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Goal 1

Catalyse change in policies and practice

This goal focuses on advancing effective governance, based on comprehensive and mutually supportive policies, institutions, and processes. New water policy for Curaçao

Framework to support funding for climate resilience

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GWP Caribbean worked in partnership with the ence Outcom fl u e In Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre to develop a framework for investment in climate resilience and water Facilitation security to present to donors Knowledge for funding. This work Partnerships involved hosting several consultations and surveys to establish regional and national priorities for water and climate. The work has strengthened GWP Caribbean’s coordinating role and supported its regional partners. As a result, there is now a more coordinated and cooperative approach to the funding of water agencies in the region. Not only will this avoid resources being wasted or duplicated, but the framework should also attract increased funding for projects. This collaborative effort builds on GWP’s work in the region, which includes hosting coordination meetings, developing information products, and supporting the establishment of new partnerships.

Integrated management of water resources took a step ence Outcom fl u e In forward in Curaçao when GWP Caribbean was asked to assist farmers who were experiencing saline intrusion into their Facilitation artesian wells. Following this Knowledge intervention, at the end of Partnerships 2015 the Government decided to implement integrated measures more widely and began to prepare a new water policy incorporating resilience to climate change. GWP Caribbean has already supported various activities designed to raise awareness of integrated water management, identify priority areas for action, and provide training on climate resilience for the water sector. Outp ut


CENTRAL AFRICA National planning for climate change in Cameroon The Government of Cameroon has been working proactively to integrate climate change planning into the socio-economic development of the country, thereby reducing vulnerability and identifying economic

GWP in Action 2015 Annual Report


Profile for Global Water Partnership

GWP in Action 2015  

The 2015 Annual Report of Global Water Partnership (GWP)

GWP in Action 2015  

The 2015 Annual Report of Global Water Partnership (GWP)

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