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Friday July 15, 2017

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EDITORIAL UNHEALTHY EATING HABITS Today, too many of us are in the habit of eating for taste only. We do not take seriously our medical condition or longevity. On a regular basis, many of us consume unhealthy foods and sweetened beverages. Few of us eat fruits, vegetables or whole grain foods on a regular basis. Public health officials have constantly warned us that unhealthy eating habits, especially by children, could have serious long-term consequences on our lives. It is very alarming and perhaps disturbing to learn that a large number of children in the country, some as young as two years old are obese. Many who are older suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and several other Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDS). Health professionals continue to grapple with the epidemic of NCDs in the country. It is rather unfortunate that some parents do not see anything wrong with their children being obese because in society, large babies are considered cute and healthy while smaller babies are seen as being unhealthy or starved. It is the responsibility of parents to introduce their children to healthy eating from birth. They should pay strict attention to the foods their children eat daily because most children get most of their calories from sugary drinks and processed foods. Whereas, fruits, vegetables and other nutritious delicacies such as fish and eggs, are considered more nourishing for children. Dr. Mark Hyman, founder and medical director of the Ultra-Wellness Center in Massachusetts, has stated that “Food is not just about calories, it is information. It talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. The most powerful tool to change your health, environment and the entire world is your fork.” This quotation encapsulates the message that parents should not only monitor what their children eat on a daily basis, but also encourage them to eat healthy. However, in Guyana, people have their own misconceptions about healthy eating. For example, there are those who believe that diabetes is caused by sugar only and therefore they think that they can consume as much carbohydrates as possible. This is based on their belief that their grandparents were healthy because they ate ground provisions which are loaded with starch. The public needs to be educated on how starch breaks down into sugar and therefore consuming a large quantity would result in an increase in blood sugar levels. Obesity is of great concern to health officials in the country. It is estimated that obesity rates among the citizens have climbed substantially between 2002 and 2016. Data obtained from the Ministry of Health shows that 27 percent of boys, age seven to 15 years and 33 percent of girls in the same age group are overweight. This is about two in three youths. Three out of every five deaths in the country are attributed to NCDs such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes, all of which are related to obesity. Obesity has become a huge problem and the authorities must take drastic measures to reduce or eradicate these lifestyle diseases which continue to negatively impact the country’s health resources and the economy in terms of downtime in productivity. Increased physical activity and a proper diet could play a significant role in reducing obesity and hence NCDs in the country. However, education is needed to make people aware of the dangers of obesity and other NCDs. They should also incorporate daily exercise into their lifestyle.

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

Georgetown is on the move, but moving backwards Dear Editor, E a c h T h u r s d ay evening, television viewers in Guyana are subjected to a most insipid programme aired locally on one of the channels called ‘Georgetown on the Move’ a production that is apparently supposed to highlight the ‘good’ works of the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown. This programme beginning with its sardonic name could have been considered a weekly satirical production had it not been for the very serious and sore issues it is so woefully attempting to address. A better name for this production is ‘Georgetown on the verge of collapse’ “Georgetown on the move.” Is it on the move? Where is Georgetown on the move to? More decay, more corruption, more neglect and

more frustration for the citizens? On the move with increased general rates, the pending return of the burdensome parking meters, the container tax etc? A look at the cemetery and the only movement one can see is increasing bushes and overgrowth, blocked passageways and cracked tombs. At the Municipal Abattoir, the cows are clubbed to death by some inhuman slaughterers. Just look at the pavement outside of the Georgetown Public Hospital where the water has not moved from the pavement making it unusable by pedestrians for months now and worse making it a breeding ground for mosquitoes that help to transmit malaria, filarial, dengue, Zika etc. Really, the only movement for Georgetown is the Mayor and Town Clerk

flying around the world in luxury and when in the city driving around aimlessly in some expensive sports utility vehicles with a retinue of bodyguards like they are heads of state or celebrities. In fact, the movement to which they speak must be the must be of the money that they demand from the poor property owners that they lavishly spend on contracts without adherence to tender procedures, on themselves with super salaries and allowances that are given to a bloated staff structure, on toilet rentals that continue to be provided to the residences of the Mayor and Town Clerk in spite of the public outcry and street sweeping of potholed roads, on retreats at luxury resorts etc. But in dealing with the programme itself, one would

have expected the Council to have at least engaged the services of a professional broadcaster to function as the host of the programme. Someone who has a good knowledge base. An understanding of issues, n a m e s , G e o r g e t o w n ’s geography, history and the ability to put all of these in perspective for viewers. Command of the English language, dead-on grammar, syntax, pronunciation, tone and storytelling. Interviewing finesse, an instinct for what people need and want to know, and the ability to draw information by skillful, informed questioning and by listening. The current host is severely lacking in all of these areas. Georgetown is currently on the move to becoming one big garbage pile. Modi Sankar

Protected Areas Commission seems to be backpedalling Dear Editor, Please grant us a space in your newspaper to share our concern. The Chenapou Village Council takes note of the press release by the Protected Areas Commission (PAC) which was carried in the media 28th of June with the caption “GPS confirms that dredges were operating in the Kaieteur National Park.” This release seems to suggest that the PAC is backpedalling on a decision made at a meeting between the PAC and

the community to do a joint “groundtruthing” exercise involving several agencies. It seems that the PAC has already decided what the findings are and that no joint “ground-truthing” exercise will find otherwise. The village still awaits this exercise. His Excellency, the President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana at a recent meeting with the National Toshaos Council and other indigenous peoples’ NGOs committed to setting up an independent and impartial

investigation team to ascertain the facts of the recent operation. The villagers and village council eagerly await the setting up of this team and hope that it will be done as soon as possible. The Village Council will also refrain from commenting on the issue publicly and will present evidence to any independent investigative team.We look forward to the finding that will come out any investigation into this most sensitive issue. The Chenapou Village Council

GuySuCo’s Human Resource Director’s reply is worthless D ear Editor, I refer to M r. E.B. John’s response in KN edition of July 11th, 2017 to my letter and wish to state categorically that I have zero interest in attacking any person(s) and maximum interest in addressing issues and debunking nonsense. Editor, Mr. John’s response is considered worthless as it did not address a single direct question that was posed to him. From his admission, the “elephant” title arose out technical & financial reports accessible to him. However, he cleverly conceals some important facts - which is typical of a propagandist. Editor, since Mr. John opted to masquerade on this issue, I will present some details to my fellow citizens who can formulate their own

conclusions: The overs eas experts being referred to, is the Diesel Power Company which conducted an audit of Skeldon. A pertinent question is why have Diesel Power Experts audit a Sugar Factory? Why not use sugar experts? I n t e r e s t i n g l y, t h e Honorable Prime Minister’s son-in-law brought a team of sugar experts who reportedly concluded that Skeldon can become profitable in 18 months. Mr. John, have you forgotten that report? T h e l o c a l e x p e rts mentioned must be the three (3) Sugar CoI members who Mr. John employed to function in GuySuCo’s Executive structure. If we go by GuySuCo’s recent performances in efficiencies, sugar recovery,

project implementation, etc. as measurement of their expertise, then it is safe to conclude that these “local experts” need expert guidance urgently. The responsible person to account for the misdeed of a plant that was not commissioned is no other than the present CEO of GuySuCo. His previous employer was the Project Manager who delivered an uncommissioned plant at Skeldon. He even compounded that misdeed by accepting an uncommissioned plant at that moment in history when he was also the CEO. Mr. John, you need to have a conversation with your master Mr. Hanoman about this misdeed. I n c l o s i n g , I will

restate my questions to Mr. John: (1) As GuySuCo’s Human Resource Director, have you visited GuySuCo’s business frontline recently to experience the conditions under which workers function? Have you crossed a canal and visited workers in-field since 2015 to experience what they experience? Have you ever walked the various floors of Skeldon Sugar Factory to have a feel for the factory? Mr. John, you must know at this late stage of your working life that the frontline dictates the bottomline. Strikes do not fall from the sky, they are caused. Unfortunately, GuySuCo focuses on effects of strikes rather than examining the causative factors. No wonder it continues unabated. S ookr am Per s au d

Saturday July 15, 2017

NEED FOR A LAW THAT COMES HEAVY WITH DETERRENCE DEAR EDITOR, My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the bereaved family of Tedroy James, aged 35, a hardworking citizen whose life was snuffed out by a coldblooded bandit. James rose each day with one thing in mind: to go to work plying his taxi-trade, doing a hard day’s work to make a decent living and to take care of his family. Too many lives of hard working, decent citizens of Guyana have been snuffed out by bandits. And, to think about it seriously, there was really no need to kill. In too many cases the victims do not fight back, they literally surrender their cash and anything of value. In James’ case he did not resist, he only tried to drive away. Drawing a gun is enough to get the victim to comply with the bandit’s demands.

Fear of bandits stalks this land. Too many bandits, too many guns. This is a national problem; this is a government problem. Do not treat this category of homicides as a regular run-of-the-mill crime and leave it for the old laws on the books to take care of it. Society is getting fed-up with the inability of the govt. to take bold steps to deter rising banditry. Today I call on the Parliament to be a little creative in their law-making function and to legislate a new law that carries a heavy dose of deterrence. This law shall also force the bandit to rethink his game plan and hopefully help him regain a little bit of his lost conscience. I propose a new law that includes the following elements: (1) To all bandits, if you must rob hardworking citi-

zens, take your loot and make good your escape, but do not maim or kill your victims. (2) If you maim or kill and are caught, there will be a military-style trial and if found guilty you will face the firing squad at dawn the following day. Justice will be swift – trial and execution within 48hours. (3) This law shall expire at the end of 12-months; and will be extended only if the parliament sees the need to do so. It is reasonable for society to expect that within 12months a majority of bandits will adopt a sort of honor code: Do not kill your victims. If the majority of bandits would adopt this honor code, the law may be allowed to expire and society will still reap the benefits the law had intended in the first place. Mike Persaud

Among those prisoners, I bet none was from the wealthier class DEAR EDITOR, The recent destruction of the Camp Street Prison, presumably by riotous inmates makes it imperative that Guyana’s political directorate, in collaboration with the civilian authorities, move, as a matter of urgency, to re-examine the existing approach to crime and punishment. Most important, is the need for an urgent examination of the root causes of crime prior to identifying solutions, to address them. Our collective conditioning on these matters, which finds us putting the cart before the horse, has made us ill equipped to effectively deal with the crime situation in the country. Too often, the authorities – political and civil – have demonstrated an absence of awareness of how these matters evolve and what is required to deal with the challenges they pose consistent with progressive thinking on these social/economic related problems. In Guyana, we are predisposed to treat our imprisoned population as pariahs/social outcasts. On the other hand we celebrate and glorify our “achievers”. Even when those so called achievements are made possible from the proceeds of crime and corruption we unhesitatingly take ownership of these persons, while at the same time we refuse to accept that law breakers, whoever they are, are products of our society and can be found in every strata of the society. This phenomenon is reflected in Guyana’s prison population, since the big time


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gangsters with their inexhaustible supply of money and who enjoy police and other forms of protection, are often not prosecuted and don’t find themselves in jail. It is the crimes done by the poor and powerless that result in jail time and dominates the headlines of the news media. This is the reality in Guyana today. It is this reluctance to appreciate and address this grave contradiction in the society that makes it easy for policy makers not to deliver lasting solutions to this important social problem. Our policy makers advocate measures and allocate resources that are not in keeping with what is required for dealing with the problem. To correct this situation we need, as I have alluded to above, a paradigm shift, both in our thinking and practice. While reforms of the prison system and sensible judicial sentencing policy are necessary, more important is for us as a nation to take collective responsibility for what takes place in our society, be it good or bad. If we do so, we are likely to find consensus for a social contract that forces policy makers to be more sensitive to the needs of the “ordinary” citizens and the under privileged in the society. The unemployment and under employment situation in the country is unacceptable. Those most affected are located in the country’s youth population. Our youth today are in a large way, products of the global digital reality in an ever smaller world, with its temptations of glitter. We have to recognize also that in

a situation of very high cost of living, the wages and salaries paid to the majority of the work force, while somewhat improved from what they were a few years ago, are still grossly inadequate. Our education system since the colonial days has underperformed relative to the need for it to produce citizens with the necessary transformative skills to effectively exploit our vast natural resources. These are not recent challenges. They represent our collective failure for the last 50 or more years. Given the amount of wealth being stolen annually by gold smugglers and other citizens engaged in acts of corruption, bad decisions in implementing economic programs and the use of tremendous resources to prop up ailing industries, the argument of resource limitation begs the question. The nation needs to commit to a welfare society where human resource is our highest priority. I am convinced that until we are able to find employment for our youths coming out of schools and other educational institutions we are unlikely to liberate them from crime and social degradation. These are some of the challenges posed by the recent riot in the Camp Street Prison. In light of the potential wealth of the country there is no convincing reason why a student should end school without some advance knowledge of where he or she will be employed. It is time we put an end to this travesty against our youths. I (Continued on page 6)

Bartica Post Office must upgrade facilities for customers DEAR EDITOR, Bartica is one of the latest Municipalities in Guyana. The beach at the band stand and other areas, the black water that once you get in you don’t want to get out, the beautiful houses, the supermarkets, the well maintained roads and pavements and the drainage system. The entire community is so clean you can even smell the cleanness. The municipality market is also well laid out and sanitary. You can say that the Regional Democratic Council and the Town Council is doing a reasonable good job. I am not from Bartica, just like the thousands of other persons who pass there, en route to other areas, mining, logging and the quarrying industry or spending a holiday or visiting other tourist resorts, like Tiperu Falls, White Water and Baganara among others. The police station, the RDC building, the Guyana Revenue Office, the National

Insurance Building, the Hospital, the Commercial Banks, the Guyana Gold Board Office, all are within walking distance from each other, not forgetting the many hotels. However, my main focus and concern is the Post Office. The office is housed and cramped in a building, like so many other business and offices including the Guyana Gold Board. Persons using the services of the Post Office are made to wait for hours, standing in long lines particularly at the end of the month when public servants are being paid. This is at a time when our senior citizens would present themselves to receive their Old Age and National Insurance Pensions also Public Assistance, that many of them heavily depend on. I see no reason why the Guyana Post Office Corporation and the Ministry of Social Services collectively cannot provide seating accom-

modation for not only our pensioners but for all other persons that use the very, very important services that the Bartica Post Office provides. There was a time when Barticans and all other persons used to utilize the services of other money transfer agencies, namely Western Union and MoneyGram, unfortunately these services are no longer available, as a result, the services of the Post Office have become more relevant and demanding. Yes, it is time for a new building to be constructed to house the Post Office, so it can be adequately staffed and persons can be seated while waiting. It will be unfair of me not to say that the staff at the Post Office are courteous and capable and very efficient, the problem is space and clerks to deal with the large number of persons using the service. Archie W. Cordis Region 2

GuySuco must be commended for this apprentice programme DEAR EDITOR, I had the privilege of attending the 56th Apprentice Graduation exercise of the Guysuco Training Centre. Port Mourant, on 12 July 2017. The programme, which commenced promptly, was well organised and delivered. Over sixty apprentices graduated in various fields of trade after completing four years of study, both theoretical and practical. On the programme, of particular interest and well received were the cultural presentations by apprentices.

