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Jack Ambramoff

The Wrong Choice It’s Not the Economy Anymore

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CR/CD Debate


Special Election for the Director of Membership


Jack Abramoff Speaks to the GW CRs


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CR CD debat e

February 7th, 2012

Chris Oman speaks at the podium representing the College Republicans at the debate.

The opposing side states their arguments regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline Project.



Amelia Wolf

Director of Membership

I am so honored to serve as the GW College Republicans' Director of Membership for the rest of the 2011-2012 school year. I have been very active on this board for the entire year in various capacities, and it is now my pleasure to continue with the great program initiatives that Amanda Galonek, the previous Director of Membership, successfully started and carried out this past semester. I am a sophomore in the Columbian College, where I am majoring in Political Science and Economics. I have always been fascinated with government and politics, specifically government policies’ effect on market practices and outcomes. Growing up in Toledo, OH, I saw the devastation of liberal policies on our struggling auto industry firsthand, which has really pushed me to be a champion of free market business strategies and minimal government intervention in the private sector. I want to use my vigor for politics and the Republicans Party to work for you, the GWCR members. I want to put on programming that inspires our members and reinvigorates their conservative spirit, especially in light of the coming election. My goal in the next three months is to put on events that both educate and enlighten our members in various aspects of the Republican cause, but that also give our members the opportunity to bond and grow as a conservative community. Look out for our annual trip to the Gun Rage in the end of March, as well as several service projects that I have in the works! Additionally, if there is an event that you would like to see happen, don't hesitate to contact me. Even though I know it is Midterm season, I hope to see everyone out at our upcoming events. Best,


Amelia Wolf, GWCR Director of Membership

JACK ABRAMOFF speaks to the


On February 14th, Jack Abramoff came to speak to the GW CRs about the rise to his lobbying career and discussed corruption in Washington. Following his speech, he was kind enough to provide the Executive Board with free signed copies of his new book entitled Capitol Punishment. It was a great event and very well attended for Valentine’s Day!

The Executive Board pictured with Jack Abramoff


the conservative perspective The Wrong Choice Alex Marchak

Energy makes the world go round. Whether it be gas, solar, wind, or oil, our future depends on some kind of energy source to drive innovation and prosperity. But what will become of that prosperity and innovation if we continue our reliance on foreign energy from people who truly hate us? The answer: they will cease to exist! But there's a way to stop this path of destruction: American energy. We can usher in an entirely new age of American prosperity if we change our policies of forbidding drilling in certain parts of the country. The most recent example of such outrageous energy policy, which truly makes you wonder whose side President Obama is on, is the President's decision to stop the Keystone pipeline. Common sense tells you that the President wishes for continued reliance on such a volatile region of the world for energy. So, why exactly was this such a disastrous decision? Well, think about it. First of all, this project would create about two hundred thousand jobs. Obviously, with the economy in the shape it's in, an extension of the Keystone pipeline would not only bring energy but jobs. Now to those who say: these would be temporary jobs (like those of the stimulus plan) I ask you, who will maintain the pipeline once it is is built and, most importantly, what happens when energy becomes cheaper because of this new pipeline? Well, when you add the two together, the original two hundred thousand job estimate vastly dwarfs the long-term economic growth and therefore job creation as a result of a decrease in dependency on the Middle East for oil! This leads to the


second reason the President's decision was such a disastrous one: the extension would expand our access to oil from our continent. We cannot continue our reliance on foreign oil; it's one of the main factors threatening our country's freedom, both personal and economic. It's time to switch our source of energy from foreign to domestic and Canadian oil. Not only would it create jobs but it would be more secure, because we are in control of how much we get and for what price we get it at! If we don't see this pipeline through, the Canadian Prime Minister has already said the pipeline will be rerouted to the Pacific where a Chinese tanker will be waiting for the oil. Given these implications, why exactly did The President make this decision? Was it because he likes bowing to Saudi Kings? Maybe, but the predominately accepted reason is: the pipeline would leave destruction to the environment in its path. But if you think about it, what's the alternative? Shipping oil in tankers from the Middle East. Well, the damage caused to the environment is far greater from the tankers' CO2 emissions and any possible spills in the oceans - such as Exon Valdez - than the pipeline would be. The pipeline extracts oil from the oil sands of Canada's boreal forest. This oil extraction accounts for only .1% of greenhouse gas emissions and only .1% of the boreal forest is harmed in the process. Finally, one of the major environmental concerns of the pipeline was the Ogallala Aquifer which stretches across eight states and provides drinking water to millions of Americans.

