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A-Z American Roadside Attractions  

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By: Gwen Ryan    

A ​is for A​pple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland 

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Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland started on November 6, 1928. They have  many types of “Hillbilly”art. Also large  groups of older toys can be found there.  

B​ is for Big Duck


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The Big Duck can be found in Flanders,New York. This duck was actually built by a  duck farmer. Every year as a tradition at  Christmas time there is an annual duck  lighting. Where afterwards they sing duck  carols and celebrate. 

C​ ​is for Chester Teapot

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Chester is a 12 by 44 ft. teapot. It was used later in its life to sell teapots and snacks.     

D​is for Dinosaur Park

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Dinosaur Park was built during the great depression. This park was built very close  to Mt. Rushmore and mirrors the actual  size of the prehistoric creatures.     

E​ is for Enchanted Highway 

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The Enchanted Highway was built to bring tourism to a dying city. One of its most  famous pieces is the world's largest  grasshopper. 

F ​is for F​oamhenge  


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The creator of Foamhenge took special care to create an exact replica of the stones used  in the actual Stonehenge but out of foam.  Mark Cline was the builder of the  Foamhenge along with many other  Architectural oddities.   

G ​is for Golden Driller

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The Golden Driller is found in a place once called the “oil capital of the world.”It was  sponsored in 1959. 

H​ is for Haines Shoe House 

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The man who wanted to build the shoe house would give $20 to anyone who knew  his name at baseball games. A butler and a  maid lived along with couples who stayed  there. 

I​is for Igloo City

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This Igloo Hotel can be found in a place called Igloo City, Alaska. The hotel was a  flop and too big to demolish so they kept it  up.   

J ​is for Jolly Green Giant

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This green giant was not made for the food company. It was made by the owner of an  A.M. radio station.   

K ​is for King Kong

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You can stay in an apartment inside Kong’s head. It is also a very close replica of the  King Kong in the famous movies.     

L​ is for Longaberger Basket Headquarters  

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This basket is actually a 7 story office building. It can hold up to 500 people.       

M​ is for Mammy's Cupboard  

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Mammy’s Cupboard was almost bulldozed in 1972 to widen a highway but was saved  by early roadside preservationists.  Mammy’s was built during 1939-1940. 

N ​is for ​the Bridge to   Nowhere 

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This oddity is a suspension bridge originally meant to divert traffic but it was  deemed too flimsy to use. It’s replacement  was washed away in a flood. 

O​ is for Oldest Bob’s Big Boy 

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It’s glowing neon sign is 70 feet tall. Bob’s was visited by the Beatles. 

P​ ​is for Porter Sculpture Park 

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The park’s creator started a sheep ranch. He also is a vegetarian who lives in a shack  during the warm months on top of a hill  overlooking two of his creations. 

Q ​is for Big Quail Family

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This family of quails represent some of the things you can do at this park. The birds  are swimming,skateboarding and playing  soccer.      

R​ is for Roadside America

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There are many running train tracks. You can control most of the trains and lights  with buttons for kids and adults.    

S ​is for Salem Sue

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She is made with 6 tons of fiberglass. On a clear day Sue can be seen from other  counties.   

​T ​is for World’s Largest Ball Of Twine 

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When people visit they can leave behind some twine. The creator started this ball  for no reason.     

U​ is for UFO Welcome Center 

The ship’s creator sometimes sleeps in the  top ship. He is always looking out of  peepholes in the ship searching for Alien  life. 

V ​is For Mesa Verde  

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The name Mesa Verde means Green Table in Spanish. It is one of the 600 cliff  dwellings found in this park.            

W​ is for World's Largest Ball of Paint 

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In the center of the ball there is a baseball covered in blue pastel paint. At times, the  creators can add up to seven coats of paint  a day. People are still adding more paint.     

X​ is for Ice Xylophone

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You can actually make music with it. It is found in an ice museum.     

Y​ is for World’s Largest YoYo 

I​ mage taken from   This YoYo actually has been used. An 80  foot crane was used to release the YoYo. 

Z ​is for Zombie Museum  

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On its official site it states “celebration of zombies in Pop-Culture.”It also includes the  timeline of the living dead.     

Summary There are lots of roadside attractions around the world. From Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland, to the UFO welcome center, America is no exception. These roadside wonders are beyond your wildest dreams.  

A-Z American Roadside Attractions  

There are lots of roadside attractions around the world. From Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland to the UFO welcome center, America i...

A-Z American Roadside Attractions  

There are lots of roadside attractions around the world. From Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland to the UFO welcome center, America i...