The young men must be applauded and commended for their fine displays in both song and dance. However, there were two noteworthy disappointments. There was only one female who graduated among the several males. It was posited that while it is regrettable it also tells a tale of a lack of interest among the female gender in pursuing trade based skills. The Regional Chairman was slated to address the gathering - je was a no show. While I am sure an explanation was offered,

surely an important function as this, the RC could have had someone attend and deliver remarks on his behalf. Following the ceremony I viewed an exhibition by the apprentices (now graduates) of pieces of equipment and tools made during the course of their studies.I must say the level of skilled reproduction by the students was truly amazing. Guysuco must be commended for continuing with its apprentice programne in spite of all the adversaries. Shamshun Mohamed

I agree with the concept that we should make education fun DEAR EDITOR, I have read the piece about the advocated/proposed shakeup of Caribbean education system. I agree with the thinking that “we should make education fun”. That is how we were trained in my primary school (1930s1940s) days by our teachers encouraging us to ask questions and having those questions answered. Later on in the playground, we tested one another to see how many children knew the answers. When we ran out of games to play, we formed teams and

tested each on the correct answers. Today, at age 86 plus, this technique has served me well in the UK in one of the most popular TV game shows. When one leader could not think of how to spot a leap year instantly, I wrote to the programme what I learnt in “First Standard”, i.e. any year

that could be divided exactly by 4. Later on, when one leader lingered to figure (Continued on page 23)


Saturday July 15, 2017

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Present location of Presidential Complex has become useless DEAR EDITOR, In recent times, there surfaced what appeared to be a plot to assassinate the President of Guyana. According to some sources, the release of this information was a clever ploy by the government, to justify the expenditures of the ongoing upgrade of the Ministry of the Presidency. Other sources expressed the view, that the communication of an impending threat is the work of individuals seeking to test the security readiness level of the Presidential Guard Service, to protect the head of state in the event of a more formidable threat. Except that of President LFS Burnham, previous governments have not been very scientific in their approach to the personal protection function of state officials, so they were unable to effectively communicate security threats to the populace, in a scientifically cogent manner. I have specifically singled out the government of Forbes Burnham, as the most security conscious of all past governments, because the security preparedness of that era is not to be (compared or confused) with any other; since Guyana at that time, was the only developing country whose presidential security detail, was on a par with what obtained in the developed world. Those old enough to know, will remember that Guyana hosted both the NonAligned Foreign Ministers Conference and the Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) in August 1972, without incident.

When one reviews the assassinations of President Indira Gandhi of India, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of Israel, Prime Minister Olof Palme of Sweden and the 1990, coup attempt in Trinidad and Tobago; one is tempted to believe that it was hardly likely that Forbes Burnham could have so easily fallen victim to any of those fatal episodes. The cases cited above, were the end result of fundamentally flawed analyses which resulted in intelligence failures. Protective security of any kind begins with intelligence gathering, which is subject to intelligence analysis – both are part of the critical function of intelligence management, skills for which the Special Branch under Burnham became renowned. The government of Guyana need not agonize to justify the current security upgrade of the Ministry of the Presidency, for a number of reasons, but primacy will suffice. Guyana is soon to become an oil producing nation with threats to its Sovereignty by a bellicose neighbour. The oil and gas industry is a major component of national critical infrastructure; and as such represents an attractive target for terrorist and organized crime, which have in the past carried out successful attacks on every segment of the oil and gas fuel cycle, among others. It therefore begs the question: if the president is unsafe, how could he provide effective leadership to the nation? I spent the greater part of my childhood in the vicinity of what is now the Ministry of the Presidency, having grown up four

doors west of that installation on Charlotte Street. Four colonial type houses were demolished to pave way for the construction of the existing edifice, so it is not a lot of space. We literally ran the length and breadth of that place as children. The presidential Complex was a good location in so far that the Head of State was domiciled opposite as was the case with president LFS Burnham. Even then, the tiny space presented a number of security challenges and threats, as there were many incidents in the immediate vicinity since the 1970’s. The southwestern and the south eastern sections of the installation has been the most problematic, given its close proximity to south Georgetown, as postulated by the Routine Activity Theory. The current location of the Ministry of the Presidency has long outlived its usefulness. Given its structural limitations, the installation does not allow for the manipulation of defensible space (DS) or the implementation of crime prevention through environmental design

(CPTED), as is the case with the Police Headquarters, the Army Headquarters, Parliament Building or the Castillani House. Which allow for the proper management of an outer, middle and inner perimeter, consistent with security systems designed along Mycenaean principle, that offers maximum protection against for e.g. a powerful bomb being detonated on either Vlissengen Road or Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, and having the desired maximum effect. Since the Mycenaean approach, which is among the cheapest systems to institute cannot be properly applied there; the next best approach is the technological and enhanced human factor approach, which comes at a relatively high cost. In all honesty though, the site has never afforded the president the requisite level of protection and it never will. So superior was the security thinking of the Burnham era that when the National Guard Service (NGS) was launched in 1982, it was the only security outfit in the world

that practiced industry specific security induction (ISSI) that is to say: it was policy that all personnel be trained for a period of one week before they went on site. Mandatory training for all persons working in the private security sector as (now) practiced internationally is based on this principle. If individuals wanted to carry arms they were required to train for an additional 2 weeks and then go on probation, if they wanted to be dog handlers, they were trained for an additional sixteen weeks. A process of benchmarking and international comparability would have indicated that all except the Germans were using the sixteen weeks time frame, and they should know better, for they were the best dog trainers at that time. In just three years, the NGS canine division became the largest in the developing world; with over sixty adult dogs and puppies, which had replaced police dogs in several theatres of operation. Women were recruited through a women’s organization

to guarantee fair treatment. This practice is to be found only in Sweden which has the second largest female security officer population in the world, after Guyana. However Sweden started that practice in 2002, by which time their female security offices constituted approximately 22% of the workforce. I think the government’s success in the security sector at that time was also influenced by a policy document on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) which was drafted in the seventies. When I examined the holistic approach to vocational education and development, I found that the strategies outlined, are those being practiced by developed countries today, having been introduced about thirty years ago. When I spoke to Mr. Andy Moore who happens to be one of Guyana’s foremost experts on vocational education, he was able to tell me the exact name of the document and when it was published. Clairmont Featherstone

Traffic cop shakedown at Grove, East Bank Demerara DEAR EDITOR, At about 10:15pm on the night of Wednesday 12th July 2017 I was proceeding northwards on the Craig Public road in my car. Also in my car was my wife and two daughters, aged 8 and 5. In front of me was a Police car and behind the Police car was another vehicle. Both vehicles were travelling slowly. According to my odometer in my car, the vehicles were being driven at about 38 kmh. I looked beyond the two vehicles and into my rear view mirror and was satisfied that the way was clear. I overtook the two vehicles. Almost immediately, the police vehicle put on its siren and I pulled into the corner. A policeman, who refused to give me his name although I requested it

several times, and whose name tag I could not see because he wore a luminous over-jacket, told me that I over took at a double line. I told him that there was no double line on the road. He said I should still know of the double line. I told him further that I do not traverse the East Bank Road often and I would not know where double lines were supposed to be. The policeman told me to drive to the Grove Police Station. I told him that I wanted to take out pictures of the road and he said “Go ahead”. I then took my wife’s cell phone and took out pictures of where the alleged double lines I overtook at were supposed to be. What was evident was that the road was recently re-surfaced and there was absolutely no

Among those prisoners... From page 5 am keenly aware that when it comes to crime like most things there is no one reason or solution for everything. My emphasis here however, is to reduce the flow of would be offenders who are products of our unrealistic economic and social arrangements in the society.

I end by saying, that, try as they might, the authorities will be unable to disprove my contention that nowhere among the 1000 plus prisoners who were housed in the burnt Camp Street jail, can be found one who was from one of the rich and powerful families in Guyana. Tacuma Ogunseye

line, single nor double. The driver of the police car then called me over and told me that they would not bother with the overtaking matter but would charge me for dangerous driving. I asked him to explain to me how I drove dangerously. He did not explain. I asked him for his name. He refused to give it to me. He instructed me to drive to the Grove Police Station. It dawned upon me that this was the typical “shakedown” which I have heard so much about. There was a third policeman in the police vehicle and he told me that they were going to put me on $10,000 bail. By this time my daughters began crying and wanted to get home. I contacted by phone an individual who I know was connected somehow to the Ministry of Social Protection. He spoke to the police driver who refused to give his name to my “contact”. I then started to drive to the Grove Police Station, as instructed. The police vehicle drove behind me. Not knowing where the police station was, I drove past. The police vehicle “sirened” me again and the first

policeman came and told me that I had driven past the police station. I told him I had no idea where the station was because I was not from the area. The Constable then asked for m y d r i v e r ’s l i c e n s e , appeared to make a note in some small book and told me I would be summoned to court for dangerous driving. He returned my driver’s License. I reached home at 11.30 pm according to the clock and my family were and are still traumatised, particularly my two daughters. Viewed through the actions of these three policemen from the Grove Police Station, I think the motto of the Guyana Police Force may well be “Sting and Piratise” instead of “Serve and Protect”. I asked that my name be withheld because of fear of police harassment. I have coped this letter to the following persons; His Excellency the President, Traffic Chief, Director of Public Prosecutions, Chancellor of the Judiciary, the Print Media, Mr Freddie Kissoon, CIOG, Guyana Islamic Trust and Diplomatic Missions Frustrated Guyanese

Saturday July 15, 2017


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UG students can now pay tuition using GTT Mobile Money Current and continuing students of the University of Guyana who wish to pay their tuition fees can now do so using the Mobile Money Guyana Service (MMG). This was made possibl e b y a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed, y e s t e r d a y, b e t w e e n t h e University and the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT). Signing on behalf of GTT was the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Justin Nedd, while Vice Chancellor, Ivelaw Griffith, represented the University. Both gentlemen expressed that the initiative is to provide an easy and enhanced process for students to make their payments. This new option will therefore offer students a less timeconsuming method to pay their fees instead of having to join long lines at the bank. Further, it was explained that in addition to paying tuition fees, students can also pay

their dormitory, graduation, registration, general due, summer registration and transcript fees. The MMG service can be accessed through the MMG Mobile App which is available for download on the Google App Store. This is the second update to the MMG system this year geared towards improving payment options for University of Guyana students. Last June, the telecommunications company and the University formalised an agreement allowing past students of UG who took loans from the Ministry of Finance through the Student Loan Agency to repay their loans using the MMG service. The payment platform allows persons to do business without using physical cash. Initially, the service was introduced for GTT customers to pay their utility and hire purchase bills. It also allowed for persons to top up their own GTT pre-paid accounts and

At centre, UG’s Vice Chancellor, Ivelaw Griffith and GTT’s CEO displaying the agreement in the company of University and GTT representatives sell credit to others. As it relates to making payments concerning University loans and fees, each student, whether current or past would have to input their Stu-

Guyana moves to have registered aircraft equipped with new satellite tracking system Last year, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) announced several plans to bolster safety in the aviation sector including the operationalisation of four Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) systems. Director General, GCAA, Retired Lieutenant Colonel, Egbert Field, told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that, to date, three of those ADS-Bs have been placed at the air traffic control towers at Kaieteur, Annai and Kamarang. The fourth one being set up at Port Kaituma is still under construction, Field said. An ADS-B system is a surveillance system in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation and periodically broadcasts it, enabling it to be tracked. The ADS-B systems took some time to be installed as they were awaiting the acquisition of the simulator to become operational. Field explained that the completed systems are powered by independent solar panels and are connected to the simulator. He noted that several operators are already connected to the simulator and will be tested shortly. “We are looking at the first week in September to start testing the system. The equipment (simulator) has on board a number of aircraft already. Roraima’s fleet of air-

craft is fully equipped and other operators are installing the equipment at this time, even Trans Guyana Airlines and GDF (Guyana Defence Force). We hope that in days to come, we will have almost more than 80 percent of the fleet of 60-something aircraft on the registry and the system would be fully operational.” The Director General is confident that the ADS-B system for Port Kaituma will be completed shortly. He pointed out that the authority is currently resolving some issues with the contractor for this project after which the location will be fully solarized and completed for the fourth tower to be constructed. Air traffic is increasing rapidly, the Director General explained and the ADS-Bs will help with better spacing of aircraft in the air. “The system also allows air navigation to have the traffic management system, be used as a minimum safe altitude for short term conflict resolution.” The GCAA recently commissioned its state-of-the-art simulator with features such as position for tower, ground and radar controllers, three pseudo-pilots, also 180 degrees display with ability of 360 degrees in 72 monitors, and recording and playback of audio and video for training exercise.

Director General, GCAA, (Rtd.) Lieutenant Colonel, Egbert Field.

dent Registration Number or the Unique Student Identifier (USI) and indicate the amount they wish to pay. Based on the most recent figures, since 1994, close to

$10B had been disbursed from the Loan Agency which is a department of the Finance Ministry. Further, of the 28,936 loans issued so far, a large number (20,301) are de-

linquent. The MMG App can be used anywhere in Guyana and the rest of the world once the user has a GTT mobile phone.


