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Jessica Fulford-Dobs Skate Girls of Kabul

Jessica Fulford-Dobson is a leading British portrait photographer. Her work is to be found in private collections across the UK, and has been exhibited in London, New York and Prague. Her approach is both classical and timeless, working in natural light. Robin Hereford, Director of Valuations at Bonhams, has singled her out as ‘one to watch’. http://www.jessicafd.com

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EDIT The heat is just around the corner, and invites to the practice of several sports such as skateboarding, wakeboarding and surf. So in this Spring issue, we aim high on


board with a flash interview of Amber Wing, one of the world’s best wakeboard riders. We also spoke with WIB (Women in Board & Action Sports) to know a little bit more about this project to promote women in the world’s most extreme sports and change the view of the industry regarding women in sport. We also took advantage of the heat to catch a more solidarity wave with a chronicle from Carolina Pereira and her project, My Destiny and, on the cover, a renowned photographer - Jessica Fulford-Dobs - with her latest work on Skateistan. And since we´re talking about skate, we’ve also talked with Cindy Whitehead, a pioneer in women’s skate since 70´s and that yet today continues to fight for the rights of women in action sports, in addition to supporting several solidarity projects through her brand “Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word”. In the arts section, we’ve decided to bet on an ancient Portuguese art, which is said to be “the Lusitanian soul.” Ana Câmara Pereira, talks about fado, its origins and how it came into her life. We still had time to dive in Surf with SenhoRita Tours - a project that hosts several surf camps, completed with guided tours of some iconic places of our country. Rita Semak tell us a little bit about how it all started and takes us to her most recent event through the wonderful photographs of Rita Neves.

flash interview

amber wing Amber Wing, is an Australian rider, born in January, 2nd in 1983. Currently she proudly leads e WWA Wakeboard World Ranking – Women’s, and she kindly took the time for a 5 minute chat. Sponsored by Rockstar energy, Malibu Boats, Ronix Wake and Wing Wetsuits, she divides her time with 6 months riding in Australia, and 6 months riding in Florida! Want to know more about her? Don’t miss the following pages on our mag!

In what year did you start practicing Wakeboard? 1998 What motivated you to start Wakeboarding? It was what my friends did, and I really enjoyed hanging out with them in the boat and going wakeboarding. It just made me smile every time I was behind the boat on a board. Do you practice (or have practiced) other sports besides wakeboarding? Yes, I did gymnastics for 15 years. What are the feelings you get when riding and what do you like more about this sport? I love the social aspect of wakeboarding, this was the big- ment and in the future? gest draw card for me when i first started.Feelings when riding include, fulfilment, happiness, joy and relaxation. Coming into 2015 there has been money and opportunities arise for professional women riders. It is a What was the biggest challenge that you found in this sport? huge step this year with the WWA World Series, Malibu Evolution Tour and Nautique Wake Series. There Gender equality. Over the past 13 years I have compet- is definitely money to be made, which is awesome! ed against the Men on the Australian Pro Tour, fought for the number of Womens stops on the US Pro Tour, What is your favorite riding place and why? fought for increases in prize money and to also implement minimum prize purse for Pro Women from govern- I love riding in Orlando behind my purple Malibu 22MXZ. ing bodies in events sanctioned under their Association. Walking down the dock to my purple boat makes me smile Not to mention the fight to gain respect from the in- every time! dustry and male wakeboarders towards women wake boarding and increasing media exposure for women. What are your favorite and best tricks? What advice would you give to girls that are initiating in Wakeboard? Be strong, believe in yourself and let your riding do the talking. How do you see women pro wakeboarding at the mo-

Favorite tricks would be indy tantrum to blind, melon toe 7, I love the feeling of stomping them. Best tricks I have landed would be mute double half cab roll and toe 9. What would be the perfect day for you?

