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"LUIGI" 19FF- 1996


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I would like to thank Gina McCain for starting AGA in the ring, and getting her first Major. Aga needed 6 points with a major entering the Chicago March shows (March 29,30, 31) to finish her Championship

Well she did it.. ..... On Saturday, AGA got 2 points for Winners and on Sunday winning big at IKC A FOUR POINT MAJOR.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Alison Deas and Bobby Barlow for handling AGA and finishing her Championship Owned and loved by

Kosta Sunda K.S. Tzarr Kennels

P.S. AGA is in training for her Senior Hunting Title with Walter Furesz

5958 W. Cornelia Chicago, IL 60634 (312) 481-21161

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The GWPCA Wire News is published by the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America, Ine. The GWPCA is a non-profit Illinois corporation which was founded in 1959 to promote and develop the German Wirehaired Pointer. Since 1959, the GWPCA has been recognized by the American Kennel Club as the member club responsible for the developement of the GWP in the United States. The GWPCA Wire News is published for the members of the GWPCA and is a benefit of membership in this club. The Editors of the GWPCA Wire News wish to encourage everyone to send articles of information of interest to our members. The Editors of the GWPCA Wire News reserve the right to edit or refuse to print any letters or articles sent into the GWPCA Wire News. Articles or letters appearing in the Wire News do NOT necessarily reflect the views of the GWPCA, the GWPCA Wire News or it's Staff. Individuals interested in membership in the GWPCA should contact the club Treasurer. I




President: Bill Richardson 1232 Brocker Rd., Metamora, MI 48455 (810) 678-2529 Vice President: Penny Ljungren 28l24-199th Ave. SE, Kent, WA 98042 (206) 631-6232 Secretary: Karen Nelsen 25921 Lucille Ave.. Lomita, CA 90717 (310) 530-3264 Treasurer: Linda Michaelis PO Box127, Monticello, MN 55362 (612) 878-1685 Eastern Director: Malcolm Decker Box 210. Red Hill, PA 18076 (215) 679-4034 Mid West Director: Elizabeth Barrett, N7815 County Rd N Spring Valley, WI 54767 (715) 778-4675 Western Director: Dr. AloysiaHard, PO Box4614, Bremerton, WA 98312-0406(360) 697-7157

From The Editor I would like to thank everyone for sending in those wonderful puppy pictures. I will be using them throughout the year and will return them just as soon as I can. Keep them coming and I will use all I can. For all of you computer whizs out there, my Mac has been updated and I can now read IBM disks .. That is good news for all of you who work on IBM since you can now send all of your stories, ads etc right on a disk. This is great news for me as it saves many, many hours of retyping articles and such. If you send things via disk, always send me a printed copy as well, just in case. 1would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have sent in advertisements for your wonderful dogs. Ad's make the News more interesting and they help defray the cost of printing the magazine. Without them, there is no way the club could afford to put out a quality newsletter 6 times a year. Keep em coming. The covers are reserved for the remainder of '96, but don't forget there are the inside covers and the back cover to be used. With my new scanner and goodies I can do lots more interesting things with your photos. Summer is here and along with it lots of HOT outdoor dog shows. Make sure your dogs have shade and plenty of water to keep them cool. Cold wet towels placed in the bottom of thier crate will help and a wet rag to wipe belly's and ears in the ring will keep your furry show dog happier. Ice cubes for them to chew on sometime

are better than water and if possible a fan to blow cool air on the dogs is a big plus. Remember, a closed car is a death trap and even with the windows open the temperature can still soar well past a dogs comfort zone. Happy summer to you all. 8eJnee



Karen Nelsen

Just to keep you all up-to-date on a few loose ends ...a new brochure about our wonderful breed is being printed (this will be sent to those "inquiring minds" wanting a little info about the GWP) ...a new Breeder's Directory is being worked on as well (the last time it was updated was aboutthree years ago) ...the 1993-1995 Yearbook is on track to be shipped by the end of June (there's a total of 73 "ads" for the yearbook). According to the Club By-Laws, a committee to nominate officers for the next year is to be appointed by July 1st. This is on track as well. The Committee to study all the data received pertaining to the proposed breed standard change is almost finalized. There have been a few AKC changes pertaining to Field Trials and Hunt Tests. These changes are effective July I st, and are printed elsewhere in this issue. There has also been an amendment to the obedience regulations. AKC is also in the market for a new president. Anyone interested? That's it for this time ...

(eitl1~t p1etedfQ速is test results .. A supply.QfsixfoJ:Tlls \Vithan explanatory cover letter will be sent to trial or test Secretaries with their test or trial kits.

Letters Dear Bernee I am responding to your NA VHDA plea. My nine month old bitch Oakhyll's Obsidian Yon Duffin and I went to our - hers and mine- firstNA VHDA test. She had been introduced to the gun and also to the water prior to the test. But little did I dream she would run away with a perfect score 112- and a Prize I in Natural Ability. She was the only one to do so in all three days of this round of testing. Ann Duffin Von Duffin GWP's Ann, Thanks for the update, and concratulations. For all of you NA VHDAfans andfuture NA VHDA testers out there, we have some good news. Starting in the next issue of The Wire News Jeff Funke (Three Devils GWP's) will be our NA VHDA correspondent. Jeffpromises he will take the mystery out ofNA VHDA and hopefully will give some good training tips. - Bemee The following letter was CC'd to me from Ann Duffin. She said to do with it as I wished. I thought it had some food for thought for all GWP owners. Dear Bill,(Richardson) I recently attended a breed specialty and have become concerned about what I am seeing in the show ring ....over groomed Wires and the size of the dogs. Our breed standard specifically states that dogs that are groomed to "present a dog artificial in appearance should be severely penalized." Some Wirehaires are looking like terriers-very fluffy legs, overly long beards, overly long and angled eyebrows and setter-length hair at the brisket and undercarriage. I feel that a lot of the hair is camouflaging deficiencies in the structure of the dog. Again, the standard states the "coats may be neatly groomed to present a dog natural in appearance." Another area of concern is size. Some of the males being shown appear far smaller that the requisite 24-26". Again, lack of size should be severely penalized. Perhaps it's time that wickets be used to check for size. I would also like to see the coat length for a solid liver dog better clarified. The standard mentions only that the liver patches in a liver and white dog may be shorter than the white hairs. No mention is made that the coat length of a solid liver may/will be shorter than the 1-2" specified, as long as the harsh texture is present. While I am on my soap box, I also think it's time that a hunting and or field title be required as well as a bench title to complete a dog's championship. After all, the German Wirehaired Pointer is a versatile hunting dog. I only hope I am not alone in my beliefs. Sincerely, Ann Duffins

Is anything being done to raise money for Rescue? It seems there is a lot of promotion of the breed and very little protecting. If the breeders would donate a few dollars for every puppy they sell, the breed rescue would have substantial funds. Twenty five years ago it was unheard of to find a GWP in the shelter, or pet store. Now it is not uncommon. I will be donating my membership dues to breed rescue. As much as I enjoy the GWP newsletter and being a member, I feel the money is better spent on rescue. Always Suzette Wood Kissemee, FL Dear Bemee, Enclosed is a copy of the "Puppy Care Manual" that I give to all people whom I place GWP puppies. I am glad to share it with other breeders. I got the idea to write a puppy care manual from an article in the AKC Gazette a few years back. I think that it helps fill the gap between the general interest puppy raising literature that is obtainable from the dog food companies and veterinarians, and the sometimes overwhelming prospect of reading 5 or 6 books on dog raising and training pointing dogs. What do other GWPCA members think of a sharing of ideas from GWPCA breeders "puppy packets" and maybe the formulation of an official GWPCA puppy care manual that could be available, for just the cost of printing. GWPCA members could give these to all families of new puppies, adults and even rescue dogs. The puppy packet could have space for the individual breeders own additions (Other national breed clubs have these). I have found that giving new owners the puppy manual really helps to get things off to a good start, and answers about 90% of the questions new owners have. If anyone is interested, please contact me. Mary Darling (517) 484-7221

Any Comments? Dear Editor Over two years ago I rescued a very old GWP that needed medical care. Through the generosity of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club Rescue the GWP was able to receive care. The GWP Club made no effort to reimburse the Griffon Club for the expenses or even extend recognition of their generosity. Recently the Griffon Rescue extended an offer to assist with GWP Rescue if they would extend the same. Some non-typey specimens of either breed may be mistaken for one another. The GWP rescue said they were unable to assist because of funding. I find this appalling. A total disregard for the breed and fate of puppies brought into this would. The percentage of the questionable breeds being GWP' s far exceeds the chance it would be a Griffon.

"You said "Sit" didn't you?" Codger and Mischief Brian & Susan Agland

Local Barks

Karen Nelsen


All the Poop Thats Fit To Print FROM FORT DETROIT "The Barbed Wire" Mark & Lori Sargent, Editors Congratulations to Terrie Brooks and CH SGR WHISPERING WINDS, AM/CAN CD, U-CD, SKD-CD, JR, CGC on their recent success at the Cycle Central Dob Obedience Championship held in March. "Keelee" was tied for 11th place going into the finals ...then she was tied for 8th place. Then the run-offs began. While doing the Figure 8 exercise during the second run-off, Keelee needed to stop and scratch a very itchy itch, Terrie had to keep moving, Keelee needed to catch up, and the result was that they finished with a very respectable 10th Place. Terrie was hoping to finish in the top 25, so this was icing on the cake. A new feature to the newsletter is a "Classified" section in which club members can advertise extra crates, training aids, baby cribs, etc for sale. To enable the club to make a quorum at montWy meetings, several changes in the types of memberships have been made "associate" type membership versus a "full" membership. Ross Vanderbos put a Master Hunter title on his DUTCHMAN'S WILDFOWLER MAGGIE, SH. Congratulations Ross and Maggie. Getting two more legs toward his MH title was Sue Owens' CHTIMEBOMB VOM WIESEN, SH. Walt Furesz is the trainer and handler of Tucker. Adding another leg to his MH title quest was CH JED' S SGR SPITZE GESHUTZ. Gun is handled by Ed Tucker. .At the Club's April Field Trial held over the Easter Weekend, the following members placed: Amateur Gun Dog (Retrieving) 1. JIMKATH'S CATALYST OKathleen Yates H/Marc McKinley Amateur Walking Puppy (GWP's only) 1. OAKHYLL'S BLACK ICE'S CINDER - Ross VanderBos

2.: SPEEDWAY'S SNEAKY PETE - Mike Braddock 3: LJ'S BLAZING WILDFIRE - Steve Kreuser 4 SGR BROKEN SILENCE - Richard Uhnavy The Club is holding a Field Training Day in June at Schnellberg Kennels and their "Triple Header" is planned for July. "Seminars" will be conducted by club members in grooming, field training, conformation handling, obedience training, and agility. They're also adding a special training for those interested in learning about "gunning" for a hunt test or field trial. Walter Furesz was recently featured in an article in Gun Dog magazine. Jim Berta recently underwent heart surgery and is on the mend. Derek Krajewsky, son of Brian and Julie, cut his first tooth. Rumor has it that his favorite teething toy is a Nylabone!

