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Oh!STuDiO Technology that users love Oh!STUDIO creates social products for tech startups. Headquarters in Argentina, we are helping Innovators in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York and Vancouver. We are the only IT company that not only takes advantage of the outsourcing model, but also creates long term value. Unlike other IT companies we are building a startup ecosystem that knows how to build product companies. Our team of consultants proposes innovative improvements for each project, improving the products for our customers. We focus on building something that users love.

How we do it

Business Idea


Product Analysis


Social Software

and Funding

Innovation Consulting

and Proposal

Developers Team


Our clients



• UI/UX: jQuery, jQTouch, Mootools,

Oh!STUDIO is a startups factory. As Innovation consultants we look for those entrepreneurs who have a novel idea and are eager to develop it.

ExtJS, Bindows • Server-side: Zend Framework,

Our location Joomla, Wordpress, Magento • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle • Business Intelligence: Business Objects, Pentaho, QlikView, Hyperion

Our experience let us understand your vision and business goals to make a greater impact in users. As an tech entrepreneur you can be benefited by: • Excellent range of Web Development Technology Skills • Understanding of business goals with creative solutions • Cost-effective for long-term projects • Customized Open Source, Agile web development • Similar time zone and shared western culture Our customers come from industries like Health, Real Estate, Banks, Legal & Marketing agencies, among others.

Oh!STUDIO San Martín 550 – 1st Floor, “A” Rosario – Santa Fe – Argentina S2000CJF +54 9 (341) 5300 932 Find us also on: Oh!STUDIO

Contact us To ! learn more about Oh!STUDIO and ! how we can help you transform your dream into a Social Software ! Product, contact us today and ask ! for an interview with one of our Innovation Consultants.

Leonardo Celis !

Guido Weber

Innovation Consultant!! +54 9 (341) 3144874!

Business Developer +54 9 (341) 5919717

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