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RITA NEVES Rita Neves, born in Lisbon, 1987. In 2015 she discovers her passion for surf and waves. Three years later, she bought her first professional camera and decided that she really wanted to be able to capture those moments that only surf allows. Quickly she realizes that she wanted to do that for the rest of her life, though the idea was not well accepted by her parents that while recognizing her talent, didn’t see action sports photography as a profitable activity. In 2011 she finishes her degree as Image reporter, where besides improving her photographer skills, she won a special passion for video and editing. After her graduation, she was an intern at VISĂƒO magazine, where she had the chance to meet and photograph different national and international personalities. Since then, she has been working as free-lance photographer in several areas. In 2012 she started shooting for Surf Total website, with whom she currently works with. In the past month, she had her first photograph in an international surf magazine (Fluir magazine)

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In this year first edition, we couldn’t slide by without congratulating “our” bodyboard world champion Teresa Almeida. She gives us a glimpse of this adventure, with the thrills of the competition and winning in Chile. Also, a highlight on the Roller Derby world championship, where Team Portugal participated for the first time. Later, we go for a ride on the other side of the world, with the second part of Ollie and Claire journey, and we pit stop in Sal Island to catch up with Inês Correia Kiteboard practice for this season. We also take you to meet Lipstick Productions, an “all girls” movie producer, and a snowboarder that promises to shake the snowboard world - Katie Vogel. In arts, Catarina Machado brings us her art inspired by the sea and by her passion for surf and snowboard. Still, we have time to invite you all to meet a very special group of ladies that doesn’t stop, even with the cold winter season - Salty Friends will show us how to ally surf with yoga, without forgetting the good vibes! We are very happy to have a photography section, and cover by a girl.. a girl who rides: surf photographer and also a surfer. Its a big edition, enjoy it and Happy 2015!

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foto : Vince Emond

flash interview

katie s. vogel

Her name is Katie S. Vogel, aka Vogelicious or Moo and she was born on September 30th, 1992. She lives in Wisthler, B.C in Canada, though she was born in Sunshine Coast, and she´s already a hope for world snowboarding. Sponsored by DC Snowboarding and Somewon Collective, she’s proud to have taken her pilot´s licence, achieving the 1st place on Showcase Big Air and entering the Canadian National Development Team.

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The beggining I started snowboarding when I was 17, so this will be my 5th season. When I lived back home on the Sunshine Coast I rode horses, but after moving to Vancouver I had to find a new hobby. I found a great deal on a season’s pass at one of the local hills and I was hooked, soon after I moved to Whistler!

Feelings when riding. I like facing my fears while riding. This and the adrenaline rush are what I look for and make snowboarding so fulfilling. Advices.. Put the time in. Everything takes time and practise. Find what you are passionate about and put all your effort into it. I saw a ‘Ted Talks’ episode that I found inspiring, it featured Larry Smith and he said, “You need 20 interests, and then one of them, one of them might grab you, one of them might engage you more than anything else, and then you may have found

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foto : Vince Emond your greatest love in comparison to all the other things that

Revy is another big mountain without all the tourists, it’s got

interest you,and that’s what passion is.”

a great vibe from everyone there and barely any lines and a

Snowboarding is my passion and I have spend the past 5

pow days can last a week!

years since I discovered it, making my life revolve around it. Best Tricks Favourite Place

My favourite trick has to be back rodeo 5, my best trick is

I haven’t travelled too much yet so I can only speak for

front 7.

mountains in Western Canada, and my two favourites are

Currently I am taking a step back to make sure some of my

Whistler and Revelstoke. Whistler has so much variety and

basics are perfect and correcting some old habits before

an amazing park! Everything is perfect and you can trust how

learning new tricks this season!

features are made, they have it dialled! | 09

ph. romain dujean

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foto : Ilanna Barkusky

Aladdin’s Lamp and 3 wishes Perfect Day..

1. To not need to work anymore

Any blue bird day in the park with friends and no line ups!

2. To have more hours in a day 3. And to be surrounded by happy and inspired people

Other Sports.. Downhill mountain biking, my boyfriend used to race so he

Travel Backpack

spent the summer teaching me. I also still love horseback

Laptop, cliff bars and probably an energy drink.

riding, but haven’t had the chance to go in a long time. Hopes and Plans for 2015 Who would you like to ride with?

