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Some Asthma Triggers You Should Avoid Asthma is a rather common condition, and many people deal with it on a daily basis. There are different degrees of severity when it comes to asthma. What works for one asthmatic may not work for another, and what triggers one person's asthma will not necessarily trigger anothers. Although there are differences in what can cause symptoms for those with asthma, there are many similarities as well. There are a lot of common triggers that can bring on asthma attacks or other symptoms, so it is best that you try to avoid these things as much as possible. The following article will touch on some of the most common triggers that those with asthma should try to stay away from.

One thing that is very harmful for those with asthma is cigarette smoke. If you smoke, you need to try to quit for healthier lungs. It is not always easy to stop smoking, but there are many options out there that are helpful in quitting smoking. You should also stay away from secondhand smoke, it is almost as harmful to your lungs as if you smoked yourself.

Cigarette smoke is not the only kind of smoke you should avoid. You also need to stay away from bonfires and anything else that causes smoke. This smoke can get into your lungs and trigger an asthma attack.

If you are allergic to anything, you need to try and avoid it. If you are allergic to any foods, pollen, grass or anything else, this can easily bring on an asthma attack.

For some people, strenuous exercise can irritate the lungs. When the lungs get irritated, it makes it harder for you to breathe and can bring on an attack. You should not totally stay from exercise, as exercise can strengthen your lungs and heart. Just be careful when it comes to the intensity if you notice that high impact, strenuous exercise causes asthma symptoms.

Air that is cold and dry can also bring on asthma attacks. This type of air can really irritate the lungs. When the air is dry and cold outside, you may want to run a dehumidifier in your home. This will put humidity into the air, which is much better for you to breathe in.

Some common infections, both viral and bacterial, can trigger asthma attacks. If you feel like you are getting one of these infections, it might be a good idea to see your doctor before the infection progresses much further.

Some chemicals can bother your lungs. There are chemicals in many of the cleaning products we use, and some of those can really irritate your lungs. If you notice that it is hard for you to breathe when using certain products, it might be time to switch up the products you are using.

Asthma is a medical condition that requires you to take care of yourself. Once you learn to manage your asthma, and find out what triggers attacks, you can live a much more enjoyable life with asthma. Click Here For More Information

Some Asthma Triggers You Should Avoid  

notice that high impact, strenuous exercise causes asthma symptoms.

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