers

meet. Charleston police asked residents to avoid downtown in anticipation of high tide. Waters in Charleston Harbor peaked at nearly 10 feet high, the city’s third-highest reading, topping Hurricane Matthew in 2016, said CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward. Parts of coastal Georgia and South Carolina remained under storm surge warning late Monday. Irma will continue to weaken, but the rain and wind will spread further north. The storm was moving towards Alabama late Monday. It is forecast to move to Tennessee on Tuesday before fizzling out later this week, forecasters said. — As of Monday night, Irma was centered about 120 miles south of Atlanta, with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph, the National Hurricane Center said. — A 57-year-old South Carolina man was fatally injured by a falling tree limb during the storm, Abbeville County Coroner Ronnie Ashley told CNN. The man was cutting downed limbs with a chainsaw outside of his home when he was struck. -Three people died in Georgia: A 62-year-old man who was on his roof was

killed in Worth County, which experienced wind gusts of 69 mph, according

to Kannetha Clem, a spokeswoman for the Worth County Sheriff’s Office. Another man

was killed in Sandy Springs, an Atlanta suburb, when a tree fell and “literally cut the

home in half,”said Sharon Kraun, the city’s communications director.

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Trinidad Govt. probing alleged multimillion dollar oil production scheme Trinidad (CMC) – The state-owned oil company, PETROTRIN, Monday announced that it had launched an investigation into reports of inconsistencies in the volumes reported from its exploration and production fields. This was after Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar claimed that a financier of the ruling

overstated the amount of oil it was selling to PETROTRIN. She said that in July, the company discovered there was a disparity in the quantity of oil it was purchasing from operators in the field and what was being received at the Pointe-aPierre refinery. The internal audit department was asked to investigate. Persad Bissessar told

Probe launched: Energy Minister Franklin Khan, right, fields questions from the media during yesterday’s news conference at Tower C, Port of Spain International Waterfront. At left is permanent secretary Selwyn Lashley. People’s National Movement (PNM) had defrauded the company of an estimated TT$100 million (One TT dollar=US$0.16 cents) over the past six months. “PETROTRIN confirms that investigations are in progress with respect to reports of inconsistencies in the volumes reported from our Exploration and Production fields and that reported as received at our Pointe-a-Pierre refinery. These investigations are focused on the volumes for fiscal 2017 and the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries has been informed,” the company said in a brief statement. Addressing a meeting of her United National Congress (UNC) in in Couva in central Trinidad on Sunday, Persad Bissessar said that the unidentified company operating had

supporters that the audit team discovered that the discrepancy had been occurring since October 2016, and that PETROTRIN discovered that the difference in the figures emanated from one particular field, which has been under the control of the same operator since 2009. She said the internal audit concluded that the custody transfer process had been compromised based on the number of control issues identified during their visit to the field and analysis of the sales tickets and GPS records. This resulted in an overstatement of production and leakage from the company. She said according to the audit, the the purchase of non-existent crude was the main contributing factor to PETROTRIN receiving significantly less oil than the

volumes recorded by its Exploration and Production department. Persad Bissessar said it was estimated that between January to June 2017, the company overstated production by at least 350,000 barrels and PETROTRIN overpaid US$11.5 million and that PETROTRIN would have paid US$1.8 million in royalties to government for oil not received during the six-month period. “I want to challenge the Prime Minister today to tell the country that he did not know this was going on at PETROTRIN. I want to challenge the Minister of Energy to tell the country today that he did not know this was going on at PETROTRIN,” she said, questioning the dismissal of the last board. In the statement, PETROTRIN said its production fields are predominantly in south Trinidad and these include its own and third party operations. “Current production from both our land and marine acreage is approximately 44,500 barrels of oil per day year to date and represents more than half of local crude oil production in Trinidad and Tobago. PETROTRIN remains committed to managing the energy resources entrusted to us by the national community in the best interest of all stakeholders,” the company said in the statement.

Tuesday September 12, 2017

Venezuela: UN warns of possible crimes against humanity Venezuela (Al Jazeera) The United Nations human rights chief has said that Venezuelan security forces may have committed “crimes against humanity” against protesters and called for an international investigation. “My investigation suggests the possibility that crimes against humanity may have been committed, which can only be confirmed by a subsequent criminal investigation,” Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein told the UN Human Rights Council on Monday. Venezuela’s foreign minister defended the record of the government of President Nicolas Maduro, rejecting the allegations as “baseless”. Venezuela has been convulsed by months of demonstrations both for and against Maduro, who critics say has plunged the oil-rich country into the worst economic crisis in its history and is turning it into a dictatorship. At least 125 people have been killed in clashes with police since the protests began. Zeid said the government was using criminal proceedings against opposition leaders, arbitrary detentions, excessive use of force and ill-treatment of detainees, in some cases amounting to torture. Last month, Zeid’s office said Venezuela’s security forces had committed extensive and apparently deliberate human rights violations in crushing antigovernment protests and that democracy was “barely alive”.

Security forces clash with demonstrators rallying against Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro [File: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters] “There is a very real danger that tensions will further escalate, with the government crushing democratic institutions and critical voices,” Zeid said. The opposition, which boycotted the election for the Constituent Assembly, has accused electoral authorities of inflating turn-out figures for the July 30 vote. It also called the new assembly and its sweeping powers a rubber-stamp mechanism for Maduro to rule as a “dictator”. H o w e v e r, F o r e i g n Minister Jorge Arreaza said that following the election, “the opposition in Venezuela is back on the path of rule of law and democracy”. Arreaza accused protesters of using firearms and “homemade weapons” against security forces, but noted that the last death was on July 30. “Our country is now at peace,” he added. Venezuela is among the 47 members of the council, where it enjoys strong support from Cuba, Iran and other states.

Diego Arria, who was Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations from 1991 to 1994, told a separate Geneva event organised by activists and action group UN Watch that Venezuela should be referred to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC). “I am convinced that the killing in the streets equates to crimes against humanity,” he said. The Hague-based court defines such crimes as including torture, murder, deprivation of liberty, sexual violence and persecution, he said. Julieta Lopez, aunt of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez who remains under house arrest after three years in a military jail, said abuses continued. “There is no right to express a different political opinion without being threatened, beaten or imprisoned,” she told the same event.

‘Uncontacted’ Amazon Tribe Members Reported Killed in Brazil Brazil — They were members of an uncontacted tribe gathering eggs along the river in a remote part of the Amazon. Then, it appears, they had the bad luck of running into gold miners. Now, federal prosecutors in Brazil have opened an investigation into the reported massacre of about 10 members of the tribe, the latest evidence that threats to endangered indigenous groups are on the rise in the country. The Brazilian agency on indigenous affairs, Funai, said it had lodged a complaint with the prosecutor’s office in the state of Amazonas after the

gold miners went to a bar near the border with Colombia, and bragged about the killings. They brandished a hand-carved paddle that they said had come from the tribe, the agency said. “It was crude bar talk,” said Leila Silvia Burger S o t t o - M a i o r , F u n a i ’s coordinator for uncontacted and recently contacted tribes. “They even bragged about cutting up the bodies and throwing them in the river.” The miners, she said, claimed that “they had to kill them or be killed.” Ms. Sotto-Maior said the killings were reported to have taken place last month.

