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In West Africa

In Central Africa

Benin adopts integrated approach in new water policy

Central Africa adopts regional water policy

In Benin, four years of lobbying and workshops culminated in the adoption by the Government, in July 2009, of a new water policy based on the IWRM approach. GWP Benin led efforts, working with parliamentarians, ministries, civil society, local communities and water user organisations, and establishing a task force. GWP Benin also arranged for consultants to review the first draft of the policy and organised a national workshop to validate the final draft.

GWP Central Africa technical experts helped the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) draft the regional water policy aligning country water policies within a coherent regional framework. The experts analysed the water sectors in the countries, met with ECCAS to explain the results and offered guidance on an IWRM approach in the context of national development plans. The regional water policy was adopted by ECCAS heads of states and governments at their Kinshasa Summit in October. Part of the implementation will be the creation of a specialised institution within ECCAS which will be responsible for water resources management.

Now, the focus is on the water law soon to be brought before Parliament. GWP Benin continues to lead, arranging workshops and face-to-face discussions with the Parliamentary Commission to explain the importance of a proper legal framework for water management. A key part of the strategy to develop a legal framework for water management in Benin was to engage the media. GWP Benin kept the Network of Journalists of Benin on Water and Sanitation fully briefed, providing information, background and stories on the issues. The resulting articles and radio programmes drew attention to the lack of a proper legal framework and how a new water law could provide this.

Financing from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) IWRM programme enabled GWP Central Africa to provide support to develop the regional policy. This included outlining the institutions needed to implement the policy and developing a funding proposal. As a result, implementation is underway, financed by the African Water Facility (AfWF), the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and the Economic Community of Central

Donors commit to Mali IWRM Plan GWP West Africa helped GWP Mali respond to a Government request to organise a donor round table in February 2009 to secure funding to implement the Mali IWRM Plan. Donors committed to fund 85% of the envisaged cost of implementing agreed measures. The Government committed the other 15%. This was the culmination of a long process spearheaded by GWP Mali to involve major water sector and civil society stakeholders in the development of the Plan (see GWP in Action 2008 Annual Report, page 14).

At the 2nd Africa Water Week, GWP Executive Secretary Dr Ania Grobicki and GWP Southern Africa Regional Chair Reggie Tekateka (right) follow up with South African Minister and MP Trevor Manuel at the GWP booth.


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