This year I plan to go to a world cup for the first time and start

Torstein for sure. He’s definitely my favourite rider and who

to travel more for

wouldn’t want to ride with the person that inspires them?

contests. My goal is to get on the National team and eventually the Canadian Olympic team, so I just want as much progression as possible this year and try and improve my current ranking. | 11

foto : Vince Emond

chase your dreams Even if the big picture might seem impossible, when you start taking small steps the next step always seems easy.

Time Machine I would go back to 1992, to visit my Dad Super Power To be able to fly, I’ve dreamed about it since I was a kid. I’ve done the next two closest things; got my pilot’s license and ride slopestyle jumps!

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foto : Toby Cowley

foto : Ilanna Barkusky

Marta Leit達o, Paul do Mar

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by Ollie & Claire

Winter season is ending in Wanaka, everyone is packing‌ to new horizons. It was hard to leave the place, our marks, our friends and a part of our lives !! But everything comes to an end and it was time to get a 4x4 and hit the road, the rest of the country, the wild coasts, vulcanos and other mud bath‌ The Rotorua region is a geothermal place pretty active and insane !! Then we ended up in Aukland at a friend place and bim bam boom: here we are in the plane to the Fiji islands.

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Fiji ! Holidays, sun, chill and some mosquitos… the plan is balance in every possible way: Indo board, slakeline, paddle, coconuts… After having a swim with the sharks (without cage !) we decided it was time to go back to the asphalt and so are our skateboards ! So here we are: California! We stayed a few days at venice beach at some friends place who knows about the famous locals skateparks. Sketaparks where we met Bailey, barefoot on her board and cruising around… We chat for 5, she leaves her mark, she put shoes on and said: “this one’s for you “.

LA is crazy, you can feel it everywhere, the town is big and start to be a bit oppressing. Let’s take a big van and hit the road to get blast again (for a change ;) ) We skate, we roll, we film, we drink…. Claire makes a skateboard stunt and one scaphoid bone broken later we only got yoga left. We got back to the coast, a bit broken for the surf sessions we expected but no regrets: we’ll be back ! Next trip starts in early 2016 but shhhh… its a secret ;) See you soon for the next adventure !

Suggestions by Ollie and Claire: FIJI

The Beach House


The Neon Museum


Antelope Canyon


We especially liked hanging out over there and to taste some good fishes

And‌ To wake up every day with the sunrise is the best advance.

Follow Ollie and Claire at:

foto: Alenka Klinar


foto: Alenka Klinar

Lipstick Productions project was born in 2010 when Conny Bleicher got to the idea to start a european all girl snowboard production. There was no platform for non competitive girls at the time so she contacted about 15 snowboarders and everybody was excited about the idea. Soon after, she managed to get sponsors together and they were on their first year mission to make a video. Since there was quite a lot of work and Conny was all over the place, she asked Ana Rumiha to help her out and they’ve been on it together since then. We’ve talked with Ana to know more about her, and this all girl movie productions.

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foto: Alenka Klinar

What is the concept behind Lipstick Productions? The concept behind the Lipstick productions is to show a different perspective on snowboarding. Girls snowboarding is much different than the guys, we can’t always ride full power and it’s hard to always turn our brains off and not think about the consiquences. We imagined our crew to be a group of friends who spend the winter together traveling to known and unknown places in search of good times, just doing what they love. It turned out to be even better than we

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predicted and after a chaotic year we came out with our first movie and it put a big smile on our faces. Who are Lipstick Productions team members? Originally it was around 15 of us, including all the best euro girls but now our core are Conny Bleicher, Lisa Filzmoser, Urska Pribosic, Julia Baumgartner, Vera Janssen, Basa Stevulova, Diana Sadlowski and me.

What is the best part of riding together with your

What do you love the most in board sports (snowboard,


skate..) that always has you shing for a little bit more?

The best part of riding with your friends is sharing the

The whole beauty of the board sports is that you’re outdoors,

moment. Snowboarding and nature are amazing but if

you live with the envorinment and you can never learn

you experience it alone there’s no way you can retell it to

everything. There’s no good or bad way of doing it, there’s

someone as it really was. Friends are there toshare the

no contest, it’s all about how creative you are and what

hapiness and make memories you will be able to remember

you want to do with your day. Riding easy slopes with your


friends might be as much fun as hitting big jumps, there are

We know that when you’re riding you always want “5

no rules how to have fun.

more minutes..please?”

foto: Alenka Klinar

foto: Alenka Klinar

You have already delighted us with great productions like

many wolf tracks. If you think you’ve been in the middle of

Eurotic, Boobilicious, among others. Now you have the nowhere, you haven’t been in the middle of nowhere. However, most recent “Something” movie. What funny stories or

we wanted the adventure, and we got a real one that’ll stick with

memorable situations do you have from this journey?

