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1 | NEW 2019


Welcome to our 2019 play vision

2019 Our active play vision 6 2019 highlights 8 Our design innovation 10 Trampolines redefined 12 Nature inspired 22 Flagship play 28 Colour customisation 30 The world on wheels 38 On the go! 44 Value play 46 Sustainable values 48

A family passion for 30 years


Restyled packaging 50 Working with us 60

Inspiring active play everyday

As consumers look for healthier lifestyles it’s up to us to provide memorable experiences that meet these demands. We’ve aligned our values with the changing world to deliver a unique, effortless service. Insight driven marketing and design is helping us evolve our brand focus to deliver new things that are important to the lives of consumers today. At PlumŽ we strive to develop affordable, sustainable products with accessibility and ease.

"We continue to design and develop products dedicated to improving a healthier world."

7 | Our active play vision

As the digital world evolves consumers are driving change with a lust for health and wellness.

We want play to be for everyday, touching all aspects of family lives. Play can be for leisure or exercise, it can support with early development and curiosity, but most importantly leave children and adults alike feeling happy and actively energised. We specialise in play, with the aim to inspire healthy active lifestyles and encourage children of all ages to share in the beauty of nature and the great outdoors.

2019 highlights Springsafe® trampolines Trampoline safety continues to be our priority. This year our design focus has evolved to create new lines that offer safe innovation through shape, performance technology and function.

Commuter scooter As we extend our scooter range from kids to grown ups, Plum® plans to disrupt the daily commute with the introduction of a compact foldable scooter designed for city living.

Hideaway in nature To strengthen our discovery play collection we’ve extended the product offering, introducing a new line with a unique look. This ergonomic product fits right in with the landscape.

Value play Colour choice also extends into our new FOB metal sets. We can now offer better prices and the opportunity to create a unique affordable outdoor collection with exclusivity.

Flagship playcentres relaunched Making the best even better! Quality play features, bolder colours and durable materials have strongly influenced our restyle, creating an enhanced design for the ultimate play experience.

Retail solutions and packaging With the launch of our new packaging, gift box stand and consumer catalogue, Plum® now delivers the full brand experience in-store.

New to customisation Imagine a playhouse in pic & mix colours. Colours by Plum® now offers colour across our new playhouse and wooden furniture collection. Customise and create the perfect play den from our extensive colour palette.

Marketing support Our selling tools and marketing assets are all now available on the newly launched Plum® Asset Hub. Campaigns are ready to download and can be supported by collaborative promotions.

9 | 2019 highlights

Introducing the highlights from our latest designs and innovations.

Our design innovation

Choice and customisation As the consumer demand for customisation and personalised products continues to grow, we’ve further developed ways that allow you the customer and our consumers to customise play. With our latest collections we provide choice and the opportunity to be individual. Streamlined design As urban areas grow and compact city living becomes the norm, we’ve created alternatives to traditional outdoor play products. Our latest streamline designs allow for limitless play in smaller spaces. Improving the bounce We continue to research and develop trampoline performance, working to deliver the perfect bounce across our Springsafe® trampoline range. Safety improvements and user experience remain our No.1 focus.

“safety, innovation, fun and design are at the heart of the plum® brand”

11 | Our design innovation

A closer look at our product journey and how our range has evolved.

QA and our commitment to safety Our dedicated quality assurance teams in the UK and Hong Kong continue to put our products to the test to ensure the safest play with Plum®. We work closely with our consumers to make design improvements based on consumer and customer feedback. Getting closer to nature Nature play continues to be a focus for our NPD team. With STEM play ever evolving we’ve tasked ourselves to craft a product that delivers an all-around unique experience, allowing the child to learn and develop through stimulating features in the fresh air. Designing for a healthier world A love for nature and caring for the environment continues the shape our product development.

Springsafe® trampolines

Springsafe® active play ensures that users are out of reach from Plum® springs and frame parts at all times. With over 1 million sold worldwide, Plum® Springsafe® trampolines are the smartest, safest choice for the ultimate bouncing experience!


13 | New 2019

Introducing four unique designs that redefine and shape the garden. Innovations and contours give our new Springsafe® lines sports appeal and optimum impact whilst being reassuringly safe.


15 | New 2019

New bounce

SpringsafeÂŽ technology

A new alternative to our spring based trampolines.



e ew


for g in

o as



eb af


c un


A new shape to maximise space. A premium bounce with longer springs and durable materials.

The Oval

The best bounce yet!

17 | NEW 2019

Springsafe technology


Space Zone II

Evolution Telescopic Trampoline

SpringsafeÂŽ technology

19 | NEW 2019

A unique telescopic enclosure design for easy pack down in changing weather conditions. A flexible solution for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Springsafe® technology

21 | NEW 2019

Limited edition to Colours By Plum® Trampolines. Go GOLD for our 30th year.

23 | NEW 2019

Inspire a love of nature


discovery An award winning and best selling collection, developed from our work with Forest Schools. A nature focused play range specifically aimed at preschool to encourage younger kids to actively engage in STEM education and discover the wonderful adventures of early play.

Nature play hideaway discovery

25 | New 2019

Leading the way in nature play. Our new discovery design provides 360° feature rich play in small spaces. Bring the love of the forest into your urban garden.

27 | New 2019

discovery grow. paint, create messy in mud

Flagship play Up spec’d fabric and wood, new colour and styling. Our refresh adds greater play value with the introduction of our best play accessories.

29 | New 2019

PlumÂŽ flagship playcentres restyled!

31 | New 2019

Bring a pop of colour to the house and garden!

