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About the Natchitoches 4-H Office The 4-H club program is the youth’s education division of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service. It is funded in Natchitoches Parish by: ~ United States Department of Agriculture ~ Louisiana State University Agricultural Center ~ Natchitoches Parish School Board ~ City of Natchitoches ~ Natchitoches Sheriffs Office Location: Live Oak Building (Next to Lasayone’s) 624 Second Street Natchitoches, LA 71457 Mailing Address: Natchitoches Parish 4-H Office 624 Second Street Natchitoches, LA 71457 Phone Number: (318) 357-2224

Fax Number: (318) 357-2225

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday Meet Our Staff… 4-H Program Livestock/Agriculture/Outdoor Skills

Steve Roberts

Family & Consumer Sciences

Gwen Fontenot

Administrative Coordinator

Dera Killingsworth

Keep up with the latest 4-H Activities & News! View our monthly newsletter at or pick up a copy at your 4-H club meeting! Like Natchitoches Parish 4-H on Facebook

Who’s Responsible for What? The following agents are responsible for the 4-H program in Natchitoches Parish. For specific project questions related to subject matter, see the list below. If you have other general questions, please call or send an email to contact them. Steve Roberts:

Gwen Fontenot:

Steve Roberts

Gwen Fontenot


Dog Care/Pet Care

Bicycle Environment/Shooting Sports/ Hiking Forestry/Wood Science

Child & Family Development Citizenship




Foods and Nutrition

Plant Science



Home Environment


Personal Development


Theatre Arts








Electric Energy


Club Leaders

Jr. Leadership Club

Jr. Leadership Club

Livestock Club and Shows

4-H Club Meetings

Camp Roughin’ It

Food and Fitness Camp

Survival Camp

Fashion Camp

4-H Summer Camp

4-H Summer Camp

4-H University

4-H University

Challenge Camp

State Records/Portfolios



Experience Day

Experience Day

Jr. Leadership Conference

Standard of Excellence

Youth Wetlands Week

Cookery Contests


2011-2012 4-H Educational Programming

S.A.F.E. (Sensible Advice for Everyone)

GOAL: for youth to learn appropriate responsible behavior when using technology






4-H Orientation

Leadership, Citizenship, and Responsibility


Cyber bullying: What is It?


Cyber bullying: Coping with Bullying

4-M-3.1, 4-M-1.2, 5-H-1.2, 4-M-4.1, 7-M-2.2 8-M-2.1, 5-M-1.1, 2M-3.1, 4-M-3.2, 4-M4.1, 7-M-2.2, 7-M-1.1


“Give Me Your Password” - Safeguarding Your Identity


What’s Your Status?

Responsible Citizenship, Respect, Self- responsibility, Decision making, Problem Solving Responsible Citizenship, Respect, Conflict Resolution, Self- responsibility, Decision making, Problem solving Personal Safety, Responsible Citizenship, Self-responsibility, Decision making, Problem solving Responsible Citizenship, Selfresponsibility, Decision making, Problem solving


What Message Are YOU Sending?


Beware…What’s YOUR Digital Footprint?

Responsible Citizenship, Social Skills, Self- responsibility, Decision making, Problem solving Responsible Citizenship, Selfresponsibility, Decision making, Problem solving

4-H-2.5, ELA-4-M5, 2-M-3.3., 4-M-3.2, 7-M-2.2, 5-M-1.2, 2-M-3.1 4-H-1.2, 2-M-3.3, 7-M-2.2, 7-M-1.1, 2-M-3.1


No Club Meetings due to LEAP testing


4-H Experience Day

Students who have completed a 4-H Portfolio & Record book will be invited to attend this fun, hands-on educational event encompassing activities from S.A.F.E.

