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Groundwork Pennine Lancashire is the biggest environmental charity in Lancashire. Our purpose is to build sustainable communities, working with partners to help improve people’s lives, their prospects and potential and the places where they live, work and play. Groundwork is a social business; there are no shareholders to distribute profits to. Instead we offer social dividends to support the local community in a variety of innovative ways, delivering programmes of work for places, people and business.

Environment for Places Our landscape design and contracts team delivers a wide range of services to improve local environments for businesses, local authorities, registered social landlords and community enterprises. We believe passionately in the importance of quality design that connects with the needs of communities. Environment for Business Our health, safety and environmental consultancy and training services help businesses increase profit and productivity whilst reducing environmental impact. We help businesses adapt to a new greener economy and provide support to navigate legislative minefields. We also work to develop the potential of people by helping to increase skills and provide work experience. Our projects and services tend to be cross-cutting – we join up different agendas and deliver multiple outcomes. Our unique blend of skills and experience ensures that Groundwork lead the way in providing holistic solutions that meet your needs.

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Environment for People We work with local communities to improve their quality of life on projects such as youth engagement, sustainable development training, healthy lifestyle schemes, mental health initiatives, fundraising, community consultation and heritage work. We use the environment as a tool to help people make healthier choices and deliver improved social and economic prospects.

Groundwork Pennine Lancashire work with local communities on a wide range of projects to improve the quality of life throughout the region. Projects include: Youth engagement Community engagement and consultation Training in sustainable development Healthy lifestyle schemes Mental health initiatives Fundraising Heritage work

In every project, Groundwork staff work closely with clients and beneficiaries to build trust and confidence, and this has led to a high level of repeat custom from satisfied clients. Community involvement is an integral part of the work Groundwork do, and we work hard to make sure residents are fully informed of the work we’re doing in their area and their specific needs are met – we use a range of techniques and approaches to gather and analyse information, from questionnaires and consultation sessions to online surveys, door-to-door interviews and letter drops. All members of staff are highly trained to deal with people of all ages and backgrounds, and particularly to engage with hard-to-reach groups. Groundwork deliver a number of projects for local authorities, and have developed strong ties with authorities and beneficiaries throughout Lancashire. Our team has a high level of experience in working to Local Area Agreements in each of the specified areas.

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Reach Out Groundwork Pennine Lancashire believe that young people are part of the solution to improving quality of life in local areas. Our Reach Out programmes aim to help young people participate in their communities, bridging the generation gap, building confidence and self-esteem. We encourage young people, particularly those who are vulnerable and at risk, to become more involved in the place they live and help them play a full and active role within their local community.

We deliver a wide range of programmes and activities providing disaffected young people aged 8-25 with the skills, capacity and motivation to help address issues that affect their health, well being and personal development. In doing this we aim to reduce crime and nuisance/risk taking behaviour amongst young people, involving their families, the wider community and local partner agencies to ensure the programme adds value to existing initiatives. Our services and activities are in line with the ‘Every Child Matters’ five key outcomes. Our services promote; • physical and emotional wellbeing • development of positive relationships • engagement in the local community Worklessness and Young People Through programmes such as Future Job Funds, Groundwork support unemployed young people in their efforts to secure employment, providing role models and experience of the real working environment for young people lacking such support from other sources.

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youth engagement


The Reach Out Programmes are geographically focused in particular, usually deprived; neighbourhoods and our experienced staff engage young people in local decision making striving to meet their needs through a variety of projects, activities and services. We believe it is essential to empower young people, helping them to have a voice which is heard.

What makes our consultation services different is our local knowledge, contacts and understanding of what works in different neighbourhoods. Community engagement Our community links are used by many partner agencies to provide information, advice and support to community groups. This can be on issues such as recycling, energy efficiency in the home or climate change. In our role as facilitator, we can coordinate the actions of a range of local partners and help community groups to identify and secure funding. Local Heritage By helping people to understand and value their local environment and heritage, we can engage communities in a shared appreciation of their surroundings. This helps to foster integration and understanding between generations and helps people from different backgrounds to be more cohesive. Offshoots Permaculture Project The Offshoots Permaculture Project is a thriving fruit and vegetable garden and training centre. It acts as a demonstration centre for sustainability and links the environment with the Government’s health and skills agenda. The site holds courses and workshops for the general public focusing on permaculture, sustainability, eco-building techniques, recycling and composting. In addition to hosting regular school and community group tours, the site is free to visit for members of the public. Offshoots also provide a training environment and working space for young people and people with learning difficulties and mental health issues. The work and experience provided to them by the outdoor environment of Offshoots helps them to grow in confidence and independence.

