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Author, business woman, CEO of a non profit, Hafeezah, a native of Columbia, SC, is a woman of many talents. She served 11 years in the nuclear power industry as a chemist after 20 years in the beauty industry as a stylist/ salon owner. She has owned several businesses since 2008, the latest Sabr Solutions Foundation has been the most rewarding. She and her wonderful team are able to help underserved communities around the world by providing the basic necessities like water.

Hafeezah draws her inspiration from her two daughters, 25 and 15. They have been her motivation in all that she does. Her first book "The Diary of Shattered Dreams ", was written in 2004 while in college. It is a compilation of stories told over 20 years as a cosmetologist.

Hafeezah's latest book "Tracing Back to Adam" was written as a keepsake of her family history. After a 25 year journey of gathering data and the help of DNA testing, she was finally able to connect the dots back to her ancestors who were separated from their families and sold to slavery.

The book unveils a history of kings and prophets that all trace back to Adam. It captures the early migrations of ancestors from the origin of man to the Americas.



“Truth Honey” Co-Founder

Please tell the readers a little about yourself. I am a best selling co author, Female Urban Beekeeper, and Co Founder of Truth Honey and the non profit Saving the Lives of Honeybees. I have been highly sought after for my expertise in Health/Wellness, Motivational Speaking, and our Elegant Brand of Honey. I am an industry leading expert in Luxury Product Branding, customer loyalty, as well as online direct to consumer retail businesses. I and Truth Honey have been featured in FORBES Magazine, Voyage Magazine, Style Blueprint Magazine, Connect 365 Magazine, New York Times Union, and the Very Vera Show with Monica Kauffman Pearson. I currently have a duo Master’s in Business Administration concentrated in Mass Communication through Business Management and a degree in Marketing/Branding for Entrepreneurs. I have been told that I have been creating quite the buzz as a “Modern Madam C.J. Walker”.

Luxe Queen HoneyBee Dior, you are one of the Founders of “Truth Honey” along with your brother Reggie. Please tell us the reason you both started “Truth Honey.” Truth Honey was created to make as many people as possible aware of the benefits of honey. When my brother brought the idea to me, we did so much research that it was so empowering and overwhelming that it was a must to share and teach the community. It started with the neighboring community in Fairburn and progressed into the school system teaching about agriculture, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. As a result, Truth Honey was awarded the Blue-Ribbon Award for making a change in the community and helping to get schools STEM Certified.

I found it interesting that you created a non-profit called “Honey Bee Program.” What was the main reason you and your brother Reggie created your non-profit organization? It is very critical and vital that we preserve the lives of the Honeybees because they impact our planet and our humanity in its entirety. Reggie, who is our Master Gardner, started teaching the importance of not using pesticides and how to provide a clean habitat and a healthy environment for the bees to live and for yourself especially when you grow your own

Interviewed by Jennifer Diaby

vegetables. Truth Honey is big on not using plastic bottles for our honey unless it is BPA Free. There is this word called leeching which is a form of bacteria that gets inside your body from plastic and chemicals. If Pesticides and chemicals are used on the food that we eat, we are hurting our bodies and killing the bees from the harmful chemicals.

In the “Honey Bee Program” the non-profit strives to empower individuals to be healthy in every aspect of their lives. Why do think that is so important at this particular time in our society? It is very critical that in this day and time a person needs to take every measure to stay healthy it can improve their quality of life mentally, physically, spiritually, and holistically. There are so many viruses that are plaguing the community. There is this saying that your health is an investment, not an expense. People with healthy and stronger immune systems can fight the viruses better because they are taking a teaspoon of honey daily, or they are exercising daily, and drinking alkaline water with turmeric. Taking care of the body the right way gives them better chances of survival with the pandemics that we have currently.

“Truth Honey” makes a variety of different products with honey in it. Can you tell the readers about your products and where they can learn more about them? Truth Honey is a new line of Pure, Natural, and Elegant Brand of Honey. The company was created due to a lack of honey variety, limited flavors, image, and health awareness in local stores and markets. We are located in Georgia and can find us online at we also love to interact through our social media page on IG:thepageoftruthhoney where we keep you in the know of what Truth Honey is doing and you can watch our honey being made fresh by me your Luxe Queen HoneyBee.

What are the health benefits of your “Truth Honey” products? Unlike traditional honey sold in plastic bottles, TRUTH Honey is sold in unique, multi-use glass bottles. The Luxury glass bottle design is safer for food storage while using glass and corks is a healthier, eco friendly option to encourage customers to display the honey in their kitchen area or dining room setting. Truth Honey is also known for its various flavor variety such as Turmeric Ginger Honey which aids in overall body health and Peppermint honey which helps aides with allergies. Honey is a natural antioxidant that heals the human body.

I know that you and your brother’s mission is to educate people with more knowledge about agriculture in the community. Why is it imperative that people learn about agriculture within the community? There is a lack of access to nutritious and healthy food in our communities and is not a common platform to grow your own food. We have seen throughout our journey of teaching about agriculture that it helps bridge the gap between the communities motivating residents to socialize more with each other while engaging with the land. Having local farms keeps the local dollar in the community and it helps support black owned farmers and small businesses. I look at our bee farm and vegetable farm as a value-added product that can reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Recently, you were a part of the “Weekend Women & Wine” event. Tell the readers about this event. This was my first time attending the Weekend Women & Wine event. The event was very impactful with various ways to network and meet new women who were powerful and have like minds to make a change in the world.

9. Luxe Queen HoneyBee Dior, I absolutely love that you get out in the community and let people know about your products. You attended the 2nd Annual Community Day & Business Expo. How was the experience for “Truth Honey” to attend this amazing business expo presented by CLTV Caribbean Life TV? I love, love, love, love, my Caribbean Community they are another one of my biggest supporters from the time we started Truth Honey so anytime we can give back to the community we will. I have been friends with the Owner of CLTV for many years so anytime they call I am there. Everyone that comes to the table always leaves with a valuable and fun experience while creating another repeat consumer.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start up their own business? Study everything there is to know about your business and ask yourself if your business is a need for consumers or a want for consumers. Always stay ahead of the power curve and make sure to have a business and marketing plan. Learn everything there is to know about your business to become a leading expert in your field or area of business. Lastly, represent your brand accordingly and let your presence radiate so much positivity, that it completely shifts the vibrations in the room.