1-M-1.2, 2-M-3.1, 7-M-2.2, 5-M-1.2, 2-M-3.1 2-H-4.5, 2-M-3.3, 4-M-3.2,7-M-2.2, 5-M-1.2, 2-M-3.1

2011-2012 Natchitoches Parish 4-H Activity Calendar September: 5 6 8 23 23 29-30

4-H Office Closed: Labor Day Parish Tee Shirt Sale Begins Jr. Leader Meeting DUE: Beef and Dairy Posters DUE: Parish Tee Shirt Orders Kids Day at the Fair (PreK-K)


Community Service Project: Coats for Kids 1 4-H Has Talent Show 3-7 National 4-H Week 13 Jr. Leader Meeting 22 Local Cookery Contests (Beef, Egg, Pecan Poultry and Seafood) 24 State Fair Entries 29 State Fair Talent Show State Fair Quiz Bowl Competitions


Community Service Project: Toys for Tots 5 State Fair BB Gun Contest 9-11 AgMagic at the State Fair 13 State Fair Ends 10 Jr. Leader Meeting 12 LSU/4-H Football Game 14 State Fair Entries Must Be Picked Up 17-19 Survival Camp 24-25 4-H Office Closed: Thanksgiving


3 Louisiana 4-H Day of Service 8 Jr. Leader Meeting 26-31 4-H Office Closed: Christmas

January: Savings Accounts

Community Service Project: Hope for Paws 2 4-H Office Closed: New Year’s Holiday 12 Jr. Leader Meeting 16 4-H Office Closed: MLK 21-22 Fashion Camp 30 DUE: Honey Bee Essays Spring Livestock Show

Dates are subject to change. Be sure to check out the monthly 4-H Newsletter published Sept-April for the most current, up to date information. For more information contact the 4-H Office at 357-2224. Visit us at


Community Service Project: Women’s Resource Center 9 Jr. Leader Meeting 11-18 LSU Livestock Show


Community Service Project: D.O.V.E.S. 1 MDA Shamrock Drive Begins 8 Jr. Leader Meeting 9-11 Junior Leadership Conference 17-18 Food & Fitness Camp 22-24 Challenge Camp 31 MDA Shamrock Drive Ends Southern Livestock Show


NO CLUB MEETINGS 3-5 Camp Rouhin’ It 6 4-H Office Closed: Easter Holiday 12 Jr. Leader Meeting 16-20 Youth Wetlands Week

May 2 3 19 28 28-1

DUE: 4-H Portfolios DUE: Standard of Excellence4-H Experience Day 4-H Awards Banquet 4-H Office Closed: Memorial Day 4-H Summer Camp (4th-6th Grade)

June 6 4-H Day at the Capital 19-22 4-H University

July July 4-9 State Horse Show July 30– Aug 3 LOST Camp TBA: State 4-H Honor Cord and Award of Excellence Southern Livestock Show Area Commodity Cookery Contest Citizenship Camp State Record Book Competition

2011-2012 Enrollment  Volunteers/Leaders


Returning and new volunteers must complete the 4-H Volunteer Enrollment Form All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Leader Job Description

 MUST have 10 or more youth enrolled and attending meetings to be

considered a club. If an Extension Agent attends a total of 3 meetings where there are 9 or less members present, we will no longer visit that school.  Members

Returning and new members must the complete the 4-H Member Enrollment Form *See next page for example Reminders: - Fill in all the blanks - Insert correct year in 4-H (if this is their 1st year write “1” not “0”) - Write e-mail address legibly (this is our main form of communication) - Members can select only ONE (1) project, unless approved by club leader or 4-H Agent - Must be signed by parent or guardian

2011-2012 Project Books Distribution of Project Books  Youth are limited to one project book. Exceptions will be granted upon

approval of the 4-H Club Leader or 4-H Agent. If a child is enrolling for 4-H for the first time and is in grades 4th through 6th they must enroll in Discovering 4-H.

Getting Your Project Books  You have 2 options:

-Bring enrollment cards to our office and select your books from our supply room OR -Get enrollment cards to the 4-H Office and the 4-H Agent will deliver them to your October or November meeting!

Club Year 2011-2012

How to properly complete a 4-H Enrollment Card

Include a valid email address. First year in 4-H? Put a 1

Circle School and List your School Club Here. If you are NOT enrolling in a school club, circle member at large.

Parent Signature REQUIRED

First time in 4-H? In grade 4th-6th? You must enroll in Discovering 4-H. CHECK OFF ONLY DISCOVERING 4-H...AND NO OTHER BOOK!

Does your parent or guardian want to help out with your club or a parish wide activity?