The indigenous affairs bureau conducted some initial interviews in the town and then took the case to the police. “There is a lot of evidence, but it needs to be proven,” she said. The prosecutor in charge of the case, Pablo Luz de Beltrand, confirmed that an investigation had begun, but said he could not discuss the details of the case while it was underway. He said the episode was alleged to have occurred in the Javari Valley — t h e s e c o n d - l a rg e s t indigenous reserve in Brazil — in the remote west. “We are following up, but the territories are big and access is limited,” Mr. Beltrand said. “These tribes

are uncontacted — even Funai has only sporadic information about them. So it’s difficult work that requires all government departments working together.” Mr. Beltrand said it was the second such episode that he was investigating this year. The first reported killing of uncontacted indigenous people in the region occurred in February, and that case is still open. “It was the first time that we’d had this kind of case in this region,” he said in a telephone interview. “It’s not something that was happening before.” Survival International, a global indigenous rights

group, warned that given the small sizes of the uncontacted Amazon tribes, this latest episode could mean that a significant percentage of a remote ethnic group was wiped out. “If the investigation confirms the reports, it will be yet another genocidal massacre resulting directly from the Brazilian government’s failure to protect isolated tribes — something that is guaranteed in the Constitution,” said Sarah Shenker, a senior campaigner with the rights group. Under Brazil’s president, Michel Temer, funding for indigenous affairs has been slashed. In April, Funai closed

five of the 19 bases that it uses to monitor and protect isolated tribes, and reduced staffing at others. The bases are used to prevent invasions by loggers and miners and to communicate with recently contacted tribes. Three of those bases were in the Javari Valley, which is known as the Uncontacted Frontier and is believed to be home to more uncontacted tribes than anywhere else on Earth. Approximately 20 of the 103 uncontacted tribes registered in Brazil are in the Valley. “We had problems with previous governments, but not like this,” said Ms. SottoMaior, the Funai coordinator.

Tuesday September 12, 2017

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Norway’s right-wing government wins re-election fought on oil, tax OSLO (Reuters) N o r w a y ’s t a x - c u t t i n g Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg declared victory on Tuesday after a parliamentary election, narrowly defeating a Labour-led opposition with her promises of steady management of the oildependent economy. The win is historic for Solberg, whose supporters compare her firm management style to that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, because no Conservative-led government has retained power in an election in Norway since 1985. “It looks like a clear victory,” for the center-right, a beaming Solberg told cheering supporters in Oslo just after midnight (2200 GMT), following Monday’s voting. “Our solutions have worked. We have created jobs,” she said, but warned, “We have some challenges ahead. ... Oil revenues are going to be lower. We all must take responsibility.” The ruling minority coalition of her Conservatives and the populist Progress Party, together with two small center-right allies, was set to win a slim majority with 89 seats in the 169-seat parliament, according to an official projection with 95 percent of the votes counted. (Election graphic “ I t ’ s a b i g disappointment,” opposition Labour leader Jonas Gahr

Stoere said, conceding defeat for his party that has been a dominant force in Norwegian politics for a century. Solberg, 56, plans more tax cuts as a way to stimulate growth for Europe’s top oil and gas producer. Stoere had argued for tax increases to improve public services such as education and healthcare for Norway’s 5 million citizens. The oil industry could be affected by the vote, because Solberg will need support from two green-minded, center-right allies to ensure a majority to pass legislation in parliament. One of the two parties, the Liberals, wants strict limits on oil and gas exploration in Arctic waters. Solberg’s Conservative Party was set to lose three seats to 45 in parliament, making her more dependent on outsiders’ help and perhaps heralding a less stable government. And the head of the other small party, the Christian Democrats, warned Solberg he would not automatically back every government decision. “We will not give a guarantee for the next four years,” party leader Knut Arild Hareide said. “They (The Liberals and the Christian Democrats) will support Solberg as prime minister, but the question is whether they get a firm agreement or if there is cooperation on a case-bycase basis,” said Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, a professor in comparative politics at the

3.5 million refugee children don’t attend school: UN Geneva (AFP) - More than half the world’s refugee children — some 3.5 million altogether — do not attend school, the UN refugee agency said on Tuesday, urging greater and steadier funding for their education. “Some 3.5 million didn’t get a single day” of school last year from among the 6.4 million children aged between five and 17 who were under the care of the UNHCR last year, the agency said in a report. It was only a slight improvement over the previous year, when the figure was 3.7 million, said the report titled “Left

Behind: Refugee Education in Crisis”. “The education of these young refugees is crucial to the peaceful and sustainable development of the places that have welcomed them, and to the future prosperity of their own countries,” UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi said in the report. The agency urged donor governments to increase investment in refugee education and to commit to consistent funding “from t h e e m e rg e n c y p h a s e onwards”. Half of the 17.2 million refugees under the care of the UNHCR are children, Grandi said.

University of Bergen. “Then it may be a weaker government,” she told Reuters. The Norwegian currency, the crown , strengthened slightly following the first projections after falling sharply earlier in the day on weaker-than-expected inflation data.


Brexit law passes hurdle in reprieve for British PM May LONDON (Reuters) Britain’s parliament backed a second reading of legislation to sever ties with the European Union early on Tuesday, a reprieve for Prime Minister Theresa May who now faces demands by lawmakers for concessions before it becomes law. After more than 13 hours of speeches for

and against the legislation, which May says is essential for Brexit but critics describe as a Conservative government power grab, lawmakers voted 326 to 290 in favor of moving the EU withdrawal bill, or repeal bill, to the next stage of a lengthy lawmaking process.

Man y f e l l i n s t e p with the government which said a vote against the legislation would force Britain into a chaotic exit from the EU, rather than a smooth departure, as the country would lack laws and a regulatory framework to steer the process.Britain’s unelected upper chamber.


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Tuesday September 12, 2017

Tuesday September 12, 2017


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Russian cyclists file lawsuit against Wada and Dr Richard McLaren Three Russian cyclists have taken legal action against the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) and Canadian doping investigator Dr Richard McLaren. Kirill Sveshnikov, Dmitry Strakhov and Dmitry Sokolov were unable to compete at the Rio 2016 Olympics after Russian athletes were banned. The McLaren report, an independent study commissioned by Wada, found evidence of state-sponsored doping. The cyclists allege they were “unfairly implicated”. Having initially been selected for the men’s team pursuit in Rio, the three were banned after McLaren’s report into doping in Russia found that positive test results had been covered up.

