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176 Partners, 9 countries  Tajikistan adopted a new ten-year programme of water reform – GWP was actively involved in developing the programme with stakeholder input (page 20).  Rural communities in Armenia developed climate change adaptation plans with GWP support (page 20).


101 Partners  GWP studies on groundwater led to a proposal for legislation and provided policy recommendations to strengthen groundwater management in Shaanxi Province (page 21).  Ecological concepts were incorporated in Yellow River annual water allocation plans following GWP research and stakeholder input (page 22).


540 Partners, 7 countries  GWP Nepal helped determine the value of investment needed to implement the country’s local climate adaptation plans (page 22).  India’s state water policies were reviewed by GWP to ensure they include building resilience to climate change (page 23).


250 Partners, 10 countries  GWP worked with local stakeholders to provide training in flood preparedness in Malaysia (page 23).  Input to a national flood early warning system emerged from a GWP event organised in Myanmar (page 23).


315 Partners, 10 countries  GWP helped secure climate finance for catchment management plans in Uganda (page 15).  In Uganda, GWP supported pilot testing of SDG indicators on water and sanitation (page 15).


13 Partners, 336 countries  GWP helped build cooperation among Limpopo riparian countries through a disaster risk reduction plan (page 16).  GWP Southern Africa provided technical support to the Seychelles in the development of a sanitation master plan (page 16).

272 Partners, 33 countries  National governments made use of globally generated policy and management guidance, scientific knowledge, and best practices for integrated drought management (page 12).  GWP launched a global programme to assist countries to implement the adaptation component of their Nationally Determined Contributions (page 18).

GWP in Action 2016 Annual Report


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GWP in Action 2016 - Annual Report  

GWP in Action 2016 - Annual Report  

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