Specialty Clubs What is Jr. Leadership? Junior Leadership is a service leadership club, open to all 7th through 12th graders in Natchitoches Parish. The club meets the second Thursday of every month from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Natchitoches Arts Center. We emphasize service to our club, our communities, our country and our world. We work on activities that benefit the local community such as collection drives for the Women’s Resource Center, D.O.V.E.S. and Toys for Tots. We also work with needy families and more! Club member is open. Dues for the entire year are only $10.00. To join 4-H must complete a Jr. Leadership Membership Registration form and submit with a $10.00 payment to the 4-H Office. Enrollment closes at the October Jr. Leadership Meeting.

What are Project Clubs? Project clubs are special clubs open to all 4-H’ers and are conducted by volunteer leaders. If you have a parent or leader that might be interested in forming a project club, contact the 4-H Office.

Shooting Sports Project Club 4-H Shooting Sports is active program that is attractive to both youth and adults. The program uses experiential learning and positive interactions with youth and adult role models. Shotgun, rifle, pistol, muzzleloader, archery, and hunting disciplines are used to help young people develop self-concept, self-assurance and a positive self-image. The curriculum is designed to assist young people in establishing a personal environmental ethic. Shooting Sports is an activity for everyone-girls, boys, young, old, urban and rural. Participation in Shooting Sports is limited by age, skill or physical abilities. The 4-H Shooting Sports program is open to youth ages 9-19. This a fun, action oriented program. You will get to make new friends and develop skills that will last a lifetime. If you would like to schedule a shooting sports program for your school or club contact Steve Roberts at the 4-H Office (357-2224) for more information.

Northwest Louisiana 4-H Horse Club The Natchitoches Parish 4-H Horse Club is organized as a part of the Natchitoches parish LSU AgCenter. The project club, led by Cecilia Daniels Henderson, is dedicated to teaching youth more about the care, training and riding of horses. The goal of the project club is help youth and their families achieve success with horse 4-H projects. For more information contact or find them on Facebook at Northwest Louisiana 4-H Horse Club.

Natchitoches Parish 4-H Livestock Club The primary purpose of the youth livestock program is to provide an opportunity for the development of youth through involvement in an activity that interests them. The secondary purpose is to teach them how to care for, fit and show their animals. Through the responsibilities and experiences of livestock projects, youth develop positive character traits. The club offers field days, educational trips, and hands-on activities with professionals. For more information contact the 4-H/County Agent, Steve Roberts, at 318-357-2224 or at

4-H Natchitoches Parish 4-H Photography Club This beginning level project club is designed for youth with little or no prior experience in photography. Using the Focus on Photography project book, members will learn about equipment, lighting, composition, and skill building. Field trips, workshop days and guest speakers will be the highlight of this “click.” You don’t miss out! Contact 4-H/FCS Agent, Gwen Fontenot at 318-3572224 or at

2011-2012 Dues 4-H Assessment Fee *Assessed to all children enrolling in Natchitoches Parish 4-H in addition to specialty clubs dues listed below.


14 days prior event in which child participates



Natchitoches Parish DEADLINE

4-H Jr. Leader Club


October Meeting

4-H Photography Club


November Meeting


November Meeting


November Meeting



4-H Horse Club 4-H Livestock Club 4-H Outdoor Skills Club

October 28 4-H School Club

Set by Club Leader

*After this deadline a child can enroll through the 4-H Office as a member at large.

ď ś Club Invoice/Assessment Fee

Clubs will receive an invoice in the Spring 2012. Any youth enrolled in your school club by January 1, 2012 will be assessed the $8.00 parish club fee. Therefore, it is the club leaders responsibility to notify the 4-H Office before January 2, 2012 if a youth with draws from their school 4-H club.

Camping Opportunities Food and Fitness Camp Usually held during the spring at Camp Grant Walker, this camp is perfect for those interested in health, diet and physical activity. Quota is 4 per campers with at least ONE overnight chaperoned trained volunteer. Campers must be in grades 4th through 7th.

Fashion Camp The Fashion Board is responsible for administering this camp at Camp Grant Walker. Held during the spring this camp is open to those whom have a interest in sewing and design. Quota is 4 per campers with at least ONE overnight chaperoned trained volunteer. Campers must be in grades 4th through 7th.

Citizenship Camp New in 2009-2010! This camp reinforces civic knowledge, attitudes and actions and education. It helps youth form attitudes and behaviors that employers repeatedly report they seek in potential employers. More info to come!