Do you have any upcoming conferences, events, or workshops? I just wrapped up my ABWA conference in Colorado which was amazing because there were so many women coming together across America to be a part. My Chapter receive the Level 1 Best Practices in League Management from America Business Women Association. The next event I have coming up is the Peachtree Village International Film Festival. In November 3rd 6th .

Give us some words to educate, inspire, and encourage women, and the readers of Growth Women’s Business Networks Magazine. Walk In Your Truth! I created this statement because everyone’s story is their own Truth, and your story is what makes you great. If you know the truth, then you speak the truth and from there you can walk in the truth. So, embrace the strength within yourself and realize your full potential this is your opportunity to create a better version of yourself.

FB:TruthHoney IG:Thepageoftruthhoney TicTok:TruthHoney Twitter:Truth_Honey


Apostle Elizabeth Singleton is the Senior Pastor and Overseer of St. Peter’s Pentecostal Faith Church in her native hometown of Charleston, South Carolina and House of Deliverance in Savannah, Georgia. She is the wife of Deacon Samuel Singleton, and they have four children and nine grandchildren. On January 18, 1979, Apostle Singleton received the Holy Ghost. She then sought to learn more about God’s Word and decided to enroll into the W.T. Grant Bible College. That next year in August 1980, God anointed her to preach the gospel. She later received the calling of an Apostle to touch the broken hearted and set the captives free.

Apostle Singleton has served as an overseer in the ministry since 1984. She had also taken steps to ensure that God is being known by His Spirit through the radio broadcasting ministries in Charleston, South Carolina, in Savannah, Georgia, and in Jacksonville, Florida. Apostle Singleton has also been led by the Lord in having hospital and prison ministries. In March 2001, Apostle Singleton earned an Associates’ Degree in Theology from the Alpha & Omega Bible College in Charleston, South Carolina. She then went on to receive a Bachelor of Theology Degree in March of 2002. In December 2010, Apostle Singleton enrolled in Canaan Baptist College where she received a Masters of Divinity Degree in Theology.

In addition to her spiritual leadership, God enabled Apostle Singleton to receive a Cosmetology Instructor's License through which she was the owner operator of the Christian Beauty Salon. She is now the owner of the Travel Help Agency in Summerville, South Carolina. As her latest accomplishment, she wrote a powerful book, “The Power of Diverse Prayer”, which unearths the importance of prayer, unlocking the key to life. In all of Apostle Singleton’s accomplishments, she has emulated to everyone that they “can do all things through Christ that strengthens you” (Phil. 4:13).

Apostle Singleton’s prayer is that the Lord will help her to continue to focus on the glory of God and that she will serve the Lord in a spirit full of love and allow the Holy Ghost to speak to her heart and to all mankind throughout the world.

Book Synopsis: Life as you know it is hard…but does it truly have to be? Is it possible that you are in the way of your own peace? Is it possible that you have the power to change your path? The power to change the path of others? While you will not escape trials and tribulations entirely, through Christ who possesses all power, you have the power to have a successful end. Success is in your submission and prayers to God, yet nothing occurs without faith. The Power of Diverse Prayers sets the blueprint to various prayers and how and why this tool of prayer is necessary in your spiritual toolbox. Understanding the diverse prayers and applying them daily will unlock God's truth in your life. Are you ready to experience the plans God has for you? Are you ready for the truth?




Contributing Writer: Pele Hunkin

Every successful woman understands the importance of self care. Women are nurturers who find themselves taking care of others. They do so out of love in their hearts, which frequently affects how they care for themselves. A woman often gives so much of herself that she has nothing left for herself. This becomes a dangerous practice because she will gradually wear herself out and ultimately burn herself out. Five years ago, I found myself in this very predicament. It became painfully evident that I was burnt out. I knew that I had to do something different. I realized I was on the edge of a mental health breakdown. I became an emotional and mental mess, which impacted my body and health. The sad part is that many women experience burnout without knowing it.

I want to share with you some strategies I used to overcome burnout.

1. Allowing God to be the foundation of my life: a crucial stage is accepting God as the sole source of our existence. I've had plenty of instances where I've wanted to quit; I want to reassure you that difficult days are only temporary because God is able. In my estimation, God is our best plan's guide and will give us hope for surviving and thriving in life. With all that experience, God's love, mercy, and grace carried me through.

2. Knowing my "WHY" was crucial: I encourage you to search deep in your heart for that big why in life knowing that why will guide you through living a purposeful life that is true to your core values. Your why is your calling, so love what you do and do it because you love it. I looked deep inside my heart and soul to find my why in life. My children are my absolute why in life. Being a mother is full of challenges, but being a single mom is difficult. Overcoming these battles has been an excellent experience. Through many ups and downs, I have dealt with these battles and witnessed them turn into blessings.

3. Learning to love me first: I learned to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) in my journey. I love myself enough to be the change I want to see. Self care is not selfish. We have to take care of ourselves so that our loved ones don't have to be burdened with taking care of us. I consider myself a vessel of love and positivity, sharing my passion and spreading positivity everywhere I go. My breathtaking journey blessed me with the opportunity to inspire, empower, and educate those in similar situations.

I hope that some part of my story resonated with you and you gained something from it. I shared it with you because I know how important it is to love yourself first. It is a never ending process, but with God's help, you can certainly do it. I've had the privilege and honor of going through many storms with God. I tell my story to share God's glory.

Get in touch with me.






Author Spotlight


Mother Eugenia Moten, married to Elder Alfred Moten, her best friend since April of 1973, is the mother of four children plus four wonderful grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her husband and family.

