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Dialogue concluded in May with a Financing Strategy for the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in Greater Cairo. The Strategy raised awareness among Egyptian stakeholders of the magnitude of the sector's financing deficit. The Strategy takes into account households' abilities to pay water tariffs and sets out options and alternative scenarios for bridging the fastgrowing financing gap.



In Central and Eastern Europe GWP in Central and Eastern Europe

Tourism is a sector placing additional strains on water resources.

was drawn up and feedback is coming in from those who participated and from other stakeholders. The next step is to seek agreement on the recommendations and set up task forces to address the recommendations.

Towards a shared vision in the Drin Basin The Drin Dialogue, a consultation coordinated by GWP Mediterranean and other actors, was officially launched in November 2009. The Dialogue aims to develop a shared vision for sustainable management among Drin Basin countries and stakeholders. In 2009, GWP Mediterranean and the German Federal Ministry of Environment organised a study visit to Lake Bodensee for the new Lake Skadar/Shkoder Basin Commission, Albania. Water issues facilitate cooperation in this politically sensitive area.

Water financing strategy completed in Egypt During 2009, GWP Mediterranean continued to facilitate the Mediterranean-European Union Water Initiative (MED-EUWI) Water Policy Dialogue in Egypt in close cooperation with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The

GWP Central and Eastern Europe works in the context of European Union (EU) water policies, in particular the EU Neighbourhood Policies and the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). Country Water Partnerships create a better understanding of IWRM in the context of the WFD. Promoting water as a part of national development is a particular challenge in preparing the Danube Strategy.

First steps towards a Bic River basin management plan Promoting the IWRM approach means first making those involved in water management aware of IWRM principles, how they can be applied in their context and the main benefits of doing so. The Bic River basin in the Republic of Moldova presents both problems for water management – pollution and waste disposal – and opportunities – flood protection, tourism and organic farming. GWP Moldova and GWP Central and Eastern Europe are facilitating the development of an action plan to integrate water resources management in the Basin. The first step was to bring together local authorities at a workshop which involved local authorities and key stakeholders. GWP Moldova has been asked to take the lead in improving planning and management practices, drawing on GWP resources and experience. Local authorities, for their part, undertook to allocate resources to develop a management plan for the basin.


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GWP Annual Report 2009  

Global Water Partnership Annual Report

GWP Annual Report 2009  

Global Water Partnership Annual Report

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