Saturday July 15, 2017

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GRA boss favours tax credits instead of exemptions By Kiana Wilburg Guyana loses billions of dollars on an annual basis through the granting of tax exemptions. Hoping to cut these losses significantly, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has its sight set on implementing a number of measures. Already, the revenue earning authority has reduced to a great extent, the number of exemptions it had granted for 2017. It is weighing the pros and cons of implementing a system of tax credits as opposed to the usual exemptions which are approved. The case for tax credits was initially proposed for Guyana by some of the nation’s best tax advisors who were contracted to be part of the Tax Reform Commission in 2015. That Commission included GRA Commissioner General, Godfrey Statia; Chartered Accountant, Christopher Ram; and Economist Dr. Maurice Odle. In the report which was prepared by the Commission, Tax credits are noted to be a

type of incentive, which allows certain taxpayers to subtract the amount of the credit from the total taxes owed, and when appropriately used, it encourages investment and compliance. Unlike upfront incentives, which are hard to police, tax credits are only given on submission of the proof of the actual activity, and hence forces the taxpayer to comply in order to so benefit. The Commission said, “For instance, instead of granting exemptions upfront to gold miners, an efficient tax credit regime will allow for such a credit to be granted when gold is sold to the Board.” The Commissioners believe that this will not only encourage compliance but will reduce smuggling and sale of the exempted fuel, thereby minimizing the probability that these persons are unjustly enriched at the benefit of the state. The Commission stressed that the current methods for granting and verifying tax ex-

emptions consequently needs to be reformed and strengthened, urgently, in order to stop/control the drainage on the State’s revenues. “It may be more prudent to require the payment of all applicable taxes upfront and for applications to be submitted for refunds, subsequently, when valid evidence is available and proper audits can be performed, or to replace the granting of tax exemptions with the granting of tax credits which can be claimed when tax returns are submitted, or a hybrid of both systems.” The body recommended that consideration be given to phasing out, where possible, all duty and tax free allowances in favour of a system of tax credits, a principle inherent in the system of capital allowances. GRA’s Godfrey Statia told Kaieteur News that he is a proponent of tax credits being applied in Guyana. He holds the view that there is a strong case for it here. He said, “They are simpler

GRA Commissioner General, Godfrey Statia and easier to administer. They allow you to comply before you get the tax credits. If you move away from exemptions and give tax credits life would be easier so long as it is administrated in the right way. But to move in that direction, you need your IT system in place and your people need to be schooled in it. But that is easy.” Statia said, however, that while a strong IT system needs to be in place, tax credits can be implemented almost immediately for corporate taxation (which involves imposing a tax on the net income of a company). The GRA Commissioner General said that tax credits, for example, can be applied to the gold sector. Statia said that he has already discussed this matter with gold miners and “I think they are coming around to it as being the most ideal thing for them.” Within the last two decades, questions have been raised about the benefits derived from the grant of millions of dollars worth in tax incentives and holidays to certain groups of people. The Tax Reform Committee has since noted that the most important revenue loss pertained to duty exempted goods. It said that this is

partly related to the extreme openness of the Guyana economy and the high propensity to import, as seen over the years in the case of companies/businesses. The Committee said, however, the weighting for imports is even greater in the case of diplomats, public officials and re-migrants, probably due to the high rate of exemption on vehicles for these categories of persons. The body said that the revenue loss for exemptions granted to diplomats for the year 2014 alone was $1.4B. The revenue loss for incentives granted to re-migrants and public officials was $2.1B and $1.4B respectively. With respect to incentives, the Committee explained that these are typically provided to companies and businessmen, in the expectation that they would lead to greater volumes of investment and re-investment, than would otherwise be the case. The Committee noted that the incentives may relate to both foreign and local investors. It said that these can be designed to be more generous, depending on the expected benefits, in terms of level of investment, number of jobs to be created, the vin-

tage nature of the technology to be transferred, the number of employees to be trained, etc. The Committee said that the latter conditions may be expressly stated in the form of performance requirements for the receipt of the incentives. In addition, the Committee commented that the types of incentives may comprise exemptions of various sorts, such as customs duties, value added tax (VAT), and excise taxes. It said that customs duties are concentrated in fuel products, industrial inputs and passenger cars; VAT in industrial inputs; and excise tax in fuel products and passenger cars. The committee also noted that there are investments and accelerated depreciation allowances, along with ExportProcessing Zone (EPZ)-type infrastructure facilities, and the incentives mix, which may depend on whether the economic activity is included in the incentives legislative and regulatory framework. Besides the aforementioned exemptions, the TRC said that the other major incentives tool relates to the granting of tax holidays. Based on data provided by the Guyana Revenue Authority, the Committee pointed out that companies and businesses accounted for about 78 percent of the total value of exemptions, in terms of revenue lost to the national treasury in 2014. The Committee said that the types of exemptions responsible for the revenue loss related to customs duties, VAT, excise taxes and stamp duty foregone. The Committee said, “Revenue loss would also pertain to the granting of tax holidays. Because of the failure to comply with the requirement in the Investment Act for an audit of tax (Continued on page 23)

Saturday July 15, 2017


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NO NEED FOR EXTENSION OF MAZARUNI The government says that it needs six billion dollars to construct a proper jail. The government is wrong; it need not be spending six billion dollars on any new corrections facility. The government does not need to expand the Mazaruni penitentiary which is where the bulk of the six billion dollars is likely to be spent. The expansion of Mazaruni will not solve the problem of overcrowding in the prison system. The principal cause of overcrowding is because of the high number of remand prisoners – persons who have been denied bail or unable to post bail. This is the source of the overcrowding. You cannot move remand prisoners to Mazaruni. It is too far away from where the bulk of the trials take place –

the Georgetown Magisterial District. It will be a high security risk and it will be costly to be transporting remand prisoners long distances. There is no reason why Camp Street should be abandoned as a remand facility. A decision as to what needs to be constructed and where has to be based on an analysis of the sentences of inmates. No one has done that analysis in order to determine just how many have been sentenced to longer than three years which would allow them to be housed at Mazaruni and those who have been sentenced to less than three years where they can be housed elsewhere. No Commission of Inquiry, not having done that sort of detailed analysis, should be recommending any structure be built anywhere. The analysis has to be done

first. The government should invite a statistician to do an analysis of the sentences of inmates and from this a decision can be made as to the maximum number of inmates which should be housed at the various prisons, both for short-term prisoners and longterm prisoners. If the government decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana, it can significantly reduce the prison population. Hundreds of young men and women are languishing in prison because of the mandatory custodial sentencing of drug offenders caught with certain about of illegal narcotics. If the National Assembly debates immediately the proposed private members’ bill to remove mandatory custodial sentences for drug offenders; the prison population will de-

Dem boys seh ...

Soulja Bai want some turpentine Old people had a way of talking when dem didn’t want li’l children understand wha dem was saying. Same way dem old time people had a way of talking when dem didn’t want Massa understand wha dem was saying. When dem boys w a s talking dem always believe that is only de local people gun understand wha dem was saying. Well couple well shock dem. De embassy people and dem from de high commission understand every word wha dem saying. Last night, Uncle Sam was celebrating another birthday. He is a big boy and every birthday getting bigger and bigger. Long time it use to be held at de Ambassador house, then it change to de embassy. Now de people got

to rent a hotel. In he speech, Ambassador Holler Away shock dem boys when he mek everybody know that he understand wha dem boys saying. He pick out something dem boys seh and remind people that Uncle Sam don’t control everything in Guyana. And that come about because dem boys had nuff thing to talk about ExxonMobil which can control all dem politicians in Guyana and when ExxonMobil talk is like de whole of America talking. But when de dust settle, dem boys don’t mind Uncle Sam controlling some things. Dem want it control de jail when some politicians end up inside. Some people seh that Soulja Bai acting too slow. If he was acting fast, he woulda done

got Jagdeo, Brassington, Ashni and some others inside Camp Street. Today is he birthday and dem boys wish somebody give him turpentine by he soft spot fuh mek he get some speed. Imagine what would have happened to dem three if dem been inside last Sunday. Is now dem boys understand why Ashni and Brassington out of de country and Jagdeo always jumping pun a plane every time, he smell a rat. Dem boys seh that dem got a sneaking suspicion about de reason fuh bunning down de prison was because de idea was to mek sure dem don’t have no prison. Well, somebody got a rude awakening. Talk half and hope somebody rub some turpentine by Soulja Bai tail.

crease. The second thing that will reduce the prison population is to have alternative sentencing. Too many prisoners are behind bars because their families cannot afford bail or do not care to bail them. But if they were given a few of months supervised hard labour to clean drains, instead of being sent to prison, the numbers behind bars would reduce and the six billion dollars would shrink. There is no need for six billion dollars since there are other places which can be converted into penitentiaries. The Guyana Defence Force has a number of military bases that can be converted into prisons for persons serving terms greater than one year but less than three years. Turn some of these military bases, which are a drain on the treasury, into prison

camps. What Guyana needs is a number of smaller, manageable prisons. Collectively these will cost less than six billion dollars and they can help pay for themselves. Court fines are significant. Should a percentage of all court fines not go directly to finance prisons? If careful monitoring is done of the payment of court fines, then the monies can be found to build smaller prisons. Increasing some fines can help offset the high cost of maintaining prisoners. Large prisons tend to be unmanageable. The private sector’s suggestion of the privatization of prisons is one way to go in terms of cost recovery. The government does not need to think about a maximum security prison. It needs to build smaller, more manage-

able prisons; it should review the necessity of mandatory custodial sentences for certain offences, it should utilize unproductive assets such as military bases to be used as prisons and it should privatize some prisons such as youth and female offenders’ prisons. Six billion dollars need not be spent. But if it has to be spent it need not come from taxes. It can be raised through ensuring proper management of court fines.


Saturday July 15, 2017

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=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Isn’t the Private Sector Commission tired of spouting ignorance and nonsense? I would like to see a survey done among young people to ascertain their attitude on the Private Sector Commission (PSC). How can any decent citizen in this land respect and admire the Private Sector Commission? For fifteen years, Bharrat Jagdeo dominated this country, three of which was through the surrogate role of Donald Ramotar. It was a sad period of oligarchic rule where Jagdeo and his cabals literally used state money as if it was their own personal fortune. During these Draculean moments, the PSC had an ongoing intimacy with the Jagdeo oligarchy that made it into an obnoxious, fetid rubberstamp. This miasmic organism suddenly discovered that it had life after 2015. It miraculously found out that there is a concept and process titled, “good governance.” So from 2015 onwards, the PSC

has practised “mouth open” exercises. But when it opens its mouth, ignorance and nonsense pollute the air Guyanese breath. The PSC wants the police to monitor prisoners charged with non-violent offences and were recently granted bail or freed because of erasure of their remaining time. You have to be ashamed at being Guyanese when you hear such ignorance. Of course it should not daunt the spirit when such idiocy is spouted in society from certain quarters because the recent PSC leaders going back the past ten years were an uninspiring bunch. This country hardly produces innovative business people. A few decades ago, our business community was cynically referred to as invoice capitalists. Where are the police

going to get the resources to monitor prisoners who were temporarily placed at Lusignan and given bail this week for the following offences – failure to pay child support, stealing from the company, uttering a forged cheque, fighting at the place of work, possession of a marijuana cigarette, selling stolen meat etc. Maybe the police could monitor them if the PSC big wigs would start paying taxes. The containers of one of those ignorant ones in the PSC mouthing off since the APNU+AFC government was formed were exempted from customs’ examination on the wharves. This columnist has indisputable evidence of this. He is one of the personal friends of Bharrat Jagdeo. No GRA officer

dared to examine his containers on arrival at the wharf. This was how Bharrat Jagdeo ran this country. Where was the voice of the GRA when Bobby Ramroop was given concession that was outside the law? W h e n Ye s u P e r s a u d raised this depravity at the launching ceremony of R a m r o o p ’s n e w s p a p e r, then President, Jagdeo referred to him as ignorant. Persaud had the last laugh because the violation became public knowledge. GOINVEST’s head at the time, Geoff DaSilva, at a press conference apologised for the illegality. Jagdeo never did the decent thing like Da Silva. Instead he got Parliament to amend the law making it retroactive to cover his illegal concession to Ramroop. I know the present administration is making egregious mistakes due to the absence of leadership skills (which I thought Nagamootoo possessed) but the PSC should be ashamed for any type of

criticism of the Coalition because it wallowed in abysmal ignorance and m o r b i d s i l e n ce when Jagdeo’s runaway train was rampaging all over this country. The PSC should be ashamed to let the Guyanese people know about its belated discovery of knowledge of what goes on in Guyana. During Jagdeo’s hegemony, it acted as if governance and power were normal. They were anything but under Jagdeo. No analyst is worth reading if he/she cannot write about the hypocrisy of the PSC during Jagdeo’s reign. Have we seen any press release from the PSC on the findings of the forensic audits? I have a suggestion for the PSC. Why it does not finance a monthly evening time lecture series in alfresco style as when David De Caires landscaped the Camp Street Avenue between Quamina Street and Church Street for that very purpose? Academics should be invited to elaborate on topics like corruption, tax evasion, privatisation, ethnicity and

Frederick Kissoon state employment, party intrusion in governance, state suppression of the media and a host of other subjects. At the end of each lecture, the listener no doubt would want to ask where was civil society, especially the PSC, when Jagdeo and Ramotar deformed the sacred pillars of governance. Just a few examples should suffice. At present, not one Permanent Secretary in the Government belongs to any political party. Under Jagdeo and Ramotar, there were four. There isn’t one member of the University of Guyana Council that is a sitting parliamentarian for the APNU or AFC. Under Jagdeo and Ramotar, there were six. These deformities the PSC was silent on.

