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The water-related SDGs give renewed focus to improving the quality, inclusiveness, and diversity of the Network Partners. Through enhancing the performance of the Regional and Country Water Partnerships, we will strengthen national capacity to engage key allies in agenda-setting, implementation, monitoring, and review of the Goals, particularly addressing the Means of Implementation through a water lens.

opportunities, and social preferences. Furthermore, investments should be tailored to the context. All of this requires refined analytical tools, holistic perspectives, innovation, and continuous monitoring, assessment, and adaptation. GWP’s Technical Committee aims to transform this agenda into reality and to identify a coherent set of insights that will provide the basis for concrete action.

The global secretariat thanks our Partners, staff of the Regional and Country Water Partnerships, governance bodies, and our donors for their commitment to water security. A special thank you goes to former Chair, Ursula Schaefer-Preuss, who led GWP through turbulent times, and to the former Chair of the Technical Committee, Mohamed Ait-Kadi, for his relentless support in making GWP the ‘go to’ place for water security knowledge.

The year 2015 ended my second term as Chair of the Technical Committee. My aim was to build a proactive Technical Committee, whose members were involved in generating useful knowledge, but also where we played an active part in shaping thinking about the transition to a water secure world. We have made considerable progress but the job is not finished yet. This is a unique time in GWP’s history. I wish GWP a smooth transition towards a future that builds on the foundations laid during the past six years.

From the Chair of the GWP Technical Committee The SDGs and the Paris Agreement on climate change provide a historic opportunity for GWP to shape the agenda for managing the world’s water resources for decades to come. In this context, GWP needs to retool and evolve into a leading platform for discussion of water and sustainable development issues. The tasks of Dr Mohamed Ait-Kadi achieving and sustaining water security, in both developed and developing countries, are likely to increase in complexity and take a higher priority – not only as climate change intensifies, but also in the face of demand for economic growth. The importance of this challenge is signalled by the adoption of a dedicated SDG on water. It was also reflected in the findings of the GWP–Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Task Force on Water Security and Sustainable Growth (see page 20). The landmark report analyses the dynamics of water security and growth, and quantifies water-related risks and opportunities and their trajectories. It provides empirical evidence to guide investment in water security, stating that investments should be resilient to uncertainties and should support adaptive management in the face of changing risks,

GWP in Action 2015 Annual Report


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GWP in Action 2015  

The 2015 Annual Report of Global Water Partnership (GWP)

GWP in Action 2015  

The 2015 Annual Report of Global Water Partnership (GWP)

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