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Newman Catholic Student Center at

The George Washington University “Brain blessings” Does your brain need some supernatural juice before exams? Fr Greg and Fr Jamin will offer blessings of your brains after the 7:30 Mass on Sun, December 5. Food after Mass in the Parish Hall, too.

2210 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20037 Chaplain: Fr. Greg Shaffer ( Campus Minister: Amy West (

“Confession: Coming home for Christmas” The Tuesday discussion will be on Confession and why it’s so important in preparation for Christmas, especially for those who have been away from the Sacrament. Fr. Greg will offer confessions on Wed., Dec. 8, from 4-6 pm and 8-10 pm at the Newman Center, top floor (and anytime by appointment).

Event reminders, prayer requests, & article submissions should be sent to by Friday at noon for printing in Sunday’s bulletin. © 2010 Lauren Jencik & the GW Newman Center

December 5th, 2010 2nd Sunday of Advent

This week at the Newman Center…

Monday, December 6 12:00pm— Daily Mass 7:00 pm – Grad student Bible Study 8:30 pm ―Late Night Catechism‖ Tuesday, December 7 12:00pm— 5:30pm— 6:00pm— 6:45 pm -

Daily Mass Tuesday Night Mass Tuesday Night Dinner Discussion: ―Honor Your Father and Mother‖

Wednesday, December 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception 12:00pm— Daily Mass 12:30pm – 10 pm: Eucharistic Adoration 4-6 pm Confessions: Come Home for Christmas 7:00 pm – RCIA 8-10 pm Confessions: Come Home for Christmas Thursday, December 9 12:00pm— Daily Mass Friday, December 10 12:00pm— Daily Mass 3:00 pm – Rosary for Life 5:30 pm Ice skating + Christmas party Saturday, December 11 4:00 pm - Confessions 5:00 pm Sunday Vigil Mass (Newman Center chapel) Sunday, December 12 5:30 pm - Sunday Mass (St. Stephen’s) 7:30pm— Sunday Mass (St. Stephen’s) 10:00pm— Sunday Mass (St. Stephen’s) All events at the Newman Center unless otherwise noted.

Masses for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception Wed., December 8 is a Holy Day of Obligation. Mass at the Newman Center is at 12 noon. Masses at St. Stephen’s are at 6:30 am, 8 am, 12:10 pm, and 5:30 pm.

Ice skating and Christmas party On Friday, December 10, the Newman Center is having our Christmas Party!! Meet at the Newman Center at 5:30 pm if you want to join the group for ice skating at the National Gallery of Art rink (cost is $10) and then return to the Newman Center for lots of good food, cheer and a favorite Christmas movie. It is a great night--we hope you will join us!

―Welcome one another, then, as Christ welcomed you, for the glory of God. For I say that Christ became a minister of the circumcised to show God’s truthfulness, to confirm the promises to the patriarchs, but so that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy. As it is written: Therefore, I will praise you among the Gentiles and sing praises to your name.” -

Rom15: 7-9

GW Newman Center 12.5.10 Bulletin  
GW Newman Center 12.5.10 Bulletin  

Check out this week's events at the GW Newman Center as we begin our initiative Come Home For Christmas! to try and bring students to Confes...