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"The impact of GWP in Africa has been immense. No one can refute their critical role in providing technical knowledge on water management and development in Africa. They have been a reliable and consistent partner of AMCOW." Jean Bruno Itoua, AMCOW President 2007–2009 The second important event for influencing decision makers was the 2nd Africa Water Week, in Johannesburg in November. Participants took the opportunity to target African water and finance ministers with strong messages on the need for investment in water resources management: „ GWP Eastern Africa led the session stressing the need for transboundary water management. „ GWP and AfDB organised a session on financing water resources management, urging investment

in the 'soft management' of water and sanitation, as well as in 'hard infrastructure'. „ On climate change, GWP stressed that water security means both security of supply and protection from the harm water can cause, and encouraged closer ties with the disaster risk reduction community. GWP urged water experts to step outside the 'water box' and engage with those involved in climate change adaptation. „ AMCOW launched a gender mainstreaming strategy following stakeholder events organised by GWP Eastern Africa in Mombasa (Anglophone countries) and Dakar (Francophone Africa). Strengthening the involvement of women widens the diversity of stakeholders in water management.

Development of IWRM plans in 10 countries In addition to advocacy at the continental level, GWP has supported countries in multi-year processes to implement IWRM. The result has been the development of IWRM plans in 10 countries, and adoption of the plans by the Governments of Zambia, Benin, Kenya, Mali and Senegal. Such country support has helped raise the political profile of water, improve policies and influence governments to increase budgets for water.

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„ Improve water sector governance. „ Mobilise financing. „ Engage in dialogues with G8 countries on their commitments. „ Emphasise water as a key pillar in adaptation to climate change. „ Increase efficiency in preparing projects and find ways to pilot scaling up. „ Strengthen capacity, knowledge and information for decision making and implementation.




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GWP Annual Report 2009  

Global Water Partnership Annual Report

GWP Annual Report 2009  

Global Water Partnership Annual Report

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