She is the Founder and CEO of two support ministries: Teens Let It Out (TLIO) and the Single and Married moms (SAMM). Since 1997, Eugenia’s support groups have been helping families of all sizes respond to the need of being heard, finding their purpose and getting back on the right track in order to start toward a path of complete healing. Her support groups are based on Psalm 121:1 “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from where my help comes from, my help comes from the Lord.”

She is active in her church in numerous areas such as teaching, Church Mother, working on different boards like Mission, Evangelist/Missionary and Mother’s. Mother Moten assists her husband in the Pastoral Care Ministry and is the Co Director for Vacation Bible School. Eugenia's education, training, credentials and years of experience is in the following areas: B.S. in Business Administration, Certified Life Coach, Family Development Credentials (FDC), Family Coach, Family Group Conference and Family Finding. Her years of expertise, while being committed to serving the community for over 40 years in various roles and capacities has made Eugenia a very viable ministering force. She is a firm believer that without God, she could not have made it this far. Upon completion of every one of her assignments you will hear her say, So, Now What?

Please introduce and tell us a little about yourself. I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and have been married to my best friend and confidant, Alfred Moten since April 1973. I'm a proud mother of four children plus four wonderful grandchildren and enjoy spending quality time with my husband and family. Since 1976, when I accepted Christ into my heart as my Personal Savior, I have been active in my church in numerous areas including teaching, holding a position as a Church Mother and working on the Mission, Evangelist/Missionary and Mother’s Boards. I also enjoy assisting my husband in the Pastoral Care Ministry. I am a Life and Family Coach and a motivational speaker/teacher. I genuinely enjoy teaching and conducting workshops and seminars in the church as well as throughout the community.

Ms. Moten, you are the Founder/CEO of SAMM (Single and Married Moms Ministry). Tell the readers about your ministry's mission and purpose? SAMM’s is not a counseling session but instead is a support group for mothers of all ages including single and married mothers. The group serves as an outlet for mothers to discuss and share the difficulties of motherhood and life experience. Our mission is to be supportive, encouraging and give words of inspiration in a “No Judgment Zone.” Our aim is for each person to speak up, speak out and move on. The group's motto is based on the scripture Psalm 121:1 I will lift up my eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help, my help comes from the Lord.

What services are offered through SAMM? The group of women sit, talk and support each other. They share, care and listen to each other. The mothers also receive suggestions on how to clean, shop for home and family, set up family budgets, receive gift cards and upon request receive a list of family service programs. The support group's size is five to six people at a time.

Where can the readers learn more about your ministry? On my website the Teens to Seniors Teens to Seniors stands for teenagers that have grown up and continue to need support. T2S Ministry exists to solve the critical issues facing our youth and single and/or married moms of all ages. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help facilitate change, achieve a more positive vision, improve life skills and ultimately their social economic status in life.

Interviewed by Jennifer Diaby

Ms. Moten, you are doing a lot of great work for teens as the Founder of (TLIO) "Teens Let It Out." Tell us more about this amazing ministry? "Teens Let It Out" Ministry was established in 1994. The ministry started out as a writing ministry for teenagers in high school or youth detention centers. Teenagers wrote letters to a post office box where each letter was personally answered to those seeking spiritual advice, suggestions and solutions to many of life’s issues and/or problems. TLIO then grew to an in person support group where the teens met in homes, community buildings such as the library and church social halls. As the ministry continues to grow, TLIO started conducting sessions on etiquette, manners and how to dress for interviews and public appearance. TLIO is known for workshops that are conducted in high schools and on college campuses, “How to be a Lady from Head to Toe.” The TLIO like the SAMM’s ministry is based on the scripture of Psalm 121:1, I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. I realize without the help of God I cannot get anything accomplished. The group has continued to evolve.

of ExcellenceWOMEN

What types of services do you offer to teens who become part of the TLIO ministry? TLIO is not a counseling group but instead is a support group that gives young people an opportunity to come together and talk to one another in a “no judgement area.” Yearly scholarships are granted to high school seniors for participating in essay and writing contests. Gift cards are made available for college students upon request.

What advice would you give to teens who are experiencing difficult circumstances that are causing them a lot of stress? Do not keep things bottled up. Always find someone or people that will listen to you. There is someone available to help. That is why it is important to speak up and speak out about what is causing stress. There is no shame in saying, “I do not know what to do or where to go. I do not know how to manage my problems.” Do not ever be ashamed to ask for help. Keep talking until you feel you have received what you need. I always encourage teenagers to please pray to God for help, believe that God hears you when you pray and then trust Him to work things out. Again, Psalm 121:1 will apply, “I will lift up my eyes unto God from where my help comes from.”

Our purpose for TLIO and SAMM is to meet the many needs of those in attendance in a support group setting that gathers together to listen and give solid answers which will bring about a healthy and functional lifestyle.

Recently, you wrote and released your book, "If The Truth Be Told: So, Now What? Tell us about your book and the reason you wrote it. It started out that I was going to write a blog for my website T2S Ministry on couple, family and friend relationships. In a meeting that I had with the publisher, Kimberly Stratton, The Crown And Cross Consulting And Publishing Co LLC. I said, “what do you think about me writing a book?” Thinking that she was going to say, you should write the blog first then consider the book. No, instead she said, “I think that is a good idea.” Immediately she asked what I would like to write about. I gave her my topics and things generated from there. I totally believe that this is a God ordained book. The title came from my completion of every assignment, So, Now What. What is next for me to do?

Where can the readers purchase a copy of your book? Readers can purchase an author signed copy of my book by contacting me directly at . Payment can be sent via CashApp $MotenE or they can purchase my book on Amazon. My book signing will be held in October so please be on the lookout.

10. Do you have any upcoming conferences, events, or workshops? Right now, I am in the process of finalizing seminars and workshops for the remainder of the year and the beginning of the new year. Unfortunately, I cannot give specific details because I am waiting for finalization.