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community engagement and consultation


Community Consultation Groundwork Pennine Lancashire find out what’s really important to different groups within local communities. We use a range of techniques and approaches to gather and analyse information; from questionnaires and consultation events through to participatory learning, action techniques and online surveys. Innovative approaches such as youth inclusion sports events, arts programmes, intergenerational activities or community fairs can help to engage the whole community in the consultation.

Getting Active Groundwork encourage and promote exercise by providing opportunities for people to get involved in physical activity in their local environment. Often this is the most accessible form of exercise for people intimidated by the culture of the gym or sporting club, and if there’s a social element then there can be positive effects upon mental health too.

Eating Healthily With Groundwork’s support, many people are now growing their own food on local allotments while others are benefiting from community facilities serving up healthy meals. Through these projects older people have the opportunity to pass on knowledge, people with no gardens are benefiting from community allotments and young people are discovering that great food doesn’t have to come from a supermarket or takeaway. These initiatives usually involve working with a local community group to establish and develop a site for food growing - including community orchards, full-scale allotments, small plots on community gardens and even window boxes.

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health and wellbeing


Our projects include guided walks and walking clubs, initiatives that encourage group cycling and practical conservation or food growing. Conservation work can be one of the best work-outs there is, with the added benefit of being in a social setting making a real difference to the local neighbourhood.

In schools we deliver a wide range of one off interactive workshops and programmes that focus on sustainable development education. By covering themes from the National Framework for Sustainable Schools including fairtrade and climate change we help to inspire participants to find solutions to improve their quality of life and the lives of people in all parts of the world. We also offer a One World Schools programme delivered in partnership with Lancashire Wildlife Trust. One World Schools is a tailored package of longer term support for your school that takes a whole school approach, encouraging pupils, staff and parents to actively engage in decisions that affect them. We offer a comprehensive package of education for sustainable development and schools to make significant energy and water savings, reduce litter and waste, create outdoor classrooms with food growing and wildlife areas, encourage walking and cycling to school and much more. Alternative Education At our Outdoor Education Centre in Rossendale, ‘The Bunker’, we deliver an Alternative Education Programme with structured accredited outcomes for young people aged between 12 and 16 years of age. This Programme offers a vocational, hands on experience aimed at students who are struggling to thrive in the mainstream educational environment. Pupils participate in activities such as hedge laying, dry stone walling, growing their own food, woodland management, bushcraft and wilderness skills and mountain bike maintenance and riding. Through this engagement our staff provide matrix accredited ‘Information, Advice and Guidance’ to the young people they work with.

...creating a brighter future

training for sustainable development


Education for Sustainable Development Our education and training programmes help participants to not only acquire knowledge and understanding of the principles of sustainable development but also help them to acquire the skills and values needed to do something about them. We are about much more than recycling or environmental education. We try to challenge participants to think and work in a profoundly different way.


The children enjoyed and learnt a great deal from the work you did in all our schools. The workshop sessions really opened the children’s eyes and several children commented on how much they had enjoyed the learning experience.”


Wendy W Harvey, Pendle Network Learning Community.



I have been a volunteer at Offshoots for nearly a year. The benefits to my health and wellbeing have been enormous and this is due to the atmosphere and very supportive staff. Angela Turton, Volunteer at Offshoots.


The Council has been working closely with Groundwork for many years and it is an increasingly successful partnership: they are one of our key partners in work with vulnerable young people. Groundwork has the flexibility to respond to young people's needs in ways that other organisations cannot easily achieve. They reach out into local communities and make contact with young people who might not otherwise be involved in positive activities.


Bill Lovat,

Blackburn With Darwen Council.


What a joy and delight, not only the beautiful countryside, the stunning views and the exercise, but the support, encouragement and enthusiasm of two exceptional members of your staff. It is difficult to describe the empowerment and confidence that experience brought!


JD Norris JP,

Speaking of a heritage guided walk organised with mobility scooters for a group with impaired mobility.

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