us forever.Que dificuldades encontraram ao implementar

Filming for “Something” this year, our main two trips were Canada and Georgia. The snow conditions in the beginning of

What are the difficulties you’ve encountered during the implementation of this project?

the winter were very unpredictable but we were still hoping for

Making “Something” was financially and logistically the

a good snowfall in Alberta. We couldn’t be more wrong. Instead

hardest year so far. The industry is having a hard time, some

of promised powder we ended up in the icy mountains not being of the girls had to take different paths because of it too. We able to snowboard at all. At this point some other crews would

could all feel a low moral but in the end we managed to get

probably go crazy but we still had the best possible time. Mark

together for couple of weeks and kept the thing going by

Gallup, famous photographer and a legend, took us around snow

making at least something. Girls snowboarding is always

shoeing, telling us stories about Craig Kelly and snowboarding

supported much less than the guys and everything we do

history. We eventually did get some snow last 2 days but travels

turns out the way it does beacuse we love it, stick together

do not always turn out the way you hope and you should always

and work hard for it just to leave the mark and show the girls

remember not to waste time you have with our friends.

how much fun it can be. T

For our next trip in Georgia we already had high expectation,

Apart from difficulties what are the positive feedbacks

since we had a blast the year before, but it turned out even

you have gained from these experiences?

more amazing than we hoped. Our friend Oleg, who is running the Gudauri Travel, hosted us with 2 weeks of the best powder Georgia can offer. We drove the the furtherst parts of the country on the road you can’t even imagine and ended in a town that looks like game of thrones scene. ( For 2 weeks we had fresh snow every 3rd day and a mountain

Every year we make it through is a positive thing by itself. We might be unsetisifed sometimes and think we could’ve done better but there are always people who are waiting to see our movie and support us. Knowing that we positively effect even a small group of people gives meaning to this whole thing. As for us, every time riding somewhere together is a prize itself.

for ourselves. Oleg took us to the village that haven’t seen We know we’re one of the few who can enjoy this lifestyle and tourist ever in their lives and a wonderful local family hosted us for a week. Everything they had, they shared with us, although even the electricity was a problem. We were transported up the mountain by an old tractor through the heavy terrain with too

never waste our good moments.

Lipstick Productions as really made the difference in Do you have plans for the next movie already? Can you women’s snowboarding movies. The sport really needed a project like this. How do you feel knowing you create inspiration for girls all over the world?

give us a glance? Since we feel like we all need to recharge our batteries we decided to take a break for this year. It was almost impossible

Now you said Lipstick productions made a change and

to finnish the last movie and losing our quality is not an option

inspired people put smiles on our faces. That is all we ever

any more. We’ll still do our little random projects this winter

wanted to do and hearing a confirmation is just fullfiling. Since

because we’ll still be snowboarding but what how and when

the day 1, every time we get a message how we inspired

is something none of us know at the moment. Hopefully next

someone to go snowboarding it makes our day.

year we’ll all miss our chaotic order and get back to making another movie.

foto: Alenka Klinar

foto: Alenka Klinar


DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME LADIES,NEVER BE ASHAMED TO TRY. MOUNTAINS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU’LL NEVER GET TODAY BACK. There’s no big difference in being more and less skilled snowboarder, we can all have the same fun on every stage of the progress.

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The Journey The journey. Team re-united, golds set, great environment and a strong will and proud to be representing my country.

Regarding the world cup, things just went happening. I went to Chile with a gold to bring the collective world title and I knew that for that to happen, I had to give my best. This was going through my mind and it was my focus. First heats went well and I was super motivated to get a good result.

The World Championship

Reaching the final, before the big final, this championship has

Chile. Two days without boards, due to luggage delay.

strength to reach the final again.

Meanwhile, we took the first days to know the place, the wave and to do all the necessary preps. I spent amazing days in Chile, very well settled, great environment and everything went well. I think this was fundamental for my result. The wave was great, rock bottom both side, perfect for bodyboard.

| 30

the advantage of repechage, I lost, what give me even more

And so, in the last day, I passed the last two repechages and I went to the big final with the ideal motivation to win the title. I fought, I dreamed and as the final ended, I couldn’t believe I was the new world champion! It was a moment I will never forget, I can’t even explain what I felt in that moment. Listening to the national anthem and receiving the medal.

diรกrio do mundial

| 31


Bodyboard in Portugal

The feeling of winning the gold medal, representing our

Women’s Bodyboard in Portugal is on the right track. The

country is unique. Later, coming back to Portugal I had a

level is increasing and there is more competition and a new

reception at the airport that I could never imagine. It’s very

generation with lots of will and talent, and I think that in the

good to feel everyone’s support!

next years they will be the ones bringing joy to our country.