FROM NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Editor Susan Kren Cutter What began as a passing comment at a dog show became reality when several Club members jetted to England to attend the prestigious Crufts Dog Show. Susan has written an article about their trip, and it's included in this issue of the Wire-News. The Club's Specialty and Sweepstakes was held in April in conjunction with the Chief Solano Kennel Club Show in Vallejo. A separate write-up about the show is also in this issue. Mildred Revell is back for the ump-teenth time as president of the club. Sharon Jahn is the vee-pee, and Silke Alberts and Doris Erlich have switched roles, and are now Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA "The Hot Wire" Editor, Karen Nelsen New officers for the upcoming year are: Karla Weber will serve as President; Jay Collins as Vice-President; Nikki Litwin (formerly Vampotic) as Recording Secretary;


Karen Nelsen as Corresponding Secretary; Fran Kidder as Treasurer; and Board Members are Linda Ercoli, Dick Gault, Harvey Rawn, and Beth Ross. The new Board recently met to make committee appointments and set up their schedule of events for the upcoming Fall/Spring season. By-Laws changes were recently enacted to make it easier to have a quorum present for meetings, as well as give more members the opportunity to vote for officers. A Fun Day is planned for the end of June, with competition being held in a Mini-Field Trial, Conformation, and Obedience. Points are awarded for each placement and the one woofie with the most points is crowned the big winner. The event is under the direction of Special Events Coordinator Nikki Litwin. The Club Specialty and Sweepstakes will be held the first weekend in June with Show Chairman Joan Payton organizing the event. Congratulations to Linda and Johannes Swenberg who are expecting a two-legged variety of the species in November. Between bouts of morning sickness, Linda has been handling her WRIGHT'S HOT TODDY at the Master Hunter level, and needs one more leg to finish ... Terry and Ann Duffin's VON DUFFIN'S THUNDERSTICKS disappeared while on a training mission ...shock collar and all! After 15 days, he finally decided that a home cooked meal was better than battling with a porcupine. Tired, fifteen pounds lighter, thirty miles from home, he wandered onto a stranger's property and said "Phone Home". Not only did he have the Tri-Tronics collar on, but his regular ID collar. Thunder has also been "chipped" . The Duffins are very glad to have him back home where he's being royally treated. And speaking of Ann Duffin ...she handled her OAKHYLL'S OBSIDIAN VON DUFFIN to a perfect score in the NA VHDA Natural Ability Test. Cid was the only dog to achieve this milestone, and Ann had people asking her who trained the dog ...she was

more than happy to say "I did". Further to the Van Duffin success stories: VON DUFFIN'S TORNADO (Tori) took Best of Breed at the age of seven months at the Kennewick Kennel Club show and OAKHYLL'S OBSIDIAN VON DUFFIN got another major by going Winner's Bitch at the Walla Walla Kennel Club show. The Maternity Ward has been kept busy. On March 18, Lisa Jaffe' s CHRIPSNORTER'S FRAULEIN HEIDI, JH became the mother to a litter often - five boys and five girls. The sire is CH JAMAR'S BACK IN TIME (Dodger). And then on March 24, Terry and Ann Duffin's CH CASCADE CATE VON DUFFIN, MH had a litter of six - four boys and two girls. The sire is CH ROCKLAND BOSS. And if that wasn't enough, on March 30, Karen Nelsen's CH JED'S SILENT STORM A'BREWIN, MH, CD had a litter of 13! The split here was ten girls and three boys! (All of the boys, by the way, are white.) The sire is CH ROGUE ISAAC (Zack).


The club will hold their summer picnic and Annual Awards presentation in June at Bernee's house. Member Regina Schwabe will be bringing some Agility equipment for the dogs to tryout and a puppy match is planned. Every year the club holds a fun auction to benifit their trophy fund and the rescue. Everyone brings a wrapped article and then everyone bids on it. Some times you get a good'un cheap, sometimes you get a bag of buscuits not so cheap. It is fun and all proceeds go towards the clubs coffers.

"Versatile" editor Ian Fast The club held a one day hunting test in southern NJ in May, the weather was HOT and the mosquitos and ticks were out in vast numbers. Several club members finished titles on their dogs and a few new members came out to find out what all the fun was about. Junior Finishers: Bernee Brawn's "Weasie" RUFFCUTS JUSTA SOUTHWIND, Stacie Dec finished her JUSTA IN THE NICK OF TIME "niki" and dad Dennis Dec finished his dog HELLBENDER'S JESSE JAMES "JJ. The Dec father/daughter team have been neck and neck all season with daughter edging out dads scores. Bernee Brawn put a 4th leg on DC AFC DUNKEES JUSTA TOP FLITE JH Master

That's all the news this time around folks. Hope to have more next time!

Hunter title and Charlie and Barb Kissinger got his second leg on HELLBENDERS JAKE JH. Even with the horrendous temperatures a good time was had.

r--------------------------------------, SCHEDULE




- Effective May 14, 1996

Dogs Bitches

1 Point

2 Points

Division 1- Connecticut,


3 Points

Maine, Massachusetts,


4 Points

New Hampshire,


5 Point s New York, Rhode Island, Vermont



Division 2- Delaware New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania




Division 3- Dis. of Columbia,






Division 4- Alabama,





Division 5- Michigan, Illinois, Indiana 22 33 56 Division 6- Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska,






22 Division 8- Colorado,

33 33

Division 9- California 2 2 Devision 10- Alaska




West Virginia

76 Mississippi,

South Carolina



78 Wisconsin








Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington,

44 3




Idaho, Montana,



Tennessee, Virginia,


Georgia, Louisiana,

Division 7- Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma,


North Carolina,








55 5



67 8















Division 11- Hawaii

22 Division 12- Puerto Rico






German Wirehair Pointers "Versati Iity" • Hunters • Conformation

• Obedience • Companions

111 NW 311 Warrensburg, MO 64093 f

German Wirehaired PointerJ


Jack Dillingham

Announced our thiro Litter of: CONFORMATION



SIRE: DC/AFC Dunkes Justa Top Flite JH, NAVHDA NA OFA Good

(4 legs on Master Hunter, several group wins, Top Ten Gun Dog and Top Ten Show Dog)

DAM: Ch Maestro Razz's Royal Lady CD, JH, TD OFA Good

(2 legs on Senior Hunter, all around great pet and hunting dog)

PbotOJ, pedigruJ

d "ideo.! upon requ&lt

& Serena Pollack


"R ': 4"

.l,\. ',' '


TOP SIRE: CH SCHNELLBERG'S SYDNEY, CD, MH - Sue Owen TOP DAM: SCHNELLBERG'S ANNELIESE - Sue Owen The Rookie of the Year A ward is presented to deserving members who give of their time and energies where needed, and always seem to be ready and anxious to help with anything and everything. The Award this year is shared by Bob Moses and Ross Vanderbos.

The Southern The following clubs sent information regarding their annual awards ceremonies. We were hoping for more, but let's go with what we got:

The Fort Detroit Club holds its event at the Fox and Hounds Restaurant in Birmingham. Prime Rib is tops on the entree, and everyone agrees the food is great not to mention the cocktails! Being honored for receiving the title of Champion are the following: CH YON DUFFIN'S ROCKLAND WAGS - Ann & TerryDuffin CH SCHNELLBERG'S SECOND ACT - Sue Owen CH OAKHYLL MAGIC'S DESTINY - Linda & Jamie Thompson CH JED'S HIGHPLAINS DRIFTER - Barb Tucker Earning the title of Junior Hunter: HALLEY VC JAGERHUTTE, JH - Roger Doyle DEXTER V ORCHARD GROVE, JH - Robert Little DUTCHMAN'S WHIRLYGIG HANNAH, JH - Ross Vanderbos Earning the title of Senior Hunter: SNIFFIN GRIFFIN, SH - Frank Couture BRIAN'S MAJESTIC MISTY, SH - Brian Krajewski SGR FALCREEK SILENT AMBITION, SH - Lori & Mark Sargent DUTCHMAN'S WILDFOWLER MAGGIE, SH - Ross Vanderbos SEVERN RUN'S CHATELAINE, SH - Ross Vanderbos Earning their Master Hunter Titles: CH CASCADE CATE VON DUFFIN, MH - Ann & Terry Duffin SGR WITCHCRAFT, MH - Mike Eckhout & Gail Richardson Receiving recognition for the following titles earned are: States Kennel Club Companion Dog Excellent: CAN OTCH SCHNELLBERG'SREBAJEAN, UD, U-CDX,SKSCDX,JH, TDI,CGC Reba is owned and trained by Barb Skurya. Champion and Junior Hunter: CH SCHNELLBERG' S RUFF WIRE ZOE, JH - Sue Owen Champion and Senior Hunter: CH FAIROAKS TIMEBOMB V WIESEN, SH - Sue Owen Champion and Companion Dog: CH SILENT STORM A'BREWIN,MH, CD - Karen Nelsen . United Kennel Club & States Kennel Club Companion Dog: CH SGR WHISPERING WINDS, AM/CAN CD, U-CD, SKC CD, JH CGC - Terrie and Mike Brooks The TOP A wards are one ofthe highlights of the evening, and with the fierce competiton, it is an exciting time. The envelope please: TOP SHOW DOG: CH SCHNELLBERG'S SECOND ACT - Sue Owen TOP SHOW BITCH: CH SCHNELLBERG'S RUFF WIRE ZOE, JH Sue Owen TOP FIELD TRIAL PUPPY/DERBY: JIMKATH'S RAPSCALLION Jim & Kathleen Yates TOP FIELD TRIAL GUN DOG: JIMKATH'S ALLURE - Jim & Kathleen Yates TOP NSTRA DOG: TA VA'S SHADOW - Jim Boals TOP NOVICE OBEDIENCE GWP - CH SGR WHISPERING WINDS, AM/CAN CD, U-CD, SKC CD, JH, CGC - Mike & Terrie Brooks TOP OPEN OBEDIENCE GWP - CAN OTCH SCHNELLBERG' S REBA JEAN, UD, U-CDX, SKC CDX, JH, TDI, CGC - Barb Skurya

California Club

holds their ceremonies at an outdoor Bar-b-que at the home of club member Dick Gault. Dick, who used to be the cook with the LAFD until his retirement, fires up the grill and good 01' burgers are the order of the day. Club members bring a Pot Luck dish to share, and everyone digs in. After the grub is gone, or everyone is full, the awards begin. President Jimmy Rice made the presentations, with help from Special Events Coordinator Nikki Litwin. And the winner's are: AKC Champions: CH SILENT STORM A'BREWIN, MH CD - Karen Nelsen CH CADENBURG TECLA V TREY - Mildred Revell CH WElDEN HUGEL SIMON V ALEXE - Mildred Revell CH JA YMAR'S BLAKE'S WINDCZAR - John Collins CH JAYMAR'S BLAKE'S BLUE WIN - Dominic Milano CH FAIROAKS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, JH - Lisa Jaffe CH/IABKCA INT'L CH MARQUES A YOM WIESEN, JH Harvey Rawn Mexican Champion: CH/IABKCA INT'L CH/MEX CH MARQUESA YOM WIESEN - Harvey Rawn International All-Breed Kennel Club of America Champion: CH/MEX CHI IABKCA INT'L CH CIRECE YOM WIESEN - Suz Rawn Companion Dog: Nelsen


MH, CD - Karen

Being presented awards for Hunting Titles:" Junior Hunter: CH/MEX CH CIRCE YOM WIESEN, JH FAIROAKS SMOKING GUN, JH - Joan & Andy Payton CH FAIROAKS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, JH Lisa Jaffe Senior Hunter: CH FAIROAKS TIMEBOMB YOM WIESEN, SH Lisa Jaffe & Sue Owen Master Hunter: CHlAFC MARSU JA YMAR KATIE, MH - Karla Weber WIREWOOD'S MYSTEEK RENDEZVOUS, MH Linda & Jimmy Rice Earning the title of Amateur Field Champion was Karla Weber's CHI AFC MARSU JA YMAR KATIE, MH The Versatility Award is given to any club member's dog who has earned a bench championship, a hunting title as well as an obedience title. This year the award goes to Karen Nelsen's CH SILENT STORM A'BREWIN, MH, CD. Storm accomplished all three titles within an eleven month period. And the TOP Awards for the club go to: TOP SHOW DOG: CH JAMAR'S BACK

IN TIME - Lisa Jaffe



and handlers



very hard with these

wonderful dogs to get them where they are. It is a compliment to them to give of their time, effort and money to help these Wirehairs become the truly versatile dog they are.

Champions 3444 24 658 279 21 45 71 952 TDX TD CDX UDX 159 281 12 11 112 175 13 11 7691Event Junior 1735 1994 1994 419 159 9223 1191 135 195 415 7521 2520,036 786 1995 137 5112,052 1995 862 29 51 UD 10 CD SH AFC FC OTCH 32414 26 17 13 18 6531 139 1'6 10 485 219 79 70 1994 170 157 166 805 18and 497 Title 210 JH 11,542 37,426 19,655 1,355,905 2,337 7,496 7,603 2,621 1,828 38,884 1,382,225 1995MH Statistics Championships Completed CH

r----------------------------------------, AKC TELEPHONE DIRECTORY The following AKC numbers are EXCLUSIVELY for Dog Legislation and Public Education and Registration Information, respectively. Calls cannot be transferred form these departments to other AKC department numbers. Be sure to call other AKC departments directly for other inquiries. 1-800-AKC-tell (OR 1-800-252-8355) AKC LEGISLATION AND PUBLIC EDUCATION 24 Hour Hotline is designed to take calls from individuals and clubs on dog legislation or public education. Calls may leave their name, complete phone number and a brief message outlining the problem or question. Calls will be returned between 8:30 am and 4: 15 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday. (919) 233-9767 Registration Information: Hours- 8:30 am to $:45 PM. Eastern time. This office is responsible for handling all calls involving any type of registration (including Foreign Registration) question or problem. When you want any AKC registration forms or answers to registration questions, this is the office to call. If you are calling about a registration application, keep in mind that the normal processing time is approximately two to three weeks. If you want to check the status of an application you submitted, you must be able to provide the customer service representative with the breeding information on your dog or litter. Registration Application: breed, sex, litter number, name choice Transfer Application: breed, registered name, registration number. Litter Application: breed, date of birth, registered names and numbers of sire and dam all registrations and related correspondence would be directed to American Kennel Club, 5580 Centerview Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606 Other Numbers (212) 696-8208 Investigations and Inspections (212) 696-8281 Event Records (to find out official results of all events. Confums titles (900) 903-4-AKC or (900) 903-4252 (computerized answering system- 99 cents per minute. Must be 18 or older. Must have your dogs AKC # to find out information. Will tell you how many points your dogs has, wins etc.) (212) 696-8262 Judging Information (212) 696-8232 Event Plans (paperwork processing for all events) (212) 696-8276 Obedience and Tracking Department (212) 696-8388 Herding Lure Coursing, Agility and Earthdog Department

(212) (212) (212) (212) (212) (919) (919) (212) (212)

696-8225 696-8207 696-8305 696-8350 696-8260 233-9767 233-9767 696-8245 696-8200

Bylaws Inquiries New clubs Public Relations AKC Gazette Editorial department AKC Gazette Advertising Department AKC Gazette Subscriptions Department Books and Video Library Main Switchboard (New York) Don't know who to call?