They all deny cheating, but lost an appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) before the Games. The McLaren report did not name Sveshnikov, Strakhov and Sokolov but the cyclists say that they “suffered great reputational harm” and have filed a lawsuit in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, claiming damages. ”Together, Wada and Dr Richard McLaren prevented us from reaching our lifelong goal of participating in the Rio Olympics, the pinnacle of our sport, and we allege that they wrongly associated our names with cheaters and doping,” said Sveshnikov. ”We are asking the court to review all of the evidence and to vindicate us.” Wada declined to comment on the law-

suit. Last week McLaren denied reports by the head of the Russian Independent Anti-Doping Commission that he had dropped allegations of a state-sponsored doping programme, and insisted he “unequivocally stands by the results” of his investigation. What was the McLaren report? In May 2016, McLaren was tasked by Wada with investigating allegations of doping in Russia. He published the first part of his report in July 2016 - stating Russia operated a statesponsored doping programme from 2011. His 144-page independent study concluded more than 1,000 Russians benefitted from the doping programme across 30 sports. As a result, Wada recom-

Tuesday September 12, 2017 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Changes in your domestic scene are evident. You may want to make plans to take a vacation together. You can expect your mate to get fed up and make the choices for you or back off completely.

to understand your position.

TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) You could be cornered, so be prepared to tell the truth. Don't push your luck with authority. You will meet a person who may turn out to be more than just a friend.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Don't try to hide your true feelings from your mate. You may have to explain your actions to your family.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Correspondence may not clear up issues. Helping children may be rewarding and challenging. You need to concentrate on solving existing problems. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Hard work will not go unnoticed. Anger may cause you grief; control your temper and try to sit back and calm down. Your generous nature could be taken advantage of. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Don't bang your head against a wall. Romance is likely if you can bring yourself to go out with friends. Get ready to discover love, passion, and the desire to enjoy all that life has to offer. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Empty promises will cause upset. You can make favorable real estate offers today. You may have difficulty trying to get your mate

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Talk to someone with experience about budgets or consolidating debts. You will have to face each issue separately and in person. Avoid scandals of any sort.

SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) You can expect to experience delays or additional red tape if you deal with institutions. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) You can persuade even the toughest opponents to think your way. Your involvement in organizational events could open doors to new and exciting opportunities. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) This may not be the day to get involved in risky joint financial ventures. You can make changes to your living quarters that should please family members. Get involved in the activities of children. They will teach you far more than you expect. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Your ability to deal with humanitarian groups will enhance your reputation. Secret affairs will come back to haunt you. Leave things as they are for the moment and focus on reaching your highest potential at work.

mended all Russian athletes be banned from competing in the Rio Olympics and Paralympics. But the International Olympic Committee chose not

to impose a blanket ban, instead leaving decisions on whether Russians could compete to individual sporting federations. In terms of cycling, the decision was made

by governing body the UCI. Russia eventually took 271 athletes from an original entry list of 389 competitors to August’s Olympics Games. (BBCsport)

Matthew Fitzpatrick defeats Scott Hend in dramatic play-off Matthew Fitzpatrick won his fourth European Tour title with a dramatic play-off victory over Australia’s Scott Hend at the European Masters. The 23-year-old shot a closing six-under 64 to end on 14 under at Cranssur-Sierre Golf Club in Switzerland. Hend led by three shots going into round four and had an eight-foot putt to win on the second play-off hole. But he missed and a wayward shot from a bunker on the third play-off hole gave Fitzpatrick the chance to close out. ”I’m delighted,” said Englishman Fitzpatrick. “It’s one that I’ve always wanted to win. I love playing this golf course. It’s always stood out

Pouderoyen and Eagles... (From page 30) netting a hat-trick and double respectively for the home team which recorded their third with win five matches. The advantage went to three goals clear when Fraser netted his second in the 35th minute but Wales pulled one back in the 42nd minute to reduce the deficit thanks to Trevon Callender’s first of two goals. But the two goal advantage was restored one minute later when Miggins got his second, the first half ending, 4-1 in Den Amstel’s favour. Wales came out in the second half revitalised as they pressed forward with intent. This renewed vogor brought them back to back goals in the 50th and 65th minute through efforts from Shaquan Richard Callender to come within one goal of Den Amstel. The home team did not panic but instead banged in another goal off the boot of Miggins in the 67th minute. Thereafter the home team closed shop with the match ending 5-3 in their favour. Two matches have been carded for Sunday at the same venue. Den Amstel will entertain Crane Rovers from 09:00hrs before Eagles tackle Uitvlugt at 11:00hrs.

on the schedule. “We kept our nerve and played really smart all week.” Fitzpatrick was left with a putt of around a foot for the win when Hend could only make bogey as both men completed the 18th hole for the third time in the play-off. World number 98 Hend had fired through the green from a fairway bunker and his chip back onto the putting surface rolled through the green, stopping perilously close to a water hazard. He lost the same event in a play-off to Alex Noren last year and will rue missing his putt on the second additional hole, costing him the chance to land a third European Tour title. Both players began the day early with holes to complete in their third rounds following weather-disrupted play on Saturday. But it was in the fourth round

where Fitzpatrick gathered momentum with eight birdies and two bogeys seeing him card a six-under 64. That was the joint-lowest round of the day with Finland’s Miko Ilonen - who finished on 10 under - and Scotland’s Richie Ramsay - who ended on five under. The Sheffield-born player briefly held a two-shot lead before making a bogey on the 17th hole. But the round was enough to secure a first playoff of his career on the European Tour and with his mother and father watching on the course, Fitzpatrick drained a testing six-foot putt to avoid losing at the first extra hole. From there on in his solid driving ensured that although he produced only pars in the play-off, it was enough to secure a first title since November. (BBCsport)

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Tuesday September 12, 2017

Champions League: Will Real Madrid retain title? Can PSG win? Are Barca flawed? Real Madrid are chasing an unprecedented third consecutive Champions League title, Paris StGermain are breaking spending records and Barcelona appear fallible. Add a record six British challengers into the mix and this season’s competition, which gets under way on Tu e s d a y, h a s a l l t h e ingredients to be one of the most intriguing yet. Can Real Madrid make it three in a row? After becoming the first club to win the trophy in consecutive years in the Champions League era (post-1992), Real Madrid have already made history. The real question is whether they can extend that repeat into a sustained period of dominance, following the achievements of their predecessors who won the first five editions of the European Cup after its foundation in 1956. There are positive signs in that direction. Rarely has a team gone into a Champions League season as such strong favourites. It’s not just the superlative nature of El R e a l ’s s e c o n d - h a l f performance that swept aside Juventus in June’s final in Cardiff that persuades, either. For the first time in a long time at the Bernabeu, it seems like there’s a plan for the future beyond hoovering up superstars. The club has been astute in picking up young talent like Marco Asensio, Dani Ceballos and a host of others - and they have a coach in Zinedine Zidane who has the bravery to pick on merit rather than status. The success of Zidane’s tenure so far can be measured not only in trophies, but by the fact that even Gareth Bale (and Zizou is a big fan of the Welshman) is not sure of a place, especially after Isco’s rise to b e c o m e a rg u a b l y L o s Merengues’ star performer in the past six months. With Cristiano Ronaldo, Toni Kroos, Luka Modric and Sergio Ramos tied down to long contracts and Isco, Asensio and others set to follow suit, the future looks bright. Should we count Paris St-Germain among the favourites? If Real Madrid have stepped back from taking the transfer market by the scruff