I think this result and the entire team result was great for bodyboard and I hope that will help the sport to grow.

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Who are the Salty Friends?

Meetings already held and plans for the future?

Salty Friends are a group of women above 35, with different paths that come together to share something that

As a group we had our 1st meeting on 13th of November

brings them closer: the passion by the sea, the waves and

2014 and we hope to soon organize the next, there is still no

the surf.

date set, but there will be more Salty Friends girls that have

We started being a group of friends that has grown, but

joned the group.

always keeps up the fundamental - which is the ALOHA spirit!

The meetings are marked by good humor, where

We want to share experiences, smiles, photographs, yoga

surfing and yoga are complementary and help to a relaxed

and everything that is part of this spirit that brings us together, in a way that can enrich our days. Today, the group has 56 members with different surf levels.

atmosphere and time well spent. We plan to successfully organize the event elsewhere in the country, combining the concept of a mega surftrip where can all live together and share good waves and experiences.

How often do you meet to surf? The first group usualy gets together two to three times a week, depending on the availability of each and the sea conditions.

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Alpes s Italiano Villagio Olimpico


14 > 21 Março 2o15 > 529 euros - Inclui -

Alojamento Residence Villaggio Olimpico Sestriere Apartamentos 4 Pessoas com Pequeno Almoço + 6 Dias Forfait Via Lattea = 400Km Pistas + Olympic Card · Piscina + Ginásio + Guarda Skis + Seguro Platina + WorkShop Freestyle e FreeRide com Vídeo Correcção By Kiko Rincon + Surpresas...

- Extras -

Transfer Privado Milão - Sestriere - Milão (Malpensa) 59€ + Aluguer Pack Snowboad 65€ + Aluguer Só Skis 55€ + Aluguer Pack Ski 85€ + Extra Skis Gama Alta 40€ + Aulas Snowboard CC Board 6 Dias · 2 horas/dia · 2 Níveis Experiência 95€ + Aulas Ski Sestriere School 6 Dias · 2 Horas/dia 175€ + Apartamento ocupado por 3 Pessoas 554€/pessoa + Apartamento ocupado por 2 Pessoas 594€/pessoa + Suplemento Meia Pensão 100€ + Transporte Prancha/Skis ida e volta 40€ + Transporte de Mala Viagem ida e volta 22€

CC Board Center

Rua Actor António Silva, Lj. 5A · 1600-404 Lisboa · Tel. 217 575 682 ·

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RITA NEVES photography

| 41

For how long have you been an action sports photographer? Why this professional choice? You also practice any action sport? I started surfing and skating with my friends back in 2005. Surf photography came in 2008 when I bought my first camera. The passion for the sea and the waves, and the fewer talent for surf, made me spent most of the time out of the water photographing my friends, and trying to pass to others trough photography the lifestyle, the tricks and the perfect waves.

Relationship with other photographers (mainly man)? It’s a good one, and in the championships we have time to be and meet other photographers and I always learn a lot. Specially, with my colleagues from Surf Total, they are amazing and they are always ready to help. How do you see womens action sport in our days? There are more and more girls showing they can be as good as men. Women’s surf has evolved a lot, and girls are powerful, with more fluid and beautiful tricks.


nte Cada vez mais as raparigas estão a mostrar que podem ser tao boas como os rapazes. O surf feminino evoluiu bastante as rapartigas estão com power, com manobras mais fluidas e bonitas. nsas.

Since you started working until today, what evolution have you noticed in women’s sport? When I started you didn’t see many women’s in the water, today you see a big difference, mainly because of the boom in surf schools, where they start learning very soon, and there are new talents showing up. We can see in the championships that the level is top, and the girls are showing up.