Social Media Links: Facebook: Instagram: moten

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

About Leadership

As an entrepreneur, you’re likely to reach a turning point in your career. You start out relying on your vision and critical thinking to launch your new business. Then, as your business begins to grow, you find that leadership and management skills become more important.

You may consider yourself a natural born leader, or you may have to work at some aspects of your new role. With practice, you can strengthen your leadership skills in these essential areas.

Communication Skills for the Entrepreneur:

1. Develop connections. Engage with your network and employees to develop the relationships you need internally and externally. Build a support system that enables you to seek advice, discuss ideas, and discover other points of view.

2. Ask questions. Show others that you care by taking an interest in their interest. Find out more about what motivates your employees and what their personal goals are. Seek help when you need it, so you can make sound decisions and benefit from the experience and talent of others.

Share feedback.Ask other’s how you’re doing.Accept the criticism not only the praise. They’ll appreciate your regard for their opinion, and you’ll help each other to grow. Provide inspiration. Lead by example. Let your passion and purpose unite your team. Discuss your mission statement and integrate your vision in your daily actions. Use one on one meetings and other tools to help employees align personal and organizational goals.

Recruitment Skills for Entrepreneurs:

1. Build valuable connections. Go beyond posting ads on job boards. Create a pool of qualified talent who want to work with you. Clarify your employer brand. Stay in touch with passive candidates. Cultivate internal candidates who show potential for being high performers.

2. Prioritize establishing a system of hiring. Trying to fill multiple positions may feel overwhelming. Streamline the process by figuring out what’s most urgent and important. Focus on openings that have strict deadlines or more impact on the bottom line. Check off positions that are easy to fill, so you can focus on those that require more extensive backgrounds and specialty.

Promote diversity. One advantage of starting from scratch is that you can be intentional about hiring diverse talent. Make your hiring teams and job descriptions inclusive. Encourage referrals and target sources that can help you reach a broader audience.


Delegation Skills for Entrepreneurs:

Empower others. Reassigning routine tasks is a great way to free up your time for higher priorities. However, delegation can also be used to give employees challenging and rewarding opportunities that will help them to advance.

1. Offer training. It can be difficult to step back when you’ve invested so much of yourself in your work. Helping your employees to continue learning will enable them to take on more responsibility and increase your peace of mind.

Be flexible. Someone else may approach the same task in a very different way. Give others room to innovate and adapt their job to suit their strengths.

Other Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs:

1. Cultivate your image. Depending on your industry, you may be able to wear your sweatshirts to work. On the other hand, you may need to adopt a more corporate look and consider some basic PR. Develop a career brand.

2. Develop financial literacy. Treat your business like a business.At a minimum, ensure that you can read a balance sheet and income statement. Separate personal income and business income.

3. Master technology. Digital equipment and software are central to almost any workplace today. Keep up with the latest trends. Hire a professional if technology just isn’t your thing! Give back. Being socially conscious and responsible can strengthen your business and make your investors happy. Support worthy causes and contribute to your community.

With enough commitment and effort, you can make the transition from solo entrepreneur to an effective leader. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and put together a winning team that will not only support you but help your company to grow and succeed.

Wisdom & Insights LLC | | @selfinvest101

Morning self-care checklist; starting her day off right

With today's demands it can be challenging to learn how to prioritize. Here are a few ideas on how you can start the morning off right and implement self-care:

Focus on yourself: While it might be easy to grab your phone right away, allow yourself to wake up without a screen. Things like making the bed and meditation and/or prayer for about 5 10 minutes will get you going and help you to set positive intentions for the day.


et up and move: Exercise and try to do some simple stretches. Moving for about 15 minutes every day will help to get your blood circulation going and help you to focus. Try to pay attention to where there may be tension in your body and release it with a deep breath and a stretch.


earn something new: Listen to a podcast on mental health, read a nice book, and or just start with an awesome motivational quote. You can incorporate this into your morning commute. Feed your brain good things so that you can be more creative and available for growth.


at good food: Nourish your body by drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables, and good proteins. Also do not forget a nice multi vitamin is also very helpful to ensure you’re getting proper vitamins to promote a healthy immune system.

Prepare yourself: Create simple checklist and set alarms in your phone to remind you of areas where you might need to be more productive with work and/or household responsibilities.


lways start and end with gratitude: A gratitude journal and or simply saying out loud what you are happy and thankful for is a positive way to begin any day. Also, at the end of your day you can give yourself credit for making sure to remain positive and self care focused.

Great self care begins with preparation. This checklist can be a great start!



The tax code is about 75,000 pages long, so it’s not surprising there are many overlooked money saving deductions hidden within it. And with the much higher standard deduction amounts, those who do not itemize think there are no longer ways to reduce your taxes. Since mid year is a good time to review great tax reduction ideas, here are some to consider:


1.Maximizing HSA contributions If you have qualified high deductible health insurance you can reduce your taxable income by contributing to a Health Savings Account (HSA). That way you not only reduce your 2.taxable income, but you pay out of pocket qualified medical, dental and vision care with pre tax dollars! And remember to contribute up to the annual limit ($3,650 for single or $7,300 for married in 2022 PLUS and additional $1,000 if you are age 55 or older).

2. Student loan interest You can deduct up to $2,500 in interest paid on student loans from your tax return. This is true even if someone else helps you pay your loans. Parents who have co signed student loans (creating legal obligation for the debt) often forget that they are also now eligible for the deduction on payments made by them.

3. Leveraging your itemized deductions While many taxpayers do not have enough deductions to itemize, if you can bundle two or three years of deductions into one tax year you can maximize your deductions in all tax years. Here's an example: You budget and make deductions to your favorite charities and church every year. Don't change that practice, but prior to the end of the year, prepay all of next year's donations prior to December 31 if it helps exceed the itemized deduction threshold. The following year use the full standard deduction with lower to no charitable donations.

4. Donating appreciated assets (stocks, mutual funds and other investments) If you itemize deductions, instead of donating cash, consider donating appreciated assets you have owned for more than one year. Your charity gets the same financial value, but you not only get a great charitable donation, you also avoid paying capital gains tax on the investment. This could be a great idea if you feel stuck in a down market, but don't want the tax exposure by selling a long held investment.

