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April 2011 Issue 10

From the Ground Up


Inside this issue: Welcome Can you help schools Switch on to Turning off?


Doing our bit for Climate Week National & Regional Policy News


Where are they now?

Our Programmes of Work


Ipswich embraces its Green Champions Groundwork works Green Team 8 makes way for Social Enterprise project

News in Brief


Forthcoming Events Pen Portrait - David Walton, Suffolk Climate Change Partnership

and not just on strategic planning,

elcome to the Spring economic development or housing edition of our newsletter From the issues. Ground Up. Our partners are demonstrating that In the last newsletter we featured the ‘Giving’ Green paper consultation, the coalition government’s response to the need for social action- well, below is an opportunity to test everyone’s appetite! A really worthwhile chance to support the generation who may really make a difference to climate change. Please help us to help them.

they do not want to work in local authority or sector silos, they want to share best practice, they enjoy talking to colleagues in other parts of the region and see value in this interaction.

Last edition we also gave an update on the Local Enterprise Partnerships in the region, so this time we are featuring some of the regional organisations as they change to meet new agendas. There has been a lot in Early days, but is a sort of professional ‘Big Society’ emerging? the press about the need to ‘work across boundaries’ and collaborate,

Community Spaces Update

Can you help schools Switch on to Turning off?

We are now Investors in People

Interim results from the pilot ‘Switch on to Turning Off’ energy and water programme in schools in the East of England (featured in the last newsletter) show that Groundwork’s project has made a real difference to pupil and teacher behaviour, both in school and in the home. 80% are switching lights off when leaving a room, 76% are asking to turn the heating down rather than opening a window and 93% saying they are trying to save energy and water at home. Based on the positive results to date from the pilot project, Groundwork would like to extend the work with schools to other areas in the East of England.

Our Staff & Contact details

Doing our bit for Climate Week Groundwork East of England was pleased to be involved in Climate Week 21st-27th March. Two offices battled it out in the Climate Week MiniChallenge and our Woodbridge office came out top with their ‘Creating Greener Lifestyles’ idea! Our Community Environmental Action Advisor Dan Wheals delivered a free workshop ‘Permaculture design principles in your home and garden’ on 26th March for thirteen community representatives in Woodbridge, Suffolk who learnt how to be more self-reliant by reducing reliance on fossil fuels, transport and transported goods and prepare for climate change.

Unfortunately while it is possible to find funding for capital works for e.g. renewable technologies in schools, there is a real lack of funding sources either in the public or

private sector for behaviour change work in schools- essential if the local community is to achieve a step change in its understanding and response to climate change issues. If we are to build on the enthusiasm we have found, we need to appeal to our supporters and partners direct. Our new donation site is the result:

Please help us make a real difference and support more schools to cut carbon and reduce their impact on finite resources. Our target areas are primary schools in Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Luton and Bedfordshire and Essex and for every pound we raise, we will ask a participating school to match the amount we are seeking. For more information contact Laura Hayes tel. 01234 766058 or laura.hayes

From The Ground Up—Issue 10 April 2011

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National & regional policy How does it affect us?

Where are they now? Inspire East, the EEDA funded regional centre of excellence closed on 31st March 2011 but their important legacy lives on. The (static) website remains accessible for 12 months, containing all their valuable resources, toolkits and case studies. Their innovative Excellence Framework is being re-launched by the Building Research Establishment soon. The Regional Empowerment Partnership has been re-launched as CENE (Community Empowerment Network East) with the partnership database hosted and maintained by MENTER (East of England Black and Minority Ethnic Network).

Sustainability East and Climate East are merging to create a new independent social enterprise and limited company that will work across the region providing support to Local authorities, businesses and individual members, facilitating membership networks and events. The new organisation will also develop an outreach service for government, undertake research and evidence gathering and act as an advocate for climate change and sustainability. The organisation will continue to provide the secretariat for Sustainable Built Environment (East). As the regional representative body for the VCS in the East of England, COVER (the Community and Voluntary Forum: Eastern Region) will continue to provide social, environmental and economic advice and information services to the VCS but is developing its social enterprise arm to generate income in IT recycling and reuse. COVER continues to provide the quarterly secretariat to ERIN (Eastern Region Infrastructure Network), funded by Capacity Builders. The team plans to move from their Great Chesterford offices to join the social enterprise in Waterbeach in

