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Nostalgia, the picturesque, lost landscape of Melbourne, experiencing the ephemeral. Victor Cobb, Redmond Barry’s old house (Melbourne’s first library),c.1910s, mezzotint with drypoint, 16.8 x 14.4 sheet. This is the picture I am allocated and need to follow the same strategy that artist used. When I see this picture, it is just dark and black and white drawings, but when I read the title of this drawing, this gave me many ideas of this picture. Nostalgia means something we miss and we still remember, but we could not really exactly remember so, when we picture them we could feel the atmosphere of that but not the exact scene. As we can see, drawing illustrates this feeling, which is bit more blurry and darker. Also, this picture gives us lonesome and sad atmosphere at the same time. Therefore, I assume that Victor Cobb tried to illustrate these atmospheres in his drawing which means somewhere we miss, remember and not existing longer.

Perspective drawing 01 This is perspective view of our site. To follow the same strategy that Victor Cobb uses, I decided to use the pencil to draw and I tried to maximise to illustrate lonesome and sad atmosphere. The darkest spot is where we are going to design which is grass area. This is because in the future that area will be designed and transformed with design idea, so existing landscape will be changed except underground bunker structure. In addition I rub the picture with finger a little bit to make blurry image. Secondly, in detail of Victor Cobb’s drawing we can find a cat at the bottom. This means there was life there. Regarding to this, I tried to draw the clue of life in my picture so, there is light from the window of physics building, this means there is lives behind that windows. There-

Perspective drawing 02 Second drawing has different perspective view. I focused on the ground. I drew the shadow of myself. This is because there will be someone will be miss and has some memory within that site. Even though this area is not designed yet, it is enough to make people have some memory there. So I tried to draw the human body shape with following drawing strategy Victor Cobb used.

Plan 1:100 To draw 1:100 plan, it was hard to explain the context around the site with following the strategy that original drawing has. So I divided the site into 4 different frames, and I draw the detail in these. Top left drawing explains two trees. Also it shows that there is nice gap between these two. This gap can be used as entry of the site; we can pass by two trees beside, experience them and see the whole area. Top right one explains that there is main entry to go to the campus into and pass by the site. At the same time there is the cafÊ next to the site. Many people used this area which is busiest spot around the site. Bottom right one explains that there is an adjacent building right next to the site (Physic building). This building makes the nice shadow after 3pm so people can have a break under that shadow. Bottom left one shows the other entry to the site and such a path way between the site and Ian art museum. People use this path way to get into campus and, this street itself has nice atmosphere when I get through it such as nice coffee smell and people’s movements.

Plan 1:500 In 1:500 plan, I used same strategy as 1:100 plan, but I tried to show other contexts that I could not explain in 1:100 plan. Top left one explains that there is bridge that connects two different building across the Swanston Street. On the bridge we can see the site and get nice perspective view and people have experience the site by seeing. Middle left one shows the entire site. We could know the where the site is located, where shadows come from, and where trees are. The site is right next to the Swanston Street, cafĂŠ and Museum. Bottom left one is specifically explaining the path way to go to site from the campus. This is long and narrow way. From that point, people cannot really see the site so this path way can be used to experience people the site at the end of journey of that pathway. Middle right one shows car and tram movements along the Swanston Street. There is terminated tram stop around Melbourne University and many people used that. Trams and cars passed by the site and people can see the site while they are travelling.

Land Use Patterns

Public utilities and their locations



Neighboring characteristics

Transportation System Off-site drainage Patterns Visual Characteristics

Noise Sources


Observation The site is located in the campus of the University of Melbourne. Within approx. 500m from the site, land is used for the properties of university.

Analysis Surrounding areas of the site is mainly occupied by students, staff and visitors of the university of Melbourne. Café, Kiosk, Gallery and physics buildings are observed. The proximity to the existing café creates frequent movement of people around the site. There is no electricity poles visible. Water, gas and teleThis need to be considered when communication mains run along the pedestrian path next there is excavation. However, the to the site. site is covered with filled soil sitting upon artificial structure. The artificial structure should not be removed thus there is no need for consideration in terms of design or construction at the site. There is main tram stop situated in 150m distance. The main tram stop creates active movement of people in/out/ around the site. There is stormwater drainage system running from North The site is not specifically affectto South along Swanston Street. ed by stormwater as drainage system is effectively working. Modern building structure containing art gallery and café. The trees and surround buildings Physics building is located behind. There are two trees on make the open site to be isolated site looking from the opposite side of main street. Those and creates private mood. trees visually cover the site around 40 percent. There is main road with frequent movement of public Noise is produced from such transport such as trams and other vehicles, as well as movement of transport such as demolition process on Melbourne University architecture trams and cars. Also due to daybuilding. time demolition, major noise is caused yet the site is not likely to be highly affected by it as the site is surrounded by other buildings. Specifically none. None


Land use Patterns Circulation Structures

Natural Characteristics


Slope Soil and Geology

Vegetation Climate

Perceptual Characteristics

Fauna Other impressions of the site

The site, measured approximately 20m x 19m, belongs to Melbourne University.

The certificate of title should be under the name of University of Melbourne, thus clear legal boundaries of the site are established. Major users of the site are visitors There are many types and amount from cafĂŠ. Since it is an open space, of users, and it needs to be taken other people from university or into consideration for further design somewhere else come for various approach. activities such as having a rest. There is artificial structure buried The artificial structure should not be under the filled soil at the site. There removed or destroyed which need is no architectural structure upon. to be thoroughly considered during design process. The site is of higher level than the Due to its noticeable level difference surrounding area. the design needs to achieve more effective and easier access entry to the users. Slopes towards the pedestrian path, Waterway can be flashed. but not stiff. There are two types of soil: one is The soil was filled up for the site, upon the artificial structure, and the and especially the soil over artificial other one is more of nutritional soil. structure is not very healthy or great. The grass is rendering the site, not seem to be growing. Two main trees as well as grass It creates private and isolated mood. covering the site. Movement of the sun is from East Generally cool in temperature. to West, and the site is open to East therefore at morning and day time the site is exposed to direct sunlight on sunny day. The site is not much affected by the wind as it is blocked by surrounding buildings. Local birds are visible. Not very considerable for design The site does not have specific The site is with full potential to enboundaries and is located between gage a lot of users and interact with open public spaces and campus. the surrounding environment. The landscape itself is next to gallery and cafĂŠ thus the design needs to consider the cultural context.


Cultural & man-made


Pathway from the campus


It can be used to generate special entrance from the pedestrian to the site

This pathway is surrounded buildings and people cannot see anything except coffee shop so this can be used to make journey, and people can have special experience of the site at the end of the journey, because we cannot see the site unless get to the certain point.

We can have nice shadow from two large trees and surrounding buildings. CafĂŠ and pedestrian People who pass by and have a drink can visit the site directly and experience them.

CONSTRAINTS Artificial structure underneath


Opening space

Bunker cannot be demolished so designer should care of this and constraint the design intent

Trees also can be the constraints as well as opportunity. We need to care about trees

This site is open to the public so the future design should not restrict the people’s traveling.

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