L(212) 696-8238

Coonhound Department

Try this number


AKC National Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championships Winnem1U4}N evada was the sight of the 1996 AKC National Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championships held May 8 thru 13. Approximately 1 1/2 hours north east of Reno, Winnemucca is in the high desert, (and when I say high I mean it) roughly 4,400 feet above sea level. The surrounding mountain peaks, still snow covered, were as high as 6,800 ft. and the grounds were covered with green sage brush and wildflowers. Being from the east, my first thought when viewing the grounds was "WOW! You can run forever out here. "The views were spectacular and the course looked demanding, on dogs, horses and people. Parts of the courses went up hill, (they call them hills, in the east we would ski down them) other parts went down into ravines (trust me, I held on tight). Large rock outcroppings jutted up out of no where, and there were critters everywhere. Cattle roamed freely, with the calves watching the goings on with wide eyes. These little guys were tempting to a few of the dogs, some of who made half hearted attempts at a very large retrieve. One of the highlights for this Pennsylvania girl was to see a Pronghorn Antelope. The cowboys in the gallery swore at it, apparently the dogs like to chase them as much as our eastern dogs like to chase Whitetails back here, and they are not a welcome sight. But I thought it was pretty neat. The hour course was huge, and a dog had better have his Nike' s on to cover the ground. The 1/2 hour course was not as wide open and the sage on that side was pretty thick and tall. The photos I took will give you an idea, but you just had to be there to see it. This was the first year for the divided championship, one retrieving and the other non retrieving. The retrieving stake was divided into two series, the first 1/2 hour with the lucky dogs being called back for the 45 minute second series. The dogs had to retrieve in both. The non retrieving stake was a single 1 hour course. Both stakes were well represented by German Wirehaired Pointers. I got to watch all of them run and they all did very respectable jobs. Unfortunately, most got into some kind of trouble and were eliminated from competition, and a couple went birdless. But all in all I was proud of the jobs they did. Ore-gun's Cascade Cody, a GWP male owned by Pat Roesell and Stuart Milbrad was the only Wire to be called back for the second series in the retrieving championship. Cody was handled by Tim Schillereff and did an outstanding job in the fliSt series with a very difficult retrieve

combined with a great run. In the 45 minutes call back Cody started out like a house a fire with a huge opening move. Unfortunately a breech in manners put him out of the running. His owners and trainer should be very proud of this young dogs performance.

Ore-Gun's Cascade Cody Other Wire's and owners making the trip were Mel and Karen Lee with FC AFC Sure Shots Cruise. Cruise ran in both events, unfortunately going birdless in the 1 hour stake, but putting down a hellacious run in the non retrieving. A mishap with a chukar took him out of the running. Doug Ljungren made the trip south with FC AFC Sure Shots Cascade Miss Tique SH. Tiki a 9 year old bitch owned by Penny Ljungren definitely showed she was a chukar dog. Doug also brought Penny' s other bitch Sure Shots Golly Miss Molly, a Tiki daughter. Molly put on a credible performance and made a nice retrieve. Another GWP in attendance was the breeds newest Dual Champion. DC Uodibar's Fanny Paltani owned by Helen Shelley and handled by John Rabidou. Fanny had a mishap early in the retrieving stake and was picked up. In the hour stake, Fanny put on a terrific performance. She had multiple finds and made some really outstanding moves. Fanny maintained her style and manners on all of the birds that I had a chance to see. Mary Lou Linge made the trip from S. Nevada to give moral support to her friend who was running a Gordon. The GSP Club of Northern California deserves a round of applause for putting on this event. They only had 2 months to pull it all together and it was a lot of hard work. Chairman of the event was Norm Nelson who along with Secretary Penny Pederson, a Brittany owner, worked endless hours and spent much of her own money to get everything in order. "Jugglin" Bob, (I don't know what his last name is) got his nickname from "juggling" the braces around so

dogs wouldn't run back to back in both events. And the surprising part is that Bob doesn't even field trial. He just came to help! Actually, no one really knew when they would run, you just had to be ready when they called. All of the boys from AKC were there. Ken Marden spent much of his time planting birds with Pat Hatler making sure we all had our "Orange" on. Bob McKowen, Sam Perry, Lilly Chin and many others I didn't recognize were on hand. AKC even sprung for a free Bar-B-Que dinner one night. (I think they were as surprised as we were) The whole event may not have happened without the help of the staff of the Winners Hotel and Casino. Rohnda Noneman the M&S Assistant and Lowell Chichester the VP put together the banquets, brought out box lunches and made sure everyone had a ride to the grounds. The Winners also put up most of the prize money and got all of the merchants in town to chip in. Speaking of the merchants, they were just wonderful. No matter what store you went into, they asked if you were with the bird dog folks. Many of them came out to watch and just to see what was going on. The Championship will head east next year and will be hosted by the Eastern GSP club. I'll let you know where and when and all of the details.

Non Retrieving Stake I hour single course Judges Tom Griffin & Bob West 72 entered, GSP-46, Britany-5, GWP- 3, Weimaraners-2, English Setters- 3, Gordon - 3, Pointers-6, Vizslas -2., Irish Setter-O Wirehaired Pointing Griffon-O

Retrieving Stake 1/2 hour first series, 45 minutes second seriesretrieving in both series Judges Ellis Herz & Frank Lallas 88 entered, GSP-66, Brittany- 5 APointer -3, GWP-3, Weimaraner-2 English Setter -6, Gordon Setter- 1, Vizsla-I Irish Setter-O, WPG-O Dogs entered in both stakes- 50 GSP- 39 English Setter-2 GWP-3 Weimaraner-2 Pointer-3 Vizsla-I

Cowboy - Mel Lee

:"JonRetrieving Championship Winners 1. NAFC,FC/ AFC Viesoos Red Fox Express, Vizsla 0: Hans Koch H: Jacqueline DeRoo 2. Uodibar's Seventy Four and More, GSP O:George Robinson H: John Rabidou 3. Prunella Deville, GSP 0: Catherine Black H: John Merrell ~. DC Dogwoods TM Dan-Dee, Britt 0: Nanette LaChance

& Willis

Pullen H: Dave

Retrieving Championship Winners (18 Called back for 2nd series) 1. FC/AFC Wylie T Bone, GSP 2. FC Banane's Step of Evolution, GSP 3. FC/AFC Ziggy Von Greiwe, GSP 4. FC/AFC Smitty's Bandit Sandy, Eng. Setter JAM FC Uodibars Jitterbug, GSP JAM Flashback To Evolution, GSP

Editors Note: The following story was printed in the Vizsla News. I thought it was something that every dog owner should read and be aware of My thanks to Lynn Fass, the owner of Halley for sharing their story and for allowing us to reprint it in the Wire News.

A Case History End of June, 1995. I gave Hally her once a month heart worm preventative.

July 71995 WE

all live, I'm sure, very busy

lives, but please take the time out the read this case history of my Vizsla bitch, Ch Devon Sunrise's Hallmark, "Hally". My goal is to help. When our experience started, I couldn't find anyone to shed light on the subject.


a Vizsla


I took Hally to a veterinarian for hip x-rays for OFA registry. I was told to pick her up at 10:30 am. I received a call at 10to tell me that she had difficulty coming out of anesthesia and to come to the office around 11:30. Well, I couldn't wait around. I had a conference with the vet on call and requested the name of the anesthesia and what was given to her afterwards. Suritol was the anesthesia used. I have since found out that this barbiturate has been taken off the market. A little too late for Hally. She had a difficult time during the next 2 days, trembling and very apprehensive of everything.

pointed me in the direction of California.

End of July

W Jean Dodds. DVM.

- gave her a once a month heart worm preventative.

Jean is a research

August 5, 1995scientist/veterinarian

specializing in immu-

Hally was in estrus.

First week of September nology. She is a world renowned lecturer.

I again gave Hally her heart worm preventative

September 21our vet administered Hally's yearly combination vaccine. Within 5 hours after the vaccination, all hell broke loose. Upon arising from a nap, urine poured out of Hally. Followed by excessive thirst, frequent urination, depression, tremors, lethargy, fever, unable to rest at night, easily aggravated and finally no appetite. Of course, this all started on a weekend. I took her several times to our local emergency animal hospital, to no avail. Finally, after much frustration and helplessness, the vet on call

did a complete blood profile, and there it was- Hally was in liver dysfunction, an adverse reaction to the vaccine complicated by all the drugs that were administered to her since late June. She was hospitalized for 5 days. During hospitalization, her vet wanted to perform a liver biopsy. Fortunately, I declined, the biopsy could have caused her to bleed internally, her coagulation factor was not sufficient, which the liver controls. When we brought her home, we didn't know what to expect. Hally was on predisone for 2 months, 3 different antibiotics, vitamin K and C. I changed her food, to the most natural I could find and also started cooking for all my Vizslas. Monthly blood tests until the present time and numerous phone calls to anyone that could shed light on this subject . The final conclusion, toxic overload. Future is guarded. To all my friends, I want to say thank you for listening and bearing we me. To all other Vizsla breeders and owners, please ask your vet questions. There are right and wrong times to administer vaccines and other medications. Hally was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Educate yourselves as best you can to protect this most precious breed. Finally, I want to add the great asset we have, W. Jean Dodds, DVM. She is there to answer questions and is very willing to help. We were fortunate to be able to have Jean on the east coast in March, and she was our guest speaker on canine health. All that attended went home with a great deal of knowledge and much to think about for our canine's future. The proceeds benefited VCA Breed Rescue and Hemopet Research. There are audio and video tapes available. For more info please contact Lynn C Fass at (908) 369-5699.




w. Jean

Dodds, DVM HEf\fOPET 938 Stanford Street Santa Monica, CA 90403

Note: This schedule is the one I recommend and should not be interpreted to mean that other protocols recommended by a veterinarian would be less satisfactory. It's a matter of professional judgement and choice. For breeds or families of dogs susceptible to or affected with immune dysfunction, immunemediated disease, immune-reactions associated with vaccinations, or autoimmune endocrine disease (e.g., thyroiditis, Addison's or Cushing's disease, diabetes, etc.), the following protocol is recommended: Vaccine Type

Age of Pups

+ measles

6 weeks (range could be 5 ~ - 6 Y2 weeks but not earlier)

Distemper hepatitis)

6-8 weeks and 10 weeks

Distemper ± parainfluenza (without hepatitis) for pups not receiving measles earlier







7-8 weeks and} same schedule and 10-11 weeks } product each time

Killed canine parvovirus * given 3-4 weeks earlier

12 weeks

Distemper + hepatitis + parainfluenza ± leptospirosis (without parvovirus)*

14 weeks and } same schedule and 18-20 weeks} product each time**

Distemper + hepatitis + parainfluenza ± leptospirosis + killed canine parvovirus III

16-24 weeks

Killed rabies vaccine

During parvovirus epidemics or for highly susceptible breeds such as Rottweilers, newer modified-livevirus (MLV) vaccines that override maternal immunity may be needed here. "'''' Alternatively, killed parvovirus vaccine'" and the distemper + hepatitis + parainfluenza ± leptospirosis combination are alternated every 2 weeks during the 14-20 week period. Over

Revised Vaccination Protocol Page Two

Annual boosters using distemper + hepatitis + parainfluenza ± leptospirosis + killed canine or MLV parvovirus are given to adults until mid-life. Thereafter, boosters are given evel)' 2-3 years until old age. Beyond 10 years of age, booster vaccinations are generally not needed, and may be unwise if aging or other diseases are present. For animals at high exposure risk to parvovirus disease, an additional parvovirus vaccination can be given at the 6-month point.

I use only killed 3-year rabies vaccine for adults and give it separated from other vaccines by at least 2 and preferably 3<-4weeks.

I do not use Bordetella or corona virus vaccines unless these diseases are endemic in the local area or specific kennel. I do not recommend Lyme vaccine.

I do not recommend vaccinating bitches during estrus, pregnancy or lactation.