Saturday July 15, 2017


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Quality assurance audit needed for UG’s financial security – Union

UGWU President, Bruce Haynes

UGSSA President, Dr. Jewel Thomas

A quality assurance audit is needed at the University of Guyana [UG]. This move has been recommended by President of the University of Guyana Workers Union [UGWU], Mr. Bruce Haynes. Such an audit, Haynes said, will determine structure and identify everything as it relates to what this university is suppose to be doing. The UGWU President shared concerns about decisions that have been made by the University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Ivelaw Griffith. “Here it is you have a Vice Chancellor who could determine who he wants, from whence they came, and pay them and nobody else has a say in that. He sets up a structure but how do we know that that structure will bring value to the university?” Both the UGWU and the University of Guyana Senior Staff Association [UGSSA] have signalled their concerns about a number of appointments made by the Vice Chancellor in recent months and were reportedly circumvented. “It’s a real issue for us,” said UGSSA President, Dr. Jewel Thomas. “The unions have been objecting [to these] although we have not, before now, publicly voiced concerns.”

But according to Dr. Thomas, since the unions have a preference of working in an evidence based atmosphere, “we do like to give the administration a fair chance to defend itself or to outline what its position is.” In this regard the UGSSA President said that moves were made to encourage the administration to clarify uncertainties before a statement on the matter could be made. No clarification has been provided to date, according to Dr. Thomas who revealed that the unions last official query in this regard was just about two weeks ago. She explained that the administration of the university, since the appointment of Professor Griffith, has been engaged in the practice of hiring staff outside of the university’s established processes. “We have asked them to tell us who have been hired and how they have been hired. We are hearing reports of persons who are now members of the university and we are not aware how. We are represented on the appointments committee and we are also represented on the appointments panel but we are not aware of some of these hired at all. “We just hear this name is working in ‘x unit’ and we have to ask where did you

come from? Staff are coming to us and saying they are aware that some new persons have taken up appointments,” informed Dr. Thomas. She continued, “It is of great concern to us because the Vice Chancellor continues to speak about transparency and there should be respect for the procedures of the university. We have checks and balances in place for a reason. They are intended to avoid corruption as much as we can and persons using the system for the benefit of themselves and friends and family.” It is the view of Dr. Thomas that if a transparent system is maintained in the hiring process whereby it is clear what is the post that a person is being hired for; what the demands of the job are and what the qualifications required are, “once you see who the candidates are, then you select the best candidates. “That is a process that can be defended,” asserted Dr. Thomas. “If you are hiring persons in ways that circumvent that, we don’t know who you are hiring and why you are hiring them.” This issue, she noted, is in fact one that ties into spending at the university which knows all too well what it is to be cash-trapped for a protracted period. It was with the need for careful spending in mind that Haynes, declared, “We don’t need large numbers to bring value or make sure we have quality, so a quality audit will determine where the money is really being spent and if it is being wisely spent.” In fact Haynes, who sits on the Finance and General Purpose Committee of the University, emphasised that the way the university manages its money has been an ongoing issue. He informed that although spending issues are often ventilated there continues to be concerns about spending. He shared his view that

the administration of the university should give greater focus to budgeting. “Budgeting is a specialised process and it is ongoing because you need to know what your needs are. Since the environment is

pretty dynamic, that is, things are changing all the time, you need to know what is happening in every part of this university,” asserted Haynes. He noted that while the university is still managed by archaic systems, these have

continued to work well under the guidance of lobbying groups including the Finance and General Purpose Committee, and the university’s Council. “You will have to convince (Continued on page 23)


Saturday July 15, 2017

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Extradition hearings for wanted US businessman…

Brooklyn court delays matter pending hearings in Guyana A Brooklyn, New York court has agreed to delay the extradition hearing of USbased Guyanese businessman, Marcus Bisram, by almost a month, after his lawyers said that the ongoing murder case in local courts here may determine whether this country continues to demand he be sent back. Bisram wanted in Guyana for allegedly ordering the murder of a Berbice carpenter last year, after his sexual advances were rebuffed, was arrested earlier this month at his New York beachside home by NY cops and other investigators. Bisram’s Staten Island lawyer, Mario Gallucci of Helbock, Nappa and Gallucci law firm, on July 6, wrote Judge Peggy Kuo of the Eastern District of New York,

Brooklyn, noting that the extradition hearing was scheduled for July 13. He requested that the matter to be adjourned to August 9 or August 10. “The reason for the request is that I have spoken to Guyanese counsel, Sanjeev Datadin, who informed me that hearings on the underlying murder case have been scheduled on July 27 and July 28 in Guyana. These hearings may affect whether the country of Guyana will continue to request Mr Bisram’s extradition or in the very least affect the evidence at the extradition hearing.” Gallucci said he has contacted Assistant US Attorney Nicholas Moscow who does not oppose this application for the adjournment. Judge Kuo has now set

the matter for August 9, 2017 at 2:00 pm. Yesterday, Datadin confirmed that indeed he is representing Bisram in Guyana. He said that he and his legal team will be moving to speed up the matter as based on what is available, there is nothing linking his client to the alleged murder. “We will be moving to determine whether Guyana can ask the US to extradite Mr. Bisram based on the law also,” the lawyer explained. “What I can tell you is that it is very unfair that the media has labelled him as a mastermind of this alleged act.” According to court documents filed earlier this month in the US by a state attorney on behalf of the Department of Justice, that country will be using provisions between the

In US jail: Marcus Bisram United States and Guyana that are found in the Extradition Treaty between the United States of America and the United Kingdom of December 22, 1931. Guyana was a former colony of the Britain and the laws had remained on the books. Bisram was refused bail last week after he appeared before Judge Kuo in the Brooklyn court, New York. The businessman, despite lawyering up, failed to persuade the court that he should be allowed his freedom pending the extradition hearing. This is because Bridget Rohde, Acting United States Attorney, made it clear that there is no guarantee the businessman would not flee. Rohde, in her submissions for Bisram to be kept in custody, explained that the Government of Guyana requested formally for the US to extradite Bisram, a fugitive from Guyana, pursuant to the Extradition Treaty between the US and Great Britain. It was disclosed that Bisram was arrested on July 4, 2017, based on a complaint and warrant issued by Judge James C. Francis IV, a New York judge since June 16, 2017, seeking his extradition to Guyana. Rohde, in her arguments for refusal of bail, said that unlike in criminal cases, there is a strong presumption against bail in extradition pro-

Faiyaz Narinedatt, his wife Pooja and their son ceedings. To justify bail, the fugitive must establish the existence of “special circumstances” warranting bail, and that he is neither a flight risk nor a danger to the community. ”We respectfully submit that Bisram should be detained because he cannot meet the burden of showing that he poses no risk of flight or danger to the community and that special circumstances exist warranting his release.” The US state lawyer said that as a general matter, international extradition is primarily an executive function. “The judiciary’s role is delineated by statute, and extends to determining whether to certify to the Secretary of State that the submitted evidence from the requesting country is “sufficient to sustain the charge.” She made it clear that the Secretary of State, and not the courts, makes the final determination whether the fugitive should ultimately be surrendered to the requesting country. “Accordingly, at an extradition hearing, the court considers the evidence presented on behalf of the requesting country - in this case, Guyana - and adjudges whether the legal requirements for certifi-

cation of extraditability have been established.” This entails determining whether the judicial officer is authorized to conduct the extradition proceeding; the court has jurisdiction over the fugitive; the applicable treaty is in full force and effect; the crimes for which surrender is requested are covered by the applicable treaty; and there is sufficient evidence to support a finding of probable cause as to each charge for which extradition is sought. It was pointed out that the inability of the US to deliver a fugitive who jumped bail would cause them “serious embarrassment.” Accordingly, “release on bail in extradition cases should be an unusual and extraordinary thing.” With regards to Bisram fleeing Guyana after the murder last October, the court documents said that in doing so, Bisram has demonstrated that he is highly capable of moving to avoid prosecution. ”Moreover, based on information gathered by the United States Marshals about Bisram, it appears that he has the financial means to further flee from the United States to yet another country or to hide in this country were (Continued on page 23)

Saturday July 15, 2017

Cuba’s Castro rebuts Trump at national assembly

Cuban President Raul Castro (Reuters photo) HAVANA (Reuters) Cuban President Raul Castro yesterday denounced U.S. President Donald Trump’s partial rollback of the U.S.Cuban detente, saying it ignored broad public support for better relations and would satisfy only a few CubanAmerican hard-liners. In his first public riposte to Trump since the latter unveiled his new Cuba policy last month, Castro told the national assembly that any attempt to topple the revolution would fail, as it had under 11 previous U.S. presidents. “We reject the manipulation of the topic of human rights against Cuba, that can be proud of much in this area, and does not need to receive lessons from the United States nor anyone,” Castro was quoted as saying by state-run media

Cubadebate. Foreign media does not have access to the twiceyearly meetings of the national assembly. Trump said last month he was canceling former President Barack Obama’s “terrible and misguided deal” with Communist-run Cuba. In reality, he left in place many of Obama’s changes, including the reopened U.S. embassy in Havana. But he ordered tighter restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba and a clampdown on U.S. business dealings with the military in the Caribbean island. Castro said Cuba remained open to negotiating matters of bilateral interest with the United States, sticking to the relatively conciliatory tone it has struck of late. “Cuba and the United

States can cooperate and live side by side, respecting their differences,” he said. “But no one should expect that for this, one should have to make concessions inherent to one’s sovereignty and independence.” Castro said Trump had clearly been ill-informed about Cuba’s history with the United States and Cubans’ patriotism. The setback in the normalization of relations with the United States comes as Cuba already faces a wide array of political and economic challenges. Castro has seven months to go before he steps down as president, although he will remain head of the Communist Party, in which political power is vested in Cuba. His generation, which has ruled Cuba since the 1959 revolution, is dying. Meanwhile, Cuba’s main political and trade ally Venezuela is in crisis with triple-digit inflation and shortages of food and medicine fanning protests against the socialist government. Castro yesterday reiterated Cuba’s solidarity with Venezuela, saying the country was suffering a “nonconventional war imposed by imperialism and oligarchic sectors” that were fomenting violence in the streets. Despite lower oil shipments from Venezuela, the Cuban economy managed to grow 1.1 percent in the first half of the year, bouncing back from a recession in 2016, Castro said.

UN urges more int’l support to combat cholera in Haiti UNITED NATIONS (CMC) – The United Nations has called for more international support to combat cholera in the Frenchspeaking Caribbean country as challenges continue to hamper sustained progress. The UN General Assembly, in a resolution a d o p t e d o n T h u r s d a y, underscored the need to strengthen national health, sanitation and water systems in Haiti in promoting the well-being of the population, as well as contributing to the country’s sustainable development efforts. In the resolution, the General Assembly recognized the efforts made by the UN in alleviating the cholera


Kaieteur News

epidemic in Haiti, in particular through the new UN approach to the disease and the decrease in the number of suspected cases as a result of intensified response efforts under the approach. In addition, the UN said the Assembly underscored that maintaining the intensified cholera response and control remained “critical,” inviting UN Member States, donors, financial institutions and the private sector to provide voluntary funding and support for the new UN approach. The 193-member General Assembly also called for greater international and regional cooperation and technical assistance, including through bilateral,

North-South, South-South and triangular cooperation, the UN said. Additionally, the Assembly welcomed the intention of the SecretaryGeneral to invite UN Member States to voluntarily direct their s h a r e of the “unencumbered balance” and other income for the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, known by its French acronym, MINUSTAH, to support the new approach. MINUSTAH is drawing down its operations in Haiti and transitioning into a new, smaller follow-on presence to assist the government in strengthening rule-of-law institutions, security sector and human rights monitoring, the UN said.

Just the two of us: T&T PM, Opposition Leader to meet on Tuesday

FLASHBACK: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar in South Africa at the viewing of the body of Nelson Mandela in December 2013. The meeting between Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Opposition Leader Kamla PersadBissessar is scheduled to take place next Tuesday at 2 p.m. Persad-Bissessar told the Express by phone that she replied to the Prime Minister’s invitation for a private meeting and sent a letter requesting a proposed agenda for the discussions. Asked if she will be taking a team, Persad-Bissessar responded: “(Rowley) has indicated he wanted a private meeting and I can bring a

note taker. Let me see what his reply is to the letter when he proposes the agenda then we will consider what is the next step.” The Office of the Prime Minister stated on Monday that Rowley wrote to PersadBissessar, requesting a private meeting for preliminary discussions on matters of national interest. The Prime Minister proposed the meeting take place between July 12 and 19 in a suitable room at the Parliament. Persad-Bissessar said that she would like to discuss

crime, the economy and the ongoing issues facing the judiciary. On Monday, at a public meeting, Persad-Bissessar said she was ready to speak to the Prime Minister and offer him a solution to solve the “bacchanal” in the judiciary. She said Rowley has the power to establish a tribunal to investigate the imbroglio between former Chief Magistrate Marcia Ay e r s - C a e s a r a n d t h e Judicial and Legal Service Commission (JLSC) headed by Chief Justice Ivor Archie.

Former PM says Barbadians must “come to terms with economic situation” BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur says Barbadians must come to terms with the economic situation in the country. Arthur made the statement in the wake of a 48hour ultimatum issued to the government by four trade unions that are demanding a reprieve from the austerity measures announced by Finance Minister Chris Sinckler in the May 30 Budget. The former Prime Minister told Barbados Today that the leadership of the unions have asked some serious questions. “What happens are 48 hours? Are you going to

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur close down the country? If you force the minister to do what you want, what are going to be the repercussions.” Arthur, who was also Finance Minister warned that

the “vast” economic problems could not be solved by “political theatre or gimmickry”. The four trade unions – the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU), the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT), the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) and the Nat i o n a l U n i o n o f Public Workers (NUPW) on Tuesday staged a march to protest against the 400 percent hike in the National Social Responsibility Levy The unions are demanding that there be a r e d u c t i o n i n t h e l e v y, saying that if this is not done, they will take industrial action.


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Saturday July 15, 2017


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IMF lauds Guyana’s efforts to strengthen financial oversight and regulations Officials attached to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have lauded Guyana’s efforts to not only strengthen its financial oversight b u t a l s o i t s regulatory framework. This statement, among others, was specifically made by Mr. Alexandre Tombini, IMF’s Executive Director and Mr. Daryl C h e o n g , I M F ’s S e n i o r Advisor. The officials noted that despite capacity constraints, the local authorities have introduced risk-based supervision, enhanced on-site inspection capabilities and drafted a Crisis Management Plan. They also noted the g o v e r n m e n t ’s p l a n t o build on this progress by following-up on several of the recommendations from the IMF’s Financial Sector Assessment Programme (FSAP),

which analyzes financial sector soundness and associated policies. This is expected to be done by the local authorities over the nearto medium-term, including the implementation of Basel II minimum capital requirements, enhancing the quality of data for risk analysis and reviewing the treatment of collateral in banks’ provisioning. Additionally, the IMF officials said that the local authorities are imp r o v i n g t h e r e g ul a t o r y framework. In this regard, they noted that the Insurance Act was passed in June 2016 with the Pensions Act expected to be passed by end 2017. The two senior officers asserted that amendments to the Financial Institutions Act (FIA) are being made with the help of the World Bank.

