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your greek grape varieties mini guide


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The information about the Greek grape varieties mentioned in the current guide is found in the website of the Greek Wine Federation (

Agiorgitiko The notable and mostly sought after, grape of Nemea. It gives wines with beautiful dark red colour and rich velvety taste.

Assyrtiko This white grape variety is the most important grape of Santorini and it has been successfully planted in Nothern Greece and the Peloponnese. It has high levels of acidity, even when fully mature.

Athiri A white grape widely distributed in the southern Aegean islands and Halkidiki. Its wines have a delicate lemony aroma and rich taste.



Debina This white grape from Epirus shows great potential regarding the production of fresh, dry and sparkling wines.

Kotsifali Cretan red grape. It gives wines with high alcohol content, soft and spicy. It is usually vinified together with Mandilaria.

Limnio This red grape is an ancient variety indigenous to the island of Limnos. The "Limnia ambelos" (Limnos grape) as it was called in antiquity was widely praised by ancient writers.

Malagousia A fine white variety, that gives rich and aromatic wines.

Mandilaria Red grape from the Aegean Sea. It is usually vinified together with other varieties, that tame its difficult character and add finesse to its earthy aromas

Mavrodafni The famous aromatic grape cultivated in vineyards in Patra and Cefalonia. Most Mavrodafni grapes are used for the production of the highly graded, aged, red sweet wine carrying the same name.



Moschofilero Cultivated in the Mantinia plateau and in southern Peloponnese to produce white wines with intense and distinct aromas of Muscat, rose, peppermint and lemon.

Robola White grape, one of the most elegant Greek varieties. Cultivated in the island of Cefalonia and in Central Greece, it gives fresh wines with a lemony taste.

Roditis It is cultivated almost everywhere in Greece. When cultivated and produced with care, its wines are light and easy to drink, with a nice fruity taste.

Savatiano The most widely distributed grape in the Greek vineyard. It is cultivated mainly in Attica and the rest of Central Greece. Together with Roditis, it is one of the main grapes for the production of retsina.

Vilana Old Cretan variety. A white grape that gives pleasant wines with aromas of flowers and fruit, when carefully cultivated.

Xinomavro The most distinguished red variety of Northern Greece. It manages well in continental climates, and its grapes have an intensely acidic taste, even when mature.

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