August 2011. Insight East research and information is due to be transferred in May 2011 into a joint venture between Essex County Council and Essex University, although the information, including all the East of England Observatory data sets on the Index of Multiple Deprivation, will continue to be publicly available. Existing registrations should be renewed with the new provider via the website. The Economic Forecasting model will be transferred to Cambridgeshire County Council also in May. At this time GreenSpace East is looking to work more collaboratively with partners, particularly the voluntary and commercial sectors, to take best advantage of the limited resources being provided to the sector. GreenSpace will continue to work to promote and support organisations in providing the network of accessible rural and urban quality green space that help to contribute towards the health, sustainability and enjoyment agenda which are so important to our local communities. It will also contribute to the regional and national agendas by influencing policy makers and promoting the benefits of good quality green space and their importance to the Region.

Funding East is now wholly delivered by the Big Lottery Fund with events taking place two or three times a year. The format of Funding East has evolved in the last year or so to reflect the changes that have taken place and the events now tend to include themes such as Social Enterprise and Community Empowerment. Events in March showed the audience remains as predominantly Funding Advisors, but has extended to other professions to create a legacy for the Community Empowerment Network.

In terms of support for small businesses, the Business Link East regional face-to-face advisory service, including the workshops and events is continuing as normal until 26th November 2011 with the office closing on 25th of that month. The regional website will remain until then. All the on-line information for businesses will continue and is already embodied into a nationally managed website.

As most know, the Regional Assembly for the East of England formally ceased to exist at the end of the last financial year but co-ordination and interaction between the 52 councils in the region continues through the East of England Local Government Association (EELGA). The Association now has three key areas of activity: • to co-ordinate a number of campaigns on important issues to councils and their communities in the region, helping to influence policy made nationally and locally. In this work they work through council networks led by council portfolio holders. They also manage a number of projects e.g. Climate Change Skills Fund; • to provide services to council’s as employers including learning and development support; • to represent the region in Europe. The European Team is based in Brussels to help Councils engage with European funding and partners. Currently EELGA’s work on ‘Big Society’ and the Localism Bill is centred on helping individuals in both the public and private sector to understand these new agendas and how they might impact on Councils. Their sister body, Improvement East has just concluded a consultation on the scope of their work programme for the coming year, the results of which are likely to be made known in July 2011. This work programme will deliver the final year of funding of Improvement East’s 3 year programme. From The Ground Up—Issue 10 April 2011

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Our programmes of work What are our priorities?

Ipswich embraces its Green Champions The Ipswich ‘Green Behaviours’ project led by Groundwork East of England, in partnership with Ipswich Borough Council, is an ANSWER funded community engagement project aimed at raising awareness of energy efficiency and Climate Change. Since January, residents in the Bridge, Stoke Park and Sprites wards of Ipswich have been visited by a team of ‘Green Champions’ asking them to consider small changes, such as only boiling the amount of water they need to use and switching to energy efficient light bulbs. Householders have been given information packs full of helpful tips and useful advice on how to increase energy efficiency and save

money in their homes. The project has engaged with over 7,000 households, achieving a total of 1,832 household pledges, exceeding the target set. 1,832 household pledges made

In the project’s follow-up phase, the Green Champions are offering residents the opportunity to borrow energy monitors, benefit from a light bulb library or have a free energy audit or thermal image of their home taken to identify missing insulation - 90 of the households visited have requested a follow up visit. The Green Champions will also be attending organised events within the community to widen engagement and promote the project and its achievements.

Pictured: Jeremy Mullett (Team Leader) and Finlay McNeill

Groundwork works The Government’s Work Programme has officially become a reality from April 2011 although the start seems to have been rather understated. The winners of the contracts to deliver in the East of England are Ingeus and Seetec. There will of course be a much larger number of sub-contractors who will be delivering the day to day job

search and support to people moving into employment and maintaining work over an extended period. The principal behind the contracts with the Department of Work and Pensions will be making payments to the service providers closely aligned to their performance of getting people into work and sustaining their employment over an extended period. There will be additional funds available for more difficult to reach individuals whose circumstances mean that they are further distance from sustainable employment. Groundwork in the East of England has been involved in a number of employment and training programmes over the years and our success in both

getting young vulnerable adults ready for work and into sustainable jobs is characterised by intensive assistance and support for the individuals on the programmes. A success rate of maintaining people in work, further education or training of over 50% means that over the last two years Groundwork has found jobs for many young people particularly in Hertfordshire and Essex where we have traditionally had programme delivery capability. Both employing people directly in grounds maintenance “Green Teams” and through a variety of partners who have provided opportunities for trainees has resulted in real jobs that have the potential to change individual lives.