They said that these pieces of legislation will enhance the supervisory powers of the Bank of Guyana (BoG) including in the areas of enforcement, resolution and financial inspection. The BoG is also undertaking a comprehensive approach to modernize the national payment system with assist a n c e f r o m t h e Wo r l d Bank. This will better s e r v e t h e e c o n o m y ’s payment needs and realize cost savings, while helping to transition towards a greater reliance on electronic payments and promote financial inclusion. Notwithstanding some weakness in asset quality, the IMF officials said that the banking system is well capitalized and profitable. They said, “Capital to risk-weighted assets stood at 25 percent at the

I agree with the concept that we... From page 5 out the number of days in a certain month, I sent the team what I described as “a mnemonic” - Thirty days hath September, April, June and November; all the rest hath 31, excepting February alone, which hath 28 days clear and 29 in each leap year. I got ‘thank you’ acknowledgments on both occasions; typical old-school British

courtesy. Yes, old-fashioned methods sometimes work. My husband and I always comment on the good manners and capability of our contemporaries brought up by grandparents. A few days ago I mentioned to him that when my mother got fed up with our wetting the bed at night and made a bed for us on

t h e f l o o r, w h e r e a n t s crawled into our ear, my grandmother advised my older brother and me to put a finger in the other ear, to make the ant crawl out; if not, put some “wee” in the ear. My husband was in stitches - he had not heard of the “wee” solution before! May your Caribbean enterprise thrive! Geralda Dennison.

Brooklyn court delays matter... From page 12 he to be released. Bisram also has a strong incentive to flee due to the seriousness of the offence with which he is charged in Guyana.” The US attorney went further. “With respect to Bisram’s danger to the community, given the serious nature of the alleged crime, a brutal murder, the community both here in the United States and abroad would be at risk were he to be released. Allowance of bail in any amount would not guarantee Bisram’s presence in court and would invite the possibility of embarrassing the United States in the conduct of its foreign affairs.” The case would be generating much interest in Guyana as it is not often that the US has extradited one of its citizens to Guyana to face

charges. Guyana has done so in the past. The arrest would come days after relatives complained to Kaieteur News that the authorities seemed not too keen to extradite Bisram from the US to face the courts. On November 1, last year, the battered body of 26-yearold carpenter Faiyaz Narinedatt was found on the Number 70 Village, Corentyne foreshore. His death had been staged to look like a hit-andrun accident and two cops in Berbice were fingered in the cover-up. According to the prosecutors’ case, the man was killed after an argument at a function attended by Bisram and friends, then taken elsewhere and dumped to make it appear as a hit-and-run. Bisram had apparently

made sexual advances on the carpenter but was rebuffed. It was after ranks from the Guyana Police Force’s Major Crimes Unit took over the investigation that Harripaul Parsram, 49, Orlando Dickie, 39, Radesh Motie, 39, Diadath Datt, 18 and Niran Yacoob, 37, were charged for the murder. Additionally, three individuals, including Bisram’s mother, were charged for allegedly offering a detective $4M to suppress evidence against Bisram. On Wednesday, a tearful Pooja Pitam, wife of Narinedatt, was in court when Bisram was arraigned. She told CBS afterwards that she wanted justice and that her little daughter, one of two children with the dead man, was born after he was laid to rest.

Quality assurance audit needed... From page 11 people that sit there [to no use the archaic system] so that they can see what you see and run with it...Outside of that you are not going to get very far.” According to Haynes indeed the Vice Chancellor had attempted to change the old system but “he didn’t get very far with that, so he had to shelf that and revert to the sys-

tem. Because this system is a humbug, he is trying to circumvent the system he is still hiring people to fit in without going through the appointments committee, without it being ratified at Finance and General Purpose Committee but once you are hiring it has to be based on the existing structure but if you are going outside of that, it means then that you have to find more money,” Haynes highlighted.

end of December 2016, and has consistently been above 20 percent over the last four years— much higher than the minimum eight percent capital requirement and the 12 percent as recommended by the FSAP mission.” The officials continued, “With high net interest margins, bank profitability has been relatively robust over the past few years. The BoG continues to closely monitor the evolution of non-performing loans (NPLs) and holds regular discussions with commercial banks, who in turn are working with their clients to find actionable solutions.” Meanwhile, although the local authorities recognize that provisioning may be lower than international standards and continue to review their guidelines,

they are confident that the current levels are sufficient to protect against adverse shocks. Further, the officials said that the BoG and the more stringent FSAP stress tests reveal that the banking system is resilient to negative shocks given the strong capital and liquidity positions. On the issue of correspondent banking relationships (CBR), the IMF officials said that withdrawals have stabilized since the time of the FSAP mission in mid-2016. They noted however, that the local authorities remain vigilant and continue to build on the progress made to date. The IMF officers said, “They have significantly strengthened their antimoney laundering/combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) framework, enacting both

the supervisory and regulatory requirements.” The officers reminded that the authorities’ actions have resulted in Guyana’s removal from the Caribbean Financial A c t i o n Ta s k F o r c e ’s (CFATF) process in November 2016 and therefore, the country is no longer subject to CFATF monitoring. Since then, local banks were able to replace some correspondent banking services that were lost. With the help of the World Bank, the authorities have recently completed a National Risk Assessment which will also assist in improving the AML/CFT regime. They stressed that the FSAP was helpful in identifying gaps in the regulatory and supervisory framework.

GRA boss favours tax credits... From page 8 holidays granted and the laying of the report thereon in the National Assembly, it is not possible to determine the revenue foregone in the granting of tax holidays in Guyana.” The Committee continued, “The entities that are involved in the granting of tax holidays are GO-Invest, the Guyana Revenue Authority and the Ministry of Finance. However, it does not appear that there is any mechanism in place for any post-approval audit or review.”

It added, “For the year 2014, the revenue loss from exemptions, alone, relating to companies/businesses was equivalent to $43.2 billion, and for all beneficiary categories, $55.6 billion. In 2015, the revenue loss from exemptions alone, relating to companies/businesses, was $56.6 billion.” Additionally, the TRC said that the total corporate tax remissions/exemptions were equivalent to 31 percent of Central Government tax revenue and exceeded actual corporate tax revenue in 2014.


Peru’s ex-presidents Humala and Fujimori, old foes, share prison

Ex-presidents of Peru, Ollanta Humala (L) and Alberto Fujimori LIMA (Reuters) - Peru’s former left-leaning President Ollanta Humala, ordered to spend 18 months in pre-trial detention, was moved yesterday to a prison built for his longtime foe ex-autocratic leader Alberto Fujimori. Fujimori, 78, has spent the past decade as the lone inmate in Barbadillo prison, nestled in a police base on the outskirts of Lima, where he is serving a 25-year sentence for human rights crimes during his 1990-2000 rightwing government. Humala, a former military officer whose five-year term ended a year ago, was transferred via police helicopter to Barbadillo where he will be held in custody until prosecutors conclude their money laundering investigation. Humala’s attorneys had sought better conditions for their client than Peru’s overcrowded jails. A judge ruled on Thursday that Humala and wife Nadine Heredia must be jailed before an eventual trial to keep them from fleeing or obstructing a criminal probe linked to Brazilian builder

Odebrecht. The couple has denied wrongdoing and had immediately turned themselves in, calling the measure an abuse of power. Humala became a national figure when he commanded a group of soldiers to rebel against Fujimori’s government as it collapsed amid a graft scandal in 2000. He later rallied Fujimori’s opponents behind him to beat Fujimori’s daughter, Keiko, in the 2011 presidential election. Still, Fujimori’s son, Congressman Kenji Fujimori, expressed solidarity with Humala and Heredia’s children. “I went through those tough times myself. Stay strong,” he said on Twitter. Peru built Barbadillo for Fujimori before he was extradited from Chile in 2007. His cell includes a bedroom, office and access to a courtyard where he gardens, according to Peru’s National Penitentiary Institute (INPE). Fujimori and Humala will not share common spaces, INPE said. After Odebrecht admitted in December to paying $29 million in bribes to high-rank-

ing officials in Peru over three presidencies, Peru’s justice minister said additional cells were being built at Barbadillo but did not specify for whom. INPE director Carlos Vasquez said on local broadcaster RPP that Humala has special security needs as a former official, but that Barbadillo was not necessarily a prison for ex-presidents. Former president Alejandro Toledo, another staunch opponent of Fujimori, has also been ordered to pre-trial detention in connection with an Odebrecht probe. Toledo has denied wrongdoing and has refused to turn himself in. In an odd twist of fate, Fujimori might leave Barbadillo before Humala. President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who endorsed Keiko Fujimori against Humala in 2011, last month proposed evaluating pardoning Fujimori for health reasons as he seeks better ties with Fujimori’s supporters in Congress. In 2013, Humala rejected Fujimori’s request for a pardon.

Head of Islamic State in Afghanistan killed: Pentagon WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The head of Islamic State in Afghanistan, Abu Sayed, was killed in a strike on the group’s headquarters in Kunar province earlier this week, the Pentagon said yesterday. Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said in a statement that other members of the Islamic State group were also killed in the strike on Tuesday. U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters, “The significance is you kill a leader of one of these

Saturday July 15, 2017

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groups and it sets them back ... it is obviously a victory on our side in terms of setting them back, it is the right direction.” Sayed is the third Islamic State leader in Afghanistan to be killed since July 2016. Former leader Abdul Hasib was killed in a joint U.S. and Afghan operation on April 27 in the eastern province of Nangarhar. Hasib’s predecessor Hafiz Saeed Khan died in a U.S. drone strike in 2016. Afghan troops, backed by U.S. warplanes and special

forces, have been battling militants linked to Islamic State in eastern Afghanistan for years. The local affiliate of Islamic State, sometimes known as Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) after an old name for the region that includes Afghanistan, has been active since 2015, fighting the Taliban and Afghan and U.S. forces. General John Nicholson, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, has vowed to defeat Islamic State there this year.

North Korea may have more nuclear bomb material than thought: U.S. think tank WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Thermal images of North Korea’s main nuclear site show Pyongyang may have reprocessed more plutonium than previously thought that can be used to enlarge its nuclear weapons stockpile, a U.S. think tank said yesterday. The analysis by 38 North, a Washington-based North Korean monitoring project, was based on satellite images of the radiochemical laboratory at the Yongbyon nuclear plant from September until the end of June, amid rising international concerns over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. The think tank said images of the uranium enrichment facility at Yongbyon could also indicate operation of centrifuges that could be used to increase North Korea’s stock of enriched uranium, its other source of bomb fuel. There were signs too of at least short-term activity at North Korea’s Experimental Light Water Reactor that could be cause for concern, 38 North said. The images of the radiochemical laboratory showed there had been at least two re-

processing cycles not previously known aimed at producing “an undetermined amount of plutonium that can further increase North Korea’s nuclear weapons stockpile,” something that would worry U.S. officials who see Pyongyang as one of the world’s top security threats. It was unclear if the thermal activity detected at the uranium plant was the result of centrifuge operations or maintenance. It said the thermal patterns at the plant’s isotope/ tritium production facility suggested it was not operational and was therefore not producing tritium, an essential isotope used in boosted yield and hydrogen weapons. North Korea manufactures atomic bombs using uranium and plutonium and has tested five nuclear bombs. Officials and experts say it could test a sixth at any time, despite U.S.-led international efforts to curb its program. Pyongyang said its penultimate test in January

2016 was of a hydrogen bomb, something experts have treated with skepticism. North Korea has been working to develop a nucleartipped missile capable of hitting the United States and last week tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile, which experts said could hit all of Alaska and parts of the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Frustrated that China, North Korea’s main trading partner, has not done more to rein in Pyongyang, the Trump administration could impose new sanctions on small Chinese banks and other companies doing business with Pyongyang within weeks, two senior U.S. officials told Reuters this week. U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has been seeking to overcome resistance from China and Russia to a U.N. Security Council resolution imposing stiffer international sanctions on Pyongyang. Experts at 38 North estimated in April that North Korea could have as many as 20 nuclear bombs and could produce one more each month.

U.N. ends round of Syria talks with focus on fight against terrorism

U.N. Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura GENEVA (Reuters) U.N. Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura put the emphasis on the international fight against terrorism yesterday as he wrapped up a round of Syria peace talks at which there was “no breakthrough, no breakdown and no one walking out”. Speaking at a news conference after briefing the U.N. Security Council by video, de Mistura said he felt the U.N. was expected to say where it stood on the fight against terrorism, which he said was “becoming the main issue being discussed at the highest possible level elsewhere.” Discussion of terrorism has been a constant demand

of the Syrian government since the series of talks began early last year, and it was added to the formal agenda earlier this year, along with talks about a new constitution, reformed governance and fresh elections. The main opposition group, the High Negotiations Committee, wants a focus on political transition, meaning an end to the rule of President Bashar al-Assad. De Mistura said Assad’s negotiators had not given any indication that they were willing to discuss transition. “But what I do believe is that what are going to be the next steps of the international community in wanting to see

an acceleration of the end of this conflict may help the government to be ready to address the political process,” he said. Although the Syrian government has repeatedly described opposition representatives as terrorists, de Mistura said he hoped to push all sides to at least sit in the same room during the next round of talks in September. Before that can happen, the three rival opposition delegations need to narrow their differences enough to present a single position against the government negotiators. De Mistura suggested that was on track, since the three opposition leaders had built mutual trust and confidence and planned to meet again later this month. Laying out his understanding of the fight against terrorism, de Mistura said it only related to groups identified by the U.N. Security Council as terrorists, and it must be done in accordance with humanitarian law and human rights law. Implementation of U.N. resolutions on arming and financing terrorists and the movement of foreign fighters had been very slow, he said, and he expected to see increased efforts against U.N.-listed groups and coordinated action wherever possible.