Challenge Camp Open to all 7th and 8th graders this camp focuses on teambuilding, problem solving and leadership skills. Quota varies each year but is usually limited to 10-15 campers for Natchitoches Parish. Held in the spring at Camp Grant Walker.

Camp Roughin’ It and Survival Camp Camp Roughin’ It (4th-8th graders) and Survival Camp (7-12 graders) are outdoor skills camps where you camp in tents, cook your own food and learn about the environment! Events include: wildlife, archery, gps, forest health, atv, canoeing...and fun nighttime activities! Quota is limited each year and varies but is usually limited to 20 campers for Natchitoches Parish. Held at Gum Springs in Winnfield, La during the spring. Due to high demand campers may not attend two years consecutively.

Junior Leadership Conference Provides a unique opportunity for a diverse group of youth who are currently engaged in significant leadership and/or other service learning activities to come together while further learning and developing their leadership and teamwork skills. Camp held in the Spring at Camp Grant Walker. Open to Jr. Leaders at 14 years and older.

LOST Camp Held the last camping week of the summer at Camp Grant Walker, LOST camp is for 7th and 8th graders. For 4-Her’s who loved going to camp this was a chance to once again experience 4-H Summer Camp! Tracks offered include rockery/ robotics, wetlands, energy, outdoor skills, GPS/GIS and forensic science. Quota is limited for Natchitoches Parish and is determined each year.

4-H Summer Camp The most popular camp among youth in grades 4th through 6th. Each year Natchitoches parish goes camping at Camp Grant Walker for 5 days and 4 nights. The week we go varies each year but is usually held in early June. Tracks include wetlands, outdoor skills, art and drama, nutrition and many more! Quota is usually limited to approximately 40 youth but varies each year. Registration for summer camp will open in early spring.

4-H University Trips, scholarships, cash awards plus a lot of FUN are waiting for those 4-H Club members who want to attend this camp held in Baton Rouge at the LSU Campus in June. Must be 13 years or older before January 1st of the year to attend. For more information on how to qualify and the wide range of contests and clover college sessions contact the 4-H Office, 357-2224.

Natchitoches Parish Camping Policies 1. ALL Camp forms (registration, health form, parental consent to administer medicine and code of conduct) must be completed by the parent or guardian and signed appropriately by the parent or guardian and/or child attending (if needed). Under no circumstances is anyone else allowed to complete these forms. 2. NO CAMP SUBSTITUTION ALLOWED. If your child signs up for a camp and cannot attend NO OTHER CHILD is allowed to take his/her place for that camp.

Portfolio and Record Keeping

Why should I keep a Record Book? 4-H members enjoy working with their projects, but often record keeping is not an activity enjoyed or done on a regular basis. However, since keeping records is necessary throughout life, anytime is a good time to begin developing good record keeping skills. Reasons why Record Books are important are numerous. The benefits include the following: Members who keep good records: Are eligible for 4-H scholarships, and 4-H awards trips such National 4-H Congress Learn important life skills: goal setting, organizing, planning, and written communication • Possible county, state, and/or national recognition • Have an invaluable personal memory book (this has proven very helpful as older 4-H youth complete resumes and apply for awards, including college scholarships, job applications, & Senior portfolios) • Learn how to set goals and evaluate their project’s progress • May reflect on and evaluate their personal growth Basic Guidelines 1. All records should be placed in a 4-H portfolio cover or a 3 ring NO POCKET FOLDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 2. The time period of the 4-H portfolio work covers one school year. 3. Use section dividers (Section 1—8) 4. Print or type clearly. An online version is available at 5. Write a caption for each picture. 6. SAVE newspaper clippings, letters etc. TAKE lots of pictures throughout the year. 7. DO NOT include ribbons in your portfolio.

Portfolios (Record Books) are due Wednesday May 2, 2012 by 4:30 p.m. to the Natchitoches Parish 4-H Office Books received after this deadline are not guaranteed to be evaluated and scored.