5. Over-reporting state refunds Remember if you use the standard deduction, your state refund does not add to your taxable income and should not be added to income. Even if you do itemize, your state refund may only apply if it provides a tax break. So couple a large state tax refund with your itemized versus standard deduction plan and save even more in taxes.

6. Taking full advantage of state tax deductions Remember when you itemize, you can claim up to $10,000 in total taxes as an itemized deduction. But even if you do not have much in the way of state income taxes or property taxes, you can still deduct state sales tax. Even better, if you have a small business, many states now allow you to pay their tax at the entity level and avoid the $10,000 limit all together!

7. Leveraging retirement accounts to their fullest There are numerous retirement tax plans that are great tools to help reduce your taxable income. They include 401(k), 403(b) and SIMPLE IRA plans offered through employers and numerous other versions of IRAs. The key is each has an annual contribution limit, and if you don't use that limit for the year, it is gone. So review your options and try to take full advantage of the tax benefits within each plan.

As with any part of the tax code, certain qualifications must be met and limits apply. Please feel free to ask for help if you think any of these ideas apply to you.

Kadenia Javis, MBA, RTRP



Youth Minister, Author, Ghost Writer.

Please introduce and tell us a little about yourself. My name is Joshua De Sousa and I am a 25 year old youth minister, author and ghostwriter. I have been preaching and writing for over 11 years (since the age of 14) and it has truly been a wonderful experience!

Tell the readers about your company "Sousa Scribal Solutions?" Sousa Scribal Solutions is my writing business that I started in 2020 when I saw a desperate need for many writers who have been trying to write their books for years and needed a helping hand. This is currently my full time job and sometimes it can include pulling all nighters but it is totally worth it.

What type of services do you offer your clients? I offer book coaching, editing and even ghostwriting. For coaching, I will guide and talk an aspiring author through the process of creating or perfecting their manuscript. With editing, their book is 60 95% done and they need an extra set of eyes to perfect the grammar, sentence structure and overall flow of the chapters. For ghostwriting, I am secretly writing half or even almost all of the book for the aspiring author after they share their story with me or small notes of wisdom and encouragement that I can then stretch into full chapters.

Where can the readers learn more about the services you offer clients? They can read my writing manual Author-ity the Scribe Guide which is available on Amazon and then they can go to my website JoshuaTheScribe for more information.

Mr. De Sousa, as the Founder of the Supernatural Scribes Writer Conference. You have helped over 100 authors, writing coaches, and ghostwriters enter into the field of Christian writing. What is the reason you created the "Supernatural Scribes Writing Conference?" I knew so many people who wanted to get into writing and did not know where to start. It was an unshakable calling that I had to act on and when I put the word out there, people just came out of nowhere! We need more safe spaces where writers can grow and develop community without intimidation or competition, as well as connect with other believers who they can walk with on their journey both as Christians and authors.

You have written some powerful inspirational books. Tell us about your book, "Dew Drops of Destiny Vol 1." This is my first book that I didn’t even know I would have. I felt led to start writing monthly 10 day devotionals that I would send through email in 2019. Then, by summer of 2020, I felt led to put all of those together and it was enough for a full book! This is why it’s important to take every single writing goal seriously no matter how small it may seem because you never know what it will turn into.

Tell the readers about your Superhero Novel, "The Kairos Knight: Scroll 1: The Remnant? This is actually my first true book idea that started around 2014. It went through so many changes as I played around with the story and took inspiration from my favorite Bible stories and superhero movies. The novel follows a young teenager named Joshua who is already in ministry but still feels called to greater work as a superhero. In the story, his main battles are both against villains and monsters and also against injustices and spiritual abuse happening within the four walls of the church.


You have a book that you wrote with Author Kimberly Stratton, "The Butterfly Evolution: from Broken to Blessed." I absolutely love the title. Tell the readers about this amazing book and how did you come up with the title? We both love butterflies because of its unique nature to become something completely different from what it was born as. When we looked back over our lives, we saw how God had the same idea for us. The things we endured caused us to never think that it could be possible to be where we are now.

Where can the readers purchase a copy of your books? All of my books are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle; however, if people want autographed copies, they can order them directly from me through

What advice would you give to aspiring Christian authors who would like to write a book? Just start. Stop stressing about the length or the audience. The five smallest books in the Bible (chapter wise not words) are: (Old Testament) Obadiah, (all the rest are in the New Testament) 2 John, 3 John, Philemon and Jude. They are small but still worthy books in the collection. Even if you have an idea or topic similar to someone else, no one can share it like you can and there is an audience only you can reach.

Do you have any upcoming conferences, events, or workshops? I offer virtual and pre recorded Supernatural Scribes writing classes every quarter through Facebook and Zoom. Anyone that is interested can register at I offer classes on different genres such as memoirs and fiction as well as classes on how to make an income as a ghostwriter or writing coach. Kimberly and I are also offering a writing conference in Spring 2023. More information to follow.

Give some inspirational words of encouragement to readers who are going through a difficult time, but want to get their life on the right path. You are talking to someone who couldn’t finish college after suffering from depression. You are talking to someone who couldn't find a job for over five years and had no choice but to create my own. You are talking to someone who dreamed of being a preacher for a very long time but was met with much jealousy and opposition but even that finally came to pass after not giving up. God is not absent in agony but it is that very pain that will make you aware of His presence. He will walk with you and show you how to come out of the pit and before you know it, you will look back and see that His hand was on you all along.