of the neck, then PSG have taken their place in some style. The signing of Neymar shook the football world, and it felt like a turning point for the French giants. For all their achievements since Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) took over the club in 2011, they had never been able to recruit an elite-level star in his prime until now. With France’s brightest talent Kylian Mbappe leaving Monaco for the Parc des Princes, Neymar will continue to be a part of Europe’s most vaunted front three. It’s just that this time it will be a completely new one, made up of the Brazilian, the teenage Mbappe and the profilic Edinson Cavani. There’s little doubt the trio will click. Some have voiced concerns that Cavani will be marginalised, having been forced out wide when Zlatan Ibrahimovic was at the club, but both Neymar and Mbappe prefer to attack from wide areas. In fact, Mbappe said earlier this year that playing around a traditional number nine in Radamel Falcao gave him the freedom he needs. Cavani will do the same. The concerns are elsewhere. Having missed out on Mbappe’s Monaco teammate Fabinho, PSG are perhaps short of a midfield destroyer, and neither Kevin Trapp nor Alphonse Areola really convince in goal. With last season’s capitulation to Barcelona in the last 16 still fresh in the mind, it’s PSG’s mettle - rather than their flair - that will come under the microscope. Are Barcelona still realistic contenders? The sheer amazement value of Barcelona’s comeback against PSG in that last-16 tie largely inspired by the will and drive of Neymar, rather than the collective brilliance we’ve become used to in recent years covered a multitude of shortcomings. Still in shock after the Brazilian’s exit to France, the difficulties the Catalan giants face on the pitch and in the boardroom have been laid bare. Neymar should have been tied down but wasn’t, and he had lost faith in the management. Lionel Messi has still not signed an extension to the contract that runs out in the summer, and after under-pressure president Josep Bartomeu claimed Andres Iniesta was

Real Madrid have won the Champions League a record 12 times. set to sign a new deal, the legendary midfielder publicly denied it. Yet for all the chaotic management and fudging of transfers, the window wasn’t as bad as it could have been. They’ve filled a few significant holes, with a quality new right-back in Nelson Semedo and the arrival in midfield of Paulinho, who has been as important for Brazil of late as he was disappointing for To t t e n h a m . O u s m a n e Dembele, signed from Borussia Dortmund in N e y m a r ’s s t e a d , i s a generational talent and a potential Ballon d’Or winner. It’s when you get beyond the XI that the doubts start to arise. A lack of strength in depth is where Barca started to fall behind their rivals Real, with successive quarter-final defeats after winning the Champions League in 2015 at least partly down to fatigue. With little done to address that, it’s hard to imagine Ernesto Valverde’s side going much further. Which British team will get furthest? This is a historic season

for English participants, with five teams in the group stage for the first time thanks to Manchester United’s qualification via their Europa League triumph and they are joined by Scottish champions Celtic after their admirable negotiation of the qualifiers. Jose Mourinho’s side look like having a fairly comfortable return to Europe’s top table in their group, even if Benfica are opponents who should not be underestimated. Chelsea face an Atletico Madrid side dealing with a player registration ban and a rebuilding Roma, while Manchester City must beware of Napoli’s deadly attack and Shakhtar Donetsk, who had a recordbreaking return to prominence under Paulo Fonseca last season. Tottenham face a tough task with Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund on their way to Wembley, but Celtic have a fighting chance of a Europa League spot behind Bayern Munich and PSG, with rivals Anderlecht having started their title d e f e n c e b a d l y.

Heading into the knockout stages, the picture is less clear. The field is strong, and one wonders if City have the defensive leadership to stand up to the very best forward lines in Europe. Antonio Conte has yet to prove he can sustain domestic dominance and a strong Champions League campaign, while Mourinho was tactically found out in his last outing in the Champions League knockout stages. Maybe Liverpool, with Mohamed Salah adding even more pace and incision to their attack, have the versatility to surprise a few. Jurgen Klopp’s Dortmund always thrived by counterattacking against teams who play on the front foot, and his current side are built in a similar fashion. Who will this year’s surprise packages be? RB Leipzig face a tough baptism in the competition, having been drawn in a very balanced group featuring French champions Monaco, ambitious Besiktas and an improved Porto. Yet Ralph Hasenhuttl’s side have done the hard part by hanging onto Naby Keita (for now) and

Emil Forsberg in midfield, the conduits for their fastb r e a k i n g g a m e . Ti m o Werner will score goals and newly signed winger Bruma is an explosive proposition. Leipzig already have the know-how to flourish. Napoli are a dark horse for the latter stages. While other teams in Serie A - notably AC Milan - have made waves in t h e t r a n s f e r w i n d o w, Maurizio Sarri’s side have opted for stability, and have a sublime front three of Dries Mertens, Jose Callejon and Lorenzo Insigne. With myriad midfield options including the still-potent Marek Hamsik, who is fast approaching Diego M aradona’s club goal scoring record, they are one to avoid. Facing Manchester ’s other representatives, Benfica are hardened competitors despite again selling some of their top talent, and have reached the knockout stages twice in a row under Rui Vitoria. In terms of individuals, it’s worth keeping an eye on their neighbours Sporting’s new midfield general Bruno Fernandes, who has started the season brilliantly with an eye on Portugal’s World Cup squad. In Liverpool’s group, Dutch winger Quincy Promes was probably the Russian Premier League’s outstanding player last season for Spartak Moscow a n d w i t h C h e l s e a ’s opponents Roma still looking for a direct Salah replacement, young Turkish left-footed attacker Cengiz Under - who was excellent for Basaksehir last term might get his Champions League chance. (BBCsport)

Manchester United celebrate their Champions League win over Chelsea in 2008

Tuesday September 12, 2017

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World XI series a ‘huge leap’ AIBA bans African confederation for Pakistan - Najam Sethi head for three years