Wake up, cereal and cup of tea, yoga, wake boarding and some golf. If you could choose someone to ride with you, who would it be, and why? Dean Smith, I love being in the boat with him and having fun, not to mention watching him ride. And if you had a superpower what would it be? Why? To orb, I want to be able to jump back and forth from Australia and the US with the blink of an eye. Are there any projects that you are currently involved with, and would like to talk a little bit about? No projects in the works at the moment. I am looking forward to start filming in October ;) What are your plans and dreams for the future? Future plans, I am getting married at the start of next year, I want to put together a killer video section which filming will start in October. Finally, would you kindly leave some motivation words for our girl readers? Do what you love, love what you do. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

photo by Rodrigo Donoso

WIB - Women in Board & Action Sports is an organization dedicated to the support, education and inspiration of women in Action Sports industry. Every year, they organize a conference, and this year they launched their Unifying Values Campaign, looking to change women´s reflection on action sports. We’ve talked with Coco Tãche, one of the members of the project to get to know a little bit more about this initiative that already has 8 years of experience. .

How was WIB project born?

What are the main values and ideas behind WIB?

Because there was just NOTHING for girls at this time.

Unity, equality and passion. A platform where girls

Girls in Actionsports were totally underestimated and underrated 8 years ago! The actionsports world needed to have a platform where girls could meet, get inspired, get empowered, and feel like they were not alone. Who are the members/founders of the team? Our founders are Carmela Fleury who at the time of the launch had her amazing perfume brand for girls, Les Ettes! Our other founder is Daniela Meyer, who back then hosted the very successful Popcorn and Dome in Saas-Fee. Today, we are 8 girls in the team. Marika Borg (founder of Girly Camps), Mel Cheng, Marlene Niemeier, Nina Nordling (High Heaven), Emma Shoesmith (Board of Media) and Coco T창che (7sky Magazine).

can meet, network, get inspired and empowered. Every year, you promote an annual meeting for women in sports. What is this year theme, and where will it take place? This years theme is Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone. After 5 years of taking place in Saas-Fee, Switzerland the next meeting will be in Bidard, next to Biarritz for the second time around. It will conveniently take place during the same time as the ASP Women World Surfing Tour in Hossegor. Why this theme?

Because if we really want to succeed in life, we need

a huge potential if they don’t start to speak our language!

to step out of our comfort zone, knowing that this is where the magic happens. A big topic for girls at the mo-

Do you think the panorama of women vs man in board

ment, encouraging the ladies to just be and do what they sports is changing? feel like doing, without being scared of getting judged. Absolutely. It is changing greatly! Longboard Girls Crew with How can girls join your event/conference?

Valeria Kechichian, the Inspire Initiative with Cori Schumacher, High Heaven with Nina Nordlinger, Board of Media with Emma

Through our web page and facebook. All the details are go- Shoesmith and all the girls movement like Chixxsonboard, the ing to be communicated within the next couple of months.

Butterfly effect are helping to drive this forward. We do think that the great potential in the actionsports industry lies at this

Besides the several conferences you organize, time in women! Who are going to attract men again in return☺. we know you just launched Unifying Values Campaign. What is the concept behind this cam-

How do you feel to know you are a part of this change?

paign, and what are the goals you want to reach? We hope that we are an inspiration for ladies and definiteOur aim is that the whole industry becomes aware of the

ly part of this change which is taking place. The ones who

letter which was written by very influential ladies of the ac-

battled by themselves before, suddenly find likemind-

tionsports-scene. The way our industry still communicates

ed girls, collaborate, and get heard! We are a huuuuge

ladies values doesn’t at all reflect the reality we’re living.

group of ladies, thriving, bringing the message out, not

Girls are still being portrayed in ads as models and sex

ok any longer to keep quiet. We ARE making it happen.

symbols rather than as athletes. Time has come for girls to gain their right place and legacy in the actionsports scene.

Do you have any other project you would like to tell us about?

How do you think the Board sport industry is accepting it?

