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Cust PO#: 154949 613857 Logo#: Dimensions: Width: 4� Height: 2.36� Pantone Colors:

A.W. DATE : 07/28/09 ARTIST :

VIRTUAL PROOF (Artwork scaled for viewing purposes only)


(Registration marks will not be printed)

Underlay 484c - Elephant White - Text / Elephant outline

Garment Style: Customer Goods:

Blue T-shirts

Imprint Placement: Left Chest

(Garment Sample Is Shown As Adult Large)


DESIGNED EXCLUSIVELY BY VANTAGE APPAREL The ideas, concepts and designs embodied in or referred to by this proposal are provided for the recipient and remain the sole property of Vantage Apparel, and are not to be shared with third parties or like marketing companies without the express written consent of Vantage Apparel. Vantage Apparel retains all rights to any slogans, catch phrases, or programs created until actual purchase under intellectual property laws.

CR Shirt Front