Najam Sethi and Giles Clarke address the media Associated Press. The World XI side, led by coach Andy Flower along with head of the ICC’s Pakistan Task Team (PTT) Giles Clarke, arrived at Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore in the small hours of Monday morning. World XI’s three-T20I series against Pakistan, which gets underway today, will be the third attempt in the last two years to revive international cricket in the c o u n t r y The side was escorted in a bomb-proof bus amid high security with the entire route from the airport to the team hotel at Mall Road lined with armed policemen. The squad contains five players from South Africa, three from Australia, two from West Indies and one player each from England, Bangladesh, New Zealand a n d S r i L a n k a . West Indies’ Samuel Badree was the only player in the 14man squad yet to arrive due to his commitment with the CPL; he will join the squad by Monday evening. The entire group was received by PCB officials, led by chairman Najam Sethi, and was driven straight from the runway through a private departure area. ”For Pakistan, it’s a big day,” Sethi said at a press conference alongside Clarke. “If this didn’t happen, I don’t know how many more years we would still have to wait for cricket to return. I want to start by thanking all those people who made this possible for international cricket to come back to Pakistan. Top of my list is my friend and colleague Mr. Giles Clarke who is the head of Pakistan ICC task force on Pakistan. He has gone out of his way to organise this series and he is working at it for over a year

now. Giles has been a great friend and the amount of conviction he has in the return of international cricket to Pakistan is u n s u r p a s s e d . ” Since the attack on the Sri Lanka team in 2009, Pakistan has been deprived of regular international cricket in the country. In the last few years, the PCB had made several attempts to convince teams to tour Pakistan, but was only able to convince Zimbabwe, Kenya and Afghanistan to tour. A major breakthrough came with the hosting of the PSL final earlier this year in Lahore, an event that included international players like Darren Sammy, Chris Jordan and Dawid Malan. The World XI tour was subsequently planned to showcase another attempt as a part of confidence building and to change the ‘negative’ perception about Pakistan. The ICC, however, had distanced itself from the Zimbabwe series in 2015, not even sending its own officials, but has now thrown its weight behind the World XI trip by hiring independent experts to oversee the security arrangements. Flower was among the driving forces in assembling a diverse and robust squad from around the world with each player offered USD 100,000 to play a limitedovers series within five days at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. The series has been earmarked as a key step, as a part of the PCB’s intentions, to convince the world that Pakistan is ready to host topflight international cricket. ”A lot of courage was needed on other side to put it all together,” Sethi said. “We are very very happy to host the World XI and we know this is a small step in many ways but a huge leap for

Pakistan. In a sense that if the PSL final in Lahore actually opened the gates to the World XI. The players, of course, you have seen in pictures are relaxed, each one of them knows that this trip is not just about cricket. I am grateful to them for this trip, and we look forward to great performance on the field.”Clarke echoed Sethi’s comments and outlined how his team prepared for World XI’s visit. “We met in January when we had a short conference on how to make this possible,” Clarke said. “We were looking to take small steps on a long journey, and those steps have been taken by Pakistani people and Pakistani government on a daily basis, more than by anyone else apart from the team that I’ve brought with me, which I have greatest admiration for. ”After I came here in January, we agreed that we should invest in training and preparation. We needed to behave as if there are going to be FTP tours in Pakistan. We have half the nations’ players registered as members of FICA. So we needed to ensure that FICA was happy. For that to happen, we had to have a structure that was approved by FICA and the other countries. So I was very pleased that FICA sent their representatives to watch the PSL final which was a great achievement. ”ICC have paid for and invested a significant sum of money in security and training of Pakistani security agencies. In the end, we need Pakistani companies to provide those services, and that’s what’s going to happen in future. We’re building a serious house, and we’re building it with bricks, not straw.” (ESPNcricinfo)

London (Reuters) Olympic boxing’s governing body, AIBA, has banned African confederation head Kelani Bayor for three years for allegedly provoking the crowd at the continental championships in Brazzaville last June. Bayor is an AIBA vicepresident and executive committee member as well as chairman of Togo’s national Olympic committee. ”The Disciplinary Commission found that a hostile and threatening reaction to AIBA officials by spectators after the result of a bout on the last day of the competition was exacerbated by comments from Mr Bayor,” AIBA said in a statement yesterday. It found Bayor had “committed serious and

Kelani Bayor unacceptable violations of the AIBA Disciplinary Code” at the tournament in Congo Republic. AIBA said the ban was from all boxing a c t i v i t i e s a n d responsibilities and could not be appealed. The Congolese Boxing Federation, Fecoboxe, was barred from organizing any

AIBA competition for two years. The Lausanne-based world boxing body is currently riven with infighting, with the executive committee passing a vote of no confidence in Taiwanese president Ching-kuo Wu last July. A Swiss court is due to rule on the dispute later this month.

Singapore Grand Prix: Mercedes face ‘difficult task’ stopping Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is three points behind leader Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes say they face a difficult task stopping Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel retaking the championship lead in Singapore on Sunday. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton moved ahead of the German for the first time this season with victory in Italy. The Briton leads Vettel by three points as they head to the slow and twisty Marina Bay track this weekend. Team boss Toto Wolff said: “It is a circuit that we have found difficult to master” He added: “We head to Asia with the expectation that we have a big challenge ahead of us.” Mercedes were beaten by Ferrari in Singapore in 2015, when they had their least competitive weekend of an otherwise dominant year, and were run closer there last season by Red Bull and Ferrari than at virtually any other track. The Ferrari has proved

much more competitive than the Mercedes on slow tracks in hot climates - they took one-twos in both Monaco and Hungary. “As we have pushed to become better and stronger in every area, we have put the finger in the wound in order to understand the root causes of both our good performances and the bad o n e s , ” Wo l f f s a i d . ”In 2015, Singapore provided us with one of the most painful experiences in recent seasons, so we rolled up the sleeves, learned from it and managed to bounce back with a great win last year. ”So far this year, we have seen the pendulum swing according to circuit type. “On the surface, Singapore is the kind of circuit that should favour both Ferrari and Red Bull. ”Both have shown strong performance on low-speed circuits demanding maximum downforce, and

we have found life more difficult at those places in 2017. ” S o m e t i m e s , characteristics like this are simply in the DNA of a car. Nevertheless we learned a lot from our struggles in Monaco, raised our level of performance significantly in Hungary and we have made good progress in understanding what we need to do in order to get the most from the chassis.” Hamilton said after his back-to-back wins in Belgium and Italy: “The learning from these two weeks should collectively put us in a better position for Singapore but I think still Ferrari are going to be quick there. They are rapid through the medium and low-speed sections of circuits. ”We will do all the diligence possible to arrive best prepared. We have learned a lot from the past. “Ferrari are often better in hot places but I think we will be able to give them a good race. The car is constantly improving and if we went b a c k t o H u n g a r y, f o r example, maybe we would be in a better position having already been there. ”I am going [to Singapore] with a positive approach expecting to fight for the win, but if we can’t we take it at face value and damage limitation.” (BBCsport)

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Tuesday September 12, 2017

Ballance backs Windies opener Brathwaite to fire London, CMC – Yorkshire Captain Gary Ballance expects West Indies opener Kraigg Brathwaite to excel during his brief stint with the club in the English County Championship. The out-of-favour England batsman witnessed Brathwaite’s ability close up two years ago when the Barbadian right-hander

carved out a century in the second Test of England’s tour of the Caribbean. And after the 24-yearold’s heroics at Headingley two weeks ago when he struck 134 and 95 as West Indies stunned England by five wickets on the final day of the second Test of the just concluded three-match tour, Ballance was left even more upbeat.