I recommend that distemper or distemper-measles vaccine be given withoul hepatitis before the age of 10 weeks, because of the reported suppression of lymphocyte responsiveness induced by polyvalent canine distemper and adenovirus vaccines (Phillips et a1., Can J Vet Res 1989~53: 154-160.)

For animals previously expeliencing adverse vaccine reactions or breeds at higher risk for such reactions (e.g. Weimaraners, Akitas), alternatives to booster vaccinations should be considered. These include avoiding boosters except rabies vaccine as required by law; annually measuring serum antibody titers against specific canine infectious agents, such as distemper ,and palVovirus; and homeopathic nosodes. [This last option is considered an unconventional treatment that has not been scientifically proven to be efficacious. However, data from Europe and clinical experience in North America support its use, and controlled studies are underway to test the method under challenge conditions. If veterinarians choose to use homeopathic nosodes, their clients should be provided with an 3:ppropriate disclaimer and written infonned consent should be obtained.]



W. Jean Dodds, DVM 310-828-4804 FA.X 310-828-8251




GlIPs Certified 01/01/96

Liason- Bobby Applegate Dogs

The following was taken from a pamphlet sent by the OFA.

Between January 1, 1974 and January 1, 1995 OFA evaluated radiographic submissions on 454,725 dogs from 221 breeds that were 24 months of age of older. The submissions were voluntary and were independently evaluated by 3 veterinary radiologists as being normal (excellent, good or fair) borderline or dysplastic (mild, moderate or severe). The evaluation procedure is carefully monitored for consistency over time. The radiographic evaluation procedure remained constant for this report period. The results ofthe procedure were also constant- all 3 of the radiologists agreed on the evaluation of normal, borderline, or dysplasia in approximately 94% of the cases and on the specific rating in approximately 80% of the cases for this report period. The findings are applicable to this specific population, a subset of the general population of dogs, and represent the majority of breeding or potential breeding dogs. Screening of the radiographs by the attending veterinarian, prior to submissions, appears to affect the reported frequency of dysplasia in each breed. Therefore, OFA data under reports the frequency of dysplasia in the general population for each breed. However, use of the OF A data to document breed progress is valid, as all breeds were similarly affected and the effect of prior screening appears to have been constant over this reporting period. Note that similar breeds had different levels of progress and 4 breeds demonstrated an increase in dysplasia. Changes in frequency of dysplasia appear to be the direct result of selective breeding practices used by the breeders. The number of breeders that choose to breed only dogs found to be normal has increased, but a few breeders still choose to breed dysplastic dogs for a myriad of reasons. Only the breeder chooses which dog is to be bred with which bitch; therefore, the breeder controls the occurrence of dysplasia in his or her breed. Grouping data for all breeds revealed the following: 1. Females tended to have a higher frequency of dysplasia than males. This was significant in some breeds but not in others. 2. All breeds with 45 or more submissions


Anlmels Free





Hip Djsplasia

Reg. Ne.























































GIIP 1644E24F















GIIP -1666G5914



GIIP -1642G31F



GIIP -1653G63M











GIIP -1654G25M









































H • 1.
















indicating improvement of hip quality in most breeds. 4. breeders and breed clubs in many breeds did not start emphasizing control of dysplasia until the mid 1980' s. 5. Use of information on family hip status by breeders was slower in some breeds than others. Mass selection (breeding normal to normal) appeared to be the most commonly used breeding practice. Progress, or lack of same, was calculated for 71 breeds with 500 or more submissions by comparing the frequency of dysplasia in dogs born in 1980 and before with the frequency in those born in 1991 and 1992. In most breeds, OF A evaluated a significant percent of the breeding population.

More form OFANew Registries: The OF A is pleased to announce the establishment of two new genetic registries. VetGen announced confirmation of DNA identification for Von Willebrand Disease

demonstrated some frequency of dysplasia. 3. There was a significant (P<.05) decrease in dysplasia from 17.4% in dogs born <1980 Cn=127 ,297) when compared to 12.4% in gs born in 1991 and 1992 (n=50,428) The ~vident in the mild and moderate the severe category remaining e saLle. There was a corresponding ;he excellent and good categories #63 German Wirehaired Pointers




in the Scottish Terrier and Phosphofructokianse deficiency in English Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniel and requested that OFA operate the registries. Individuals interested in testing their dogs for either of these diseases may contact VetGen at the following address: Customer Service VetGen 3728 Plaza Dr. Suite One, Ann Arbor MI 48108 (313) 669-8440 Tattooing: In the near future the AKC will recognize only those dogs submitted from the OFA hip and elbow registries on individuals permanently identifies when submitted to the OFA. This information in indicated on the OFA hip and elbow numbers by a "T" at the end of the registry number indicating that the dog was permanently identified by either tattoo, microchip, or some other means. TherefoTe, if the breeder/ owneT wishes the OFA information to be recognized by the AKC it is imperative that the OF A be given the dog identification at the time of submission for either the hip and or elbow registries.











9:30 A.M.-5:30 P.M.



Del Val GWPC Supported Entry Chester Valley KC May 11 Puppy Dogs (2) 1. Cassio' s Front Page News B: J Brewster By Ch Cassio's Victory Parade - Ch Cassio's Zaney Thistle 0: Dr Monroe Kornfield & Susan Brendel 2. Talbach Heywire Ebtde O'Wynwr B: C Kelly By Ch W ynwyre' s Jumpin Jack Flash x Rocky tops Fanni Fancy 0: Harold Sanderson & Judy Cheshire 12-18 Months Dogs (3) 1. Ripsnorter Cooperstown B: H&J Goerge By Emmo SH x Ch Windhaven's Wheel of Fortune 0: Mike & Lisa Bruzzone 2. Wynwyre's Nighthawk B: C Kelly by Ch Wynwyre's Jumpin Jack Flash x Rocky tops Fanni Fancy Fixins 0: Heather Bemiller 3. Bounty's Justa Pegleg Pete B: F Sakiey & B Brawn By FC/NAFC Selkirks Bounty Hunter x AFC/NAFC/CH Justa Tequila Sunset JH 0: Ken Zola/F SakieylB Brawn Open Dogs (3) 1. Weidenhugel Living ProofS: P Roberts By Ch Weidenhugel Jersey V Nico x Ch Weidenhugel Rue V Gemstone JH 0: R Stubbs & Pat Roberts 2. Walnub Berg's Upland Thunder JH B: C Schaeffer By Schroeder's Summit Thunder x Caramel's Greta of Walnubberg JH 0: Thomas Jarnich 3. Hellbender's Boy Wonder B/:O Mary Spies by Birch's Make a Wish x Hellbender's Desert Storm JH Winners Dog -Ripsnorter Cooperstown Reserve- Wynwyre's Nighthawk 12 -18 Months Bitches (1) I. Wynwyre's Stolen Kisses B/O: C Kelly by Ch Wynwyre's Jumpin Jack Flash x Rocky top's Fancy Fixins Open Bitches (6) 1. Westwind's Yon Shutzenberg B: K Breeden by Ch Shadra's West Wind Fritz CD SH x Ch Oakhyll' s Sorceeress Olympus OL: M Mullineaux & E Dresher 2. W'eidenhugel Glory Days B/O: Patricia Roberts By Ch Weidenhugel Jersey Yon Nico x ChWeidenhugel Rue V Gemstone JH 3. Side By Sides Apfelschnaps B/O: Jonathon & Margaret Prescott by Ch Cadenberg Goetz V Lutz CD TD x KTV Mein Schatz 4. Ruffcuts Justa Southind B: L & I Eagle By DC APC Cascade Ike MH x Ch Wilsons Matilda of Ruffcuu 0: Bernee Brawn \Yinners Bitch Westwind's Yon Shutzenberg Reserve Wynwyre's Stolen Kisses Best of Br~e~ Ch Ebbtide Summer Heat B: G Persinger By Ch Tidewaters Valentino x Ch Shoal waters Winter Blizzard 0: Theodore ~,lagness & Garnet Persinger & C Kelly Best of Winners Westwinds Yon Shutzenberg Best of Opposite Sex Ch ADPG EZ On The Eyes B: J Cheshire & Daniel McCallum Cy Ch Ripsnorters Thunderhart x Ch Shurcan Potoghold Sheza mcRae CD JH 0: Renee Nappier & Danielle McCallum

Brie owned by Sharon Jahn

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA GWPC SPECIALTY Wirehair owners made the trek from the North as well as the South and met in the middle. In this case,the middle was the "Bay Area" of Northern California. Ann Duffin and Patty Loder made the trip from Oregon. Nikki Litwin, Fran and Jim Kidder, Joan Payton (she was picked up along side the "5" in Buttonwillow), Jo Ann Steffes, and Karen Nelsen along with her Mom, Marion, drove from the south end of the state. The Northern Cal Club, under the direction of Mildred Revell, has a reputation for putting on a delightful spread after the Specialty, and this year was no exception ...although with an 8AM ring time for Sweepstakes, the lunch was almost a breakfast. Karen's Mom was celebrating her ??? birthday, and Silke Alberts lead the way with the traditional song. As usual, Mildred ordered the weather gods to be on hold until we were finished, and they cooperated. In the Sweepstakes, a litter sister and brother bested a field of 15 with the sister taking the Best in Sweepstakes award. Both puppies are owned and bred by Jo Ann Steffes. Best in Sweepstakes: GERONIMO'S A CHEYENNE W ARETTE Best Opposite: GERONIMO'S A WEEK-END WARRIOR The judge for the regular classes was Dr. Alvin Grossman and his placements were as follows: Best of Breed: CH FAIR OAKS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, JH (0 Lisa Jaffe H/ Andy Linton) Best Opposite: CH RIPSNORTER'S SHOW OFF (O/Miller Shlyen & Kaiser H/ Bob Perry) Best of Winners: WEIDENHUGEL XERO V GOETZ (O/Mildred Revell H/Sandy Perez Winner's Bitch: JAY MAR'S AB'S VINA OF ORION O/H Nikki Litwin)

The BOW and WB both finished their Championships withthese wins. Congratulations! Rounding out the other two days of judging held in conjunction with this specialty were the following placements: At the Chief Solano KC Show on Friday: Best of Breed: CH FAIROAKS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, JH (Jaffe) Best Opposite: CH RIPSNORTER'S SHOW OFF Winner's Dog: SGR WITCH HUNT, MH (O/H Karen Nelsen) Best of Winners/Winner's Bitch: CAD ENBERG URCHIN V TREY(O/Silke Alberts H/Sandy Perez) The BOW /WB "Ginny" finished her Championship and the WD"Dealer" got his second major. Congratulations! At the Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club show held in San Rafael the day after the Specialty, the winners, under judge Judy Webb were: Best of Breed: CH J & 1'S WESTCOAST CONNECTION (O/H Nikki Litwin) Best Opposite: CH FAIROAKS NO DOUBT ABOUTIT,JH Winner's Dog: FAIROAKS SMOKING GUN, JH (O/H Joan Payton) wJAYMAR'SAB'SVINAOF ORION The WD title was worth four points for Dillon and Joan! The Club is very grateful for the participation it receives from everyone. It has turned into quite the social event for all those who attend. See you again next year!



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E. 24-40 Hwy. - Tonganoxie, Kansas 66086 TOLL FREE: 1-800-369-8297

Clinical Signs of Canine Hvpothvroidism Alterations in Cellular Metabolism lethargy mental dullness exercise intolerance neuyrologic signs polyneuyropathy seizures

Cardiac Abnormalities slow heart rate cardiac arrhythmias cardiomyopathy

weight gain, cold intolerance, mood swings hyperexcitability stunted growth chronic infections

Gastrointestinal Disorders constipation diarrhea vomiting

Neuromuscular Problems weakness knuckling or dragging feet stiffness muscle wasting larynegeal paralysis megaesophagus head tilt facial paralysis "tragic" expression drooping eyelids

Hematoligic Disorders

low} Dermatolil!ic Diseases dry, scaly skin and dandruff coarse, dull coat bilaterally symmetrical hair loss "rat tail", "puppy coat"


1/'". , !'t.

hyperpigmentation seborrhea or greasy skin pyoderma or skin infections myxedema chronic offensive skin odor

Rellroductive Disorders infertility lack of bibido testicular atrophy hypospermia aspermia

prolonged inestrus interval absence of heat cycles silent heats pseudopregnancy weak, dying or stillborn pups

bleeding bone marrow failure red blod cells (anemia) white blood cells platelets Ocular Di~eases

corneal lipid deposits infections of eyelid' corneal ulceration glands (Meibomian uveits gland) keratoconjunctivitis sicca V ogt-Koyanagi-Harada or "dry eye" syndrome Other Associated Disorders IgA deficiency loss of smell loss 0 f taste glycosuria chronic active hepatitis

other endocrinopathies adrenal pancreatic parathyroid

W Jean Dodds, DVM Although thyroid dysfunction is the most frequently recognized endocrine disorder of the dog, it is sometimes difficult to make a definitive diagnosis. Many clinical signs of thyroid dysfunction mimic symptoms resulting form other causes so that recognition of the problem and interpretation of results of thyroid function tests can be problematical. The majority of canine thyroid disease is due to auto immune thyroiditis, which is a familial disorder of inherited predisposition similar to that of human Hashimoto's disease. Therefore, the most complete approach to thyroid testing should include assays for thyroid autoantibodies.

