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ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT SUMMARY  Groundwork has worked in partnership with the Client to deliver estate-wide environmental improvements across 4 housing estates 

The environmental programme is being initiated over a 3 year period between 2011-2014 involving key stakeholders such as residents, MCC Highways and MCC Planning as well as GM Police and Contractors

Resident consultation - an integral design process on each estate and was achieved through a combination of questionnaires, door knocking, estate walkabouts, attendance at Residents Meetings and drop-in events

 On completion of the environmental programme, approximately 3000 homes will have been involved in environmental improvements across the 8 estates

 PROJECT NAME Eastlands Homes Environmental Improvements  LOCATION Gorton, Manchester  CLIENT Eastlands Homes Partnership Ltd


£1,000,000 to date


Groundwork MSSTT MCC Highway Services

LANDSCAPE DESIGN Groundwork MSSTT Timber Wharf 42 - 50 Worsley Street Castlefield Manchester M15 4LD Telephone 0161 220 1000 For more information contact: Richard Clark

GROUNDWORK CASE STUDY PROJECT SUMMARY Environmental Improvements have focused on:  The creation of driveways based on Sustainable Urban Drainage Principles (SUDS)  Improvements to front and rear boundaries, including bespoke fence designs to create individual estate character  Aesthetic improvements to strategic open spaces, including art-work installations following workshops with young people  Creation of off-road parking areas on redundant amenity green spaces  Creation of defensible space/ mini-gardens to properties to increase privacy for tenants  Access control improvements to prevent unauthorised vehicular access to parts of the estates  Improvements to and segregation of vehicular and pedestrian routes


“Groundwork has provided Eastlands Homes with an excellent service for many years. From the consultation to the planning and design of environmental improvements, the service offered by Groundwork has helped us work towards our vision of creating safe and successful neighbourhoods” Debbie Teece (Project Manager Eastlands Homes)

Eastland Homes  

Groundwork MSSTT have partnered with Eastland Homes to deliver estate wide environmental improvements.

Eastland Homes  

Groundwork MSSTT have partnered with Eastland Homes to deliver estate wide environmental improvements.