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"...a sip of greek culture, hospitality and elegance, paired with the flavours of an enchanting past and intriguing present..."

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Who we are GW is a company offering wine and gastronomy experiences in the winelands of Greece.! GW focuses to Greek wine and uses it as a reference point and an inspiration so as to offer genuine experiences and innovative products to all those seeking to explore the rich culture lying beneath the Greek vineyards and to feel it in a deeper and more essential way, strongly related to everything unique that the historical wine lands of Greece generously offer.! GW aims to showcase to a worldwide public the Greek winelands and their treasures in the best way possible.!

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GW is about‌ ‌a wine trip, a route on aesthetics, the natural environment, history, culture and wine knowledge of a place, where wine tasting is the culmination, the end of this path.

What we offer (a) ❖

creatively designed, wine trips and experiences that provide:! ❖

an exceptional insight to the historical past of the winelands of Greece as well as their natural environment and rich cultural heritage and!

a unique experience on the regional products that these fertile places so generously offer.

What we offer (b) ❖

a trusted and updated online database providing structured information on:! ❖

the numerous wineries of Greece,!

the people behind the scenes,!

the wide variety of high quality wines that the Greek wineries offer and!

reviews from wine aficionados from all over the world

Who we address to (a) ❖

The stakeholders of the travel business ecosystem:! ❖

worldwide travel agencies who wish to offer their clients high quality oenotourism and gastronomy services in the Greek wine lands!

worldwide wine clubs who wish to offer their members visits and wine experiences to the places of origin of the Greek wines!

hotels based in Greece who want to propose their clients exciting wine trips in the winelands of Greece while their stating!

individual travellers from all over the world who wish to get to know with the rich culture of the Greek historical wine lands

Who we address to (b) ❖

The stakeholders of the business sector ecosystem:! ❖

companies of the public or private sector who wish:! ❖

to realise business meetings with their partners in the hospitable Greek wineries while offering them high aesthetics wine and gastronomy experiences!

to offer their employees team building trips and events to the wine lands of Greece

Who we address to (c) ❖

The stakeholders of the wine business ecosystem:! ❖

owners of Greek wineries who wish their winery to be included to the GW trip collections and their wines to be presented to wine aficionados from all over the world!

owners of Greek wine restaurants and bars who wish to present their services to a worldwide public!

oenologists, sommeliers and wine critics who wish to present their professional profile to an international target group

We will be happy to meet your dreams!

Contact us E-mail: ! info@gw-thegreekwineroutes.com!

! Website:! www.gw-thegreekwineroutes.com!

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Company profile  


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