1. Baseline Thyroid Profiles Because of the difficulties inherent to diagnosing thyroid disease, the use of a complete baseline thyroid panel is advisable and should include measurements of total T4, total T3, free T4, free T3 and circulation T4 and T3 autoantibodies. This type of profile can be applied not only to clinical patients suspected of having thyroid disease, but also can be used for genetic screening of apparently healthy relati ve to evaluate their fitness for breeding. A bitch with circulation antithyroid antibodies can pass these along to the puppies transplacentally as well as via the colostrum. Furthermore, any dog having circulation antithyroid autoantibodies may eventually develop clinical symptoms of thyroid disease and or be susceptible to other autoimmune diseases. Thyroid prescreening is thus very important for selecting potential breeding stock.

2. Genetic Screening for Thyroid Disease Thyroid testing for genetic screening purposes is less likely to be meaningful before puberty. Screening is initiated, therefore, once healthy dogs and bitches have reached sexual maturity (between 10 to 14 months in males and during the first anestrous period for females following their maiden heat). As the female sexual cycle is quiescent during anestrous, and influence of sex hormones on baseline thyroid function will be avoided. This period generally begins 12 weeks from the onset of the previous heat and lasts one month or longer. The interpretation of results from baseline thyroid profiles in intact females will be more reliable when they are tested in anestrous. In fact, genetic screening of intact females for other disorders such as von Willebrand's disease, hip dysplasia, inherited eye diseases, and wellness orreproductivecheckups is best scheduled during anestrous. Once the initial thyroid profile is obtained, dogs and bitches should be rechecked on an annual basis to assess their thyroid function and overall health. Generation of annual test results provides comparisons that permit early recognition of developing thyroid dysfunction. This allows for early treatment, where indicated, to avoid the appearance or advancement of clinical signs associated with hypothyroidism. For optimal health, young dogs under 15 to 18 months of age should have thyroid baseline levels in the middle to upper half of adult normal

ranges. This is because puppies and adolescent dogs are still growing and maturing, and require higher levels of thyroid hormones to promote development. Similarly, in older animals above 8 or 9 years of age, body functions slow own and so baseline thyroid levels may be in the lower third of the range in the euthyroid individual. For healthy young adults used for performance or breeding, optimum thyroid function should be at least at the mid-point of the laboratory normal ranges. Lower levels may be indicative of the early stages of thyroiditis among relatives of dog families previously documented to have thyroid disease.

3. Diagnosing Difficult of Equivocal Cases The difficulty in accurately diagnosing some case of thyroid disease is compounded by the fact that some patients with typical clinical signs of hypothyroidism have circulation levels of thyroid hormones within the normal range. Most of these patients will improve clinically when given thyroid medication. This is because the circulation blood levels of thyroid hormones may not reflect the cellular and tissue levels of these same hormones. A 6 to 8 week clinical trial of thyroid supplementation given twice daily is safe and appropriate for such patients, and is followed by rechecking the complete thyroid profile 4 to 6 hours after the morning pill. Response to thyroid therapy is considered an appro-

priate justification for continuing to prescribe thyroid hormone along with annual checkups to adjust dosages as appropriate. In the event that an animal is already receiving thyroid supplementation and the basis for the original diagnosis is unclear, the clinician may elect to discontinue therapy and retest. In such cases, or when thyroid therapy is discontinued for any other reason, retesting is performed after another 4 or preferably 6 weeks. This is because it takes at least a month for the animal's own pituitary-thyroid axis to be restored before this period has elapsed would yield relatively low blood levels of thyroid hormones which would bias interpretation of test results in favor of hypothyroidism. Once the appropriate dose of thyroid supplement is established, annual retesting is recommended unless the dog exhibits any sign of illness in the intervening period.

4. Therapeutic Approaches for Refractory Cases or Those with circulation Thyroid Autoantibodies. a, Use of T3 Supplement When clinical signs of thyroid disease are only partially or poorly ameliorated by supplementation with L-thyroxine at standard dosages (0.1 mg per 100bs. twice daily), combination therapy is often successful. In such cases, the T4 supplement may be poorly converted to T3 by the liver and other tissues, so that addition of a T3 supplement of a source of natural thyroid is indicated. The typical treatment regimen included the full dosage of T4 supplement given twice daily plus 1 ugm per lb. of T3 supplement given two or three times daily. This combination has







been particularly beneficial for patients with concomitant liver disease or dysfunction, because the liver is the primary site of conversion ofT4 to T3 and such conversion may be impaired in the presence of hepatocellular disease. The other situation applies to patients on anticonvulsant therapy for seizure disorders. Providing this low dosage of T3 supplement assures that adequate levels of T3 are maintained for the central nervous system to assist in raising the seizure threshold. Quite often this addition of T3 supplement allows the dosage of anticonvulsant required for seizure control to be lowered or even discontinued. A second advantage here may be to offset any adverse effects of anticonvulsants on liver metabolism which could impair hepatocellular conversion of T4 to T3. b. Reversal of Thyroid Autoantibodies. For patients with circulation T4 and or T3 autoantibodies, even in the absence of typical clinical signs of thyroid disease, we recommend thyroid supplementation to interrupt the progression of thyroiditis and reverse the stimulus for production of thyroid autoantibodies. Our experience with over 70 cases followed periodically up to 4 years indicates that it takes between 5 to 7 months ofthyroid replacement at full therapeutic dosages to cause levels of circulation thyroid autoantibodies to wan progressively and then disappear. Occasional case never completely reverse autoantibody production. The breeds most commonly exhibiting this patter of autoimmune thyroiditis are Golden Retrievers, Shetland Sheepdogs, Old English Sheepdogs and Doberman Pinchers., although may other breeds are also affected. The most prevalent circulation thyroid autoantibody is againstT3, followed by a combination of T3 and T4 autoantibodies. In a few instances, the patients demonstrate only T4 autoantibodies. As would be expected, these pa-







antithyroglobulin antibodies. Our experience parallels that of Drs. Nachreiner and Refsal at Michigan State University. Supplementation with L-thyroxine is believed to reverse the production of circulation thyroid autoantibodies by either inducing immune tolerance and or by negative feedback inhibition of thyroid stimulation hormone and its effects on the thyroid stimulation hormone receptor. In a typical case, the standard therapeutic dose ofL-thyroxine is given for 8 to 12 weeks. At that point the complete baseline thyroid profile is measured again to determine whether the levels of circulation thyroid autoantibodies are waning. We rarely retest patients prior to this time because the presence of circulation autoantibodies interferes with the accurate measurements of T3 and or T4, and so little is gained from the additional cost to the client of rechecking at an earlier time point. For cases in which clinical signs of pruritic skin disease are present along with high levels of circulation thyroid autoantibodies, a 4 to 6 week course of corti co steroids may be helpful along with the thyroid supplement. steroid dosages begin at 0.5 mg per Ib divided BID for the first week and are tapered gradually to conclude with low dose every other day therapy at the end of the treatment period.

5. Other Factors Influencing Thyroid Metabolism Because animals with autoimmune thyroid disease have generalized metabolic imbalance and often have associated immunological dysfunction, it is advisable to minimize their exposures to unnecessary drugs, chemicals and toxins, and to optimize their nutritional status with healthy balanced diet. Wholesome nutrition is an essential component for maintaining a healthy


Baseline Screening Tests

1'3AA, T4 AA

1,~,,·'~n.'-''''_n1 I

I ~



I Clinical





Try 6-8 weeks thyroxine BID


Try 6-8 weeks BID


and Stopreassess lhetapy, recbeck thyroid in 2-4 months


I Improvement

Retest in 2-4 months or perform


therapy Continueand retest periodically

I Normal



Try 6-8 weeks BID thyroxine


Reas.seu in 2-4 monOu


~----~I IStop therapy, ContinueI therapy

, •... No improvement

reassess in 2-4 months


and retUt periodi<






~"imUlatiOn) Partiall

~~m:iC ,est Improvement

No Improvement therapy and

Continue therapy and retest periodically


diagnosis, thyroid



rechecK in 2-4 months;

Recheck post~pil1 levels and adjust dosage; or Add 1'3 supplement + T4andrusse"


Retest in 4-6 months



with BID

thyroxine 6-8 weeks (8-12 wteks if high 1'3 and/or T4AA) and

J-, •• test


I I AbnormaV

h, Heal


Perform dynamic teSt (rSH stimulation)


, I No Improvement



meal Signs


1 Abnormal




No Improvement

.1 Conunue

Recheck post-pill

therapy and retest periodically


r High 1'3 and/or T4AA·

Taea,llhBID thyroxioe 8--12 weeki andretc:sllOSOCif

BID thyroxine

AA levels waning

.1 Continue therapy and retest periodically

levels and adjust dosage;

or Add 1'3 supplement T4 and reassess


Retest nOw or in 2"" months; or


• especially if family has thyroid

Try6-S_ and.-<

immune system. In our experience, families of dogs susceptible to thyroid and other autoimmune diseases show generalized improvement in health wen fed premium cereal based diets preserved naturally with vitamins E and C rather than the addition of chemical preservatives such as ethoxquin, BHA and BHT. Fresh home cooked vegetables cooked with Italian herbs and garlic, or meats such as lamb, chicken and turkey can be added as supplements.

CASCADE PUPPIES A pedigree that puts Cascade Steamer, FC Cascade Smokin' Jo, DC Cascade Rogue, DC/AFC Lutz zur Cadenberg and FC/AFC Halb von Pommoregon together for the hunting fanatic in your neighborhood. FC/AFC

Challenging the immune system of animals susceptible to these disorders with multivalent modified-live vaccines has been associated with adverse effects in some case. General recommendations are to used killed vaccine products, when these are available; space vaccines at least 10 days to 2 weeks apart to avoid excessive antigenic challenge particularly during the rapid growth phase of development; and perform serum antibody titration as an alternative to booster vaccination of adults in order to assess

Cadenberg Smokin' Magic

the adequacy of existing protection. In some affected dog families, use of multivalent combination modified-live vaccines has apparently induced seizure disorders, autoimmune hemolytic anemia and or thrombocytopenia, bone marrow failure, acute fevers, renal failure leading to amyloidosis, lameness, stiffness and arthritic pain to the extent that many of these dogs cannot stand up or move. this is just one example of the general principal to avoid unduly challenging susceptible animals during periods of rapid growth, hormonal change, or stress events.


Cascade Sure Shot Larceny 7 males, 4 females born 5/29/96

Also expected June 10 is a litter by Cascade Ike out of a solid liver female by FC/AFC Cascade Steamer



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of thyroid l\1nction

Paru 1-3. Vet PraeSTAFF."






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14: 7aJ-808.


Ray & Lynn Calkins


Wilsonville Veterinary Clinic 9275 Barber St, Wilsonville, OR 97070 (503) 682-3737

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tr. thyroxine


y. to __

can.iflOthyroid statui. Vet

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and covert b}pxhyroidillU


for cWM


Pro Vet Med 2: 693-716,

BelJoKM. CDrrcntdiaJnoltietoehniql*forovaluatiD,thyroidfLme:lioa 20: "1429-1441.

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Vel. CIinN Amor 1990:

NellO:DRW, IhIo 51.. Pcldmln Ee, Botlotnl 00. Serum free thyroxine e:.oocenttatioa in beelthy dop, dotl wilhbypothyroidiam, and owbyr'Oiddoalwitb e:dncWnnl illn ••• J Am Vet Mod Aaoc 191: 1401·1407, 1991. FIIfJUIOl1 DC. The 1365·]377,19&1. TOl'TU


tNti in do,..





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oa thyroid



Effectofof1l1 Idministtalioo 1991.


do, •• Comp Coot Ed


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Martin SL, Kttkowb 18.5·201, 1932.

S. Autoimm~



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thyroid fwlction

ia dop.


I Vet. R.

Iympboc:ytie th.yroiditis in dop.

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• A enjoyable hunting dog • Learn game conservation

detec1ed by erl:zyme.-linkcd 1990.

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of autoimmune thyroid dilealC.

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Cascade Wirehairs 13235 SW Bell Rd Sherwood, OR 97140 (503) 682-2968


Davi", TP, Martin. A, Cooocpcion ES, GravCl P, Cobco. L, Bea·Nuc A. EvWieace of limitod. variability of &tItiaen reoepton on inlI1.thyroidal T cells in. thyroid dileUCl. New EnJI I Mcd 325: 238. 244, 1991.