33 | New 2019

Natures colour palette, brights and neutrals. With our new wooden colours collection, you can customise garden play.

Pick & mix colours

35 | New 2019

Inspiring role play through colour and accessories.

Colourful picnics & parties

37 | New 2019

Colours to match your mood and inspire garden play, for picnics and parties.

39 | NEW 2019

Making everyday life a whole lot easier and stylish! As the official UK distributors of Globber, we can offer style, quality and choice across our scooter range. From first scooters to urban commuting, the PlumÂŽ range goes from kids, to teens and adults.

The world on wheels

41 | Globber by PlumÂŽ

From 15 months+ the Evo Comfort comes with a 4-height adjustable T-bar and an even bigger seat for maximum comfort.

43 | Globber by PlumÂŽ


The game changer. Bigger and more adaptable with extra-large wheels for a better grip and a faster, smoother ride. The ultimate scooter for 5 years+.

45 | New 2019

A scooter for ‘on the go’! This revolutionary new scooter has effortless folding for everyday commuting.




Value play

47 | New 2019

Colour choice also extends into our new FOB metal sets. We can now offer better prices and create a unique, affordable outdoor collection with exclusivity.

Our sustainable play vision

Our manufacturing and ethics “We are extremely proud to sustainably source each element of our products. Our commitment to be kind to the environment goes all the way back to our beginnings, we are now celebrating 30 years of sustainable trading.” By reducing plastic and going natural where possible our new brown box packaging now delivers a product with even more purpose.

49 | Sustainable play vision

To align our packaging with our values we’re creating sustainable solutions to deliver the right experience to the front door.

51 | NEW 2019

In-store packaging and display

As we take mindful measures to build consumer trust, we’ve designed our new in-store packaging with striking visual appeal. Our new full colour box has stronger bold branding, eye catching colour and product is king, delivering maximum shelf impact.

Inspiring in-store solutions The gift of play With our playful gift box and FSDU you can beautifully present a choice of active play products in a small retail space. Our great value solution gives your customers a physical gift with the convenience of home delivery. In-store appeal Get the wow factor with our newly designed packaging. From shelf space to palette displays our new full colour box grabs attention.

Authority on the shop floor Offer your customers more with our trampoline accessories wall. Shoppers can pick up a new trampoline or refresh their old one with our fun selection of safety pads and trampoline add-ons. Product displays We now offer incentivised visual merchandising packs. With our in-store VM guides we’ll help your teams dress and present product to maximise impact and conversions.

53 | New in-store solutions

Bringing the outdoors into your store. We continue to innovate and create convenient retail solutions to help you sell large play items in-store.

55 | New in-store solutions

Our new gift box display solution offers the gift of play. Bringing you a fresh and unique way to display our breadth of play products to your consumer.



57 | New in-store solutions

New PlumÂŽ category display banners and accessory display.

59 | New in-store solutions

New restyled packaging.

Making Plum® more accessible, available and convenient With the launch of our new online Asset Hub we want to let you know how we can work together to strengthen the brand and product through our inspiring, creative content. To build stronger brand connections and trust in everything we do, our marketing focus is to go back to our core routes and values. In 2019, campaign emphasis will be on safety first, innovation and experience, with consumer insight influencing all of our content.

Working with us

Live events In 2019 we’re getting closer to our consumers by attending summer events and family festivals, bringing play to communities.

61 | Working with us

Every day our passionate Marketing team work together to bring play to life, to improve the lives of consumers so they can enjoy a life at play.

Strengthening our product categories Plum Play® is inclusive for the whole family, from baby 12m+ to adults (the big kids). As we expand our play vision and broaden our play categories we offer targeted collections and messaging relevant to the consumer audience at different stages of their childhood, creating wider appeal. Relevant to kids today Our core collections inspire active play in a growing digital world. As the industry specialists our aim is to nurture the young child through developmental play, taking them into our kids category, to teens and beyond. As we embrace our new scooter range and active play on the move, Plum® now appeals to older teens and adults. New campaigns will help you reach out to your correct audience.

Selling tools & assets Inspiring photography Our inspiring photography sets us apart in the industry. Emotion and empathy go a long way and our strong visual storytelling video and photography help us deliver the product experience and sell whist building a stronger brand. Crisp cut outs demonstrates size and highlight features.

Engaging video content Build a stronger online presence with our video archive. This now extends from storytelling lifestyle videos to assembly product build clips and customer service advice. Creative marketing campaigns Our annual campaign calendar includes new product launches and retail calendar events. Through our PlumŽ Asset Hub you’ll have access to creative content ready to use on Facebook, Instagram, email and your website.

63 | Working with us

Instant access, all assets are now available at the click of a button.

Marketing support

Web Banners and Online Creative We’ve created banners for your brand store, homepage and email campaigns. Our captivating imagery will help to direct traffic and increase sales. Social Media Stay active with us on social media, we have created channel specific content designed to increase engagement as well as product and brand awareness.

Retail Events Across our channels we can offer the following support to boost sales and service. Collaborative competitions, live promotion referrals, Influencer products reviews, as well as Facebook video ad content and insights, and instant customer service.

65 | Working with us

Create the best online product experience. Our team of marketeers are here to support you with all the digital assets you’ll need.

We offer marketplace analysis of our competitors, customers, consumers and promotional activity to enhance quality of service and customer satisfaction.

67 | Working with us

With ownership, administration and full customer support, we’ll help you optimise listings through our online content to coordinate and manage all marketing activity.

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Dropship support

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Plum® Hong Kong +852 2368 2900


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