Hihi, in a more personal matter, yes, 7sky.life… Love in action. A movement which brings all the inspir-

Amazingly well. We had many comments of girls who said

ing initiatives, people, companies and stories under

that it has become much easier for them to find sponsors,

one hat, because only if we all pull together, can we

and that very often they got great feedback, saying that their

make it happen and make a difference in our world!

sponsor told them that they were aware of the lack of right communication, and that they were open to learning. The Would you kindly leave some motivation words for our girls? letter has arrived on many marketing tables already, and our aim is that it hits the whole industry during the course Oh, thank you for this question! With great pleasure! Girls, of the year. In this letter, everything is said that the compa- there is nobody else than you, just believe in yourself, aim nies must know. Thanks a lot to Cori Schumacher and the

high and you’re going to achieve everything you’ve ever

ladies who helped us write it. We’ve helped create a platform

dreamt of! The world is yours, we can make it a paradise if

from which it becomes easier and easier for women to be

we pull together! Female power, gentleness, generosity, is

heard. The industry understands today that they are lacking needed more than ever before… You have it all, it IS you!

my destiny by Carolina Pereira

my destiny

From an early age I have always identified myself more with the surf soul, retro, hipster, soul ... this line that insists on having multiple names and that for me was never a shed but the essence of Surfing, the true basis. Since I know myself in surf, I have always (unconsciously) look for ways to use it as a tool for a positive impact, either socially or environmentally. I learned a lot from the SOS Save The Surf, for example. I remember a surftrip to São Torpes in 2011, and I will always remember the words “protect, preserve, enhance”. The route was done, I wouldn’t say with ups and downs, but with steps in different directions without major certainties (as would be normal in a 16 years girl), from the competition in some regional championships, volunteerism and entrepreneurship, the surf trips, the events that identified me, journalism and writing chronicles, the publication of my first book of chronicles linked to surf and travel ... the Surf was always the backdrop for further exploration, my window to see the world. I always had the dream of traveling to Indonesia and have a positive impact before, during and after the trip. I started designing the project, called MY Destiny. Among friends we talked about the project that was being built slowly in the drawer, I met Ra-

chel and Lizzie who had the Liquid Future, a project that facilitated the Mentawai English classes, swimming and surfing to local communities for free. I was completely in love with what they were trying to do since the first time we spoke on skype. So I started helping as I could, even from a distance, and MY Destiny began to gain other colors. I gathered everything I loved the most: surfing, art, culture and travel, for a project to have a positive impact. I decided that the trip to Indonesia would have to result in a small short film ‘ Stuck In Paradise - the Indonesian odyssey ‘ , so that money could be made out of the exhibits and it would be the ‘ payback’ to the community in Mentawai and my contribution ‘ after the trip ‘ . Francisco Melim , from Ways Of Mine , showed early availability for editing and we began to meet various partners . The impact , when the project was announced , was much larger than I expected . Later , when it began to take other proportions , I invited some of my closest friends to join and they are now part of the project team . I packed my bags and left to Indonesia alone in last September. I remember perfectly , before leaving I felt “ if I don’t

go now, no one will notice , the concept has become The eco- social surf trips likely to Portugal , Indonesia and Panamore important than the trip itself .� But no doubt that ma - where travelers can enjoy high waves , as well as a different the trip was a landmark for me and for MY Destiny . adventure and contact with the community , a day of ‘hands on’ and sharing experiences with kids integrated into our program , without disregarding the proper comfort of a good vacation . During that year I had been surfing mentor on Project Transformers, a volunteer program to mobilize mentors of all sports The Learning Journey , as we call our action program , to guide other young people to find in sport a way to express where with classes and through the surf values,we emthemselves and intervene positively in the community. Then power the kids from the local community in order to take by replicating and feeling the power of Surf as a tool change in an active role . We are primarily focused in this program at such opposite reality was decisive. The trip turned out to serve this time , working on measuring the impact and strengthas a role- model in some international sites, for the stories that en it at the fullest. And also the awareness , which is inherhave happened, for going alone, for adventure, for people ... ent in everything we do , or events and specific measures as well as the short film , products , among other initiatives. The MY Destiny is now a non-profit organization that aims to increase the sustainability of coastal communities through On the beach of Ramchandi in Odisha zone , we had the surf and travel. We say we want to change the world opportunity to work with children coming from Asha Kiran orthrough the surf , coast to coast, community by community. phanage, with a group of Indian women and even for one day on India Surf festival, open to the entire community. At this time we are working in three main areas.

