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Register your details at You’ll receive an email for verification purpose Login using your username and password You need to verify your account: Email, Mobile Number and ID Card (for security purpose) Email: for verification of active user Mobile Number: for Online Transaction (TAC) security ID card: Passport Number Passport Image E.g.: C00000917

5. Bank in your money to this account: (link given in (This is to get credit for investment and trading) 6. Credit will be allocated by GWG System to your E-Wallet.

7. Capitalize/Invest it into “MY INVESTMENT� to start your investment and get credit to trade in MT4.



* Please note without capitalizing it, you are not yet investing in this trust fund. As such your ROI period has not yet activated, and you have no credit to trade in MT4 yet. 8. If you want to trade, please trade at the platform (link given) in

Click here to trade FOREX

9. Profit can be taken anytime via withdraw / transfer.



10. Please email should you require assistance or further information.

Registration process  

The registration process to join GWG Australia Trust Fund (FOREX) at

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