What athletes do you prefer to photograph? Kelly Slater is without a doubt my favorite. But we have very good surfers here that are starting to show up outside, Vasco Ribeiro, Frederico Morais among others. In the girls, I like to shoot Teresa Bonvalot, she has spirit, I love photographing her, and she will reach far for sure!

| 45

Any funny story during a session? This year, in the worldcup in Peniche, I was shooting that freestyle session from Kelly Slater. In the end of the session I went to pick up my GoPro to take a selfie with Kelly, and when my time arrived I was pushing the wrong button without realizing, he got it and started laughing, picked up the camera and took the selfie himself. It was so funny, I love that photo! nte Cada vez mais as raparigas est達o a mostrar que podem ser tao boas como os rapazes. | 46

i love shooting

empty and perfect waves!

| 47

^ ines correia

photo by Maria Enfondo

sal island

| 48


This year my training season in Cape Verde started earlier

session I have here is very special and important to evolve,

than usual, because last year the two months I spent here

because I’m in the company of most of the top athletes in the

where amazing and I got to practice and evolve a lot, so I


though it would be a good bet to stay for a little longer. I’ve been kiting in the morning in the most popular beach, Sal Island is one of the most complete locations and with

where the wind is onshore and the waves a bit cluttered, but

the best condition to kitesurf in the waves from December to

without any doubt a good place to practice on hard conditions.

March. There are several types of wave and winds and it’s a

Then in the afternoon we try to go north where the right waves

very complete island with lots of spots.

frequency is bigger , or when we have the chance to have Ponta Preta with waves, we take advantage of it, but usually

This year, the conditions have not been perfect, in my

with a lot of crowd.

opinion due to the intense haze that has been insisting not to leave the island. The wind has been somewhat inconsistent and the waves have been slow to appear. Even so, each

For now we are half season, and I hope to have a lot of good sessions in the future.

| 49



When RVCA started in 2000, it was established as a collective platform for artists and designers; a creative home for likeminded individuals from diverse subcultures; a close-knit community that combined art, music and fashion in an original way; a design-driven lifestyle brand that defined itself through its creators, not its sales. Since then, we’ve kept it that way: clean, simple, authentic. Trans- cending the boundaries of traditional action sports apparel, RVCA ap- pears as a natural on the shelves of boutiques as on those of a local skate shop. RVCA is more than a clothing company, its a collaboration of sorts, a lifestyle within itself. The RVCA name (pronounced: rou-ka) was developed first and fore- most out of the “V” and “A” — which symbolizes the Balance of Op- posites and how they coexis

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26 |

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| 56

My name is Catherine Machado, I was born in Porto in 1975 and I am an artist. I graduated in architecture in 1998 following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather, I did a Master Degree in Contemporary Art, I attended some theoretical courses of Contenporaneum Art and alongside the architecture course, I was in the painter studio of Arthur Terra where I started my journey in contact with the techniques and materials. I give painting classes since 2005 in free SBN studio in Oporto. During these 23 years, I’ve participated in various artistic workshops not only in painting but also screen printing paint, resin and fiberglass. I love to try new materials and explore them, one of the latest was the plasticine - I loved to revive the feeling of being a child and we playing with this stuff! From this experiment resulted works with shapes and chromaticity similar to my pictures creating however, a threedimensional effect. The sea is my greatest source of inspiration. My work is mainly painting on canvas but I also explore video art, photography and installation.

| 57

When did your interest in art began?

Cupid, Prometheus and Páris, exploring with this theme the human figure in full scale screens, with considerable size

The world of designs and color involved me early, I’ve been

canvas. The architecture contributed greatly to my creative

surrounded by art ever since I was born! My parents and

development in the sense of spatial composition of the screen,

Grandparents taste for painting, architecture, photography,

having learned to work in different scales and explore some

music and literature allowed me to wake up for this world

tridimensional works. The next phase resulted in geometric

and establish my love for art. Soon, I began to associate

works with a color palette often monochromatic, rather then

myself with paper and pencil and canvasses and paints.

exploring “black and white”. The infuence of architecture in

My grandmother was also a painter, inspired by the poetry

this series of works was full, as I photographed all buildings

of Fernando Pessoa and it always enchanted me to see her

that pleased me, and these images served me as reference

painting! My father is an architect as well as photographer,

to translate them to the screen, deconstructing them and

and the fascination was immense to see him reveal in the

making them abstract.

dark room and from paper display images ... amazing!! Your dash First years / first works In 1998 completing the course in architecture, I felt a need The emotional relationship with painting grew as I began to

to break free of geometric and rigid references that inspired

demonstrate resourcefulness in seized techniques, I started

me, I began to go on the blank canvas and painting my

by watercolor, through oil and surrendered to the acrylic and

emotions and experiences. The color palette exploded with

the technique I use today. In my first works I was inspired

the rainbow and the gesture ruled today. The work became

by Greek mythology and their gods that touched me, like

organic. I try to transmit rhythm and movement through lines..