”Kraigg’s a good player, a gutsy player. I think that will be good for us, especially in conditions here. He will put a massive price on his wicket. The bowler will have to get him out,” Ballance said. ”It’s just been one of those years for us where a few lads have been out of form. We haven’t quite gelled, but we showed what

we can do against Middlesex. “When we bat well as a unit, we can put scores on the board. Hopefully that will give us confidence for the rest of the season.” He added: “I played against him (Brathwaite) in the West Indies and he got runs there as well as a few at Headingley the other week. He’s an international player who has done very well at

Petra/Corona Invitational Football

Police tame Tigers, GFC trounce Rangers to book date in Sunday’s final Following a bizarre clash where four of their players were sent packing from the match, the unstoppable reign of Western Tigers was locked up by the Police FC team which needled them to advance to the final of the Petra/Corona Invitational Football tournament set for this Sunday at the GFC ground. The other semi final that was contested on Sunday last at the same venue saw the home team GFC marching into their first final in more than a decade when they halted the fairy tale run of Northern Rangers with a 3-0 trouncing. What makes the respective wins for Police and GFC even sweeter was the fact that their opponents were previously unbeaten. The feature clash between favourites Western Tigers and Police was a very aggressive encounter which saw four players being sent off. Police, after losing to the Tigers 3-0 in round-robin action, learned from their mistakes and pulled off a gritty 1-0 victory against the tournament favourites. Dwain Jacobs scored for the Lawmen on the stroke of half but before his strike, a scuffle between his teammate Quincy Holder and Tigers’ Barrel Tyrell in the 31st minute resulted in both players being sent off. Referee Gladwyn Johnson had no choice but to eject both players after punches were exchanged. The Tigers chances of pulling off a come from behind win became gloomier when Linden Pickett received a straight red for a rash challenge in the 51st minute; they were now reduced to 9 players. Not known to give in

Kraigg Brathwaite

Test match level.” Brathwaite has emerged as one of the Windies leading batsmen in recent years, scoring six hundreds and averaging 36 in the opening slot. He also put his quality last year in the United Arab Emirates when he fashioned a brilliant unbeaten 142 and 60 not out, to propel West Indies by five wickets in the the third and final Test at Sharjah. Brathwaite will play the final two matches of the season, replacing Australian Shaun Marsh, and Ballance backed the player to make the most of the experience. ”It’s so hard to get that calibre of player for a long

period of time these days, so it would be nice to have someone like him around for longer,” said Ballance. “Hopefully he will go well like our other overseas players have. We’ve had some good experienced players, which has been helpful. It will be massive for him coming back to Headingley knowing he’s scored runs before. That always helps. ”From watching him bat and playing against him, I know he’s a quality player. I’m sure he will do a good job for us.” Brathwaite’s first match will be against Warwickshire – Yorkshire’s final home fixture – which bowls off September 19.

GCB/CGI 3-day franchise League

Shepherd, Looknauth bowl West Demerara to big win over East Bank Benjamin Opara (left) and Captain Shaquille Bowen – GFC easily, the boys from West employed a counterattacking style of play in their desperate bid to claw their way back but former A l p h a U n i t e d p l a y e r, Philbert Moffatt controlled the game well for Police in his holding midfield position. Moffatt provided great cover for his defence, while feeding the wide players constantly. As nerves continued to pinch, Police had a second player sent off in the 72nd minute; Leron Charles received marching orders with a another straight red following a late challenge with his studs up. Eventually, Jacobs’ solitary first half strike was enough to ensure Police’s ascension to the championship match on

Sunday. Earlier in the night, Georgetown Football Club predictably ended Northern Rangers fairytale run with a commanding 3-0 victory. Nigerian national, 20year-old forward Benjamin Opara netted a brace in the 14th and 55th minute while teammate Dwayne Robeiro scored the third goal in the 64th minute to formalise the result. In his Nigerian accent, the selfless and inform Opara praised his good performance on the sweat of his teammates: “I am not the only person that played, my teammates did help. I am because they are, and they are because I am, we are composed, we are focused and we are going to win this Corona Invitational Football tournament.”

Coach of GFC, former national player, Floyd Cadogan, stated the main reason for his team’s success was the fact that, “Collectively the players were able to play to instructions given and it worked out for us.” Western Tigers and Northern Rangers will now seek to end on a high when they clash in Sunday’s third place match from 19:00hrs which would be followed by the championship game between Police and GFC. The winning finalist will walk away with 1M while the loser will pocket $400,000. The third place winner will receive $200,000 and the loser, $100,000. (Calvin Chapman)

At Tuschen on the East Bank of Essequibo, East Bank, needing 323 to make West Demerara bat again resumed yesterday on 74-4 and were dismissed for 149-9 innings closed at 11:44 to give the lads from the West side victory by an innings and 182 runs after sharing the points with East Coast in the washed opening round. Vishaul Singh, who reached the boundary four times, took his overnight 21 to 36. Ershad Ali was the only other batsman to offer a fight with a cameo 32 (6x4) from 25 balls while Deonarine Seegobin who injured a thumb while fielding and was unable to bat. Tucber Park’s fast bowing all-rounder Romario Shepherd, who removed both openers cheaply on Sunday, followed up his pugnacious 28-ball 55 with 3-50 while off-spinner Richie Looknauth had 3-32 to add to his 5-46 in East Bank’s first innings. Akshaya Persaud took 2-12. Scores: East Bank (171 & 141-9), West Demerara (494-7 dec). East Bank resumed in bright sunshine yesterday and quickly lost overnight batsman Sherfane Rutherford who batted for 17 minutes and 11 balls before he was sent packing by Shepherd for a duck at 79-5 before Ali who dominated a 39run sixth wicket partnership with Singh, was caught off Looknauth at 120-6. And when Test left-hander Singh was removed by Persaud 15 runs later, the fat lady was clearing her throat to sing which she did when Darshan Persaud (6) fell to Persaud and Corwin Austin (5) was taken by Shepherd; Looknauth finishing off the contest with two sessions and 14 minutes to spare. The third round is scheduled to commence on Friday with East Bank and Essequibo facing-off at Everest, West Demerara playing West Berbice at Tuschen, East Coast oppose Georgetown at Lusignan and Lower Corentyne coming up against Upper Corentyne at Albion.

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Tuesday September 12, 2017


EBCA/Sterling Products T20

Providence, Herstelling A triumph

Terrence De Cunha

Michael Sultan

Providence and Herstelling A registered victories when the East Bank Demerara Cricket Association / Sterling

Products Ltd T20 tournament continued on Sunday at YMCA. Providence defeated North Soesdyke by 42 runs.