Mafalda , in a statement said “The experience with the children of the orphanage was the most rewarding experience of my life, their happiness when they simply wet their feet in the sea, or when they grab my hand and showed me huge smiles, it was magical!” and I endorse her words in full. Meanwhile I have helped several organizations linked to surf as key for change, in different ways. The next step for now, it’s back to pack up and shove them in a plane that will land in Bali again in Indonesia, where in May - and at the invitation of the United Nations, the surfer Easkey Britton and Lizzie (the Liquid Future) - will participate in the “Let’s Make Waves” conference, which will bring together “the main change-makers” in the surf area. It is the first global conference for this purpose, and belongs to the Surf + SocialGood program, where I am working alongside those same change-makers.

There, I will give workshops to guests and participants, take part in Action Day ‘Girls Make Waves’, receive inputs and work for a better future for sustainable surf with a group that - until now - has proven to be amazing! One of the workshops will be on Sustainable Tourism Surf, together with Dave,founder of Waves for Development (Peru) and only the good discussions that have arisen from this teamwork has been very constructive to me. Once our program (from MY Destiny) is ready for the stage, I would be happy to wear the suit, and apply here in Portugal. Maybe a second book will come up, and I enjoyed a lot working on the short film, so its also on the table, continuing to report and maybe take this trips side a bit further. I feel like I’ve encountered my way to leave a good contribute to this passion of mine – surf!

written while listening to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - That’s What’s Up

my destiny

Surfing is attitude


- Gerry Lopez -


Jessica Fulford-Dobson: Skate Girls of Kabul Saatchi Gallery, London 15-28 April 2015

“She first caught my eye because she was wearing such a beautiful colour. She’s just immaculate. From the way she has tied her headscarf so beautifully and so naturally, you see that she has an innate sense of grace. Her little hennaed hand rests gently – yet possessively – on the skateboard, and how small she seems beside it! I love her assurance: her firm, steady gaze. One feels a sense of depth in her eyes, even though she is just 7 years of age.” Jessica Fulford-Dobson.

Photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson will present her series of portraits, Skate Girls ofKabul, in a major new exhibition presented by Roshan from 15 to 28 April 2015 at London’s Saatchi Gallery. Jessica Fulford-Dobson won 2nd prize in the 2014 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize with Skate Girl, 2014, just one of a series of works made on location in Kabul, where young girls from poor and displaced families were being taught to skateboard as a hook to get them back into full-time education. After just one year of attending the Back to School programme, the girl in the prize-winning portrait (previous page) has passed her first three educational grades and is now enrolled in the national school system. She still attends Skateistan in her free time. Wanting to capture the wonderful story of Afghan girls skateboarding, Jessica first approached Skateistan in 2012 to ask them if she could visit their site in Kabul. Skateistan is an NGO founded in 2007 byAustralian skate enthusiast Oliver Percovich. It now has over 60 staff in several countries. Percovich was enthusiastic about Jessica’s idea, and agreed to give her access to the schools in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif. The girls soon accepted Jessica’s presence, especially as she worked simply, without artificial lighting, and on her own. Photographing with natural light limited the shoot locations within the relatively dark skate park, but this actually helped the children’s natural personalities to shine through. Jessica says “I met so many impressive women and girls in Afghanistan: a teacher as tough and determined as any man; young Afghans in their early twenties who were volunteering at an orphanage and were passionate about being seen as strong and willing to fight for themselves, rather than as victims of circumstance; and girls who were being educated to be leaders in their communities and who were already thinking carefully about their own and their country’s future. And of course there were the young skate girls, so fun to be around and so totally unspoilt. I feel lucky to have met them. I hope that this collection captures something of their spirit: their joy in life, their individuality and their community.” Morland Tate will be publishing Skate Girls of Kabul, a book to coincide with the exhibition, to tell the remarkable story of Afghan girls who have taken up skateboarding, thanks to Skateistan, an Afghan NGO charity that provides skate parks as a hook to get children from disadvantaged families back into the educational