The ellipse is constant in my work since year 2000.

Surf and Art

Influences and inspirations

I learned to surf in 1996 and simultaneous I met my artistic language wich identifies my works today. Art critics

My parents, my grandparents, my family, my friends, my when writing about my work associate my painting to surf, friends dogs, my peers, some teachers, the sea, swimming movements, colors and rhythm that I broadcast. My artistic in Miramar waves with my mother, music, dance, dance a lot language brings us to the idea of lines generated by the .. .my everyday, all my experiences are my influences and rhythmic swell of the sea, through the creation of chromatic inspiration ... surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, golf too dissonant environments as well as the ephemeral lines drawn ... (all these sports that I practice and it is curious that they all by the maneuvers of a surfboard, made by the surfer when have curved movements. The music accompanies me every you drop in the water walls formed by the waves of the sea. day while painting! In fact the music always accompanies me,

The sea and the surf inspire me the positive energy

painting, driving, lessons ... just the sound of the waves is transmitted, the beauty of movements, replaced by music!

always curved,

always elliptical.

| 59

In my imagination, Iinhabit these movements, these wavy curves, glides creamy, fragmented foams...

vinyl landed painted by me inside out. Under fluorescent lights lighted the painting and the feet of those who trod. Also I especially like the light box that stands out in Bugo on the

Your favourite work I’ve

always keep my favourite work of each series

street Miguel Bombarda, personalized restaurant by me. The activities and exhibitions

created, they are in the “Artist Collection” :) I especially like a panel of 6 screens I have in my room - the series “Little Wing”

When completing my degree in arquitechtute, I decided

inspired by Jimi Hendrix song lyrics. A quadriptic with black

to dedicate myself 100% to painting, running for several

background with two meters by two meters that I offered to

competitions and biennials and being chosen. In 1998 I was

my parents in the series “Backwash”. I really like the outcome

invited by the painter Augusto Canedo to join the group of

of the wall “Ocean Vibes” I painted on the facade of the new young artists emerging from his gallery, the For Love The Art Cine Village Theatre Cerveira building two years ago by Gallery. invitation of the International Biennial of Cerveira Art.

Since then I’ve participated in some of the best international

I think that it worked well, the installation I made in the

art fairs, like the New Art Barcelona’99, IV Atlantic Forum of

“Project Room” Gallery for Love the art with several pallets

Pontevedra, Transito Toledo 2000 Art Al’hotel Valencia 2000

together that made the route of exposure where a translucent

in two editions of Miart in Milan. In Spain I was represented by two galleries, making in both individual exposures. In Gallery Edurne Madrid I painted one wall, already with spray (2003), resulting in a wall that remained during my exhibition entitled “Flow”. The Gallery Carmen Street led me to participate in art fairs like Vienna Austria, Seville and ARCO Madrid where the Fundacion Cultural Cadiz adquired my works. With Gallery Sala Maior I as distinguished in galleries such as the claimed Art Cologne in Germany and with Gallery Alvarez I went to several editions of Arte Lisboa. In 2003 and 2004 I organized exhibitions of young artists in the art for love gallery, located at Rua Miguel Bombarda in Oporto, a place known for simultaneous openings of exhibitions of art galleries in the Street (approximately 20 galleries and alternative spaces artistic). And that’s when I got the taste of organizing exhibitions, something that I have spent heavily time doing in the last two years. I was the artistic director responsible for all programming of MAG (Marcolino Art Gallery) in downtown Oporto since its beginning in 2012. I was also the curator of the project of street art of “Wall Street Lionesa” the greatest collective of artists in northern Portugal and also DOMA a project in Douro Marina that started in June 2014 Artist roll in modern society As an artist I intend to pass through my artistic discourse some positive feelings. I use the slogan “want is power.” With this positive speech I want to get forward through my painting associated with feeling joy and freedom that surfing and the sea emanate, I was invited to be a speaker inTEDx Matosinhos edition with the theme “to tack” in 2013. Under the Fantasporto’11 - Cinema and art - it was prepared and presented in Rivoli, a documentary about my artistic career entitled “Backside PaintingI Catarina Machado” - produced by Raquel Vidal where this message is focused.

