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tunity, not only for our network to come together for a ‘reality check’ on what we are about, but also for us to feel the real power and diversity of our extensive global network.We have tried to create a common basis of understanding by reflecting on GWP’s history, governance, strategy, experiences, difficulties and accomplishments.” The five-day programme fostered extensive debate – within and outside the sessions – helping GWP to reflect on what we have achieved and what we should do in the future.The full proceedings are available on the GWP website ( meeting’s conclusions concerning the way ahead are summarized under five themes: a strong identity, a clear role, respect for diversity, strategic choices and enhanced communication. A strong identity

We must strengthen GWP’s identity by promoting the network as a knowledge broker that works to share experience and learning. It is time to move on from promoting the broad concept of IWRM to focusing on the specific elements (as outlined in the ToolBox). Only then will we be able to bring about positive change on the ground.The partnership approach must remain central to the way we operate.And we must continue to provide a neutral platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue and consensus building – a platform that promotes participation and inclusiveness and stimulates rather than hinders progress. A clear role

Our primary role is one of facilitation, which means managing and encouraging negotiation, agreement and cooperation between vested interests and competing sectors on water resource issues.To be effective, we must continue to develop and strengthen our alliances and ensure that words are translated into actions that achieve goals.We need to identify and use influential champions to catalyze change at all levels, especially at the country level. Respect for diversity

A major strength of GWP is the diversity of interests and perspectives within our organization and networks.While encouraging them to work together, we also need to recognize their differences. IWRM is a journey, not a destination, and people and countries are at different stages of that journey.


MEASURING OUR PERFORMANCE Measuring the performance of GWP not only makes us more accountable to stakeholders, including donors, but also improves our understanding of the Partnership’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.This makes for better forward planning. However, performance monitoring is a challenging new undertaking for networks as there are many intangibles and complexities involved in measuring how they operate. Performance monitoring can focus on three elements: • process, implementation of actions; • outcome, direct results of actions; and • impact, progress towards achieving goals. The GWP regions currently use process indicators more than outcome indicators (which are linked mostly with bigger projects), while impact indicators are seldom used. More formal and structured performance monitoring is one of GWP’s key aims for the next ten years.

Strategic choices

Growing global awareness of water issues has created expectations for change and raised demand for our services. GWP therefore must focus on priority areas, making strategic choices that will maximize the return on our investment and leverage additional resources.This applies to investments of money, ideas, time and other inputs.We must also become more of a learning network, using knowledge to sharpen our focus and enhance the efficiency of our operations. This includes paying more attention to measuring performance. Enhanced communication

Networking is fundamentally about communication. Participants stressed the value of face-toface meetings in stimulating and maintaining contact throughout our extensive networks.We also need to improve communication with stakeholders outside the networks and the conventional water domain. “Outsiders” can provide us with reality checks on how we are doing and help us learn how to build more effective partnerships and alliances.

Profile for Global Water Partnership

GWP Annual Report 2006  

Global Water Partnership Annual Report

GWP Annual Report 2006  

Global Water Partnership Annual Report

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