Follow Joshua on Social Media Joshua De Sousa Twitter: @JoshuaTheScribe @JoshuaTheScribe and SousaScribalSolutions2125 19



Tre’ is a young athlete, who possesses a natural talent for baseball, basketball, and football. He is a quarterback on the football field and center on the basketball court. When Tre’ is on the baseball field, he is either pitching or playing short stop. On more than one occasion, Tre’ led baseball teams to championship victory, by hitting five homeruns. He was named MVP after scoring 21 points on his basketball team during a championship game. Tre’ has played on numerous recreation and travel teams. He lives in Summerville South Carolina with his family, who enjoys cheering him on. His dad, Charles enjoys coaching and developing Tre'. His mom, Laganna loves the perks of being a team mom, and his sister, LaChar enjoys celebrating Tre’s accomplishments.


Youth sports can be a sure way to teach important life values including teamwork, character, and respect. Unfortunately for some, it could be a place where "different" means being celebrated for your athletic ability, and isolated for looking different. In this book, Tre’ Lawrence shares his experiences as the only black player on his baseball team. He expresses his feelings and opinions about racial discrimination in baseball, with the hopes that it will bring awareness to stop racism and name calling.

The goal is to make our sports fields and teams places where everybody can be their whole selves and aren’t put at a disadvantage because of who they are; where people aren’t easily bullied,” says Dr. Ali Michael, the co founder, and director of the Race Institute for K 12 Educators.

Behind The Plate


Tre Lawrence/dp/B0B6TFY5HB/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?

1 Paperback Plate
_encoding=UTF8&qid=1658321129&sr=8 1

A Tribute to Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren, Thank You

We take this time to celebrate you for all you’ve done For caring for your granddaughter and your grandson You took on this awesome task that no one else could do, Because no one loves and cares for your grandchild quite like you.

You had the courage to start all over again Raising your grandchildren at an age when You thought you might retire, travel and rest But the children needed caregivers, and they needed the best.

Some came to you in pampers and most in tears Needing nurturing and someone who cares. Others came as toddlers, exploring the world on the run You couldn’t believe this happened after you thought that you were done.

Still others came at school age, when they needed guidance and direction Science may have you baffled but you are great at giving affection. And some of you have teenagers, oh my, what can I say. Just keep reminding yourself that they won’t stay this way.

We know it has not been easy–often quite a heavy load And there have been many bumps along the road You’ve been misunderstood, labeled and denied the services you need Often criticized and not recognized for your labor or your good deed.

But we honor you who have done so much To change the lives of children with your special touch We thank you grandparents: we thank you once, we thank you twice And know you are appreciated for the rest of your life.

Thank You, Rolanda Pyle (c) All Rights Reserved


Why Should Customers Be Loyal to You…..

Why should customers be loyal to you?

She had moved to a new location and my appointment was at 10am. I did not know of the new location so I was depending on the GPS. I had a meeting prior so left just before 9 am. As I was driving I wondered whether the GPS was taking me to the right direction but I kept going. I had promised my hairdresser of almost twenty years that I would be there on time. I was relieved when the GPS reported that I was only a few minutes away. When I arrived at the mall I did not see any place with a similar name to the one she had given me. I began to doubt the guidance of the GPS and as time was now past my appointment I asked the security officer who was watching the cars and only to be told that I was lost the place I was looking for was miles away and on the opposite side of where I was. I was not disappointed with the fact that I had left hundreds of saloons where I stayed and following my hairdresser. I was not disappointed that I had wasted not only fuel to drive to that place but also time to be productive. After a few minutes I called her to notify her that I was running late because the GPS had taken me elsewhere despite my writing in the correct location as she had advised.

What made me to be a loyal customer?

As I drove away I remembered the days I used to do network marketing. I remembered how I would drive many kilometers just for someone to buy a 250 ml bottle of tea or some vitamins.

“Oh Taffy, you are such a sweet person I really do not need the tea but I want to support you.” It left me wondering whether it was sustainable for people to be loyal because they feel sorry for you or they just want to support you. Of course symphathy has its life span. I eventually gave up because there was no motivation to keep calling clients who did not necessarily need the products but felt sorry I had driven all the way even though the profit did not cover the expense on travelling.

Will people be loyal because you are passionate about your product?

Have I not had other people do my hair in the twenty years? Of course, I have had a few maybe because she was not available or because I was not available to travel to her. However there has always been comparison with her services and that would be the reason I would leave them and go back.

Do you have clients who will leave everyone else just for your services? What do you plan to do to have some loyal clients? What are you willing to give up so that you build long lasting client relationship? Loyal customers sustains businesses. Website: Linkedin page: Amazon page: Mazibuko/ Facebook page: dream that was worth fighting for 218787128459623/ 22

Author Spotlight


Cynthia Atkinson is a native of Erie, Pennsylvania and is the ninth child from a family of twelve children. She is the mother of three children and has many grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Cynthia moved to Richmond, Virginia in 1996 following a call to ministry where she later began attending Bible College. As a 2004 Honors Graduate of Faith Landmark Bible Institute, Cynthia endeavored to get an even better understanding of the Word of God, by returning to FLBI and serving as a teacher’s assistant for five years.

She consecutively and faithfully served five years in the juvenile prison ministry. Before this, she was an altar worker and choir member at Faith Landmarks Ministries where she was a member for eighteen years. While living in Richmond, Cynthia also served as the Editor in Chief for the Women Empowering Women Newsletter (WEWN a division of Women of Power Prayer and Presence Fellowship Inc.) located in Henrico, Virginia. Cynthia was also ordained online in 2018. She is an inspirational writer, teacher, singer and songwriter/composer of Christian music. Cynthia has returned to her native, Erie, PA where she continues in juvenile and women’s prison ministry. She is now in the process of working on her second book as she continues to pursue other spiritual and literary projects while continuing her commitment to building God’s kingdom.

Please introduce and tell us a little about yourself. Hello. My name is Cynthia Evelene Atkinson and I'm a 68 year old mother of 3, a grandmother and a great grandmother. I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania and spent most of my life in Richmond, Virginia; then moved back to Erie after retirement. No, Erie is not just one of the Great Lakes. It is a city right on Lake Erie which attracts many tourists from around the world during the summer. During the winter months, it is quite another story. I am a high school and Bible college graduate (Faith Landmarks Bible Institute in Richmond, Virginia). While in high school, I stayed mostly in the background until my junior year. For some unforetold reason, I tried out for the cheerleading squad, made it and the rest is history. I am now retired from the Virginia Employment Commission. I’m the ninth child of twelve which consists of eleven sisters and one brother. I am a writer, singer and youth minister. The thing I always wanted to do, I am finally doing writing inspirational books and poetry.