system. Colourful, free-flowing and full of life, these Afghan girls bring a new dimension to skateboarding culture. Skate Girls of Kabul includes a foreword by legendary skater Tony Hawk. www.morlandtate.com £29.99 ABOUT Jessica Fulford-Dobson is a leading British portrait photographer. Her work is to be found in private collections across the UK, and has been exhibited in London, New York and Prague. Her approach is both classical and timeless, working in natural light. Robin Hereford, Director of Valuations at Bonhams, has singled her out as ‘one to watch’. http://www.jessicafd.com Skateistan began in 2007 when Australian Oliver Percovich arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan, with three skateboards and began skateboarding in the streets with children and youth. Percovich perceived the lack of opportunities for young Afghans, especially girls and working children, and realized that skateboarding was a way to engage them and build community. Skateistan took shape in the following years, with the help of international donors and skateboard industry partners. It was officially registered as an Afghan NGO in July 2009 and now runs skateboarding and educational programmesfor children in Phnom Penh and Johannesburg. http://skateistan.org Roshan, the leading Afghan telecoms company, launched its operations in 2003, when barely100,000 people in Afghanistan had access to a phone. Over a decade later, Roshan has connectedover 6.5m customers and using its technology to have a positive impact on the development of Afghanistan. This is the first time an Afghan company has sponsored an exhibition in one of the world’s leading contemporary art galleries. http://www.roshan.af Morland Tate is a new publishing house for art titles that produces exceptional work by exceptional artists. We are delighted to announce the launch of our first title, Skate Girls of Kabul, by award-winning photographer Jessica Fulford- Dobson. http://www.morlandtate.com/


Cindy Whitehead is one of the first women to go PRO on Skateboard, and she’s the founder of Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word. She started skating at age 14, and yet today she continues to fight for gender equality in the sport.

Can you tell us how did you get involved in skateboard, and how was your beginning in the sport? I first picked up a skateboard when I was about 8 years old. But I didn’t start seriously skating until I was about 14 yrs old. I grew up in a beach community where surfing and skateboarding were very much accepted – even if not too many girls did those sports at the time. I began by skating freestyle and some homemade ramps around the beach area with my friends and later spent most of my days at Skateboard World Skatepark in Torrance until I was about 16 and then many more parks opened and I skated parks all over the USA. Was it difficult for you to start skating among the boys? Did they look at you like another skater or “just a girl”? How did you deal with this back in the days? In the beginning it was a bit different and I was the only girl most times at the park, but I think like with anything if you just charge hard and do your thing boys will respect you,

and the ones who don’t, well they don’t really matter do they? I also wore big old headphones so I could hear music while I rode but it also helped me block out what people who were watching us skate were saying while I rode, so I think that put me in my own little world at times and allowed me to focus on what I was doing, not what other people were saying. You started skateboarding at a barely inexistent world for girls in board sports. How do you feel knowing you were one of the first women to go pro in skateboard? It was a cool time for sure – I like being different. I am not one to “follow the pack” so for me it was a perfect situation. I also don’t care too much about what people say about me so while I knew there were not many girls I never thought that I didn’t belong. I just “assumed” I was equal to the boys I hung out with and rode with and had just as much right to be there as they did. I think that had something to do with my grandmother as she instilled that in me because I had an older brother. I am proud to be part of a small group of girls who skated vert back then. It’s a sisterhood that is very unique. Do you think in our days its easier for girls to get sponsored, make some money and go pro? I think more and more opportunities are opening up for girls for sure – which is great! But I do not think that most of the girls can make a decent living as a pro female skater, like the guys do, yet.. Only one or two girls like Leticia Bufoni are really challenging that inequality when it comes to making money in our sport. I’d like to see all the pro girls being able to make a decent living from contests, videos and sponsorship deals. And I hope that is where we are headed. Do you think times are changing for women in skateboard? How do you see the worldwide scenario and sport evolution for women skateboard in our days? Yes, absolutely. Longboarding has been very accepting of female skaters for the most part, there are more vert contests just for women than in my day and lots of girls skating in general which is great,. Women are receiving more coverage in magazines and I have even seen a few covers with female skaters on them already this year! Four years ago I wouldn’t have been able to create a site like Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word and be bale to post every day about a female skater – now I can. So to me that is showing the world that womens skateboarding has gained immense global popularity. Do