Saturday July 15, 2017


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PAHO seeks new solutions to improve health care delivery in the Caribbean WASHINGTON (CMC) – The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) says it is looking for innovative community-based solutions for health care delivery issues related to infectious diseases in Central America and the

Caribbean. On Thursday PAHO said that it is collaborating on this initiative with the International Training and Medical Research Centre (CIDEIM) of Colombia, ICESI University of Colombia, and

the World Health Organization (WHO) Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR). PAHO said the call seeks to identify social innovation projects in health that

empower indigenous communities, improve health and well-being, and address conditions and root causes that contribute to death. The call for solutions closes on July 31. Submissions can be done

through the Initiative for Social Innovation in Health website, a global partnership of associates who are passionate about finding and advancing innovative community solutions in health.

PAHO is part of this partnership, which, in 2015 identified 23 examples of social innovation in health in 15 countries around the world, i n c l uding two in the Americas.


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Saturday July 15, 2017

Saturday July 15, 2017


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Russia, mulling expulsions, says too many U.S. spies work in Moscow MOSCOW (Reuters) Russia said yesterday that too many American spies operated in Moscow under diplomatic cover and said it might expel some of them to retaliate against the United States over Washington’s expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats last year. The warning, delivered by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, reflects rising frustration in Moscow over the Trump administration’s refusal to hand back two Russian diplomatic compounds which were seized at the same time as some of Russia’s diplomats were sent home last year. Barack Obama, U.S. president at the time, ordered the expulsion of 35 suspected Russian spies in December, along with the seizure of the two diplomatic compounds, over what he said was the hacking of U.S. political groups during the 2016 presidential election, something Russia has flatly denied. President Vladimir Putin decided not to retaliate immediately at the time, saying he would wait to see what the new administration of Donald Trump would do. Zakharova complained yesterday that U.S. officials were not issuing visas to Russian diplomats to allow Moscow to replace the expelled

employees and get its embassy back up to full strength. “We have a way of responding,” she told a news briefing. “The number of staff at the U.S. embassy in Moscow exceeds the number of our embassy employees in Washington by a big margin. One of our options, apart from a tit-for-tat expulsion of Americans, would be to even out the numbers.” If there was no movement in the U.S.-Russia dispute soon, she said Moscow would have to reluctantly retaliate and suggested U.S. spies working in Russia would be among those to be expelled. “There are too many employees of the CIA and the Pentagon’s espionage unit working under the roof of the American diplomatic mission whose activity does not correspond at all with their status,” said Zakharova. ‘TIME RUNNING OUT’ Russia would also move to deny U.S. diplomats use of a dacha compound and a warehouse in Moscow, she made clear. Separately, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin had not yet taken any decision on retaliation. He said Russia rejected the idea of linking the dispute to other issues. Peskov was responding to comments made to CNN by Sebastian Gorka, a Trump ad-

viser, that appeared to link the compounds’ return to Russia’s behavior in Syria. Zakharova said time for Washington to act “was running out.”

“We don’t want to resort to extreme measures. (But) if it’s the only way to make our American partners understand we will have to act.” Asked when Moscow

might retaliate, she suggested a lot would depend on the outcome of a meeting in Washington on Monday between Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov

and U.S. Undersecretary of State Thomas Shannon. Russia expected U.S. officials to use the meeting to set out “detailed proposals” on the matter, she said.


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Saturday July 15, 2017

Saturday July 15, 2017


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Muguruza poses formidable final hurdle for resurgent... (From page 26) after her first, is the tall and powerful Garbine Muguruza. “I think it’s very impressive. I think not everybody can do that,” the 23-year-old, 14th-seed Muguruza, who shot to fame two years ago when losing to Serena Williams in the Wimbledon final, said on the eve of the match. “For me it’s incredible. I don’t think I could be 37 and playing at that level.” It is a testament to her durability and strength of character - not to mention a thoroughbred grass court game that is surpassed only by her sister who has seven Wimbledon crowns - that Williams still is at a level others can only dream of. There have been times since her last Wimbledon triumph in 2008 against Serena when it seemed the older of

the two Williams sisters would hang up her racket. She has a plethora of offcourt interests, including her own fashion label, and has been battling Sjögren’s syndrome, an auto-immune illness diagnosed in 2011 which often leaves her fatigued and suffering with joint pain. Her love for the sport remains as strong as ever, though, and when she steps on Centre Court today she will do so as the popular favourite, having produced a vintage performance to end the run of British hope Johanna Konta in the semifinal. Should she prevail today, she would surpass Serena as the oldest Wimbledon women’s singles champion in the professional era and the oldest since Charlotte Sterry in 1908.

While those following her remarkable resurgence - she also reached this year’s Australian Open final, losing to Serena - leaf through the record books picking out the key numbers, Williams, as she so often does, remains in her own serene world. “I feel very focused still. There’s still a lot to be done. I have one more match that I’d like to be the winner of. I have to go out there and take it,” said Williams, who reached her first major final 20 years ago in New York. “But I like to take courage in the fact that I’ve been playing well this tournament and this year, and all these moments have led to this.” By a twist of fate Martinez will be in Muguruza’s corner today, as she has been for the past fortnight in the absence of her regular coach Sam

Saturday July 15, 2017 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) You are able to make changes in your home that will be favorable to all involved. You will have a productive day if you organize yourself well at work. Exercise programs will be effective. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Don't reveal any personal details. You'll be angry if those you live with aren't pulling their weight. Real estate investments will be extremely profitable in the long run. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Moves or the possibility of having someone different living with you may be difficult at first. Put your energy into self-improvement programs that promise to make you into a better you. Tell them to get out of the mess they are in and then you'll consider getting together with them. CANCER (June 21–July 22) You'll find it easy to charm members of the opposite sex today. Do not push your opinions or try to reform your emotional partner today. You will be overly sensitive today. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Changes regarding your career direction will payoff handsomely. Empty promises are evident and deception probable. Jealous colleagues may try to undermine you. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Older relatives may be a burden. Make plans to do the things you enjoy. Your talents are likely to be discovered.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) A new image can be the result if you change your look. Try not to get involved in other people's problems. You should get out and enjoy social events where you are likely to meet new potential mates; however, don't over spend. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Your high energy and discipline will enable you to complete any seemingly insurmountable tasks. SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) Time to deal with institutional environments, government agencies, and matters of a private nature today. Don't be angry, but be on your guard. Don't let your partner put you down. CAPRI(Dec.22–Jan.19) Finish those changes you've been talking about making to your residence. You may find that your mate is well aware of the circumstances. Don't try to get even without having all the facts. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Your personal life will still be experiencing difficulties and you are best to avoid the issues for the time being. If you go shopping, only take what you can afford to part with. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Don't cause a scene, but when you get home let your partner know how you feel and why. Uncertainty about your relationship is prevalent. A need to be in love may fool you.

Sumyk, whose wife is expecting a baby. Martinez remains the only Spanish woman to win Wimbledon. But Muguruza, like Williams, has dropped only one set to reach the final and on Thursday produced a superb display of controlled aggression to thrash Magdalena Rybarikova 6-1, 6-1.

She also has the belief of knowing she can beat a Williams in a grand slam final having overpowered Serena to win the French Open last year. Since then, her form has been patchy. “I definitely want to be the one who takes the big one,” Muguruza said. With both players boasting similar weapons - big

serves and clubbing forehands, the outcome could depend on who shakes off the inevitable final nerves more quickly. Of the 42 grand slam matches in which Muguruza has won the first set she has lost only two, while Williams has won 232 of the 250 in which she has taken the opener.

Pillay, Breetzke hundreds put Windies... (From page 27) wickets for 27 runs off 23 deliveries. Seamer Te-Shawn Alleyne (2-28) and left-arm spinner Jeavor Royal (2-48) claimed two wickets apiece. The Caribbean side equipped themselves early on in their turn at the crease, as Simmons and Bhaskar Yadram (18) put on 50 off 38 balls for the first wicket. Simmons struck eight fours in his 64-ball knock while Yadram blasted two fours and a six in a small 17ball cameo before going lbw

to Jones in the seventh over. Captain Emmanuel Stewart fell cheaply for nine in the 12th over and Simmons followed in the 19th over, leaving the Windies on 90 for three. Kallicharan, however, who faced 52 balls and struck seven fours, put on 30 for the fourth wicket with Cephas Cooper (19) to revive the innings. Once Cooper fell in the 26th over though, the innings tailed away badly, with Kallichara eighth out in the 38th over with wickets tum-

bling around him. South Africa lead the fivematch series 2-1 with the fourth contest set for tomorrow at the same venue. Scores: SOUTH AFRICA U-19s 288 for six off 50 overs (Jiveshan Pillay 110, Matthew Breetzke 106; Jesse Christensen 40; Te-Shawn Alleyne 2-28, Jeavor Royal 248) WEST INDIES U-19s 173 all out off 39 overs (Keagan Simmons 48, Kirstan Kallicharan 47; Gerald Coetzee 2-27, Jade de Klerk 233)

Roger Federer defeats Tomas Berdych... (From page 29) test in the opening tiebreak. Berdych, however, is not known to be the strongest in this department, and helpfully slapped a short forehand into the net to give the Swiss the advantage at 4-2, which he managed to hold onto. The Czech, though, had come to compete and played smartly within himself rather than overpressing, which is sometimes the case. He forced a break point at 3-3 that he was saved with a raking cross court forehand before they steamed on to another tiebreak, and another test of the Federer of the nerve. This time it was death by forehand for the Czech, as Federer reeled off one after another to go 5-1 up. There was another edgy double fault by then the cushion was too big and again it went 7-4 in the Swiss favour. Still Berdych would not go away, and he forced two break points at 2-3. The response from the best ‘spot’ server of all time – the most accurate - was to ping down four unplayable deliveries, including three aces. This saps opponents and the dejection told, with a break forced in the next game as the Czech, for all the easy power at his disposal, could

only shank the ball into the tramlines. Incredibly, he has not lost a set all fortnight, despite his advancing years. He

wrapped it up after two hours and eighteen minutes. And it is not even as if Berdych was left with much to reproach himself for.

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Saturday July 15, 2017

World U18 Championships Nairobi 2017

Windies targetting England Guyana’s Daniel Williams cops upset to climax campaign silver in closest boys’ 400m final in WU18 C/ship history G u y a n a ’s D a n i e l Williams stormed to the silver medal and personal best time of 46.72 in a thrilling boys’ 400m final at the IAAF World U18 Championships Nairobi 2017, yesterday. Charging through the field down the home straight, Antonio Watson of Jamaica grabbed the gold medal with Colby Jennings of the Turks and Caicos Islands taking the bronze. While another Jamaican athlete, Anthony Cox, and Brazil’s Bruno da Silva were neck-and-neck at the front of the field off the top bend, they both faded as a trio of sprinters chased them down to scoop the podium places.

Watson snatched the title in 46.59, crossing the line 0.13 ahead of Guyana’s Daniel Williams (46.72). Jennings ended third in 46.77 in a blanket finish, with all three of the medallists achieving personal bests. ”I feel very nice,” said Watson. “The race was good – as was the field – and the crowd was vibrant. I have been working very hard the whole season. I listened to the coach and followed the

instructions.” Cox, who entered the race with the fastest time in the field this year with his 46.53 performance in the heats earlier in the week, was credited with the same time as Jennings but had to settle for fourth position. Da Silva faded to sixth place in 47.15. With just 0.18 separating the top four finishers, it was the closest boys’ 400m final in World U18 Championships history. (IAAF)

Guyana battle leaders Trinidad and...

Kevlon Anderson collects the match ball from referee Michael Rajoonauth following his five-wicket haul in opening game. (From page 31) is one of the most complete players in the tournament. Anderson and team mate Kevin Umroa are the only bowlers with five-wicket hauls in competition so far and a lot will depend on them to restrict Trinidad and Tobago. Defending 139 against the leeward Islands (DLS method), Guyana’s bowlers did sent down 16 wides with pacer Gevon Schultz starting with five before his first legal delivery, but he came back to pick up two crucial wickets and set the stage for Umora and Anderson to bowl Guyana home.

This is an area in which they must improve since extras can have a huge impact on the result. Another concern for Coach Orin Bailey is the fielding; Guyana did put down a number of catches in both their games, and they are aware that they cannot let the home team off the hook. Early chances must be taken if they are to remain in the title hunt. The Queen’s Park pitch is expected to offer assistance to both batmen and bowlers who work hard and this matchup is touted as the game of the tournament. Guyana can be unpredictable, while the

hosts won both of their games so far. The weather here has not been that good with the Windward Islands and Barbados game being c a l l e d o ff , w h i l e t h e Duckworth Lewis Stern method had to be used in the other two matches. Guyana Squad Ashmead Nedd (Capt. Sachin Singh, Alex Algoo , Kevlon Anderson, Junior Sinclair, Pradesh Balkishuin, Reaz Khan, Alphius Bookie, Lance Roberts, Kevin Umora, Orlando Jailall, Kevin Christian, Qumar Torrington, Gevon Schultz. Orin Bailey Coach (Coach), Nazeer Mohamed (Manager).