The original plan for the pipeline extension passed directly over the aquifer. Notice I said original. That's right. A compromise was made; the new path takes the pipeline around the Aquifer, but does that make a difference to the President's decision? Obviously not! Which takes me back to the question: why exactly did the President ban the construction of this pipeline? If environmental protection was the reason, clearly he made the wrong choice! You'll have to ask President Obama -- my best guess is politics. Meaning, he doesn't want to anger his extreme environmentalist base. Why he would make that choice when the right choice is truly common sense is completely beyond me! We have a chance to change this course of action, among many others, with the upcoming election. No one is disputing the fact that we should develop clean energy for the future. But in the mean time are we going to continue an unacceptable reliance on foreign dictators to power our every day lives? Or, while we're developing cleaner energy for the future will we use American energy to power that development? The choice is ours!

It’s Not the Economy Anymore Christopher Ring

Over the past month, the race to topple the Communist Progressive that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has taken a radically different turn. We are now discussing whether it is okay to use contraception? Surely you cannot be serious? But I am serious, and do not call me Shirley! So why are we discussing these deeply personal social issues when there is a risk of yet another downgrade of our credit rating? Our economy is worse than advertised because of the Obama-loving media, and gas prices could top 6 bucks by Election Day. Obama must be having a field day by us talking about these social issues. He wants to get all of the liberal, single people out there riled up and vote for him. He is probably thrilled that a guy who is known best on Google as a frothy mixture to be a potential nominee rather than the amazing hair of his replacement. But why these social issues?

For the record, I am the most socially conservative person you will ever meet. (Do not ask I beg of you!) I just refuse to talk about it at all since I am that socially conservative. While I agree with Santorum’s public policy on social issues, unlike him, I am not on a crusade to win the culture war. While Santorum is honest and open, the media has trapped him into a situation he could not dig himself out of. Do not get me wrong. I am a diehard Romney guy, but I will support Santorum if he somehow got the nomination. (Intentionally ignoring Ron Paul as usual for you Paultards. You only live twice Newt Gingrich). Unlike many of y’all who think that Santorum is an extremist of some kind or a man who wants to impose his views on you regardless of who you are, Santorum is just like many working people in this country. (My dad is to the right of Santorum). If you know about Santorum’s economic plan, it is a plan that Obama must be taking seriously. Why do you think Obama went so hard after manufacturing in his State of the Soviet Union Speech? The economic populism of Santorum is a threat to Obama and if the election just concerned the economy, Santorum would beat Obama as Santorum could win over voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. One problem: Obama just outmanoeuvred the eventual GOP nominee. By taking attention away from the economic problems and using the failed contraception policy, Obama has cast a light on the GOP in that in addition to dirtier air and water, we want to ban contraception, ban gay people, and ban women’s rights. Obama, just like any good slick Chicago politician, is filthy liar. Professor Gingrich brought up an important issue that we all seem to forget. Obama voted to allow babies born alive who survived abortions to be killed by doctors. I know many of y’all are prochoice, but this is sickening. While Santorum says he personally does not approve of contraception, he said he would not ban it. Santorum is faced with a major problem here. How is that not different from John Kerry saying he personally opposed abortion but yet he was firmly pro-choice --even voting against banning late term abortion? While Santorum comes off as a good, genuine Catholic, why does he allow himself to be seen as running for the Papacy instead of the Presidency?


Overall, Santorum has had a bad week. A video has surfaced that he implied that Mainline Protestant Christianity was no longer Christian. This struck me as potentially being a thumb in the nose since many Republicans (including myself and many members of our own Executive Board) are Mainline Protestants although we disagree with several positions Mainline Protestantism has taken over the past several years. But to slam arguably the most influential bloc of Protestants in our country’s history as potentially ceasing to be Christian? This may be taking a bit too far. Santorum’s strong social conservative positions, while liked by many in our party, simply cannot win 270 in this cycle. Only Mitt Romney can defeat Obama. We all know where Mitt stands. We all know his baggage. The Bain Capital “greed” is already done away with. While the economy seems to be doing fine now, it appears that this summer will be another bad one as gas prices will be at record levels for sure. Greece is on its last leg before default, the Eurozone is on the verge of bankruptcy, and the BRICS economies have begun to slow. Complicating the debt situation are the conflicts occurring in the toilet bowl of the world AKA the Middle East. Regardless if Obama looks fine now, six months from now when Mitt Romney will be giving his acceptance speech at our party’s convention in Tampa, Obama should be scared. If somehow a brokered convention happens and the BIG man is made the nominee, Obama would run back to Chicago before the BIG man literally eats him in a debate. Oh how I could ever dream of that though.

Upcoming Events 3/1: Event with Grover Norquist at Old Glory 3/4: CR/CD Debate: Anne Coulter v. Lawrence O’Donnell 3/20: General Body Meeting

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CR Monthly: February 2012  
CR Monthly: February 2012  

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