Shameer Fazal Providence batted first and posted 195-8. Terrence De Cunha struck eight fours and two sixes in a top score of 59

CWI confirms management team axing Guyanese Ariane Mangar is Physiotherapist

Vasbert Drakes … fired as West Indies head coach. St John’s, Antigua, CMC – Cricket West Indies has belatedly confirmed the sacking of the West Indies Women’s management team which oversaw the Caribbean side’s wretched campaign at the recent Women’s World Cup in England. In a release yesterday, CWI said it would be “setting up a new management support structure for the team” ahead of Sri Lanka Wom e n ’s t o u r o f t h e Caribbean starting October 4. Recent media reports said

head coach Vasbert Drakes, along with Ezra Moseley and S t u a r t Wi l l i a m s a n d operations manager Ann Browne-John had all been removed from their positions. Experienced Hendy Springer has been named as head coach and former West Indies head coach, Gus Logie, as his assistant, in an interim management team. ”The process will start with the search for a new head coach and an interim management team will be in place for the short term,” the release stated. It added:

“CWI wishes to thank the previous management team for their time and contribution.” Physiotherapist Oba Gulston has been replaced by Ariane Mangar while fitness coordinator Hector MartinezCharles has been replaced by Shayne Cooper. Gary Belle will take over from Trent Sargeant as data analyst. West Indies Women arrived at the June 24 to July 23 showpiece as one of the favourites but lost all their warm-up matches and then their first four in the preliminary round, to suffer an elimination. Their only two wins came against Sri Lanka and Pakistan – the two weakest teams in the tournament – as they finished sixth of the eight teams with five defeats, to end on four points. In one match – against South Africa – the Windies Women were dismissed for 48, the lowest total at a Women’s World Cup in 24 years. An 18-member squad will be selected shortly for a camp, set to run from September from which the side to face Sri Lanka will be chosen.

Rakish Segoram while Rakish Segoram made 35 not out, Gordon Ross made 25, Brentnol Ross 20 and Balram Hussain 19. Trevor Benn and Leroy Primo claimed two wickets each. North Soesdyke were restricted to 153 all out off 17 overs, Shameer Fazal slammed two fours and four sixes in scoring 42, Primo made 23, Rakesh Gangaram 21 and Benn 17.

David Alert Quincy Grimmond and Lester Davidson picked up two wickets each. Herstelling A got past Nandy Park by three wickets. Nandy Park took first strike and could only manage 160 all out in 20 overs. Michael Sultan clobbered five fours and two sixes his 45 while John Champagne got 21, Omeshwar Hurril 19 and

Eon Rodrigues Navin Dhanraj 17. Medium pacer David Alert bowled tidily to finish with 4-11 off four overs. Herstelling A coasted to 163-7 off 19 overs. Anthony Antonio top scored with 32 not out, Alert 27, Ricky Sergeant 22, Naresh Pooran 17 not out and Quazim Yusuf 12. Eon Rodrigues captured 3-18 and Darson La Rose 2-24.

Ragnauth shoots low to take STP Trophy

STP Investments Managing Director Sanjay Persaud (3rd right) hands over trophy to winner, Balgobin Ragnauth. Balgobin Ragnauth took top honors in the inaugural STP Investments Golf Tournament which was contested on Saturday last at Lusignan Golf Club, shooting a gross 90 off a 25 handicap for a net 65. With the rough recently mown it was a day for the high handicappers who had

little to fear from any errant shots. Greens were also receptive having been recently sanded. Second place went to Mark Lashley with a 91 (24) 67 and third to Deno Bissessar 96 (28) 68. Best Gross went to Avinash Persaud with a 77 while Nearest to the Pin

winner was Dinanauth Mohanlall. The event was well attended with 25 participants and STP’s Managing Director Sanjay Persaud said he was happy to have sponsored the event and is aiming to make it an annual event. 25 to October 4,

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Tuesday September 12, 2017

Guinness Cage / Three Peat Promotions Indoor Championship

Ravenous desire to succeed Sparta Boss could produce two riveting semi-finals Now that it has been established Sparta Boss is no longer the kings of the indoor format, the search for the new bosses in the sport begins tonight when the semi-finals of the inaugural Guinness Cage / Three Peat Promotions Championship kicks off at the National Gymnasium. In the opening encounter from 22:00hrs, giant killers Ol Skool Ballers will attempt to maintain that tag when they face the experience and might of Back Circle and this clash will be followed by the high l y t o u t e d f u t u r e kings in the format Future Stars taking on a r e s u rg e n t a n d h u n g r y Leopold Street. These two games are definitely blockbusters with a lot at stake, including the battle to make Saturday’s final as well as exhibiting to the fans who will take over the function of ‘Kings’ in wake of the struggling Sparta Boss, who held that title for a long time. What is certain is the fact that all the pundits are finding it difficult to pinpoint a clear successor because all four teams are loaded with players of exceptional ability in the format, while the

Guinness Cage action on Saturday night last. hunger factor from playing second fiddle to Sparta Boss for so long has become a ravenous desire among them. Despite Ol Skool Ballers tremendous success against big teams, many believe that the matchup against Back Circle may just be a bridge too far, especially with the maestro Andy Duke, one of the most experienced players in this format returning to the helm of the team. Then there are players the caliber of Jamal Adams,

Runnel Gordon, Selwyn Williams and Stephan McLean and they form a lethal quartet capable of exploding against any defence. The Albouystown based Ballers have been u n d o u b ted ly th e mo s t impressive team to date with wins over Sparta Boss, Albouystown-A, Broad Street and Albouystown-B to endorse that observation. They are a well balanced unit and while Captain Roy Cassou has played second fiddle to Joel McGarrell so far, his goal-scoring prowess

is well known. In the feature clash, a resurrected Leopold Street team has been the talk of the town, but they face an adversary that has demonstrated no respect for any opponent so this one could be a bruising affair with a winner difficult to pick. Championship leading goalscorer Okanie Fraser, who has so far fired in seven goals has led Leopold Street from the front, while the belated inclusion of the skilful Omallo Williams has provided an overdose of

potency. When you add Orandel Williams then you see what a difficult task it is for Future Stars to advance. On the other hand, they are known to concede goals and maybe this is an area where the Stars can take advantage of. Even though they have no player currently in contention for the Golden Boot Award their balance and unselfishness makes them dangerous. Captain Keiron Solomon will have support from Jermaine Beckles, Jamal Cozier Akeemo Anthony,

Lennox Cort, Jermaine Junior and Kevin Cummings. Four exhibition matches will kick-off the proceedings from 20:00hrs. The winners will receive $400,000 and the c h a m p i o n s h i p t r o p h y, while the runner-up, third and fourth placed finishers will collect $200,000, $100,000 and $50,000 respectively. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) will receive a gold chain, compliments of YK Investments and Pawn Shop and a trophy from Trophy Stall. Among the other sponsors on board are: Star Party Rentals, Faye Joseph, Claude Geddes Recreational Sports Club, National Sports Commission, Windjammer International Hotel & Cuisine, E-Networks, Woodpecker Trophies & Sport, Y.K Investments & Pawn Shop, Henry Chase, Jai Signs, Trophy Stall, the Bike Shop and John Fernandes Ltd. Meanwhile, the Organisers continue to extend thanks to the sponsors, fans and ranks of the Guyana Police Force for their support throughout the championship.