es women value in sport, and media coverage is getting equal both for men and women? I don’t think it’s equal. YET. Can it be? Absolutely. People like you girls creating this rad magazine to highlight females in action sports are helping to make that dream a reality – so thank you for that! The more we show women that rip, the more girls realize they are not the only ones and they start believing they can do it too. That creates positive change.

I thought it was the perfect name to use and luckily they agreed! Michael Brooke from LB4P thought we should attach the project to a non-profit and raise money for other girls to be able to skate so we partnered with GRO (Girls Riders Organization) for the first GN4LW board and now we are raising money for Poseiden a 501c3 non profit with our second and third boards in the line We also have a helmet collab with XS Helmets and give back through that collaboration as well.

How did you feel when skating down the closed 405 freeway How did GN4LW came up? What where the motivations in Los Angeles? What is the story behind this adventure? behind the beginning of this project, and how did it start? I have lived here my whole life and travel that freeway conI thought up the name a few years ago and created a one of stantly so when they said they were going to close it for 3 a kind skateboard deck for a non profit called Board Rescue, days to do major construction I knew I had to find a way on it was auctioned off to raise money for underprivileged kids to to ride it. I asked a few of my skater friends but no one wanthelp get them skateboards & gear. When Dusters California ed to chance getting arrested, so my husband, Ian Logan, agreed to do a board with me & Longboarding for Peace, who is a professional photographer and I scoped the freeway

out and made a plan to get on the freeway undetected and for me to skate it. It took us about 2 ½ hours of trying and almost getting busted numerous times (they had police cars everywhere and helicopters too) before we were able to access the freeway and for me to skate down a portion of it. It was one of the raddest things I have ever done in my life. Can’t believe we got away with it, got pictures and I had the time of my life. Its also gotten me out of 2 tickets – when I tell the police that story and that it was me (they always ask to see a picture on my cell phone) they just shake their heads and let me go. It’s like a rad “Get out of Jail Free” card! Ha!

what projects do you have currently on hands? When skateboarding died down I decided to go into TV and film work to support myself, but when the opportunity arose to work as a fashion stylist I knew that was where I wanted to be. Later on I met a photographer who shot only sports and created a niche as a Sports Stylist ® I love what I do and many days my two loves merge and I get to work with other skaters. Right now I just finished working on a commercial for Old Navy, I’m starting a Wrangler Commercial with a NFL player, and a commercial I styled for Orly beauty, highlighting a skater girl is coming out this month! I am busy 24/7 and I love that.

What does Skating mean to you? How do you feel when you are skating, and what do you love the most about it? You continue to be an inspiration for all girls around the world. Would you like to leave some It’s freedom. It’s friends and family. It was my first love. And it’s motivation words for our girls reading our mag? a part of my life and always will be. It’s essentially part of who you are, there’s no denying that. Once a skater always a skater. Ahhh thank you for the really kind words! If I could give girls It’s also a instant connection you have with other people you out there any advice it would be to go out there very day meet – you say you are a skater, and if they are too, it’s like in- and Live life balls to the wall. Do epic shit. Take every dare stant friends – anywhere in the world. That to me is awesome. that comes your way. You can sleep when you’re dead. xx You are now a very successful sports stylist. How did you start you career in this area, and


The girl behind “Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word” is pro skateboarder & sports stylist® Cindy Whitehead. Southern California born and bred. Available at: http://girlisnota4letterword.bigcartel.com/

photo by Rui Graรงa

photo by Rui Graรงa


ana camara pereira ^

She was born in Lisbon, 38 years ago and beyond the passion for an already old Portuguese tradition - Fado – she also has a passion for adventure and extreme sports. Ana Câmara Pereira, shares with us her vision of fado and shows us how it is allied to action sports.

