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Would you like to hear a story?

Once upon a time in a federal gov’t regional economic development agency really, really close by‌

‌ there lived a beautiful young term acting in a C01 position.

Her name was Brenda.

Brenda the Briefing Note.

Brenda’s best friend in the whole BC region was a handsome late middleaged office temp.

His name was Sign-Here.

Sign-Here the Sticky Note.

Together, Brenda the Briefing Note and SignHere the Sticky Note embarked on a perilous journey ‌

Brenda, why are you crying?

I need to get approved. And very quickly too. But I don’t know what to do …

Don’t worry, Brenda. I’ll show you how.

Where do we start?

We need to pass four tests.

Four tests? What kind of tests?

You’ll see soon enough. Just “stick” close and follow me.

This is where we begin: the The Due Diligence Tunnel.

Holy DDR!

We must follow the secret signs exactly or we’ll get lost and never be allowed to complete a MON or RES report ever again.

First sign: Talk to Danielle and get a BN docket number.

Get a yellow folder and the USB stick.

Do background research.

Consult with colleagues.

Contact stakeholders if necessary.

Draft the note.

Do a spell check.

Copy the BN to the USB stick.

YES! We’ve made it through the Due Diligence Tunnel. We’re done!

Not quite …

What now?

The next challenge: Manager’s Mountain!

It’s a vertical wall with nine treacherous peaks.

We must climb to the summit as fast as possible and be prepared ...

Prepared for what?

Factual errors will be attacked!

Information gaps will be ripped apart!

Spelling errors will be slaughtered!

We’ve been climbing for days. Will it ever end? Almost there.

Yippee! We reached the top! We now have the manager’s approval!

That’s good, but we’re far from finished.

The next stage is the most terrifying yet!

Ninja Directors ‌

They slice paragraphs.

‌ eliminate inappropriate language.

‌ and punch up the writing.

Ouch! That hurts.

You’re still in one piece. That’s good. You’ve got their approval.

But now we face the last and most difficult test ‌

The ADMO Acropolis.

To win the ADM’s approval, you must prove how you advance WD’s mission.

You build strong western Canadian SMEs.

You create a stronger, knowledge-based economy.

You increase economic opportunities in communities.

You promote investments in public infrastructure.

You coordinate economic development activities, policies and programs across the West.

You improve understanding of Western Canadian opportunities and priorities.

You battle the recession with a legion of CAF and RINC projects.

The ADM will now decide your fate.

The decision is ‌


Yippee! You did it.

No. WE did it. I’ve learned that approving a briefing note involves persistence, patience and teamwork.

You must work with your colleagues, stakeholders, Manager, Director and the ADMO to successfully complete the job.

Only by working together will you get a BN approved and make WD dreams come true.

Brenda the Briefing Note and Sign-Here then went back to their cubicles and worked at WD BC happily ever after* * Until March 31, 2010 when they were terminated due to O&M budget cuts.

The End

Great BN Adventure  

Great BN Adventure

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