GFF/NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour Power U-17 League –West Demerara

Pouderoyen and Eagles remain unbeaten at the top

Pouderoyen and Eagles FC of Stewartville continue to battle neck and neck as the intensity in the G F F / N A M I L C O Thunderbolt Flour Power National Under-17 Intra Association League continues with the two clubs the only two unbeaten so far being separated on goal difference at the top. In the latest round of matches on Sunday last at the Den Amstel Community Center ground, West Coast Demerara, Pouderoyen was dismissive of Jetty Gunners whom the hammered 6-0

while Den Amstel got the better of Wales United 5-3 in the two matches played. Eagles and Crane rovers took full points via the walk over route from Golden Warriors and Uitvlugt Warriors which failed to show up at the Den Amstel ground. Pouderoyen’s huge win was centered around Keanu Lawrence’ five for with the other goal coming off the boot of Mark Baker in the 47th minute, Jetty Gunners never not being able to contain the firepower of the lads from Pouderoyen. Lawrence banged in goals in the 15th, 24th, 28th, 30th and 58th minute. Den Amstel went 2-0 up against Wales on account of goals from Malcolm Miggins in the 5th minute and Keswin Fraser in the 16th, the two (Continued on page 25)

Keanu Lawrence (right) and Mark Baker n- Pouderoyen FC

Malcolm Miggins (right) and Keswin Fraser - Den Amstel

Tuesday September 12, 2017

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GSCL Inc. inaugural Prime Minister’s T20 Softball Cup bowls off on Oct. 27

Prime Minister and First Vice President Moses Nagamootoo (5th left), Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan, (4th right) with executive members of the Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc. and representatives of the sponsors at the launching. The inaugural Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc. (GSCLI) Prime Minister’s T20 Cup was officially launched on Sunday at the Everest Cricket Club. The tournament has gained the backing of Prime Minister and First Vice President Moses Nagamootoo who along with Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan attended the ceremony. The tournament which is being held in collaboration with the National Sports Commission and the Ministry of Education, Department of Culture, Youth and Sport is set to commence on October 27 and conclude two days later in Georgetown. Cricket fans will witness a new dispensation of softball cricket with a number of teams both locally and overseas expected to battle for supremacy in the Open and Masters categories. GSCL Inc.

announced that the tournament will bear resemblance to that of professional T20 leagues with cheer leaders providing added entertainment for the final. Speaking at the launching ceremony, Prime Minister Nagamootoo told the gathering that he is delighted and felt honoured to be associated with the tournament, since softball is one of the sports that in growing rapidly. The Prime Minister noted that the tournament should be projected to build that emotion of playing together and competing on the basis of talent and pledged his ministry’s support of $300,000. Nagamootoo stated that while much can be done in the area of sports locally; there had been too many commotions in the past, which led to talented people shifting their attention. He urged all participants

Gafoors, Ally shine as Aurora Knightriders book final berth Led by an entertaining half century from right handed opener Timur Gafoor and a clinical bowling display from offspinner Reshad Ally, Aurora Knightriders defeated Affiance Stars in the second semi-final of the South Essequibo Cricket Committee T20 tournament which was contested last Sunday at the Affiance Cricket ground. Affiance decided to bat on a decent track and posted 167 all out in 19.5 overs. D. Narine top scored with 47 while O. Yougeshwar made 31 and D. Sookhu 22 being. Bowling for the Knightriders, Ally grabbed 3-20, D. Dindyal 2-30 and A. Manniram 2-34. Gafoor then led his team to victory with an array of exciting shots in his top score of 61while Garfield Phillips supported with 28 and Quasie Reedon 16 not out. Bowling for Affiance, Arvin Persaud claimed 3-28 while there was a wicket apiece for L. Narine and Omesh Singh. Meanwhile, G.T Warriors got the better of New Opportunity Corp (NOC) in the first semi-final played earlier at the same venue. The final will be played on a date and venue to be announced later.

to use the tournament to promote their country. President of the Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc. Ian John explained that the initiative to run-off a tournament of this magnitude was long overdue. He stated that since the conclusion of the GT&T 10/10 tournament, the GSCL Inc felt that it is in the best interest of the sport to stage such a tournament. Toronto Cup Masters Softball cricket tournament 2017 winners SVC Mafia and New York Hustlers, along with New York President’s X1 and Try State Masters are among the overseas teams that have confirmed their participation. Teams registering for the Over-45 category must submit photo identification, preferably valid passports for every member of their 15-man squad. The winning open team will take home a trophy and $600,000 and the runner up a

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo (center) and Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan (right) accepts their jerseys and caps from GSCL Inc. President Ian John. trophy and $500,000. No entrance fee is required and the GSCL Inc is urging the teams to be well uniformed since the tournament will be played with white balls.

Registration forms can be uplifted from Regal Stationery and Computer Centre, 13, Seaforth Street, Campbellville, Georgetown. Also present at the c e r e m o n y w e r e

representatives of three major sponsors of Banks DIH Limited, Hero Moto Corp Ltd (Guyana Representative), and Regal Stationery and Computer Centre.

Rasheed bowls Everest CC to huge win over GYO Left arm spinner Javed Rasheed finished with match figures of 1165 to guide Everest to a huge 342 run mauling of G a n d h i Yo u t h Organisation in the latest round of the Georgetown Cricket Association Noble House Sea Foods second-division twoday tournament on Sunday. Everest posted 329-9 declared batting first at GYO. Dwayne Adams struck 78 while Kevin Paul got 64 and Travis

Mohamed 54. Wazim Ally grabbed 6-112 while Richard Hoyte claimed 3-73. The home was bowled out for 77 in reply, R. Melville made 43; Paul snared 417 and Rasheed 3-35. Batting a second time, Everest was bowled out for 154. Gavin Sookdeo made 25 and Khemraj Ramdeen 24 while Rishi Hiralall and Adams made 19 each. Set 407 for victory GYO were sent packing for 64, Rasheed doing the damage snatching 8-30.

Javed Rasheed and Kevin Paul

t r o Sp Petra/Corona Invitational Football

Police tame Tigers, GFC trounce Rangers to book date in Sunday’s final

GFC’s Curtis Kellman on the ball in their semifinal clash against Northern Rangers on Sunday night.

Police’s Philbert Moffat in control against Western Tigers whom they needled.

CWI confirms Shepherd, Looknauth bowl West management Demerara to big win over East Bank team axing GCB/CGI 3-day franchise League

Guyanese Ariane Mangar is Physiotherapist

Richie Looknauth

Romario Shepherd

Ariane Mangar with Sir Vivian Richards.

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