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Top Dogs 1996 - Show Preliminary - 1996

Compiled by Jerry Clark

Breed Competition These rankings are based on only the number of Wires beaten in BOB competition during the period January5- March 21, 1996 as reported in AKC AWARDS thru Vol 16 No.5, May 1996 Joe &Tootie Longo/Lisa George-Clipse 1. Ch. Ripsnorter's Thunderhart (D) 140 Franz Neuwirth 2. Ch Neudorfs Struttng Sam (D) 67 Patty & Barry Diehl DVM 3. Ch Thormnwood's It Had To Be You (D) 66 Lisa Jaffee/M McMillan 4. Ch Fair Oak's No Doubt About It (B) 23 5. Ch Windhaven's Frost Fire (D) 21 Robert & Dorothy Furlong 6. Ch Cascade Cate Von Duffin MH (B) 13 Ann & Terry Duffin 7. Ch ADPG Suthrn Breeze JH (B) 12 Jean Griggs/Danielle McCallumJ Judy Cheshire

Group Competition These rankings are based on group placements and the number of dogs beaten related to those placements as reported in AKC AWARDS thru Vol I 6, No 5, May 1996. They cover the period January 5-March 21, 1996 1. Ch Ripsnorter's Thunderhart (D) 5357 Lisa George-Clipse /Joe &Tootie Longo. 2. Ch Afterhour's Heywire Obsession (B) 711 K&T Mosing 3. Ch Mariad Raven Mad V Rommelhaus (B) 681 Steve & Eileen Herman 4. Ch Thornwood's It Had To Be You (D) 655 Patty & Barry Diehl DVM 5. Ch J&1's West Coast Connection (D) 239 Niki Vampotic-Litwin 6. Ch Windhaven's Frost Fire (D) 209 Robert & Dorothy Furlong 7. Ch Ebbtide's Summer Heat (D) 122 Ted Magness/Cindy Kelly/Gamet Persinger


to our New Champions

February Awards Afterhours Marshall Dillon (D) Ch Afterhours Stormin Norman x Afterhours Foxy Roxy B: W &C Whitmore 0: K& J Mosingl C Whitmore/ M Tilly Afterhours Thronwood Alex (D) Ch Thornwoods True Grit x Ch Afterhours Cassios Locket B: W&C Whitmore O:Patty &Barry Diehl DVM Cagles Larkspur Kadee (B) Ch Ripsnorters Thunderhart x Ch Larkspurs Zoe Dance B G&F McCain 0: Tommy & Nina Cagle Ripsnorters Root'N Scoot'N JW CH Adpg Heza Wildfire x Ch Ripsnorters Afarah The Hart B: L George & H Goerge O:Don Attebery Whitetails Katrina (B) Whitetails Kraut x Whitetails Greta Sue B/O: William Darby Wrights Rootbeer Schnapps (B) Wolfweise Gus Von Blitz x Brunhilde Von Walkure B: C Hamilton 0: Kathleen Worley March Awards Afterhours Party Doll (B) Ch Thornwoods True Grit x Ch Afterhours Cassios Locket B: W&C Whitmore & P Diehl O:W &C Whitmore Cagles Larkspur Duchess (B) Ch Ripsnorters Thunderhart x Ch Larkspurs Zoe Dance B G&F McCain 0: Tommy & Nina Cagle Jay Mars Blakes Wind czar (D) Haags Director TD SH x Rawhides Flake B/O: M J Collins Kaizans First Edition (D) Ch Ripsnorters Thunderhart x Ch Larkspurs Kaizans Let it Be B: K Nash 0: Rita & Joel Plough Miska Coclebur Catcher (B) Helos Vom Treborwolf x Briarbuster's Speck B:M Keith 0: William Holbrook Ripsnorters Hart Song Eutry (B) CH Adpg Heza Wildfirex Ch Ripsnorters .\farah The Hart B: L George & H George 0: S Ida

Ruff Cuts Eye of the Storm (D) DC AFC Cascade Ike MH x Ch Wilsons Matilda of Ruffcutt B/O: Leslie & Irv Eagle Schnellberg's Second Act (D) Ch Schnellbergs Sydney CD MH x Schnellberg's Anneliese B/O: Sue Owen Txwyr Silver Spirit (B) Ch Shurcans Finders Keepers x Ch Txwyr Echo B: T Woodfin & S Graner 0: Terry Woodfin April Awards Maestro Menageries A Konrad (D) Ch Ripsnorter Aspenglow Warrior x Ch Ripsnorter Shes Got The Look B: P Ranker O:K Salvadore & Dora McKenzie Marieds Mad About You (D) Ch Ebbtide Summer Fun x Ch Riverwind Whats in A Face B: M Skuza Jackson & S & E Herman 0: Mariano Skuza Jackson May Awards Electrick Nrg Du Boncouer (B) Ch Afterhours Heywire Edison JH x Ch Afterhours Electrick Outlet CD JH B: E &P Fahey 0: James & Barbara Hanna & Eileen Fahey Geronimos A Pocahontas (B) Ch Geronimos Glory of Aspenrose x Ch Geronimos Showgirl B: J Steffes & V Curtin 0: Joann Steffes Geronimos Awesome Warrior (D) Ch Geronimos Glory of Aspenrose x Ch Geronimos Showgirl B: J Steffes & V Curtin 0: Joann Steffes Ripsnorter Ribs Smanatha (B) Ch Ripsnorters Thunderhart x Ch Ripsnorters Kaizan Whetstone B: K Nash & J George 0: Roger & Lois Bultman

Editors Note: We need someone to keep track of all new titles including champions, obedience,and field. Anyone interested please contact the Editor.


Crufts Sharon Jahn

I have been told that good fiction writers grab their audience in first sentences with startling facts or challenging statements to whet reader's appetites and increase book sales. Here goes. The exciting facts of our non-fiction, Crufts experience consist of: I) There were over 13,000 exhibitors, 21,000 entries with 3,000 to 5,000 dogs on display per day, and there were over 100,000 people in attendance. 2) Different groups of dogs were on display over a 4 day period of time in an arena that makes the San Francisco Cow Palace look miniscule. 3) There was a veterinary team of 14 veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses who provided continuous coverage throughout the 4 day event. 4) We came home pretty satisfied with the look of our German Wirehaired Pointers in the United States against the breed standard. The largest represented breed atCrufts was the Golden Retriever with 558 entries. By contrast there were 3 Foxhounds and no Kleiner Munsterlanders.

Dr. Cindy Heiller, Susan Cutter, Sharon Jahn & Penny Demueles Now, the beginning. At our U.S. Nationals which was hosted by our club, a group of our members casually talked about attending Crufts in 1996. Sometime last year, 6 of us decided to make a casual conversation a reality by joining a tour to Crufts, the world's largest and oldest dog show, held each year in England, in early March. Traditionally held in Earl's Court in London, Crufts moved to Birmingham, England, when their gigantic National Exhibition Centre (NEC) was completed a few years ago. Showing in the U.K. is different from the U.S. style. Instead of earning points, the dogs earn Challenge Certificates (CC's). There are also different types of shows in the U.K. Sanction and Limited shows are organized by general canine societies and are limited to members of

the organizing societies. They include dogs at the beginning of their show career. There are Open shows which are open to all dog owners regardless of club or society affiliation. In Open shows, how many prizes a dog has won is not an issue. Championship shows come next in the progression in this u.K. show hierarchy. They are called Championship shows because there are CC's to be won. These are highly regarded and much sought after because three CC' s, each won under a different judge, give the dog the title of Champion.

Best Graduate Dog Class To enter Crufts, all dogs must have qualified at championship shows throughout the preceding year. Having qualified, each dog can be entered in an appropriate class either on an age basis or in a class designed to reflect the dog's past show successes - such classes are in fact grades. Dogs can be entered in more than one class. Dogs and bitches have the same classification but are judged separately. When all the dog classes have been completed each unbeaten class winner will then compete for best dog. The same procedure then takes place for the bitches, after which the judge chooses "Best of Breed" from the best dog and best bitch. There are 6 Groups at all General Championship Shows - Working, (includes Working and Herding and consists of over 40 breeds), Utility, Hound, Toy, Terrier and Gundogs. Each day after the completion of the breed judg1ng, all Best of Breed winners in their relevant group compete in the main ring. Here, a different judge chooses the best exhibit, who is known as the Group Winner. In each group the dogs are placed I, 2, 3, and 4. This year's Gundog group winner was a handsome black English Cocker, known as a Cocker in the U.K. On the 4th and final evening, all six group winners compete in the main ring for yet another judge, who after a final assessment, chooses the "Best in Show" winner. A second place, or Reserve, dog is also chosen. This year the Elkhound, Akita, Sheltie, Cocker, Airedale, and Papillon were the winners of their Groups competing for Best in Show recognition. The Cocker was awarded the Best in Show with the Airedale receiving Reserve.

Our tour began with our arri val in London's Heathrow Airport with several different flight arrivals converging on the Strand Palace Hotel in London in the morning hours of Tuesday, March 12. The hotel rooms were not ready until 3:00 P.M. but no one wasted any time exploring London in the meantime. Our only need was to be back at the hotel for our group dinner. This was scheduled to acquaint us to the coming days' events and time schedules. At this dinner we obtained our previously procured and purchased group event tickets, which were small shows within the larger Crufts show. The dinner having taken place, we went to bed and began sleeping off the jet lag only to awaken to another full day of exploring London with theater in the evening. At 5:00 A.M. on Thursday morning, our suitcases were gathered for the bus trip to Birmingham, about a 2 hour ride. By 9:30 A.M. we had arrived at the Centre's Metropole Hotel and we were in the NEC examining dogs and getting our barings. By 6:00 P.M. we were exhausted but comparing notes, a daily event. One of our first stops at the NEC was an everyday show within Crufts, The Kennel Club staged Discover Dogs. This area of display offered visitors the opportunity to see over 160 different breeds and to discuss the individual needs of the breeds with experts. This venue offered education and entertainment through handling and touching, for everyone considering purchasing a dog.

GWP Booth at Crufts For the first time within Discover Dogs. Crufts offered visitors the opportunity to meet the Kennel Club. There were booths or exhibits relating to the Kennel Club Junior Organization, consisting of 8 to 18 year olds; the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme; Petlog; a Healthcare Scheme; and "The Working Dog Forum," which showed The Kennel Club's activities linked to Gundogs, Obedience, Agility, Working Trials, and Bloodhound Trials. A new innovation in 1996 was The Kennel Club's sponsoring of free microchipping for up to 50 exhibits each day. At Crufts 1996, as part of the Discover Dog concept, The Kennel Club invited veterinary and scientific staff of the Animal Health Trust to present 2, two hour lecture series. each day.


Crufts cont' The German Wirehaired Pointers were

Renee Nappier

represented with 64 dogs for 80 entries on the

On The Obedience Trail

show's second day, March 15. Fifty-eight GWPs actually showed up. The Best of Breed winner was Wt Ch Benreeda Wolfgang of Jacinto, a dog owned by Mr. & Mrs. B & E Ellis. Sharon Pinkerton, as well as her mother, both of Bareve Kennels in Derbyshire, handled dogs in the ring and graciously ushered us through a maze of questions. We are particularly grateful to the other wonderful GWP contacts who we met and who took us

BOB- Wt Ch Benreeda Wolfgang of Jacinto

under their wings to explain show events to us. As with each breed, on the judging day, a club breed stand was placed at the representati ve ring. This was where the most diverse selection of specific breed items was available for sale. The general concessions included everything under the sun for your animal. My favorite was Cristies, with their antique dog portraits for thousands of pounds sterling. There were leashes in leather quality and in configurations we don't see in the US and a plethora of prints which gave us GWP people an actual selection of pictures and cards unknown to us before. Unusual dogs for us ranged from the Long Haired Weimaraner, the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, the Large Munsterlander, the Italian Spinone, and the Irish Red and White Setter to the Hovawart, the Leonberger, and the Basset Bauve De Bretagne. Unusual attire for us ran the gamut from bare feet in the ring to men in full dress plaid. Also unusual for us was the fact that most of the handlers were amateurs with under 10% of the handlers, professional. Few cropped ears and a vocal move to eliminate tail docking were present at the show. By 7:30 on Monday morning we separated and went in different\directions. Valerie and Cindy were off to explore more of England and Cindy would continue traveling to Sweden and Russia. Sharon and Leslie boarded a bus to Heathrow and home, and Penny and I boarded a different bus to Heathrow so we could catch a taxi to London for more vacation time. Next year, the show will be held on March 6-9,1997. Reserve now.