Plans for the future Right now I’m painting for a solo exhibition for which I was invited to perform at this year’s Sea Museum in Cascais. It is part of my plans to go back to my rhythm of painting! (I organized nearly 30 exhibitions in 25 months, the time devoted to painting lately was very low). Now at the beginning of 2015, I intensively resumed my daily relationship with inks. And now its time to breathe well again. I also want to do more surfing and if possible go in March to Grand Valira for some snowboarding! | 65

roller DERBY

world cup by


| 67

Meeting point: Campanhã Station. Travel is going to be

like a rockstar for the most “badass” band in the world.

quite long. We would have to wait more than 20 hours to land on the place that would fullfill a dream for many women.

As soon as we arrived to the hotel, we quickly realized that

Porto, Lisbon, London and finally Dallas. The question hung

the adventure would begin. Wrong hotel, we tried to get the

in the air. What to do for so many hours? How to pass the

same shuttle to take us to the right hotel, which unfortunately

time? We should have known each other better ... 15 women

meant not being as close to downtown as you wish. The

together on the same flight, eager for all that was to come.

derby girls are a tribe apart. We identify ourselves at a distance, and when we reached the hotel, we knew perfectly

I looked around me and I saw familiar faces from derby

well who was on the tribe, and who was not.

everywhere. The plane was not only led to Team Portugal. faces of Sweden, England and other countries, populated that

It was Monday, which meant we had a free tuesday to

plane, making it even more special .... a charter of derby girls,

stroll through Dallas. It was cold, very cold. I’ve passed by

in itself, already seemed a conquered dream. Finally, after

Dallas a few years ago, and I knew that Dallas, as a city, did

origami, a lot of talk, movies and photos, we landed at Dallas

not have much to offer. We walked lost, looking for something,

airport. Everyone knew that after this, nothing would be the because in fact, the nervous niggling was already installed, same. We all knew that one day we would look back, and we and we could not look at a showcase without thinking that in would be able to tell our children and grandchildren that we

a few days we would be stepping in the most important track

were the first Portuguese team to participate in a Roller derby

in the world.

world championship. For much “cheesy” as it may seem, I felt

Breakfast was an event itself. Everywhere we saw t-shirts

with logos of teams from around the world. I thought, how can

Center, and knowing they will represent their country. Maybe

this group of women without support, without any safety net

a few years ago, I imagined myself at home with children ...

have crossed thousands of miles, and be here to compete in

as social conventions suggest. But no. Not us. We have 30 or

a world cup. Willpower can take us everywhere, and indeed so, and we feel young, and very able to show the Lusitanian only those who are crazy enough to dream big, are living a

claw. I cried at the end of training. Anxiety, fear of failure, the


culmination of so much.

On Wednesday, was we prepared our bags with the

I lay down that night charged with fears. The day after, I

equipment, the faces began to change slowly. There was a

knew I was going to be the first to go as jammer against Team

mix of expressions, breathing with more difficulty, laughing

Brazil. I had been training my mind. I told myself several times

uncontrolled, exchanged glances, and deepbreathes.

that when I step on that track my mind canot give in, it as to

We entered the bus more quietly ... responsibility began to

be amazing, strong and capable. Team Brazil was a team

weigh. It was only one day of training. We were going to test

with more experience than us. They had entered the first

the floor, but my stomach did not knew the difference. It’s not

worldcup back in 2011, when we were starting the roller derby

easy to explain what is going on in the head of women’s in

in Portugal, and most of us did not even know rollerblading.

their 30s (mostly), when they first enter the Dallas Convention

Also, they had a very experienced player, that had trained

| 69

over the years. It was hard ... but we knew that our group win. It was time to breathe, stop, think, and play. Gradually was fearless, strong, with claw, and that these characteristics

the score was changing in a game not adviced for people

could be able to win. We reached the breakdown tied.

with heart conditions, we felt that we were so close to victory,

The surprise in peoples faces, they did not knew us, the

only this time we wouldn it let it pass by. The last jam, was

“announcers” who didn’t even know that Portugal had roller

undoubtedly the longest jam of my life. I was completely worn

derby, was remarkable. We already had won. Portugal was

out, exhausted, my legs would not obey, the head used

already in the mouths of everyone, as a promise team, a

his last cartridges. I looked back and saw the other jammer

team that surprised everyone. We lost, but we got the taste

scoring. I looked at the scoreboard and saw the points

of victory.

difference approaching. After a moment of discussion with my body, I could go a little further ... seemed kilometers. Finally

Then came the game against Switzerland. A team of

the whistle. When the whistle sounds, the result is still subject

which little or nothing we knew about. We feared fatigue, to change, and with a result so fierce, we did not know if we since most of us had never participated in a tournament.