Natchitoches Parish 4-H Standard of Excellence Award Application (2011-2012) Due to the 4-H office by: May 2, 2012 Name of Applicant:


School or Club Name:


Goal of this award: This award is meant for 4-H members who have shown exceptional work within the 4-H program, especially at the parish, district and state level and to reward their work. Those who receive the award will be recognized at the end of the years Award’s Banquet/Reception held in May 2012. Criteria used to determine outstanding recipient: A recipient of this award must complete EIGHT (8) parish/district/statewide activities/contests; complete 2 Natchitoches Parish 4-H sponsored community service activities and 2 on your own or with your club and turn in a completed 4-H Portfolio and Project Book at the end of the year. Have you turned in an acceptable 4-H Portfolio and Project Book to your club leader and has he/she signed your book? (circle yes or no) YES


Check at least 2 Natchitoches Parish 4-H community service projects that you have participated in this past year and list 2 others you participated in with your club or by yourself. ______ Hope for Paws ______ Toys for Tots ______ Women’s Resource Center ______ D.O.V.E.S.

Two others you participated in: ___________________________ ___________________________

I have read the above information and all criteria for the Natchitoches Parish Standard of Excellence Award. The information provided is true and accurate. Signature of 4-H Club Member


Signature of Parent/Guardian


Signature of 4-H Club Leader


Revised 6-29-2011

Check off the contest and/or activities sponsored by the Natchitoches Parish 4-H Program that you participated in this year. You must have participated in at least EIGHT (8) of the events listed below. You may add additional events upon approval of 4-H Agent(s). Individual club activities do not count. Event must sponsored by the 4-H Office. Awards 2012 4-H Foundation State Award of Excellence 2012 4-H Foundation Key Club Recipient Camps 2011 Camp Roughin’ It 2011 4-H Summer Camp 2011 4-H University 2011 LOST Camp 2011 Survival Camp 2012 Fashion Camp 2012 Food & Fitness Camp 2012 Junior Leadership Conference 2012 Challenge Camp 2012 Camp Roughin’ It 2012 Co-op Leadership Conference 2012 Citizenship Camp Clubs 11-12 Club Officer (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Parliamentarian, CRD Chairman, Social) Does not include committees, does not include chairman of committees! 11-12 Attended at minimum of 5 Jr. Leader Meetings Cookery Contests 2012 Beef Cookery 2012 Egg Cookery 2012 Pecan Cookery 2012 Poultry Cookery 2012 Seafood Cookery 2012 Area Cookery Horse Club 11-12 Attended at minimum of 5 mtgs/activites ______ 2011 District Horse Show ______ 2011 State Horse Show 11-12 Other Horse Show (Count as “1”) Natchitoches Parish Fair 2011 Horse Show 2011 Rabbit Show 2011 Poultry Show 2011 House Pet Show 2011 Livestock Show 2011 4-H Has Talent Show 2011 Competitive Exhibits (counts as “1”)

Other Livestock Shows 2012 Natchitoches Spring Livestock Show 2012 District Livestock Show 2012 LSU Livestock Show 2012 Southern Livestock Show 11-12 Jackpot Livestock Show (counts as “1”) Other Contests 2012 Beef Poster Contest 2012 Dairy Poster Contest 11-12 4-H Sponsored Photography Contest Other State 4-H Sponsored 2012 Commodity Illustrated Talk Contest 2012 4-H Day at the Capital 2011 State Record Book Participant/Winner Parish Clubs/Events (not contests) 2011 4-H Experience Day 11-12 Parish Wide Project Club Shooting Sports 11-12 Attended at minimum of 5 practices 2011 Regional Shooting Sports Contest 2011 State 4-H Shooting Sports Contest Sporting Events 2011 4-H LSU Football Game 2012 4-H Night New Orleans Hornets State Fair of Louisiana 2011 Talent Show 2011 Quiz Bowl Team 2011 BB Gun Contest 2011 Competitive Exhibits (counts as “1”) 2011 Livestock /Poultry/Rabbit Show 2011 AgMagic Participant/Volunteer: Nov 9-11, Photography Project Club 11-12 Attended a min. of 5 mtgs/activities 11-12 Participated in a min. of 3 photo contests Livestock Project Club 11-12 Attended a min. of 5 mtgs/activities Activities to be Approved by 4-H Agent List Below. Maximum of 3.