Sharon Pinkerton's Mom with friends

Another GWP CD! My male Ch Hellbenders Renegade Thunder, CGC finished at Baltimore County Kennel Club on April 21, 1996. There were 37 actual exhibitors with 22 qualifiers and Thunder earned a very respectable 4th place with a score of 192. At the Chester Valley KC, Supported entry on May 11 three GWP' s represented the obedience entry. The Utility A, Ch Jerelin's Stix N Brix CDX, JH is owned by Jean and William Reese. The Open A entry was Heywire's Song of the Sea, CD owned by Bev Murray and Judy Cheshire. In Novice B, Thunder earned and insurance let and a 2nd place finish out of 26 total entries with 11 qualifiers. Unfortunately, I do not have results for the other classed due to the tremendous thunderstorm that raged on during Thunder's set of stays. I opted to head for the warm, dry interior of the car rather than gathering additional information. Owners/handlers of our open and utility entries please drop me a note. I love to report good news Also picked up from Front and Finish, Ch SGR Whispering Winds, CD handled by Terrie Brooks finished in 10th place in the Novice Division of the 1996 Cycle Central Regional Dog Obedience Championship in Detroit MI on March 9&10. Congratulations Terry and Keelee on a job well done. Till next time, don't forget to praise.

Editors Note: Congratulations to Stepahnie Shafer and Fox Hills Mr Badger UD JH and now UDX. I believe Badger is the first Wire to obtain this title.

Congratulations to our new Obedience Title Holders Feb Awards Companion Dog Shadra's Eighteen Wheelr (D) Ch Valhallas Lightning Bolt JH x Ch Spartacus Morning Mist B/O: Gerald & Leslie Clark March A wards Geronimos Startrek (B) Ch After Hours Wyr' N Bo Jest x Ch Topmost Windfall of Danters B: J Steffes & V Curtin 0: William & Linda Hardcastle Ch Weidenhugel Isabelle V Goetz (B) Ch Cadenberg Goetz V Lutx CD TD x Ch Weidenhugel Yena V Quincy B: M Revell 0: Susan Cutter

Companion Dog Excellent Ch Larkspurs Whitewater Journey CD (D) Ch Larkspurs Whitewater Kaiac CD x Ch Larkspurs Couch Potato B: G McCain & L Yetter O:L Donalee Watcson & G McCain May Awards Utility Dogs Excellent Fox Hill's Mr Badger UD JH Bevems Buckshot x Annabelle B: C McNeil 0: Stephanie Shafer

& Jeffreey


Top Dogs 1996 Field Standings How Top Ten Points are Figured


Wins & Placements are taken from the "AKC Awards" magazine as the trials are published. 4-17 starters= 1 pt lst- 4 x the stake points 8-12 starters=2pt 2nd - 3 x the stake points 13-17 starters=3pt 3rd - 2 x the stake points 18-24 starters=4pt 4th - 1 x the stake points 25 or more starters=5pt Now, if you won a 1st place in a 3 point stake, you would multiply 4x3=12. Second in a 2 pt. stake multiply 3x2 =6, and so. Standings reflect placements from January 1 - March 21, 1996 trials as recorded through the May 1996 Awards. SENIOR DOGS (GUN DOGS) 1. DCI AFC Schnell bergs Gretta MH 2. NFC/FCI AFC Cascade Ike MH 3. Ore-Guns Cascade Cody JH 4. DC Uodibars Fanny Paltani 5. Navaho Sidekick MH 7. Ch/AFC Marsu Jay-Mars Katie MH 8. NAFC/AFCICH Justa Tequila Sunset JH 9. Flintlocks Addition 10. NAFC/FC St Croixs Rawhide Ruby Breezin Britta Yon Kinni

Tait, NJ Calkins, OR RoeselllMil brad Shelley, Tx Rezzardi, IL Decker/Weber, CA SakieylBrawn, NJ Hemphll, WA MuellerlPaltani, MN Manns,MN

Dogs Defeated 69 69 45 48 55

GWPCA Points 43 41 32 31 29





28 24

20 18 18

JUNIOR DOGS (PUppy! DERBY COMBINED~ 1. Jim Kaths OKK Temptress 2. Sure Shots Hot Rocks 3. Flintlocks Limited Edition

30 30 27 17 12 10

4. Sure Shots Mistique Breeze 5. Cascade Missing Link 6. Ruff Cuts Justa Southwind JH

9 9 9

7. Kairina Von Schyrental Ch Von Duffins Rockland Wags 8. St Croixs Fly N Fritzi Ritz 9. Deja Vu 10 Flintlocks Late for the Sky

8 6

Congratulations to our News Field Champions and Amateur Field Champions Amateur Field Champions April Awards Ch Marsu Jay Mars Katie MH (B) Haags Director TD SH x Jay Mars Marsu's Sassy B" M J Collins Weber

Ch Uodibars

0: susan

Decker & Karla

Field Champion May A wards Fanny Paltani (B) Rawlee Gene's Delight x Rawhides Dizzy Lizzy B: D Paltani 0: Helen Shelley (this finsihes Fanny as an official Dual Champion, congratulations to her breeder and her owner!)

~o~,e.t to UrC-Om


in, 4ItnJ



tte.~';, ~o~

';,~o~ ~utu~itie.';,.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed Just transferred!

Mt. St Helens erupted May 18, 1980

In the shadow of the mountain

FC/ AFC Cascade Steamer MH NAFC 1985 & 86 Was born May 20,1980

He left us in 1996 but his energy will survive in the field for many years to come!

Frozen semen available. Wilsonville Veterinary Clinic 9275 Barber St Wilsonville, Or 97070 503-682-3737

Cascade Wirehairs 13235 SW Bell Rd Sherwood, Or 97140 503-682-2968

Congratulations to our new Hunting Test Title Holders February Awards Junior Hunter Aga (B) -Anson Yon Ballenberg x Bradys Chocolate Lady JH B: A Brady 0: Kosta Sunda

Master Ch Marsu Jay Mars Katie SH (B)-Haags Director TD SH x Jay Mars Marsu's Sassy B: M J Colins 0: Sue Decker

& Karla


March A wards

Junior ADPG Heeza Fire Stryker CD (D)- Ch Heywires Supersonic Stryker x Ch Shurcan Potogold Sheza McRae CD B: J & D MCCallum & B Halligan 0: Kevin & Candy Craggs & Danielle McCallum ADPG Shurcan All Fired Up (B)-Ch Heywires Supersonic Styker x Ch Shurcan Potogold Sheza McRae CD B: J & D McCallum & B Halligan 0: Danielle McCallum & Temple Watson Ch Cassios Dream Whip (D) Ch Laurwyn Cassio Mocha Cake CD x Ch Laurwyn Cassio Say Inverness B: J Brewster 0: Joy Brewster & Mike Bruzzone Ch Fair Oaks No Doubt About It (B) Ch Jamars Back In Time x Ch Jaymar Wiesens Rite On TargetJH B: L Jaffe & N Vampotic 0: L Jaffee McMillan Hellbenders Frosted Cake (D) DC AFC Dunkees Justa Hole N One CD MH x Ch Hellbenders Hollotta Hussie CD JH B: M Spies 0: Hilde Stapgens Kripple Kreeks Gentle Jim (D) Ch Laurwyn Cassion Mocha Cake CD x Lony Yom IssendorfB: E Jansen 0: Edwin Erickson Ch Larkspurs Cruisin Classic (D) Ch Ripsnorter Aspenglow Warrior x Ch Larskpur Zoe Dancer B/O: G McCain Txwyr's Queen Ottilla (B) Ch Scrub Oaks Boomerang x Mirwan Queen Wihelmina B: T & J Woodfin 0: Adele Kneipp

& Lisa

Senior Hunter Hebra Yom TregorwolfII JH Mongar Yom Tregorwolfx Seta Yom TreborwolfB: R West 0: William Darby Southpaw's Little White Lies (D) Ch Afterhours Desert Fox c Ch Shurcan Max Ness Monster CD JH B: J HOward 0: William Darby Whitetails Botolf (D) Hanover Yom Treborwolf x Whitetails Greta Sue B: W Darby 0: Eddie Green Whitetails Cassandra (B) Whitetails Pepper x Isba Yom Treborwolf B: H Nichols 0: William Darby

Master Hunter SGR Witch Hunt (D) Overbarons Country Hustler x FC AFC SGR Witches Brew G: G Richardson 0: K Nelsen Ch Weidenhugel Merlin V Nico CD SH (D) Nico V D Bemmeraue x Weidenhugel Yolande V Quincy B: M Revell 0: L Ercoli

April Awards Junior Cadenberg Victor V Trey (D) Ch Weidenhugel Intrepid V Goetz x DC AFC Cadenberg Magie V Rogue CDX B:S Alberts 0: Mildred Revell Ch Creaghans Sun on The Moon (D) Ch Shurcan Baron OT Afterhours x Ch Towers February Magic UD B: M Creagan & M Fredricks 0: Marguerite Creagan Yon Vabers Turbo Charged Traveler (D) ILP O:Karla Weber

May Awards Junior Armbrusts Rogue Poofey (D) DC Cascade Rogue MH x Arrnbrusts Mighty Mo B/O: Arthur Armbrust Cascade Ikes Dutch Boy (D)NFC N AFC DC AFC Cascade Ike MH x Wildwings Odies Fuzz JH B: G Bumgarner 0: Michael & Melanie Doherty Feldmann Yon Grafenstein (D) Lord II Yom Donaueck x Custl Yon Richtof B:L T Ploderl 0: Richard Riley MD Jay J (D) Jake the Snake x Molly Be Good B: Roger Paluska 0: Maxine Paluka Weidenhugel Brie V Simon (B) Ch Weidenhugel Simon V Alexe x Ch Weidenhugel Shazi V Nico B: M Revell 0: Sharon Jahn Wild winds Odies Fuzz (B) Wildwings Sureshot Odie x Zuki Yon Zudnik B: M Millows 0: G Bumgarner

Senior Hunter Weidenhugel Ugo V Rap JH Weidenhugel Rap V Gemstone x Ch Weidenhugel Yen a V Quincy B M Revell 0: Dave Proter Whitetails Briana (B) Hanover Yom Treborwolf x Whitetails Greta Sue BL: W Darby 0: Jimmy Murphy

Editors Note: We need someone to volunteer to keep track of all titles earned by our wonderful Wires. A computer is helpful but not necassary. Please contact the editor

if you

would like to help.

GWPCof Illinois Field Trial

Seattle Tacoma GWPClub

March 2 &3rd Des Plaines Conservation Area

Field Trial

On a brutally cold windy weekend we held what turned out to be a very successful event. Chaired by Bill Lehman with Genevieve Capstaff handling the Secretary's position everything went very smoothly. We had approximately 30 total braces between the Open Gun Dog, Amateur Gun Dog, Puppy and Open Derby stakes. Our own club members faired very well in the placements at this trial. Guy Rezzardi and Navaho Sidekick MH won I st place in the Open Gun Dog stake against some very tough competition. Due to the amount of dogs starting in the stake, this garnered Badger a 5 pt major. (Her first points and she's halfway to completion on her FCH title) Way to Go! Our own members not only entered dogs, but pitched in to help as well. I hereby pubic ally declare I owe Ed Rygasiewicz a favor for relieving me of marshalling duty after I thought my toes were going to fall off. I'm not sure who brought the heater for the building (John Dunleavy?) but we all apprecieated the fact it was there and functioning! Actually, I'm not sure exactly who from our club was there due to the heavy layering of garments. So if I've left anybody out here, please don't be offended.

