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Rank plc’s compost bins

Dear Facilities Manager / Green Champion

How would you like to reduce your general waste by 35%, increase your recycling rates by more than 40%, and at the same time leave both those streams uncontaminated? By segregating your tea bags and other food waste you can cut down on waste collections and take advantage of a whole range of other benefits (see back page).

In Maidenhead we have Rank plc’s HQ on the Stafferton roundabout and Mattel Inc’s UK HQ on the Vanwall Trading Estate onboard. SEGRO plc’s HQ leads the way on the Slough Trading Estate and on the Thames Trading Estate near Marlow we have Softcat plc turning their 1200 tea-bags-a-week into the most beautiful compost.

In London, near Vauxhall, we service nef (New Economics Foundation) and near Oxford, on the Horspath Road Industrial Estate, we look after Seacourt Printing’s wormeries.

We would LOVE some more clients in these areas!

For more details please follow this link to our kompost - full information leaflet and don’t hesitate to contact Gwen Powell if you have any questions:

07941 524 222


SEGRO plc’s food waste composter

kompost™, founded by Gwen Powell, is working in partnership with SEGRO to introduce a new concept in food waste recycling to UK businesses, starting with SEGRO’s own HQ on the Slough Trading Estate. kompost™ installs and manages on-site food waste composting™ facilities, turning used tea-bags and coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peelings, unwanted sandwiches and even canteen waste into high quality compost. Following an audit at SEGRO’s head office, kompost™ has installed a food waste composter on-site, which is recycling up to 150 litres of food waste per week.

Claudine Blamey, Head of Sustainability



Increase profits


Enhance brand image


Reduce energy & waste bills

4. Gain a competitive advantage 5.

Meet blue chip tender requirements

6. Reassure customers, staff and investors 7.

Improve corporate social responsibility


Demonstrate contemporary & progressive management

9. Obtain and/or comply with ongoing ISO14001 accreditation 10. It is more affordable than you think!

kompost - intro leaflet  

Intro leaflet to Facilities Managers / Green Champions