BRISTOL, England, CMC – West Indies Women are focussed on signing off their disappointing ICC Women’s World Cup with an upset of hosts England Women, when the two teams meet at Gloucestershire County Ground here today. A campaign which started with so much promise went badly awry when the Caribbean side lost their first four games to see their hopes of reaching the semi-finals dashed. They subsequently won their next two games – against Sri Lanka Women a n d P a k i s t a n Wo m e n respectively – and believe a straight victory would be the ideal way to cap off the tournament. “It’s going to be really important seeing that we won the last two. There’s only one more game to go and we would love to go off on a high,” captain Stafanie Taylor said. “It’s going to be some hard cricket. All of their (England) players are pretty much in form. They would know this pitch seeing they’ve been playing here for a couple games so I think it will be tough game tomorrow but also a good one.” Expectations were high when the side left the Caribbean. They had dominated to win the Twenty20 World Cup in India last year and had played well enough to reach the final of the last 50-over World Cup four years ago. But the challenge of the tournament proved too much for the side comprising four debutants and the warning signs were there when they lost all five of their warm-up

West Indies Women’s all-rounder Deandra Dottin … made her maiden ODI hundred in the last game against Pakistan. matches. But Taylor, just one of six current players who featured in the 2013 World Cup final, said her side would use the experience as a learning curve. “We’re a young team and i t ’s b e e n a l e a r n i n g experience for everyone, especially being a captain at my first 50-over World Cup,” she noted. “Sometimes you don’t get things the way you want them but we just have to take the positives that we can and go back home and work really hard.” She added: I enjoy working with these girls, they’re a really good bunch. Some of them are still learning their game and I do believe we’ll get bettter.” West Indies will be boosted by their performance in the last game against Pakistan when they piled up 285 for four off their 50 overs with Deandra Dottin stroking her maiden One-Day International

hundred. While England sit on top of the standings on 10 points, the Windies are sixth on four points and can end no higher with fifth placed New Zealand already on seven points. SQUAD: ENGLAND – Heather Knight (captain), Tamsin Beaumont, Katherine Brunt, Georgia Elwiss, Jenny Gunn, Alex Hartley, Danielle Hazell, Beth Langston, Laura Marsh, Natalie Sciver, Anya Shrubsole, Sarah Taylor, Fran Wilson, Lauren Winfield, Danielle Wyatt. WEST INDIES – Stafanie Taylor (captain), Merissa Aguilleira, Reniece Boyce, Shamilia Connell, Shanel Daley, Deandra Dottin, Afy Fletcher, Qiana Joseph, Kyshona Knight, Hayley Matthews, Anisa Mohammed, Chedean Nation, Akeira Peters, Shakera Selman, Felicia Walters, Kycia Knight, Subrina Munroe.

Muguruza poses formidable final hurdle for resurgent Venus LONDON (Reuters) Venus Williams will try to become the oldest woman to win Wimbledon for 109 years today although, ominously for her the last time a 37-year-old reached the final, it was a Spaniard who ruined the script. While it was Conchita Martinez who defeated Martina Navratilova in 1994, standing in the way of Williams and a sixth title, an almost unthinkable 17 years (Continued on page 25)

Venus Williams (AP)

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Saturday July 15, 2017


Guyana Association of Women Police Fund Raising Horserace meet

Red Jet takes feature as Natural Beauty wins the double

Representatives of Champion Horse Natural Beauty receives their award from Niketa Ross (left). The Guyana Association of Women Police (GAWP), held a grand one day meet, on Sunday last, at the Rising Sun Turf Club, Arima Park, West Coast Berbice. In total four races were held and despite the damp conditions the day’s event was incident free and despite

the moist conditions turfites turned out in reasonable numbers to be a part of the action. The day’s event saw the consistent Red Jet heating up the track to burn up its opponents and take the feature I class race from Party Time and Puppy Tail.

Representatives of Red Jet receiving their accolades after the victory. By winning the 1400M event the animal from the Sophia area of the Shamsundar Stable and ridden by the Jamaican Jockey Kevin Blake took charge early and shook off the brief challenges it encountered as it won the event in style to take home

the $200,000 winners money and trophy. However, the star of the day was Natural Beauty as it romped to front in two events that it entered. The horse first took charge of the event for animals classified L1 and lower as it dusted Dirt man and

Little Star. Natural Beauty then returned to take the K and lower event in style from Irish Baby and Victoria Secret. The day’s event started with Bounty Be true winning the L class non-winners event from Timely and

Akeela. Natural Beauty was adjudged the top horse on show. The next horserace meet is the Four Horse men promotion, Emancipation Horse race meet, on August 1st at The Port Mourant Turf Club.

Pillay, Breetzke hundreds RHTY&SC, MS, honours the memory of Leon Davis put Windies to the sword The Management and Members of Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club salutes the Memory of the late Executive Chairman of Food-for-the-Poor (Guy) Ltd, Leon Davis and the contributions he made to the development of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS. Mr. Davis was a humble Guyanese who worked beyond the call of duty to make a positive difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor. For over two decades, Leon Davis was a Champion of the voiceless, naked, clothes less and homeless, and because of his dedication many lives were changed for the better. Mr. Davis, who was buried last week, was a long term supporter of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and along with our first official Patron, Mr. H.D. Hoyte, inspired us to get involved in touching and

Leon Davis changing the lives of those less fortunate than us. Foodfor-the Poor under his dynamic leadership provided the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club with millions dollars worth of furniture, sports gears, clothing, footwear, wheel chairs, personal care products, educational materials and agricultural tools among others that has assisted us to get involved in activities under the subheadings of Education,

C h a r i t y, a n t i - d r u g s , coaching, social, youth development, medical outreaches and anti-suicide. Davis had a special closeness to cricket and he used his office to assist not only the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, but cricket clubs across Berbice. Under his tenure, we received over $10M worth of cricket gears which was shared to over 57 cricket clubs in the ancient county. These gears enabled us to establish a strong nursery at the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and to host a highly successful annual cricket academy. Davis also played a major role in assisting us to establish a Charity Kitchen to serve the less fortunate and also provide special gifts for our Annual Award Ceremonies, Tribute to Mothers, Tribute to Fathers, Tribute to Heroes, Tribute to Retried Teachers and Award of Excellence Programmes.

PIETERMARITZBUR G, South Africa, CMC – A batting collapse sent West Indies Under-19s to a heavy 115-run defeat to South Africa Under-19s in their t h i r d Yo u t h O n e - D a y International here yesterday. Asked to chase a challenging 289 for victory at City Oval, the Young Windies were in the hunt at 120 for three in the 26th over before dramatically losing their last seven wickets for 53 runs to be all out 173 off 39 overs. Opener Keagan Simmons struck 48 and the in-form Kirstan Kallicharan got 47 but they were just two of four batsmen in double figures as the middle and lower order slumped. Fast bowlers Gerald Coetzee (2-27) and Fraser Jones (2-42), along with offspinner Kgaudisa Molefe (233) and leg-spinner Jade de Klerk (2-33) all picked up two wickets apiece. Openers Jiveshan Pillay and Matthew Breetzke had

Left-arm spinner Jeavor Royal … finished with two wickets.

earlier stroked hundreds as South Africa, sent in by the Windies, piled up 288 for six off their 50 overs. The left-handed Pillay hit 110 off 123 deliveries with 16 fours and two sixes while Breetzke, a righthander, gathered 106 off 108 balls with nine fours and two sixes. Together, they put on 198

for the first wicket before Jesse Christensen arrived at number four to help push the innings along with 40 from 48 balls, including five fours. Christensen and Breetzke put on 58 for the third wicket but West Indies applied the brakes towards the end as the hosts lost four (Continued on page 25)

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Saturday July 15, 2017

Collins and Callender promises to RHTY&SC salutes Farfan & Mendes Ltd set best 100m time at Leonora; on its 50th Anniversary Athletes ready to shine

By Franklin Wilson Multiple Olympians 42 year-old Kim Collins (PB 9.93) of St Kitts & Nevis and 33 year-old Emmanuel Callendar (PB10.05) of the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago have promised that they will click the fastest time yet at the Leonora Track and Field Facility, venue for today’s Aliann Pompey Invitational (API) Meet. This international Track and Field spectacle will get cracking from 15:00hrs with the opening ceremony, while gates will be opened one hour before. Yesterday, at the athlete’s official hotel, Ramada Georgetown Princess, API Director Aliann Pompey, G u y a n a ’s F o u r - Ti m e Olympian was joined by the athletes as well as representatives of most of the sponsors to update, the media, while the athletes also answered questions. Pompey once again expressed thanks to her valued partners, the sponsors, athletes and other stakeholders for helping to make the activity a success. Sharing the head table were Ms. Petal Ridley – Director of Sales and Marketing of Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel, Patrick Briton – Quality Plus, Clive Pellew – Water and Beverages Manager Banks DIH Ltd, Troy Peters – Communications Manager Banks DIH Ltd., Aubrey Hutson – President Athletics Association of Guyana, Christopher Jones – Director of Sport, Danielle CampbellLowe – Public Relations Rep. Ministry of Communities, Lennox Cush – CEO Star Party Rentals and Carl Bowen – Commercial Manager Fly Jamaica Airways.

Ready for the track! From left, Stephan James (400m), Jeremy Bascom (100m), Winston George (400m) and Arinze Chance (400m). Collins and Callendar will be coming up against local boy, Junior Carifta and South American Junior gold medalist Compton Caesar who will be using today’s 100m as warm up ahead of the Pan American Junior championships in Peru in a few days time. Collins stated that he was elated to be in Guyana for the first time and is encouraging everyone to come out to be part of this historic event as he and his colleagues will be putting on a great show. ”I am looking to the performance tomorrow (today) not because it’s my first time here but because it is what I do and I want everyone that is coming out to see a great show and I know everybody is going to try and defeat the old man but it’s not going to be so easy. Age comes with experience and I think it’s going to be a great event so I am very happy to be here to support, thanks for the invitation.” With regards to giving a prediction on what time he is looking to clock, this was Collins’ response: “What’s the fastest time on the track, 10.25? Well, that definitely have to go, no offence to the last guy who put it there, athletes is not about peaking but we want to run as fast as

possible every time. I don’t believe in peaking, because if you run sub 10 tomorrow (today) the next time you go on the track you want to run a better sub 10, so we would love to see a sub 10 tomorrow (today). That’s my view on what could be possible.” When T&T’s national c h a m p i o n t h i s y e a r, Emmanuel Callender, was asked his take on the sub-10 time, he responded that he was in support of this 100%. Also supporting the desire for a sub-10 time was Guyanese athlete Stephan James who will be coming up against Winston George in the 400m. Jeremy Bascom, who will be competing at Leonora for the first time, said he is looking forward to the challenge of taking on the likes of Collins, Callender and Caesar in the 100m. Caesar said he is aiming to have fun today in his pet event apart from claiming the top podium spot which he let slip out of his hands last year. Hutson in remarks assured all, that from a technical standpoint, everything is in place for a smooth meet today. He said that it is his hope that the event becomes a staple in Guyana as it means a whole lot to the AAG. Hutson posited that the attraction of international athletes here will raise the profile of the sport. A well run event, the AAG boss noted, will work in favour of Guyana’s bid to host the 2020 Carifta Games. Campbell-Lowe informed that her Ministry, apart from sponsoring the

Men’s Triple Jump under the Green Generation Guyana banner, will be partnering with the National Sports Commission to have posters of Aliann Pompey mounted at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, Leonora and other sports facilities across Guyana. ”I can assure that next year we will improve our participation and increase our visibility at this event.” Cush, a former athlete himself, expressed delight at being a part of the event whilst welcoming all the athletes to these shores. He did express his desire for the local athletes to take all the spoils but stopped short of making known his favourite athlete for the Women’s 400m event which his company is sponsoring. ”Going forward we would want to sponsor more events, but again good luck to you guys, happy stay in Guyana.” Given the fact that this meet is sanctioned by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), athletes who are on the path of working towards making the world qualifying times will have a chance to do so today. These are Compton Caesar and Andel Perry (Guyana), Kin Collins (St. Kitts & Nevis), Tahir Wa l s h ( A n t i g u a & Barbuda), Levi Cagodan, Fabian Norgrove Kion J o s e p h a n d J a q u o ne Hoyte (Barbados), Ya n c a r l o s M a r t i n e z (Dominican Republic), Fred Dorsey and Muhamad Halim (US Virgin Islands), Janeil Bellille and Kern A l e x i s ( Tr i n i d a d a n d Tobago) and Leevan Sands of the Bahamas.

The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, is extending congratulations to the Management and Staff of Farfan & Mendes Ltd on their 50th Anniversary. Founded in 1967, the Company has grown from a humble birth into a dynamic Company which employs h u n d r e d s o f Guyanese and makes a massive contribution to the development of our nation. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and the Company over the years has enjoyed a close, cordial and highly successfully relationship. In 1996, a struggling club approached Farfan & Mendes Ltd for sponsorship in the form of a grass cutter and the request was readily grated. The Company in 1997 became the official sponsor of our Under-15 team and holds the record of the first official sponsor of the Club. Over the last twenty years, the Company has also become a cosponsor of our Annual Award Ceremony, Annual Cricket Academy, Annual Magazine, Pro-education Campaign, Say No Programme, Charity Campaign and Christmas activities among others. The Company’s support has been one of the main reason why the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, is now widely c o n s i d e r e d G u y a n a ’s leading youth/sports organisation and we have won the Guyana Cricket Club of the Year five times. The Company’s cricket investment since 1997 has been in excess of $3M and has resulted in several Berbice Championships and a total of 52 national junior cricketers and over 100 for Berbice at all levels. Players like Assad

Fudadin, Esuan Crandon, Royston Crandon, Abdel Fudadin, Renwick Batson, Dominique Rikhi, Shemaine Campbelle, Plaffiana Millington, Jason Sinclair, Junior Sinclair, Kevlon Anderson, Sylus Tyndall, Delbert Hicks, Brandon Prasad, Clinton Pestano and Eon Hooper are all products of the Farfan & Mendes investment. All of us at the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, are proud to be associated with such a visionary and dynamic Company and we have dedicated ourselves to always represent the Company’s brand with pride, discipline and passion. We wish to reassure the Company that the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club would always strive to uphold the high tradition of standard we have set ourselves in the past and to work hard every day to make a positive difference in the lives of youths, the elderly and less fortunate. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, has always been associated with visionary leadership, unbelievable success and forward planning and we would continue to do so, a release from the club stated. Farfan & Mendes Ltd has achieved a lot over the last fifty years and we are confident that even greater progress would be achieved in the future. We would like to express gratitude to Mrs. June Mendes, Andrew Mendes, Amanda Richards, and Onai Vasconcellos for their cooperation over the years and for the role they played in making us role model club in Guyana. Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary and May God bless you.