Ms. Atkinson, you wrote the book "Walking Among Dry Bones." Tell the readers about your book. Walking Among Dry Bones is a story based on the prophet Ezekiel’s encounter with God in the valley of dry bones (Ezekiel 37). Throughout the book different scriptures are used to inspire and drive its characters from despair to victory. Inside its pages, you will find Christian counselor Victoria Hutchinson taking on the extraordinarily difficult task of counseling troubled youth, who are struggling with their inner demons that have all but taken control of their lives. At the same time, she grapples with some complicated issues of her own. Walk with Victoria as she envisions the youth as the dry bones in the valley of old, seeing them as one in the same with the ones that we walk among every day. In this story, Walking Among Dry Bones, Victoria will deal with the lives of the youth and of adults as she works to help young people seek to overcome these destructive inner demons.

Readers will become consumed with the twists and turns of these lives as you read this timely truth of this Bible based story. Immerse yourself in the power of the cross that contains truth about the times in which we live. The story is complex, riveting and delves into the supernatural world of guardian Angels and demons that battle for the souls of the youth.


I found the title of your book to be interesting. Please tell us the reason you chose the title of your book, "Walking Among Dry Bones." I chose the title Walking Among Dry Bones because I have always been fascinated by the encounter Ezekiel had with God down in that valley. Over the years, I worked with the kids and youth everything from babysitting to Sunday School teacher, to youth singing ministry and to prison ministry. As I discovered more and more about youth, I became more acquainted with memories of my own younger Cynthia self and how I remembered the feeling of dry lifelessness within myself. These feelings took me back to Ezekiel chapter 7 but that’s another whole story which I’m saving for future literary endeavors. Well, I guess you could say I had an epiphany of sorts that actually led me to write this book. This encounter began unfolding as I wrote. I conclude that it was all inspired by the Lord; however, the deal was sealed when I told my precious Mother the idea for the book. She told me to put aside all that poetry and other writing in order to finish this project first. So that’s what I did.

Where can the readers purchase a copy of your book? At the present time, I have on hand first copies of Walking Among Dry Bones for author signature sale. These can be purchased directly from me through social media and paid via CashApp. However, I am working with my publisher to make it available on Amazon. My understanding is that it will be available there in the very, very near future.

You served five years working in the juvenile prison ministry? Tell the readers about that ministry work and what services were offered? Since it was a juvenile prison ministry, there was a lot of confidentiality involved. The substance of my work centered on a group of young inmates with myself and one or two other ministers. For every twenty youth, there were usually two to three female guards for the girls' groups and four guards in the boys' groups. We visited the girls with just women ministers and the boys building with at least one male minister. I prepared a subject and once introductions were given (after a short prayer), I presented my subject which mostly came from the Bible. We applied the subject to various reasons why the young people were there. I always dropped in a dose or two of my own mistakes that might have landed me in the same position had I been caught. The ministers and I made sure we came humbly, were truthful and factual. When concluding, I asked for prayer requests (used only the first names of the youth), prayed again and passed out a variety of snacks and juice approved by the prison staff and provided by our church. Many gave their lives to Christ including a guard or two. The girls gave testimonies which resulted in either laughter, tears of joy and /or remorse and pain. The most exhilarating and rewarding part for me was after the services. I felt so much joy knowing that someone was encouraged by our visits. We would sometimes take in movies from the church library since the prison usually had a television and DVD player on hand. Sometimes it was VHS believe it or not.

Ms. Atkinson, you served as the Editor in Chief for the Women Empowering Women Newsletter. Tell us about the "Women Empowering Women Newsletter." The Women Empowering Women Newsletter is a division of a group called Women of Power Prayer and Presence Fellowship Inc. a 401c3 organization located in Henrico, Virginia. The ministry focuses on helping where help is needed in and around the Greater Richmond area, offering food, clothing, and other necessities to those in need. The Newsletter itself is emailed to multiple subscribers at their request. It is an informational, motivational and inspirational compilation of relevance to its readers. The articles I wrote were mostly inspirational. There were also health tips, recipes and different happenings in the community along with recommended reading in the ‘Book Nook’ section. Of course, there is always an inspirational letter written by the founder. This newsletter is still going strong today with an occasional article from me.

What is one of your greatest accomplishments? I would have to say that aside from having and raising my 3 wonderful adult children, another of my greatest accomplishments was getting above all my past fears of higher education to finish Bible College in my first year with a 4.0 GPA and my second year 3.9 GPA. Thank You Abba Father!!!

Give us some words to encourage, educate, inspire women and the readers in Growth Women's Business Networks Magazine. Never be afraid to follow a dream, look for victory in every pitfall, believe in yourself and in the power of God; steer clear of negative people and don’t entertain negative thoughts. Remember, you are never too old to accomplish your dream(s). Become a Victorious Finisher!

On a more personal note: when I was in high school, a guidance counselor told me that becoming an inspirational writer was an unrealistic dream. Now at 68 years old, it is a very realistic dream come true mission accomplished!!! atkinson b27413229


Please introduce and tell us a little about yourself. Hello, my name is Neiki Jones, and I was born Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I first moved to New Orleans before moving to Houston at the age of twelve. I am the proud mother of one daughter and soon to be a grandmother for the first time and I am truly excited. I have a degree in Organizational management, minor in Psychology and certification in Human Resources. I am a Certified Christian Counselor and Peer Specialist certified by the State of Texas. I am an Amazon best selling author of, When the Pieces Begin to Fit, book that I wrote in 2019. I am the recipient of the National Council of Negro Women’s Bethune Award, for her contributions to young women of color in the Houston Community. Also, I was featured in Voyage Houston Magazine for her Non Profit Organization. One of the major highlights of her work was in September 2019, when she was featured for making Headline News, an article of her upcoming book. I am also so honored to receive the Presidential Lifetime Achievement award in December.

