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Dotmocracy Poster Instructions: 1. Get your sheet of stickers (green, yellow, blue & red) from welcome table. 2. Put your green stickers on the green poster your yellow stickers on the yellow posters your blue stickers on the blue posters your red stickers on the red posters 3. Put your name and phone number on the back of your piece of paper that had the stickers on it. 4. Get one of the staff members to sign your paper. 5. Enter your paper to win a door prize! This is the Main Statement. Think about how you feel about this statement.

Write comments or ideas that relate to the Main Statement here.

The main statements on the posters come from the CCP meetings. They are organized into four groups: Green = Staff/Council issues Yellow = Things to build/make Blue = Misc. Red = Programs/Activities

Sample: Place your sticker(s) in one of these boxes

Main Statement:

“Tackling drug & alcohol use should be the main priority of our community.” How can we address this issue?


J Neutral

Other Comments?


more roadblocks

counselling for res. school survivors help each other quit, buddy system?


L Confused

Date: June 12 2009 #2 of 48 posters

Topic Area: Social Issues/Health Facilitator: Jessie Hemphill

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Comprehensive Community Planning Project


Put one (or more) of your stickers in one of these boxes, according to how you feel about the main statement.

sample dotmocracy poster  
sample dotmocracy poster  

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