Revised 6-29-2011

What is the 4-H Cookery Contests? Each year we hold 4-H Cookery Contests: Beef, Egg, Pecan, Poultry and Seafood. The cookery contests are designed to help youth have fun in the kitchen as they prepare different foods. Local winners in each division advance to the Area Cookery Contest held in the NW region. For more information contact Gwen Fontenot at the 4-H Office, 357-2224. COOKERY CONTEST BASIC RULES: The dish must be prepared by the 4-H member the night before & chilled in refrigerator. You may enter only one (1) dish in each category (up to 7dishes total) The contest will begin promptly at TBA. NO DISHES ACCEPTED after TBA Dish must be transported to the contest on ice in an ice chest. The entire recipe must be displayed, i.e. if a cookie recipe yields 3 dozen, then 3 dozen cookies must be displayed for contest. **DISHES NOT CHILLED & TRANSPORTED ON ICE IN AN ICE CHEST WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Recipe Evaluation A. Name of Recipe B. List of ingredients in order used in instructions Measurements given in common fractions No abbreviations used No brand names used Include the size and weight of cans, packages, etc. C. Instructions for combining ingredients 1. Clear instructions for every step of combining and cooking the ingredients 2. Short, clear, concise sentences 3. Correct food preparation terms to describe combining and cooking process 4. Size of pan stated 5. Temperature and cooking time stated 6. Number of servings and calories per serving given (Area Contest) 7. Preparation time D. Dish meets contest and division requirements Scoring Dish Evaluation 60 points Flavor Taste Palatability Recipe Evaluation 15 points Appearance of Dish 20 points Participation in Educational Program 5 points _______________________________________________ 100 points

Beef and Egg Cookery Division Rules Division Rules: You may enter only one (1) dish in each of the categories listed below. All contestants must attend an educational program while dishes are being judged. Bring (2) two typed copies of your recipe to the contest. One recipe should have your have your name on it and one recipe should not. GROUND BEEF: *Minimum of one (1) pound ground beef must be used. -Quick & Easy: ready to serve in less than 1 hour; list time for each step -One-Dish Meal: provides foods from at least 3 main food groups; list food group used EGG: *Minimum of four (4) eggs must be used – can be 4 whole, 4 whites or 4 yolks, or a combination. No raw eggs in final product. -Appetizer/Salad -Main Dish -Dessert Pecan Categories: Cookies Minimum ½ cup pecans must be used, may be whole, chopped, halves or pieces. Candy 1. Minimum ½ cup pecans must be used, may be whole, chopped, halves or pieces. Other 1. Minimum ½ cup pecans must be used, may be whole, chopped, halves or pieces. 2. May include main dish, salad, appetizer, etc but not a dessert or bread item. Poultry Categories: Chicken Must contain a minimum of 2 lbs. of bone-in or 1 lb de-boned chicken meat. Should purchase whole chicken or identifiable chicken parts such as wings, thighs or breasts. SHOULD NOT contain special processed chicken such as marinated chicken strips, chicken nuggets, chicken franks, smoked chicken, canned chicken, etc.) Chicken includes any of the following: Fryer, Broiler, Capon, Baking Hen, Cornish and Game Hen. Other Poultry Meat Choose from any of the following: Turkey, Duck, Goose, Quail, Grouse, Pheasant, Ostrich, Pigeon, Emu, Guinea and Dove. Must contain a minimum of 2 lbs. bone-in or 1 lb. de-boned poultry meat from a bird other than chicken. Seafood Categories: Crawfish Must use at least 1 cup of crawfish. NO RAW seafood allowed in the final dish. CANNED seafood is NOT acceptable. Shrimp Must use at least 1 cup of shrimp. NO RAW seafood allowed in the final dish. CANNED seafood is NOT acceptable.

Natchitoches Parish 4-H Draw a Dairy Billboard Contest

DUE: September 23, 2011 at 4:30 p.m. Purpose Learn more about milk and milk products and their importance to healthy bodies. Demonstrate communication skills by drawing a billboard encouraging or promoting the eating or drinking of milk and/or milk products. Share their knowledge with others. Who Can Enter: Any bonafide 4-H club member. A 4-H club member is allowed to win each division only once. Divisions: Division I - 4th, 5th and 6th grades Division II - 7th and 8th grades Division III - 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades Official Rules and Regulations: 1. 4-H club members are to draw a billboard that encourages or promotes the consumption of milk and milk products and their importance for health. 2. Billboard design must be made on 22” X 28” poster board ONLY. 3. DO NOT ATTACH anything to the poster that is more than ½” thick. 4. Do not use the names of commercial brand name products on the poster. Do not use jingles, slogans, signs or pictures that are trademark or copyright protected on the poster. 5. BE SURE to print name, address, grade in school and parish on back of the poster in the upper right-hand corner. 6. A 4-H club member is allowed to win first place in each division ONLY ONCE. 7. The posters turned in become the property of Natchitoches parish 4-H and may be displayed in local public places. Awards: Parish level winners: Rosette ribbons to first place winners. Participation ribbons – (purple, blue or red) for each 4-H’er that draws a dairy billboard (poster). State level winners: A $100.00 check for first place State winners in Divisions I, II, and III. Award program for first place winners (TBA). Second place state winners will be mailed a $50.00 check. Third place winner will be mailed a $25.00 check. Certificates will be mailed to honorable mention winners.

