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Summer 6 Week Dinner Menu * denotes a planned over match up, so make double of what is in quotes. Mondays: Mexican Night; Tuesdays: Grill or Bake night; Wednesdays: Vegetarian Meal; Thursdays: Cold Dinner Night; Fridays: Pizza Night; Saturdays: Cook Double Night; Sunday: Cook’s Off Night! (Breakfast for Dinner usually) Week 1 Week 5 Monday: Double Decker Tacos (*beans) Monday: 7 Layer Bean Dip Tuesday: Grilled BBQ or Teriyaki Chicken Tuesday: Lemon Butter Chicken & Rice & veggies (*grilled plain chicken) (*chicken) Wednesday: Beans & Rice & Cheese* Wednesday: Tomato Soup & Focaccia Thursday: BLT’s, pickles, & chips Thursday: Greek Salad with Chicken* (*bacon) Friday: Sausage Pizza & Salad Friday: Chicken, Bacon & Artichoke Pizza* Saturday: Beans & Rice & Cheese Saturday: Cappalini Pomodoro (fresh Sunday: tomato pasta) Sunday: Week 6 Monday: Lime Steak Fajitas, Salsa, Week 2 (*sausage for breakfast one AM) Guacamole Monday: Taco Salad Tuesday: Salmon Patties (Reg. or Tuesday: Lemon Basil Tilapia, Roasted Asian) & veggies Cauliflower & Rice with Lemon & Dill Wednesday: Taco Salad (*ground beef) Wednesday: Tomato Soup & Foccacia Thursday: Crock pot Tortellini Thursday: Sub Sandwiches,* (bacon) Friday: Baked Potato Pizza pickles, chips & onion dip Saturday: Beef Stroganoff* & Rice, Friday: Meat Lovers Pizza* & salad with broccoli Saturday: Penne with Artichoke Hearts Sunday: & Tomato Sunday: EZ Meal Substitutions: Week 3 -Baked Potatoes (bacon, chives, cheese, Monday: Nachos or chili baked potato) Tuesday: Grilled Teriyaki Salmon w/ -Chili/Frito Pie veggies (*Salmon) -Tacos/Taco Salad Wednesday: Beef Dip Sandwiches - Bacon Cheeseburger Rice Thursday: Grilled Salmon on Salad* - Lime Chicken Tacos Friday: Fresh Tomato & Basil Pizza - Beenie-Weenie Saturday: Falafel & Tzatziki Sauce Sunday: Week 4 Monday: Lime Chicken Soft Tacos Tuesday: Greek Burgers Wednesday: Lettuce Wraps Thursday: Taco Salad Friday: Pepperoni Pizza & Salad Saturday: Sauce Pot Meatball Subs Sunday:

Summer 6 Week Dinner Menu  

This 6 week summer menu is really helpful in streamlining the menu/shopping and planning every week. Hope it is helpful to you as well!

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