When and how did the passion for fado began?

Your favorite fado? Why?

I do not remember life without fado around me, so I I dont have one favorite, hardly I will. Singing fado is like think that it was born with me, it has no time or date. reading a book, if I sing now it has a meaning, if I sing it in two years, it will have different interpretation, a different meaning because of the experience , the maturity. What does it mean for you to “sing fado”? On a wide perspective a fado singer is the voice of a nation, Your favorite singer and why? more personally and individually for me, being a fado singer is to externalize what is in my soul, the sound of the Portuguese Ahahaha! That’s an easy one! My father, because he can make guitar so I wont feel alone, and a fado guitar to accompany us. the audience to be glued and also the ability to interpert the poems in fado, like all were its own history. Tereza Tarouca, I love hearing the voice and elegance, true diva and Raquel Tavares What concerts meant the most for you? because of the genuine way in which she interperts a fado. I’ve had unforgettable moments, already sang in large rooms such as the Coliseum, Centro Cultural de Belém, Sports you practice? Aula Magna, but I remember especially a fado night on the steps of the Church of Santa Isabel, where the con- I like to play sports where I can have surf, skate and specially snowboard. nection between me and the audience was so strong that fun, we all just ended up dancing without any will to end it.

photo by Rui Graça

photo by Ricardo Bravo

What do you feel when you practice extreme sports vs. what you feel when you sing?

fado is “fashion” right now, much because of what it transmits. Projects for the future?

In common, moments of true inner peace, where there is no outside interference. It is only to do “that” More shows, and finally recording the first album. I’m there, and I abstract myself from everything else. When you are singing fado, what is your biggest inspiration? Fado is a Portuguese tradition that has evolved in a perhaps not so traditional way. How do you see this My country, my nation, and it’s really true, fado is what most exevolution? presses our Lusitanian soul, I feel enormous pride when singing it. I think there is room for everything, evolution is good and the introduction of new “less traditional” interpretations pre- What do you think is the role of the fado singer in sented fado to more people, and called the attention of more today’s society? people, a younger, more modern audience, but I also see that there is curiosity for the genuine, the origins, the pure. I think we have an important role especially at a cultural level, we are somehow ambassadors of the Portuguese culture, our traditions and values ​​that are getting lost., and it’s really a pity. They say that fado is “the soul of the Portuguese”, do you think this tradition is getting lost? No, on the contrary, I see the demand for that same soul. The


TOURS article by Rita Semak photos by Rita Neves

Why instead of going on surf trips alone or with closest friends I continue to organize guided surf camps? Because I love meeting new people and sharing my passion with them. My story as camps organizer began in Latvia during winter 2006, when I first organized snowboard camp for girls sponsored by Nikita Clothing. Same year in summer we tried to organize surf, kite and wake camp, but as there are no constant waves in my country I had to look for better location. In 2009 I moved to Portugal, where together with my ex-partner had a great experience of running a surf school and organizing surf camps for girls sponsored by Femi Pleasure. After a split up with ex-partner, SenhoRitaTours was born in 2013. I wanted to continue my lifestyle, wanted to surf the waves and enjoy life at the beach. As well as to organize girlie surf camps!  At  SenhoRita Tours surf & yoga camps we are aiming to travel around Portugal, to visit beautiful places and to surf atmany beaches. Until now we’ve been at  Ericeira  and Arrifana, but next destinations are Porto, Peniche and Lagos. Our camps’ participants are returning and becom-