Fort Lewis, WA March 23-24, 1996

stakes were finished and half of the Open Derby stake was done. Amateur Gun Dog, Puppy and the rest of the Derbies finished on Sunday. The results were:

Open Gun Dog 1. Navaho Sidekick (GWP) Guy Rezzardi 2. PJ Wilfire Supersport (GSP) Vicari 3. AFC Little Richie Whompum MH (Viz) Couris 4. Barn Ridge Jacquelyn B (GSP) Bradley

Open Derby 1. PJ Wildfire Supers port (GSP) Vicari 2. Right Jess (Viz) Ordonez 3. Oak Ridge Gunner's Bullet (Viz) Sayer 4. HillView's Ely Mulddon MH(GSP) Reed Open Puppy 1. Dynamo Vom Treborwolf (GWP) Steve Lichay 2. Shortwires Chukar Hill Mufasa (GWP) Chris Bates 3. Shortwires Eagle Jake (GWP) Ed Rygasiewicz 4. Shortwires Hunt Warrior (GWP) Baltimore Ortega

Amateur Gun Dog 1. Navaho Sidekick MH (GWP) Guy Rezzardi 2-4 witheld

We had two excellent judges - Mike Dusenbery and Jim Busch. They had so many dogs to judge I don't think they even got out of the saddle to eat lunch. (Maybe because they were frozen in that position and couldn't get off). Baltimore Ortega spent the better part of the day with Gil Maynard planting birds. In addition to Trial Secretary duties, Genevieve emerged from the building to handle the Line Marshall's job. John & Pat Dunleavy, Dan Sullivan, Bill Lehman and Barb Ruehl were also there to lend a hand where needed. By the end of the day the Open Gun Dog

Open Gun Dog (29 starters) 1. Flintlock's Addition OtH - Mike Hemphill 2. Wiem 3. GSP 4. GSP Amateur Gun Dog (21 starters) I. Cascade Ike OtH - Ray Calkins 2. GSP 3. Viz 4. Viz Open Puppy 2. GSP 3. Britt 4. Sure Shot's Hot RockOtH - Doug Ljungren Open All-Age 1. GSP 2. Pointer 3. GSP 4. Withheld Open Derby 1. GSP

(12 starters)

(17 starters)


2. Katrina Vom Schyrental Mark & Melinda Berry H - Trena Cardwell 3. GSP 4. Flintlock's Late For The Sky OtH Mike Hemphill Amateur Walking Puppy (starters) I. Cascade Missing Link O/H - Ray Calkins 2. Sure Shot's Hot Rocks O/H - Doug Ljungren 3. Sure Shot's Boss Gunner O/H - John Benedict 4. Aurora Vom Hawk's Hill O/H - Christian Lang

"Tanya" Bred by Brian & Susan Agland

(12 starters)

1. ES

THE '95 HUNTING SEASON Jack Dillingham & Serena Pollack was the most memorable season in my life long hunting journey. The birds were plentiful and dog performance was exceptional. Lady, our five year old, brood bitch, and Gizmo, her three year old daughter, really performed as the result of them being seasoned hunters. A seasoned wirehair, as you probably know, makes the years of training and sacrifice all worthwhile. The '95 bird population was questionable because of the record rain fall in the Midwest during nesting time in May. But, to my surprise, our hunts to Southern Iowa and Northern Kansas presented an abundant number of birds. The first hunt was the traditional "opening weekend" which was at a new location in Central Iowa. The invitation to hunt close to Grinnel was due probably to the fact that we had these wire's I had been bragging about. The pheasant limit was bagged by noon on opening day and our party of seven had a good second day as well.

Our next trip was to North Central Kansas for their annual opener. Three roosters were bagged quickly by our party. As the day progressed, a local farmer suggested that we hunt by his hog barn because pheasants had been feeding there. The spot was great and the shooting was fast and furious. From there, we moved through a com field where some of the pheasants had escaped to. Lady, was tracking feverishly and my hope was to have another rooster. As she hunted more intensively, we came to a culvert where she pounced onto a grassy clump and pulled out a black furry creature. As she vigorously shook her find, I suddenly realized she was holding a skunk. On command she dropped the skunk but before she could be heeled the skunk sprayed her. With some remorse and hesitation we left the field. One car to get tomato juice and one car carrying Lady back to the farm house. The challenge was to get Lady to the bath tub without the farmer and owner of our rented farm house seeing her. The pressure was on, not only because of the farmer but from the thoughts of what my wife, Serena, would say when she

Jack & Gizmo learned her prized Champion and companion, which sleeps in bed with us (of course) had been "skunked. After three quarts of tomato juice and an hour lost from the fields, we could finally stand to be around Lady again. The day ended with a flurry in a CRP field. As the sun was setting, we took one more swing through the field and headed onto the wind. Gizmo pointed first, then Lady, when all the feathers settled fi ve birds were down. The end to another satisfying hunt. The next trip to the Hawkeye state was Thanksgiving weekend. This two day hunt was probably successful due to the fields being harvested. We enjoyed a mixed bag of quail and pheasants. We closed the 1995 season with another trip to Southwest Iowa. As was the case throughout the year, the wirehairs hunted hard and tracked down several winged pheasants. In fact, the second day we bagged two birds without firing a shot. Gizmo tracked, pointed and then pounced and retrieved two roosters that we probably winged but didn't realize were hit the day before when hunting the same field. Yes, 1995 was a year of great satisfaction for this wirehair hunter. The pictures display a few of the trophies. Lady's on the left and Gizmo on the right.

one I admit, Louis was seriously concerned, and even a ten year old boy doesn't want to wake up with a spider that big crawling over him during the night.) Quietly I cursed myselffor letting him have the dum thing in the first place. I sent him back upstairs with stem instructions to find it, and amazingly enough his sister Emily offered to help. Meanwhile I was wondering if one of the Wires could be sent to help find the little sucker. Could they scent a spider? Do spiders even have a scent? My Wires had always been a big help in the past to find critters. In fact they were frequently the reson why a critter was at large in the first place. For once, one of them could put one of the little varmints into the food chain. My first Wirehair, Fred, may he rest in peace, would enthusiasticly respond to my cries of "spider alert!" He woud hunt down and eat the offending arachnid. Perhaps you think I have put my dogs at risk by doing this, but I firmly believe that a good hunting dog should go boldly after all such undesirables around the house. Back to Loius and his trantula, which has a name but I'll be danged if I can remember it, Louis came back downstairs requesting a can of bug spray. So much for his beloved spider which he had so fondly held over the past months. Just barely holding my panic in check, I sent him back upstairs minus the bug spray. He then asked if I would come and help. "Get real" I answered, "If you kept your room cleaner the spider wouldn't have had so many toys to hide under". Back he went on the the verge of tears. Life if sometimes very difficult and this was one of lifes hard lessons he had to learn I assured myself. Besides it would give him something to talk about in therapy someday. The joy of joys, he and Emily appeard, all smiles. The spider had not escaped after all. It had buried itself in the sand of it's terrarium. I used this opportunity to praise him for his dilegence on following though on a tough problem. He just thought I was nuts.

Rescue Dogs Available

Spiders, Wires and Kids- OH MY! Mary Spies The other evening after admiring my GWP Barbies,' new puppies, I was relaxing on the couch, when my son Louis came to me with words that would grip any parents heart with with the stony hand offear. "Mom, don't get mad, but I can't find my tarantula!" Mad? I I didn't get mad, who would get mad when confronted with this type of situation? My emotions were more akin to terror, hysteria and blind panic, coupled with a sudden urge to rent a motel room. I fired questions at him, was he sure? Wasn't the top on securely? Did he check his bed? (That was a cruel

#1 Spayed female, 2 yrs. housebroken and good with children and other pets. Nice housedog. She is very birdy and would make good hunting companion. Midly dysplastic, but does not prevent her from being active and playful. Her name is Natalie, owner giving up because of problems with workl. Contact Mary Spies. (410) 219-5209 #2 Smooth coated 3 yrs oldm unspayed female. Good housedog, excellent with children and with other household pets. Companion dog only .She will need to be spayed, would be good companion for an elderly person Contact Mary Spies #3 Large neutered male. good house dog has a CD title. Would be good in house with teenage childern. Contact Leslie Clark (609) 259-7579



NSTRA Champion "The First and Only"

Kate is the first and onlv German Wirehaired Pointer bitdt}J,tf~com~n and

'\ '~",

AKC conformation Champion


a National Shoot-To-Retrieve Field Tri~IC!t~Ptpjon . • i • "C">, She is the top point GWP in NSTRA as of 4/15196(or 1995-96 Conl!ratulations to these other Whitetail dOl:Son their recent accorri' Whitetail's Ansgar SH owner Tony Duncan Ch Whitetail's Berenger JH owner Jack Watson Whitetail's Botolof SH owner Eddie Green- Winner S Carolina region NSJRA


Whitetail's Brianna SH owner Jim Murphy Whitetail's Cassandra SH owner Billy Darby Ch Whitetail's Dutch owner Billy Darby Hebra Vom Treborwolf SH owner Billy Darby Southpaw's Little White Lies SH owner Billy Darby

WHITETAIL KENNELS 106 Whitetail Drive - PO BOX 529 WALHALLA, S.C 29691 864-882-0215

OWNERS/BREEDERS/H Billy and Debbie Darby



LIS BOTOLF SH .egion National Shoot -To-Retrieve Field Trial Association elimination trial on 5/5/96. 38 dogs qualified and "Spanky" beat them all! ,years old, Spanky has 12 NSTRA points and 7 AKC conformation points. anky's proud owner, trainer, and handler is Eddie Green of Central, s.c.


Proud Breeders WHITETAIL KENNELS PO BOX 529 WHAHALLA, S.C 29691 864-882-0215



#996 - ((d •••• ,Hunting TestslField Trials

(!E" •• U~-7996--- t$j~-' ~, Specialties/Supported

25? Val 4GWPCA 2-3 National Events Del 28-29 Field Tria1GWPGWP Maureen No. Tait California Hunt Test GWP ofof So,. CA Trial (Walking) GWP's only Aug Liz 778-4675 (609) 261-3271 GSP SilkeBarrett of Alberts So., (715) CA (707) Linda 644-8068 Rice (805) 533-0520




Ft. Detroit GWPC Barb Heinl 3838 Davison Lake Rd, Ortonville MI (810) 627-3566.



Specialty- SeaTac GWPLaura Myles (206) 481-3371



Specialty - Del Val GWP, Berks County KC, Super- Rau,Judy Cheshire (516) 671-3564



Specialty Show- Twin Cities GWP (715) 778-4675



GWPCA National Events


Liz Barrett

Superior, WI and Solon Springs, WI


Remember to send your dates and requests for Parent Club permission to hold a Field Trial or a Specialty Show to GWPCA Secretary Karen Nelsen.



First Time at a Dog Show (with acknowledgments

to the New Zealand South Island Whippet Club and the GWP of No. CA newsletter)

First time at a dog show, I'll tell you quite plain I'll never, no never, go near one again. The breeder said "Show him." when I bought my dog I showed him all right, the whole place was agog.

The Steward. poor fellow, threw a kind of fit. He sputtered, he coughed, and his eyes ran a bit. "I'd have that cough seen to ," I said to him when He'd finally stopped ..then he started again.

They gave me a number, they gave me a pin But I couldn't bear to stick the thing in So I rushed to the shop and bought some clear glue then I stuck the card onto his back in the 100.

"Once round the ring, dear, as fast as you can," Said the Judge, so I did, I just ran and ran, But when I arrived (out of breath, I'll admit) The Judge said "Your dog, dear." I felt like a twit.

We arrived at the ringside to find we were first In the Puppy Class (this part is the worst) We marched in together as fast as we were able Arived at the judge who said "Up on the table."

Off round once again, I kept my head bent Oh the shame, my pup crouched, he just went and went. A lady came running with bucket and spade With manure so spicy, has she got it made.

This really surprised me, my skirt was quite tight, And I just couldn't make it, try hard as I might. The judge looked quite worried, he said "Listen here, Put your dog on the table, not you, my dear."

We came back to the Judge, who said with a frown "Stand your dog." I said "Please sir, he's not lying down." "You can take First Place stand, " he said, I said "Ta." What a job I had getting that stand into the car!

By now I was trembling, I felt such a fool But I said to myself..."Play it cool, play it cool." How old?" asked the Judge, I heard it quite clear. Well, really, I thought, and said "Thirty next year."


CODE OF ETHICS The members of the GWPCA are devoted to the continued preservation, protection and improvement of the German Wirehaired Pointer. This Code provides guidelines for ethical practices and care, and seeks to promote good sportsmanship. RECORDS: GWPCA members will maintain complete and accurate records for each dog and litter. BREEDING: GWPCA members will evaluate any dog or bitch used for breeding, using the criteria set forth by the breed standard. Only those dogs free of recognized genetic defects shall be used in a breeding program. Breeders will be selective with respect to the physical and mental soundness, health, temperament, and natural hunting ability of the dog or bitch. CARE AND TRANSFER OF DOGS: No puppies or adult dogs shall be bred, sold or consigned to pet shops or other commercial enterprises. Proper care shall be provided for bitch and puppies. Puppies shall be kept until seven weeks of age. All prospective buyers should be carefully screened to assure that puppies have a safe, loving and stimulating home. An honest evaluation of the quality of the puppy will be made. Purchasers are to be encourage to spay or neuter all dogs that will not be used for breeding. New owners will receive the following documentation: 1. Written sales contract or co-ownership agreement 2. Copy of the AKC registration 3. Feeding instructions 4. Medical records 5. Three-generation pedigree 6. Training recommendations 7. Copy of this Code of Ethics

GWPCA members are prepared to assist puppy buyers when questions or problems arise for the life of the dog. New owners are encouraged to become invol ved in GWPCA acti vities, regional GWP Clubs, dog training, and/or dog performance events. SPORTSMANSHIP: GWPCA members shall always conduct themselves in a manner which will reflect credit upon themselves, their dogs, and the sport of dogs, regardless of location or circumstance.

Wire~News 1996 June-July  

Wire~News 1996 June-July

Wire~News 1996 June-July  

Wire~News 1996 June-July