Green Team 8 makes way for Social Enterprise project Following the success of Groundwork Hertfordshire’s Green Team 8 with Broxbourne Housing Association (BHA), Groundwork and BHA are working together again on a Social Enterprise project with three of the Green Team 8 members. After an initial three month trial, we are delighted that this has now been extended for a further three months. This is an excellent opportunity for the young people involved and we hope its success will mean further similar work opportunities. The young people have been involved in projects around BHA sites which have included hard and

soft landscaping. Charles Walker MP recently visited the Team at Norris Rise, Hoddesdon. Charles Walker MP said of the project: “As a keen amateur gardener myself, I know a great project when I see it. Fortunately for me, the Groundwork staff and supporters are true professionals and showed me how a proper bit of planting should be done. I talked to a number of local residents taking part in the project and they were clearly very enthusiastic about the initiative.”

From left to right Robert Davey, Adam Beadle - Manager, Charles Walker MP, Angeline Welby - BHA gardener, Wayne Cooper and David HallBraintree Consulta-

From The Ground Up—Issue 10 April 2011

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News in brief Forthcoming Events… Farm Energy Workshop (run jointly with NFU, SCCP and Groundwork) 14th June 2011 NFU, Newmarket Contact:

The Chartered Institute of Housing 2011 Conference & Exhibition 21st—23rd June 2011 Harrogate International Centre

Community Spaces Update In January 2011, Groundwork UK’s Community Spaces programme closed its doors to stage 1 applications. Over the last 3 years the programme has awarded almost 500 grants. More than 20 grants have been awarded in the East of England. 52 projects were approved at stage 1, totalling £2,865,639.27, including a project in Jaywick near Clactonon-Sea for ‘Lotus Way Orchard’ that aims to utlilise redundant residential development land to provide a community orchard and natural play and recreation area. Community Spaces will continue to be administered by Groundwork UK until March 2014.

Pen Portrait: David Walton, Suffolk Climate Change Partnership The Suffolk Climate Change Partnership consists of all Suffolk’s local authorities and many other organisations, such as the Environment Agency and of course Groundwork East of England. Our key objective is to enable the people, communities and businesses of Suffolk to take practical, positive action to mitigate and adapt to climate change, save on energy bills and help develop the low carbon economy. We have been working with Groundwork East of England for more than three years through the provision of our Environmental Business Advisor Service. We are hugely proud of this ground-breaking initiative, developed during 2007 in partnership with Groundwork back when we were known as ‘CRed Suffolk’. To date we have lodged potential annual savings of more than £850k for Suffolk businesses, equating to more than 4300 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Groundwork East of England’s unswerving professionalism and open, flexible approach to service delivery has been integral to the success of the service, so this is one partnership which has really delivered results.

We are proud to inform you that we achieved The Investors in People standard on 9th March 2011. Danielle Oum, Head of Federations Support at Groundwork UK has said this is "well worth it, for the benefit of the organisation and employees as well as sending a positive message to potential funders".

The service has attracted further European funding to Suffolk, both for the Low Carbon Champions project, which adds to the Advisor service to embed ‘carbon champions’ within SMEs using a mentoring approach, and for the newly launched ‘SABRE (Support and Advice to Businesses around Renewable Energy)’ project, for which we are very pleased to have Groundwork East of England as lead delivery partner.

Our Staff

For further information on any of these initiatives visit

We are now Investors in People

Regional Director

Judith Grice

Regional Development Manager

James Edge

Groundwork East of England

Office Manager & PA

Ann Hilsdon

Communications & Programme Administrator

Laura Hayes

Project & Quality Manager

Peter Christmas

The Forest Centre Station Road Marston Moretaine Bedfordshire MK43 8TG

Senior Environmental Business Advisor

Paul Bradford

Senior Business Energy Advisor

Anna Martin

Community Environmental Action Advisor

Dan Wheals


Assistant Environmental Advisor

Sian Meech

Company Registration No. 7005248 Charity Registration No. 1131761

Project Manager, Haven Gateway

Jonathan Rochford

Finance & Programme Accountant

Neil Franklin

If you have any comments to make about our newsletter or you would like us to remove you from the mailing list, contact

Tel: 01234 766058

A catalyst for change and development From The Ground Up—Issue 10 April 2011

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