ing our friends, and at some point we began to plan future camps and to choose destinations together. This Easter we spent a great time at epic beach of  Arrifana  on the south west coast of Algarve, Portugal. One girl returned after many years, she participated in my very first camp in 2006! This is the biggest motivation to organize more and more camps and make more people happy. Speaking about our Easter adventure, which was sponsored by Lightning Bolt, for the first time we brought fitness classes to our surf & yoga camp, but that was way too much. Waves at  Arrifana  were so good, that we surfed hours and hours. Even very beginners were sitting at the line up and catching small green waves. It was so much fun, that we didn’t want to spend our energy on any other activities. Yoga classes were very relaxing though and just on time to recharge our bodies. Besides surfing, yoga and fitness we went on one day sightseeing trip to Cape St. Vincent in Sagres and Ponta da Piedade in Lagos. What else? BBQ and live music in the evenings, visiting

Boa Vida Social club in Aljezur  and Arrifana  Beach Bar, making new friends, trying out new things, tasting Portuguese delicious food and drinks, getting addictive from “galão” and dreaming about coming back in September. Till now SenhoRita Tours was organizing only girlie camps, but as many girls are asking if they can bring their boyfriends and just male friends with them, we are opening our doors to the boys as well!


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news Ericeira Surf & Skate opens doors on Oporto downtown

The new location on Rua de Santa Catarina, comes to bring the surf and skate legacy to the vital downtown in Oporto. This way the brand presence, which also include the renew of their concept in Matosinhos. The best brands, huge variety of shoes, walls and skateboards make this store pretty desirable. “the new connection to Oporto, is not from today, either supporting surf events, or support to local skaters and surfers (for example João Guedes and Bernardo Lemos da Costa), or either on the commercial proposal”. - says Artur Durval Fernandes, retail director of Ericeira Surf & Skate. “ Our primary gold is to identify goo opportunities and, when this happens

Morada - Rua Santa Catarina nº269 - Porto

we don’t hesitate in proposing our best concept in a serious, humble and added value way to the local community”. The opening of Ericeira Surf & Skate in Oporto historical downtown and in a high impact zone come to reinforce “living the dream” for Oporto surf & skate community.

The municipalities of Abrantes, Ferreira do Zêzere, Macau, Sertã and Vila de Rei, the Tourism Centre and the Portuguese Association of Wakeboard and Wakeskate (APWW) in consortium with EIPWU unite in joint promotion of the central region of Portugal through wakeboarding, a sport that is growing worldwide, and already surpassing the surf in number of practitioners in the US. This is a pioneering vision about the potential of sport in our country. It is a strategic project to position Portugal as a European cluster of the sport and promote the countryside as a place of excellence for the practice of wakeboard. The President of the World Wakeboard Association, Shannon Starling, refers to Portugal as the “Florida of Europe”, to resemble the fantastic conditions for the practice of wakeboard. For the first time the Queen Competition of the sport is performed outside the United States and will take place in Portugal, in the Castelo do Bode Dam in September.

first wakeboard resort instaled in portugal

“We will host a mega sporting event, the World Wakeboard Championship, inserted in a move to promote Portugal and the countryside. The ultimate goal is to create a new wakeboard destination, building the world’s first resort in Castelo do Bode. The promotion of the destination is leveraged trough the world championship, “explains Luis Segadães, an expert on Territorial Marketing and one of those responsible for organizing the event. The project calendar includes the Wakeboard National Championships in June and the World Championships in September, competition that will bring to Portugal the biggest sports stars internationally. Also, its being developed the implementation of cable parks projects around the Castelo do Bode dam. A true resort, which combines sport and tourism, leveraging the Centre region.

news program Jobe Beta Trooper

The recently launched JOBE BĂŠta Trooper program , will give the opportunity to consumers to test first hand the brand news, and allow them to have a voice in the production process of the latest and secret projects in progress. Those who enroll in the program via the online platform, can test a whole range of products and give feedback on them. Thus the Jobe can improve the quality and show the world that the products are approved by consumers. If you want to be the first to try out the beta versions of Jobe products you can already up for at: http://www.jobesports.com/beta-troopers

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