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Goal 3

Strengthen partnerships

This goal focuses on enhancing the viability and effectiveness of GWP’s Network by strengthening partnerships and partner organisations to catalyse change, enhance learning, and improve financial sustainability.

Drought is no stranger in the Horn of Africa, and is likely to ence Outcom fl u e In become an increasingly frequent visitor as global temperatures rise. Building drought resilience and water Facilitation security is therefore vital to the Knowledge survival of its people. In 2015, Partnerships efforts to build drought resilience and promote water security took a step forward when GWP Eastern Africa and GWPO signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). This formalises their collaborative work, which includes a fiveyear capacity development programme. This will provide on-the-ground training as well as improving institutional capacity in the water, agriculture, disaster, and climate Outp ut

Enhanced drought resilience

With climate change likely to increase the incidence of ence Outcom fl u e In flooding in Asia, regional cooperation and capacity building will become increasingly important. In Facilitation December, participants from Knowledge the four Asian Regional Water Partnerships Partnerships (RWPs) came together to exchange knowledge and experience in flood management at a workshop organised by GWP China and GWPO with technical support from the APFM. A range of regional and international organisations supported this event. As a result of the meeting, the RWPs agreed a framework for cooperation on topics of mutual interest and to develop a shared work programme. The framework agreement will be finalised early in 2016. Outp ut

South–South cooperation in flood management

pact Im


pact Im


GWP in Action 2015 Annual Report


Profile for Global Water Partnership

GWP in Action 2015  

The 2015 Annual Report of Global Water Partnership (GWP)

GWP in Action 2015  

The 2015 Annual Report of Global Water Partnership (GWP)

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