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Saturday July 15, 2017


Digicel Schools’ Football Championships

Chase Academic Foundation win North Zone 4-2 over old rival, Morgan’s Learning Centre CAF Captain Jeremy Garrette puts the ball past MLC goalie Simeon Hackett, the opening goal in yesterday’s North Zone Final. (Franklin Wilson photo)

Defending champions of the Digicel Nationwide Schools Football Championships, Chase Academic Foundation (CAF) moved one step closer to retaining their crown when they downed old rivals Morgan’s Learning Centre (MLC) 4-2 at the GFC ground, yesterday afternoon. In soggy conditions owing to the current prolonged rainy season,

Chase’ Captain and junior national player, Jeremy Garrette scored the first and fourth goal to lead his school to a comfortable win which enabled them to keep an unblemished record over their rivals from Morgan’s in the past five years. Garrette blasted in the first goal from the penalty mark in the 6th minute of play which sent an early warning to their opponents

that they meant business. Witnessed by Principal and Owner of the institution, Henry Chase, the defending champs never looked in trouble as they kept up steady pressure on their opponents. The lead was doubled in the 26th minute compliments of a Stephon Reynolds goal and it remained that way up until the half way mark.

On resumption, a reenergised and resurgent Morgan’s unit quickly got into their goal scoring stride and with back to back goals from Orin Moore in the 37th and 40th minutes halved the deficit then drew level much to the delight of their fellow students and staff. It was game on but as it turned out, the experience of the CAF players made the difference between the two

sides as the game went into crunch time. CAF took the lead again on 51 minutes through an Adrian Aaron goal. His strike surely brought great relief to his fellow teammates and, Principal and supporters. Captain Garrette ensured that MLC would not have a sniffer of a chance to get on the score sheets again when he put the ball into the

back of the nets with two minutes to fulltime with the rain already pouring down. The final whistle was met with scenes of celebration by the players and supporters as they cemented their place in the quarter finals of the championships. For their efforts, CAF received a set of new uniforms and will also collect $100,000 which will go towards a school project.

Roger Federer defeats Tomas Berdych to reach Wimbledon final Daily Mail - The headband may be camouflaging a slightly receding hairline, but little else betrays the ageing process in Roger Federer. He is into his eleventh Wimbledon final at 35, and will try and defy nature again tomorrow when he attempts to beat Marin Cilic and win an eighth title, fourteen years after his first one. The figures just tumble out when considering the greatness of Federer at Wimbledon, but the only ones that mattered yesterday evening were those constituting a 7-6, 7-6, 6-4 scoreline that saw off the robust challenge of Tomas Berdych. Nor can mere numbers describe the ease of movement around the court, or the fluency of

groundstrokes that were too good even for the admirable fight mounted by the Czech. It was Beauty and the three baseline Beasts in the Wimbledon semi-finals, and the odd one out was the player the Centre Court wished to savour while he is still around. Federer becomes the oldest man to reach the SW19 apart from the watching Ken Rosewall and, unlike the nuggety Australian, he is likely to be holding the trophy – his second Grand Slam of the year - come Sunday teatime. Berdych came in knowing he was going to have to stem a seven-match losing streak, although the last time they met – at the Miami Open – he forced two match points before losing a sudden death tiebreak.

Having been a perennial bridesmaid to the ‘Big Four’ the Czech is a distinctive figure, although having run out of grass court shoes he was issued with a pair that bore the face of Novak Djokovic on the tongue. Federer had an early break point but it was not until the fifth game that he converted, hitting a drive forehand volley that had the Centre Court almost titillating at the exquisite n a t u r e o f h i s p l a y. Demoralisingly for his opponent, he followed it up with a hold of serve that took just 48 seconds. What remains so astonishing about Federer on grass is the way he is able to nimbly make tiny adjustments at the last nanosecond, and never has that been more valuable on

Federer defeated Tomas Berdych in yesterday’s second semi-final and will now face Marin Cilic. (Getty Images) what is now a distinctly rickety surface. And everything was looking so smooth until his first serve stopped working at 4-3 and he was broken

back, thanks to two double faults that met with two sulky – and unsuccessful – challenges to Hawkeye. It has always seemed possible that if anything

might derail him this year it is the nerves that come with believing he can win an eighteenth Grand Slam, and they were going to get a (Continued on page 25)

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Saturday July 15, 2017

NSC Vacation Swim Camp

‘We teach life skills at this Camp’- Cummings Children learning to swim at the Colgrain Pool yesterday at the end of the first week of their Vacation Swimming camp. (Sean Devers photo)

Learning to enter the Pool during yesterday’s camp. (Sean Devers photo) This year’s National Sports Commission (NSC) annual Vacation Swimming Camp commenced last Monday and after the completion of the first week of the six-week camp at the Colgrain Pool on Camp Street yesterday, Desiree Cummings, Admin Assistant

at the facility, said she is very pleased with what transpired during week one. The camp concludes on August 18. This camp, which has been running for close to two decades, is eagerly anticipated by children and their parents and over the years has produced many

National Swimmers. The camp is divided into two age groups and two locations with the 6-10s being accommodated at Colgrain and the 11-16s at the National Aquatic Centre on the East Coast of Demerara with five instructors stationed at each

venue. Cummings said that there are more children in 610 category and more girls than boys this year. The programme starts at 09:00hrs and concludes at noon from Mondays to Friday. “We catered for 300 students but as of today we

have 303 and Parents are still interested in joining but we are filled. Parents are waiting on the last moment to register. They were notified two weeks before school closed when registration would be closed,” Cummings lamented. “The whole aim of these

programmes is to teach children at this age life saving skills, since Guyana is the land of many waters with lots of streams, creeks and rivers and knowing to swim could be a very important asset in their life,” Cummings disclosed. (Sean Devers)

Powerade/Rainforest Water/Malta Supreme/GABA U-23 Tourney

Eagles continue winning ways against UG Trojans; Nets get past Guardians Close marking in the match between Eagles and UG Trojans.

Action in the match between Plaisance Guardians and Nets on Thursday. When play continued on Thursday night at Burnham Court, night four of the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Tournament 1st, 2nd and Under-23 tourney, Eagles went two from two in the second division tournament. In their 1st they humiliated Sonics 101-22. On Thursday night, Eagles flew past University of Guyana Trojans since the first quarter of the game which finished 25-12 and never gave up the lead as the match finished 85-74. As in the Eagles’ previous game,

Travis Belgrave (22 points) was the main man with a game high 22 points. Belgrave, who plays for the national junior and senior basketball teams, was supported ably by Kevin Higgins (13 points), Kwesi Thompson (11 points), while Devon Murray chipped in with a valuable 10 points. UG Trojans were outplayed throughout but Kadeem Peterkin (14 points) and Shaquille Adonis tried to put some respite in the margin of defeat. Denzil Ross and

Jonathan Browne both scored 9 points each for the Trojans in the losing effort. Eagles have played three games in the tournament so far winning all; two in the 2nd division and one in the Under-23. Kwesi Thompson, who plays for eagles in both the under-23 and 2nd division category and notched up 10 points in the match, expressed that his side has more depth and that they will be gunning for both the Under-23 and 2nd division t i t l e s . “ We w o n ’t b e

competing in the first division category, but we are confident with our crop of players and we will be looking to capitalize on our good start to the tournament,” Thompson added. The second match began, which was scheduled to begin at 8:30 pm, but got underway at 10 pm due to the late start of the Eagles Vs Trojans match. That second match was a first division encounter between Plaisance Guardians and Nets. Nets overcame the favoured Guardians 59-63

despite trailing throughout the first three quarters. The first quarter of that game was a poor display of basketball with only 14 points being scored in the 10 minute period. It finished 95. The second quarter was more eventful with the Guardians extending their lead to 14 points as the period ended 31-17. When the third quarter finished 45-34, still in favour of Plaisance, the supporters at the Burnham court were expecting the game to finish in favour of the leaders as was the case in

the previous game of the evening, but an extra push to the end allowed Nets, who were hungrier for the win, to come out victorious. National senior player, Nikolai Smith’s 21 points wasn’t enough to prevent his team, Guardians being upset by the nets, as they star player Antwon Austin eclipsed him with a game high 22 points. Matches continue today with three matches at the same venue, Burnham Court form 5:30 pm and on Sunday evening with three more matches also from 5:30 pm.

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Saturday July 15, 2017


Guyana battle leaders Trinidad and Tobago at Queen’s Park Oval today

Guyana will look for another win when they take on leaders Trinidad and Tobago today.

3rd Round Sir Garfield Sobers International schools cricket

St Joseph’s and School of the Nation lose At the end of the third round of Sir Garfield Sobers International 40-over Schools cricket tournament on Thursday in Barbados, both Guyanese Schools had suffered defeats, while Oakville Cricket Academy of Canada, which includes a Guyanese and two of Guyanese parentage, won their second game after losing to defending champions Antigua Schools in the second round on Tuesday. S t J o s e p h ’s H i g h followed successive wins before suffering their first loss on Thursday despite another good start from Mark Ramsammy, while School of the Nations slipped to their second loss after beating St Leonard’s Boys School by 86 runs on Tuesday. At Bank Hall: Bryanston School of the United Kingdom beat School of the Nations by 8 eight wickets. School of the Nations were bowled out for 88 in 34.3 overs, with Mark Ramsammy top scoring with a solid 25. But only Vishal Persaud (15) and Mark Baptiste (11) of the other batsmen reached double figures. Hector Maclean (511) and Alex Chetwood (3-6) shared eight wickets between them for the winners. Bryanston galloped to 89-2 in just 12.3 overs with Owen Morris leading the way with a shot filled unbeaten 44 while Max Truman made 38. At Bridgefield: Lodge School of Barbados beat St Joseph’s High School by 57 runs.

By Zaheer Mohamed in Trinidad and Tobago In association with V Net Communications, Mike’s Pharmacy, 4R, Regal Stationery and Computer Centre and Ramchand’s Auto Spares Following their one run victory over Leeward

Islands, Guyana will look to chalk up another win when they take on leaders Trinidad and Tobago at the Queen’s Park Oval today. Guyana were coasting nicely along with Sachin Singh and Junior Sinclair looking positive at the Brian Lara Stadium until the rain intervened. Singh, who will

lead the region’s U-16 team to England later this year, will look to continue from where he left off, while fellow opener Alex Algoo is yet to do his talent justice on tour. Sinclair did get in and played some decent shots against the Leeward Islands, while Kevlon Anderson (Continued on page 26)

11th running of the Guyana Cup set for August 13th at Rising Sun Turf Club

Mark Ramsammy

Bryan Brown

Lodge School got starts from all of their top-order batsmen to reach 203-9 in 40 overs as Rashone Williams 37, Tennyson Roach 28, Demarco Alleyne 26, Shemway Harris 24, Jonathan Dowrich 24, Kwame Small 14 not out and J a m a l i Ly n c h 11 , a l l contributed. Kennard Moonsammy 348, the consistent Nkosie Beaton 2-17 and Jeremiah Scott 2-31 did the damage for the Woolford Avenue School. St Joseph High, in reply fell for 146 in 26 overs despite an attractive 55 from Quinton Samson. But only Dodi O’Selmo 25, Jeremiah Scott 17 and Timothy McAlmont 17 of the other batsmen got into double figures as Ryshon Williams 3-26, Akeel Hoyte 3-44, Shemwayne Harris 2-19, Jamali Lynch 2-30 took the wickets. At Friendship: Oakville Cricket Academy (Canada)

beat Hamilton Lashley Foundation by seven wickets. HL Foundation were dismissed for 126 in 34.5 overs with Dashawn Walcott 32, Theo Skinner 19, Paul Anderson-Fields 14 and Savio Eastmond 11, batting well. Leg-spinner Marcus Nandu (3-20) seems to be following in the footsteps of his father Arjune Nandu, a former West Indies U-19 and Guyana First-Class leg spinner. Atashai Mansingh 2-15 and Steffaun Griffith 222 took two wickets each while Guyanese offspinning all-rounder David Dick had 1-11. Oakville coasted to 1272 in 31.4 overs as the inform Bryan Brown followed his first match century with an unbeaten 60 and support from Nandu who made 12 not out. The pair joined forces when Neil Johnson (0) and Atashai Mansingh (12) were dismissed. (Sean Devers)

The Jumbo Jet Business Enterprise and Stables and main Coordinator Junior ‘Jumbo Jet’ Mohammed has announced the staging of the Mega Guyana Cup Horserace Meeting on August 13th at the Rising Sun Turf Club at Number 6 on the West Coast of Berbice starting at 11:30am. As is customary, the action promises to provide turfites with a choc-full of entertainment and excitement as most of the top racehorses in the country battle for the attractive cash prizes on offer. The programme released by Mr. Mohamed yesterday shows eight races listed with the B Class event the main attraction. This race is open to all imported and Guyana Bred B class horses and covers a distance of 2000m. The reward for this event is a whopping $2M for the winner with second collecting $1M, third $500,000, fourth $250,000 and fifth $125,000. The best of the best in the country is expected to show up for this race. Next on the list is the E & lower 1500m race for all imported and Guyana Bred 3 years and up and those rated E class and lower for a sumptuous $1.2M winner’s purse. Other attractions on the programme will cater for G & Lower Guyana and West

Roy Jafferally (left) receives the sponsorship for the organisers from a Representative of ISG Industrial Supplies of Guyana Inc. Indies Bred racehorses covering 1500m with the winner carting off $700,000. The H3 & lower race for Guyana and West Indies bred horses has a $400,000 pay day over a distance of 1100m. The 2 years old Guyana Bred horses will run over a similar 1100m distance with $350,000 the purse on offer for the winner. The 3 year old Guyana bred and I1 & Lower class racehorses will look to cash in on the $300,000 first prize over 1100m.

While the J2 & K & Lower class will be battling for a $250,000 purse, while the L& Lower non-winners will collide for a $200,000 winners take, both events also over 1100m. Sponsorship for the event has already begun the come in. ISG Industrial Supplies of Guyana Inc. just this week committed to the event handing over their support for the event. The other traditional major sponsors are due to announce their contributions in the coming weeks.

t r o Sp


Collins and Callender promises to set best 100m time at Leonora; Athletes ready to shine

Sponsors and athletes take time out for a photo following yesterday’s press conference ahead of today’s API.

World U18 Championships Nairobi 2017

Guyana’s Daniel Williams cops silver in closest boys’ 400m final in WU18 C/ship history Daniel Williams

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