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November 2012

Upcoming Events

November 10

Pet Smart Adoption Event (Youree Drive-Shreveport)

13 General Membership Meeting Trinity Episcopal Church, 2nd Floor, 6:00 p.m.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ― Josh Billings

Begging for More 

Blankets, towels, and sheets (NO FIBERFILL! This can be hazardous to our rescues)



Thanksgiving Hazards and Your Dog Thanksgiving meals may have all your favorites, but imagine what can happen to your dog if he chows down on mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. This is a season to say thanks to those we love, including our canine companions. Some dog owners do this by sharing some of their family feast with their pooch. While you may think that a few morsels of “people food” can’t hurt, the fact is that some foods can be harmful, even lethal, to dogs. The foods we eat during the holidays tend to be particularly rich and fatty, and that can cause health problems in dogs now and down the road. Vomiting and diarrhea are commonly seen in dogs given food that is not a part of their regular diet, especially foods that are high in fat. How to ensure that your dog has a safe and healthy Thanksgiving: 

Never give your dog poultry bones—they can splinter easily and stick in the esophagus, stomach or intestines. continued on page 2

From the directors desk... NHFP had a busy and successful October. A big thank you to the Bank of Montgomery, the citizens of Natchitoches and our wonderful volunteers for collecting over 800 pounds of dog food. We also thank our partner, the NSU Alumni Association, for a successful 5K SuperHero Run. Over 150 people participated in the race, and the event would not have been successful without our many individual and corporate sponsors, as well as the civic groups who volunteered many man hours. We have completed most of our improvements for our site this year. We have built new runs with concrete floors, and metal roofs, and the existing outside runs have been completely floored. I would like to thank each of you who support our organization whether it be through monetary donations, countless hours at the site or volunteering at events. Each of you play an important part in making NHFP successful. Wishing you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Until next time...Amie’

Thanksgiving Hazards Continued from Page 1 

Keep him away from chocolate—it can be fatal to dogs. Bowls of candy, or pieces dropped by guests or children, may pose a real risk to your pets. The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is. But any chocolate, in large amounts, can kill a dog. An ounce of chocolate can be toxic to a 30 pound dog, and many dogs can easily consume more than that.

Don’t let your dog lie where food is often dropped. If he is not trained to stay out of the garbage, use a can with a lid, or keep it out of your pet’s reach. Dogs are capable of amazing feats when food is involved.

Make sure your pet can’t access food left on counters or tables. After you’ve cleaned the kitchen, take the garbage out and dispose of it in a secure place where pets cannot get into it.

Watch the door as guests enter and leave. An open door is an invitation for a dog to flee a busy house for the world outside. So as guests arrive and leave, keep an eye on your dog—or, if he’s shy and upset by company, keep him in a quieter part of the house during noisy festivities.

Keep in mind that the potential risks of feeding him Thanksgiving leftovers far outweigh his momentary delight. A little restraint and a yummy chew toy will keep your dog safe this Thanksgiving.

OVER 800 POUNDS OF DOG FOOD WAS COLLECTED! THANKS BOM! Fran Poole was the winner of our Bubba watercolor and gift basket! She graciously donated the basket back to NHFP! So look for more tickets to be sold on this wonderful gift! Thanks Fran for your gracious contribution.

HOWL about this?

In many areas, the most common predator of livestock is dogs.

THANK YOU NSU Alumni/NHFP 5K Sponsors GOLD ($500)

BRONZE ($100)

Sabine Bank and Trust Company

John Howell, All State

Posey’s Sport Center

San Luis Mexican Restaurant

Louisiana Scholars College

David James, DVM

SILVER ($250)

Dr. Ben R. Hogg

Mickey & Julie Brewton Bank of Montgomery NSU ROTC Legacy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Dixie Plaza

BRONZE ($100)

Riverbend Bed & Breakfast San Luis Mexican Restaurant Natchitoches Tans Cane River Bar and Grill City Bank and Trust Company Trent and Ashley Methvin Pete Wardell with Family Eye Care

Petstar Animal Care

NSU Elementary Lab School Running Club

Natchitoches Electric AC & Heating

Paul Foshee with Foshee Dusting Company NHFP Alumni Peppermint Pattie and the Montgomery Family

ADOPTABLE DOG OF THE MONTH: CHESTER Our featured dog for November is Chester. Chester is a small male all American breed. He is approximately 5 months old, neutered and heartworm negative. He weights between 22 and 25 pounds and will probably remain a medium size dog. His owners surrendered him due to a family illness.


Membership Drive & Memorials Bronze Paw $100-$249

In Memory Of

Mason Salter’s Fine Furniture

Melissa Cloutier

Gary and Susan Howell

Susan O. Cloutier

Copper Paw $50-$99

T.E. White D.V.M.

Gay Moore

General Donations $100 +

Dustin and Connie Beard

Elaine E. Lazarone

Puppy Pal

Peggy B. Fisher

Maizy Barkley

Phi Mu Sorority


Janie S. Mills

Charles L. McNeely Emelyn Morrison

Don’t forget that we are collecting items for our annual rummage sale! All items accepted except NO clothes...but we do take new or gently worn shoes! For more info email, Facebook or call us!

PO Box 2552 Natchitoches, LA 71457 (318) 332-2969

Superheroes Homecoming 5K & 1 Mile Dog Walk Results *Boys Under 18 Winner: Scott Maggio Girls Under 18 Winner: Brianna Laird

3,226 fans and counting!

*Women’s 5K Winner: Amy Cross Women’s 5K Runner Up: Lisa Wiggins *Men’s 5K Winner: Angel Salom Men’s 5K Runner UP: Donald Weldon *1 Mile Boys Winner: Jackson Stewart 1 Mile Boys Runner-Up: Nolan Spann *1 Mile Girls Winner: Claire Spann 1 Mile Girls Runner-Up: Brantley Gray

NHFP November 2012 Newsletter  

Natchitoches Hope for Paws November 2012 Newsletter

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