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Zambian IWRM Plan guides World Bank Country Assistance Strategy As a result of the efforts of GWP Zambia, the Zambia Fifth National Development Plan, launched in 2008, takes an IWRM approach. The IWRM Plan guided the development of the World Bank Country Assistance Strategy that recommends supporting water resources management projects that have a direct impact on national development. GWP Zambia has been asked to facilitate the development of a National Investment Brief on water resources for agriculture and energy on behalf of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Zambian Government.

GWP technical expertise and its neutral platform contributed to Central Africa's water policy.

African States (ECCAS). GWP Central Africa, working with ECCAS, is developing a mechanism for improving financing, based on studies carried out in four countries.

"To the facilitator of the process, Zambia Water Partnership ‌ I have no doubt that you will lead the process effectively and efficiently and give us the product in time. I acknowledge your competencies in this area as you played the same role in the development of the [IWRM] Plan. I must state that, as Government, we cherish the partnership that we have established with you." Zambia Minister for Energy and Water Development, Mr Kenneth Konga

Congo Basin: from navigation to integration Central Africa is home to the largest river basin in Africa, the Congo Basin. The partnership between GWP Central Africa and the Congo Basin Commission (CICOS) has shifted the focus of the Commission from navigation to the broader perspective of integrated river basin management. GWP Central Africa is now helping elaborate a strategic action plan for the Basin.

Parliamentarians in Cameroon invite dialogue on IWRM The Cameroon branch of the Central African Network of Parliamentarians for the Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems (REPAR) invited GWP Central Africa to discussions on IWRM and the environment. GWP Central Africa and the REPAR Secretariat are now identifying areas where they can work together to embed IWRM in national regulations.

Food security cannot be achieved without water security.


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GWP Annual Report 2009  

Global Water Partnership Annual Report

GWP Annual Report 2009  

Global Water Partnership Annual Report

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