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Left to right: Adette Contreras, Liz Castelli and Erica Taylor

talented educator. She and

Twine is as unique as the

resources—the first woman

her husband, Bertrand

signature styles it creates—

to ever hold the prestigious

hrough a significant

Renaud, have generously

from floral arrangements to

position. Dubbed one of

donation from David

supported five endowments

custom stationery to lighting

President Obama’s “big

at GW, including two

installations. Creativity comes

thinkers” by The Washington

professorships and a fund

naturally to the trio behind

Post, Higginbottom served

that supports the popular

the business, Communications

as policy director for the

Hahn Moo-Sook Colloquium.

Director Erica Taylor, BA

2008 presidential campaign

Their most recent philanthropy

’06, Production Director Liz

and, later, as deputy


Friedman, parent of alumnus

University of Macau

is directed to raising $2.5

Castelli, BS ’05, and Creative

assistant to the president

Joshua Friedman, BA ’12,

million to permanently endow

Director Adette Contreras,

and deputy director of the

a fund for “academic

a new Korean Studies

BBA ’06. The women met

White House Domestic

collaboration” has been

Professorship in the Human-

on campus and, following

Policy Council.

established to bring honor

ities. To date, $600,000 has

graduation, they pooled

students from the University

been garnered, thanks to

their talents to create a

of Macau to study at GW on

their efforts.

venture that has quickly

a visiting, non-degree basis. “GW values cross-cultural relationships with other great educational institutions,”

become a creative power-

AlumnUS Produces Hit Indie Film

David Friedman said. “This


am Slater,

is an excellent opportunity

BA ’06, struck

to . . . provide outstanding students with opportunities to study in Washington, D.C.” The Macau Friedman Fund

Sam Slater, BA ’06

Hollywood gold

with, Drinking Buddies, an

will be part of the GW Global

independent film he

Scholars program, which

co-produced. The movie,

serves short-term, non-degree

which stars Olivia Wilde, has

seeking and degree-seeking

received rave reviews, a host

students at the graduate

of festival awards and was

and undergraduate levels.

the top independent film on iTunes. Slater, a history major,

Legacy of Leadership, Philanthropy

D Young-Key Kim-Renaud photo by Jae-An Lee

was a successful real estate developer before trying his hand at filmmaking. He credits GW with broadening

uring her 12 years as

his interests: “I chose to

chair of the East Asian

take a variety of classes and

Languages and Literatures

open myself to almost

Department, retiring Professor

everything,” he said.

Young-Key Kim-Renaud transformed the landscape of East Asian studies at Columbian College. But her legacy goes well beyond being a strong mentor and

Creative Trio Design Success


he Brooklyn-based event

design shop Tinsel & alumni & friends page 40

house and has been featured in New York Magazine, Daily Candy and Refinery29.

Wowing Broadway


hile majoring in political communica-

tions, Eva Price, BA ’00, was bit by the theater bug.

Higginbottom First Female Deputy Secretary of State


After graduation, she debuted her production talents on Broadway as the co-founder of her own theater, television, music and film company. Her

eather Higginbottom,

latest hit, a new take on

MA ’99, was named the

Peter Pan entitled Peter

U.S. deputy secretary of

and the Starcatcher, took

state for management and

the Great White Way by

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