had in fact won. We embraced each other .... looked away

The hardest to become athletes in adulthood is undoubtedly

projection, some trembled, others were silent. Could this be

mental preparation. The game started badly, very badly. The

our first victory? Again seconds seemed hours. Maybe it was

marker pointing 0 for us, and the clock already marked a few the shouts, jumps, or the hug strength, but I knew we had minutes. This is not what we had imagined, we wanted to

won, and that nothing made us feel so good. We emerged | 71

in an endless joy. This result no one could take away from

environment that promotes roller derby. See it all. On the

us. And after we lost, this victory tasted better than ever. The edge of the tracks, we see plastic kangaroos, pro-gay flags, “announcers� again wove praise our team.

men dressed as women, and vice versa, we see freedom. One sees, feels and smells. In the derby, we are really, who

The next day was a dark day, very dark. We were going

we want to be. No facades, no fears. To be and let be.

to play against one of the best teams in Europe, France. The victory was completely impossible, so the important thing

Last Day. Again, the faces changed. Nostalgia was

was to play well. We continued to surprise everyone and

beginning to reach us, and we could still hear the whistles

everything. Even worse, the game happened in the morning.

perfectly. It was the last game, and we did not know when,

The game against Switzerland was the last of the day. We

and if, we would live this experience ever again. The good of

surrender ourselves to the capabilities of France, their game,

mankind is to be thirsty, to want more and more. This dream

their athletes. They are, in fact, someone we admire, and

was already being implemented, we wanted to envision a

aspire to be. What to do when we play with real roller derby

future, a goal. The last game was against Denmark. We had

ninjas? Maintain posture, and look straight at the opponent.

already seen them play in Europe, and we knew they were

And we did it. We knew well. Learning is part of the process.

a very strong team. Hence our surprise when in the marker, the advantage was ours. Maybe it was the fatigue, pressure,

The rest of the day was to absorb all that incredible

lack of concentration, lack of experience, but the will left us.

| 73

and the points started to drop. In the second half, we knew we were going to lose. Leavind the battle field with several wounds seemed inevetible. But no white flags were raised. We were welded to the end. We represented the flag. We left the blood red, and the hope of green in that convention center. Never question whether there is roller derby in Portugal. There is, and is in good health. And be careful, because we want to come back ... better, much better!

| 75


snowpark serra da estrela by Dropin8

This year Serra da Estrela Ski Resort has a new snowpark. leaving Portugal. Simultaneous, they are working to find a new By invitation of the resort, Dropin8 (already known by their

support for next season, so they can do a even better work and

snowboard events and the good work they have developed),

provide better conditions to all snow lovers.

is giving some help on the construction and design of a new snowpark. All the boxes where remade, except for 4, developed from scratch. The purpose of Dropin8 is to allow all freestyle ski/snowboard riders to get better in their election sport without

If you have the chance, stop by our mountain and enjoy one of the best snowparks of all times, in our resort.

biocicleta by Susana Martins & Rui Perez Bio-Cicleta is a store dedicated to a more natural feeding, and utilization of the bike either as a mean of transportation or just by fun, that come to us by the hands of Rui Perez (bike mechanic for more than 10 years) and Susana Martins (naturopath, and by chance also working in the dietetic area for 10 years).

customers can enter the store with their bikes, park it safely and do their shopping quietly. They have a balcony and seats, in case you want to eat or drink the products we’ve just acquired on the growth store, or just drink a tea or juice while you’re waiting for your bike to be repaired.

They both share the passion on vegetarianism and bikes, and so

Also a reading space with several books about healthy eating,

Bio-Cicleta was born.

health and bikes.. They want everyone to feel home!

Two spaces in one, natural growth store and bike shop, where

| 77



available at: Ericeira Surf Shop, Quiksilver, The Athelete’s Foot, Fuxia e nas melhores surfshops, skateshops e lojas de lifestyle do país.

MRSP: 90 €

MRSP: 62,90 €

Cap Retro Sailor

available at:

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All Mountain Board 154 MYNKA MRSP: 360 € available at:

Capacete Helt-Pro Solveig

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Casaco SALEBRA Aneto

MRSP: 249,95 € 10.000K 5.000K available at:

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photo by Suicide Industry



GIRLS WHO RIDE MAG #03 (english)  

In this year first edition, we couldn’t slide by without congratulating “our” bodyboard world champion Teresa Almeida. Also, a highlight on...

GIRLS WHO RIDE MAG #03 (english)  

In this year first edition, we couldn’t slide by without congratulating “our” bodyboard world champion Teresa Almeida. Also, a highlight on...

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