Natchitoches Parish 4-H Dairy Poster Contest Score Card

DUE: September 23, 2011 Total of 10 Points _____/5

Poster encourages or promotes the consumption of milk and/or milk products (5 points)-No eggs on the poster


Used a 22’X 28’ Poster Board (1 point)


Did not attach anything to the poster that is more than ½’ thick (1 point)


Creative (2 points)


On back of poster appropriate information was given (1 point): Name Mailing Address Grade Parish


Natchitoches Parish 4-H Beef Poster Contest

DUE: September 23, 2011 at 4:30 p.m. 4-H Office, 624 Second Street Purpose To learn more about beef and/or beef products and their importance to human health. Make a poster telling the story of beef and/or beef products. The finished poster should be appropriate for use on a billboard. Who Can Enter: Any bonafide 4-H club member. A 4-H club member is allowed to win each division only once. Divisions: Division I - 4th, 5th and 6th grades Division II - 7th, 8th, and 9th grades Division III - 10th, 11th and 12th grades Official Rules and Regulations: 1. Poster must be on “11 X 14” white poster board only. 2. Place your name, address, age, grade in school and parish on the upper right corner on the back of your poster. 3. Poster should generate positive images of beef and beef products and not portray negative image of other food products (i.e. chicken, pork, etc). 4. Get ideas from magazines, parents, friends, nutrition bulletins, Beef Ambassador Fact Sheets and meat publications. Materials are also available from your local supermarket, butcher, The American Meat Institute or National Livestock and Meat Board. 5. DO NOT use copyrighted materials. Pictures, clip-art and materials (i.e. cartoon characters, advertisements, logos, etc.) that are copyrighted may not be used on the poster and the poster will be disqualified is copyrighted materials are used. 6. Computer generated clip-art may be used on the poster if it is not copyrighted material. Awards: Rosette ribbon to parish winner. First place winners in each division will compete in the state contest. Awards will be given for state winners. A 4-H club member is allowed to win each division only once at the state contest level. Posters submitted to the state competition become the property of the Louisiana Cattleman’s Association. The state winning posters will be used to promote Beef Cattle production and Beef products by the LCA. The program is co-sponsored by the Louisiana Cattleman’s Association and the LSU AgCenter—Louisiana Cooperative Extension Office.

Natchitoches Parish 4-H Beef Poster Contest Scoreboard

DUE: September 23, 2011 Total of 10 points _____/5

Poster tells the story of beef and/or beef products (5 points)


Used a 11 x 14’ Poster Board (1 point)


Did not attach anything to the poster that is more than ½’ thick (1 point)


Creative (2 points)


On back of poster appropriate information was given (1 point): Name Mailing Address Grade Parish


Club Clover Competition Throughout this club year (September - March), 4-H Clubs will have the opportunity to earn “clovers� at their club meetings based upon their participation and the criteria listed below. This is a parish wide club competition and the winning club will receive a pizza party during the month of April. Clovers will be distributed at club meeting using the following criteria:

1 Clover Awarded Club meeting starts on time Club leader or designated adult present the entire time at the meeting All club officers fulfill their responsibilities 2 Clovers Awarded Demonstration at club meeting (Maximum 3 at each meeting) Fun, social activity planned (ice breaker, craft, word search) Parliamentary procedure used 3 Clovers Awarded Monthly club report in the Natchitoches Times Club project workshop day held 50% or more club members participate in the designated 4-H Office Community Service Project

2011-2012 Activity Guide  

Information on Natchitoches Parish 4-H Program.

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