Ms. Neiki Jones, you are the Founder of Neiki Speaks, tell the readers about your services?

Originally NeikiSpeaks was only to be a platform on social media where I provide encouragement to others to give them a push that we all need at times. NeikiSpeaks was not to be an LLC, but God had a different plan. I then started my Recovery Specialist journey in 2019 and did not know how that would tie into NeikiSpeaksLLC. Then in March of 2020 Covid hit and as you know the world was shut down. Also, when COVID hit in 2020 of March, I found out I had the virus on the 23rd of March and my life completely changed after that. I was dying from COVID and to be hospitalized and contracted pneumonia in both lungs. Thank God for saving me because many have died from the very thing I had, and God saw fit to keep me here. While having COVID, God told me two things, 1. To be Still and know that HE is God and 2. I shall not die but live to declare his works. After, God healed me from COVID, NeikiSpeaks became bigger than just a social media platform to hide from. I was able to finish my Recovery Specialist Certification and make NeikiSpeaks an LLC. Since, then I have helped so many with being their accountability partner or just being an ear that gives no judgement. NeikiSpeaks offers one on one counseling, Christian Counseling, youth trauma, women who are divorced and so much more. I want to help individuals reach their passion by turning their obstacles into possibilities that will activate their purpose.

Where can the readers learn more about the services offered through your company Neiki Speaks? Readers can learn more about the services I offer though the website:

Tell us about your book, "When the Pieces Begin to Fit" and what is the reason you wrote it? When the Pieces Begin to Fit is a personal story about my life. In the book I am very candid about what I faced as a child growing up and as an adult. In the book I speak of my dark place which I called my place of “there”. We have all had or have our place of there. In the book I speak of not knowing my worth, struggling with low self esteem, suicide attempt, divorce, and not being complete. I speak of my fertility issues of not being able to conceive and learning of medical diagnosis that dismissed the ability of me conceiving another child. I also speak of my being adopted and finding my birth mother and the process of how that event took place. The reason why I wrote the book is because I knew God gave me the ok to write but I was scared and felt as if I did not have anything to write about. God just began to show me the pieces of my life and how he healed me from depression because now I am whole and able to tell others and coach others on depression and or divorce. I now understand


I had to go through those things in order to grow and be of help to others. In writing this book I found it was very therapeutic for me. Yes, old wounds opened but there were areas within me that were revealed. One area that was revealed was unforgiveness, I thought I have forgiven my dad but in writing this book, I realized I only kept it under the surface and not truly forgiven him but most importantly forgiving myself. This book also helped me to let go, let go of all the pain, hurt, rejection and abandonment issues and walk in my truth and not someone’s truth about me.

Where can the readers purchase a copy of your book? The readers can purchase a copy of the book on, the website, or if they live in Houston, I have personal copies.

You are the Founder and Executive Director of your 501c(3) organization, "A.L.A.Y.A Ministries that was created to assist "a society that is culturally lacking inner personal leadership skills." What is A.L.A.Y.A Ministries mission? The mission of A.L.A.Y.A (activating leadership to accomplish your ambitions) Ministries is to facilitate positive leadership skills through the Provision of social support, personal and professional programs, and services, thereby unlocking true leadership abilities and transforming individuals into effective community leaders.

Tell us more about the services offered through your organization. The services we have been able to provide are the following and so much more: Serviced over 150 individuals through our Leadership workshops Serviced over 2000 students with back to school supplies because we understand the importance of sending students to school with supplies on the first day of school. ●Provided over 100 Thanksgiving meals to families ●Provided over 500 pairs of socks to women and children in shelters●Provided over 400 families with clothes during Hurricane Ida ●Provided women with purses filled with toiletries and hygiene products . The programs we offer are: The Financial Literacy Program , H.E.L.P Outreach (hand in encouraging to lift people), G.O.O.D GIRLS Mentoring Program (go over obstacles daily). Our mentoring program for girls between the ages of 11 17. We are also in the launching phase of our newly mentoring program for boys called BROTHERS. I am so excited about this new program that will be launching very soon. This mentoring program will be for young men between the ages of 10 17. Stay tuned more information to come!

Where can the readers view more about your organization? Viewers can read more about our organization via our website

You are a guest speaker at "The 9th Annual Self-Esteem Panties Drive." What topic are you speaking on at this event? The topic I will be speaking to the young girls will be, What behaviors are you displaying while building your self esteem?

What is one of your greatest accomplishments? I would say my greatest accomplishments is to see the vision of ALAYA Ministries that God gave me in 2009, and to see the manifestation of that vision and all that God has allowed us to help in any shape or form.

Do you have any upcoming conferences, events, or workshops? Yes, we have our 1st Prayer Breakfast coming up on November 12, 2022. We have some great and powerful individuals that will be blessing us on that day. Stay tuned to more!!! In October we will also have our Open House where the public are welcome to come and meet the board of ALAYA and to learn more about our organization.

Give us some words to encourage, educate, inspire women and the readers in Growth Women's Business Networks Magazine. My words of encouragement to everyone would be to simply keep pushing. In life we will experience obstacles but no matter what keep going. In the “keep pushing” that also means that you have to do whatever your “it” is scared. To be scared is basically the fear of the unknown but if you trust God and know that he will direct your path and supply ALL your needs trust him at his word that he will do just that. Do not quit while you are in the process! This is the season of birth and no matter how much you try to hold that baby in God is saying push. He has already set the delivery room with the “key” people to help hold you and motivate as you push this baby. That would be my word of encouragement to all the women and readers of Growth Women’s Business Networks Magazine. Thank you so much for allowing me to grace your platform.

Facebook: | Instagram: Website: Pieces Begin Neiki Jones/dp/1691893803(link to purchase the book)


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