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The Jumpoff

What we're about We love Philly, pure and simple. And we love music. We're tired of watching our local talent run off to New York or London to be appreciated. We're here to blow up the music scene and shed light on all the amazing things that are happening here.

What we do

founder • publisher • editor G.W. MILLER III

We cover Philly bands, venues, studios, history, bouncers, stylists, producers, clubs, boutiques, restaurants, deejays, music shops, dance classes, labels, promoters, artists and anything else that has a connection to music in the city. We document all genres, from hip-hop and indie rock to classical, folk, jam bands, reggae, electronic, jazz and hardcore. We report on everything, from street performers to the Philadelphia Orchestra. See the opposite page for details.

Who we are

We are musicians, journalists, students, photographers, artists and Philadelphians. We aren't part of any corporation. We are music-lovers. We go to concerts, dance in illegal basement venues, party at clubs, hang with other music-lovers and listen to lots of music. We are all a part of the music scene in Philly in some way or another. Here are a few of our staffers: This magazine was founded by G.W. Miller III, a journalist in Philadelphia since 1994. He's an assistant professor of journalism at Temple University, where most people know him as George Miller. During the summer of 2010, he led a team of students in the creation of a magazine about the London music scene. Check http://irocklondon.blogspot.com to see the London magazine. Email: journalismgeorge@gmail.com Meredith Edlow is a photojournalist and 2004 graduate of Temple University.

Colin Kerrigan runs the music website, The Pistola Press www.thepistola.com.

Christopher Brown runs The Elitist, an online arts and culture magazine elitistmagazine.com.

Matthew Emmerich is a New York punk but he's been parking his '64 Dodge Dart in West Philly for the past few years. Megan Matuzak is a journalism student who is often found at concerts, usually with a camera.

Sarah Hull is a student at Temple University and a frequent attendee of basement concerts.

staff LAUREN ARUTE JARED BREY CARY CARR KELSEY DOENGES MEREDITH EDLOW MATTHEW EMMERICH JOSH FERNANDEZ LAUREN GORDON MATTHEW GRAVES ASHLEY HALL SARAH HULL RICK KAUFFMAN COLIN KERRIGAN ERIK LEXIE KIM MAIALETTI DILLON MAST TOM MATES MEGAN MATUZAK SARAH NORRIS JOE POTERACKI MARY BETH RAY JANE SORENSON DAMON WILLIAMS WE PRINT 10,000 FULL-COLOR ISSUES FOUR TIMES PER YEAR IN MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER AND NOVEMBER. WE DISTRIBUTE THEM FREE AT PHILLY MUSIC VENUES, STUDIOS, RESTAURANTS, RECORD SHOPS, BARS, CLOTHING BOUTIQUES, BOOK STORES, COFFEE SHOPS, UNIVERSITIES, CLUBS AND OTHER PLACES WHERE MUSIC LOVERS HANG OUT. WE DON'T DO SUBSCRIPTIONS BUT IF YOU PAY FOR POSTAGE, WE'LL MAIL YOU A COPY OF THE MAG. JUMP is an independent magazine published by Mookieland Inc. The magazine was created by a bunch of passionate people with no money and no plans to get rich in publishing. This is a total break-even-at-best venture so please, please don't sue us. We welcome your input. If you want to get involved, if you have story ideas, if you want to advertise or if you just have something to say, contact us at jumpphilly@gmail.com. Philly rocks. Spread the word.



Inside The Mag

Navigating the Philly music scene.

What's Your Scene?


We break down the region and tell you what's happening in the different areas.


We talk to the people who make stuff happen in the local music scene.

What'd They Say? Philly Music Calendar


There's big stuff happening in Philly. We tell you what not to miss.

This Place Rocks


Crazy stuff has happened at every music-related joint in town. We give you the details.


First Person


We do more than just report on music. We experience it.

Cover Story


We go deep on big issues in the music scene. In longform narrative-style, we tell you about the rising stars, the longtime legends, the funny stories, the controversies, crazy crimes, bizarre politics and everything in between.

Hanging With The Band


We give some love to the local acts - even the ones who have moved on.

Food That Rocks


We tell you where to get your eat on before or after the show.

On Assignment


Just to make you jealous, we show you how we work.

Broad Street Line


In every issue, we leave you with a personal story from someone in the scene.

The page numbers listed here are rough estimates for each issue. Front cover photo of the Futureheads by G.W. Miller III.


Editorial Calendar In 2011, JUMP will be published as a 48-page, full-color, glossy magazine in March, June, September and November. In 2012, we will add a fifth issue. Here is our schedule and plan for 2011: THE INAUGURAL ISSUE The theme for this is issue is "HOME." We profile bands in their homes, and report on places that make you feel comfortable ... just like Philly does. ON THE STREET: third week in March. AD DEADLINE: February 7, 2011.

THE SUMMER ISSUE The theme for the summer issue is "THE HOOK-UP." We talk about love, relationships and connections in the music scene. This issue also discusses the music festivals in the region. ON THE STREET: third week in June. AD DEADLINE: May 9, 2011. THE FALL ISSUE This special issue focuses on the Philly Film and Music Festival, which features more than 300 bands over four days, at venues around the city. More than 15,000 people attended last year's fest.

THE HOLIDAYS ISSUE The theme for the holidays issue is "SEE." This is our fashion and photo issue, where greater emphasis is given to style and visuals. Stories revolve around the idea of understanding (I see). Since this is our holidays issue, the page count will be bumped up to 56. ON THE STREET: third week in November. AD DEADLINE: October 10, 2011.

ON THE STREET: early September. AD DEADLINE: August 8, 2011.

Advertising OUR AUDIENCE IS young, creative, educated and proud of what's going on in this city. They support the scene by attending shows, buying merchandise, shopping in town, eating at restaurants, drinking at bars and listening to music. By advertising in the magazine, you're helping us to promote the city and music scene, and you're helping us inform music lovers who are starving for information about Philly music. Rates are as follows: Doubletruck (16.5 x 10.75) - $2,000 Full page (8.25 x 10.75) - $1,000 Half page (7.25 x 4.75) - $500 Quarter page (4.75 x 3.5) - $250 Half column (4.75 x 2.25) - $165 Business card (3 x 2.5) - $100 We also offer classified ad space, which is three lines (2.25 x .5) - $20 If you advertise in two issues, there is a seven percent discount. Advertise in three issues and receive a 15 percent discount. If you advertise in four issues, there is a 25 percent discount. Contact George Miller at 215/ 313-3181 or email journalismgeorge@gmail.com for more information.



Profile for JUMP Philly

JUMP Media Kit  

This is the 2011 media kit for the brand new Philadelphia local music magazine.

JUMP Media Kit  

This is the 2011 media kit for the brand new Philadelphia local music magazine.

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