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Defence files challenge in Berbice murder PI...

Judge orders Magistrate to make statements available to Defence Lawyer A landmark decision has been made in a preliminary inquiry into a murder at the Reliance Magistrate’s Court. Attorney at Law Mursaline Bacchus successfully petitioned the High Court for an order nisi to compel Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo and the prosecution to make certain statements available to the Defence in the Ramdhani Persaud murder trial. The lawyer moved to the High Court after requesting the statements of the Prosecution star witness Ravindra Persaud in the preliminary inquiry in the Murder Trial of US citizen Ramdhani Persaud called ‘Prakash’ or ‘Prak’, 47, of 1071 New Area Canefield, East

Canje. Persaud is accused of killing his wife Bibi Shameena Deen on March 20, last at their Canefield home. Persaud is alleged to have shot the woman during a dispute at around 23:00hrs. It is the first time such an order nisi has been granted in the country compelling the prosecution to make statements of a witness available to the defence for inspection and cross examination on the basis that the witness had refreshed his memory from those statements. The lawyer moved to the High Court on the 24th of October before Chief Justice Ian Chang, after his request to have the statements of star

witness Ravindra Persaud made available t o t h e defence. That was after the witness had admitted under oath during his evidence in chief on September 19, that before he entered the witness box to commence his evidence he refreshed his memory from his statements. D e f e n c e c o unsel had then made an application that since the witness had the opportunity to refresh his memory from the statements, the said statements or a copy should be made available to him, so that he can cross examine the witness. This was denied by the Magistrate on a ruling made on October 15. The lawyer then moved to the High to challenge the Magistrate’s ruling. Chief Justice Ian Chang who granted the order nisi also ordered that the Magistrate cease hearing on the matter until the determination of the application unless sufficient cause can be shown. The matter has been adjourned to November 5, before Chief Justice Ian Chang.

Sunday October 28, 2012

Police to charge pig farmer’s killer Police say they intend to institute murder charges against one of the two suspects now in custody for the murder of Herman Ramnarine, a pensioner, of Lima, Essequibo Coast. A senior commander explained that the suspect was on Thursday afternoon identified by Ramnarine’s wife, Haimwantie Ramnarine, during an identification parade. Both men currently in custody and who are reportedly from Lima are said to be unemployed. None of the items which were stolen, including jewellery, phone cards and

$250,000 in cash, has been recovered. Police on Wednesday night arrested the two suspects, hours after Herman Ramnarine was strangled in front of his yard. According to initial reports, Ramnarine, 66, on Wednesday night last, was strangled shortly before midnight. Ramnarine’s wife, 61-year-old,Haimwantie Ramnarine, was beaten. Ramnarine, a pensioner, who also reared pigs, was struck thrice in the right side of his head before he was discovered by his wife with his two hands bound behind

his back and a piece of cloth tied around his neck and mouth. After murdering Ramnarine, the bandits went into the couple’s two-flat house in search of Haimwantie. The traumatized woman had reported that she was asleep in the upper flat when the bandits awoke her and demanded jewellery and cash. “We done kill your husband, we come for the jewellery and money.” A post mortem examination performed on Ramnarine’s remains on Thursday by Dr. Nehaul Singh concluded that he died from strangulation.

A 56-year-old businessman was undergoing surgery around 17:00hours yesterday, to remove a bullet that shattered bones in his left leg after he was shot during a mid afternoon robbery. The man, Albert Ramkarran of 60 Somerset Court, East Bank Demerara was reportedly attacked by two armed bandits as he closed up his hardware store. Reports are that Ramkarran was robbed of his jewelry valued close to $400,000. The man was also

relieved of his handgun and an undisclosed sum of money. According to Salina Boodram, daughter of the victim, she received a call a short time after three and was informed of the incident involving her father. The woman said that she understands that around 14:00hours yesterday afternoon, her father was closing up his business place; A and C Ramkarran, located at 41 Harold Street, Werk-enRust. He had just bent over to lock the gate to the establishment when two men

came up and shot her father in the leg. She said he was relieved of a gold chain, gold band, his firearm and some cash. The bandits then ran away while her father was assisted by persons who took him for medical attention. When Kaieteur News visited the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, Ramkarran was at the time undergoing surgery. This publication understands that the man is in stable condition. Doctors are working to remove the bullet from the man’s leg.

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