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Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 10/25/10


Find out what’s happening in the Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Band Office and community!

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Staff Contact Information From the Band Manager’s Desk

STAFF UPDATES p4 Council Nominations p5 Housing Update p6 Treaty Update p7 Ec. Dev. Update p8 Stewardship Update p9-10 CCP Workshop Report MISCELLANEOUS p11-13 Halloween Parties p14-15 Adam Munn’s Photos p16-17 Dals (+ Legend!) p18 Bus Schedule p19-21 Job Postings p22 Declaration Form p23 Colouring p24 Calendar

A SPOOK-TACULAR HALLOWEEN PARTY! On October 29th the Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Elders held a Halloween party at the Gwa’sala’Nakwaxda’xw Elders Centre. Elders’ Coordinator Silena George (who organized the party) and Richard George helped paint faces and made sure that all of the elders had costumes. The Elders’ Centre was decorated from top to bottom and there were lots of healthy snacks. All of the elders were great sports during games like musical chairs and the pinata, and almost everybody won a prize by the end of the day. The party ended with a costume contest, with Mary McDougall, Sarah, and Richard Charlie coming in tied for first place. See Page 11 for more pictures!

5 Pages of Colour Photos! Pg 11-15 Council Nomination Results, Pg. 41 Do you have pictures you’d like to see in the newsletter? E-mail them to jessieh@gwanakplan.org

STAFF CONTACT INFO The Band Office News is prepared by Jessie Hemphill, Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Executive Assistant and Communications Coordinator. This newsletter is delivered to all houses on the Tsulquate Reserve every second Week. If you have questions or comments about this newsletter, contact Jessie at 949-8343 or e-mail jessieh@gwanakplan.org.

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Band Office

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Band Office Front Desk: (250) 949-8343 Fax: (250) 949-7402 Les Taylor, Band Manager manager@gwanak.info / 902-2307 Margaret Bernard, Finance finance@gwanak.info / 902-2308 Conrad Browne, Economic Development ecdev@gwanak.info / 902-2301 Pat Dawson, Social Development patriciad@gwanak.info / 902-2309 Colleen Hemphill, Treaty colleenh@gntreaty.org / 949-8424 Jessie Hemphill, Communications & Exec. Assistant jessieh@gwanakplan.org / 949-8343 Lorna Henderson, Housing housing@gwanak.info / 902-2303 Grace Smith, Education education@gwanak.info / 902-2320 Ted Stevens, Forestry forestry@gwanak.info / 949-8393 Elisha Taylor-Child, Native Courtworker etaylor-child@nccabc.ca / 902-2223 Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Elders Centre Front Desk: (250) 949-7406 Silena George, Elders’ Coordinator silenag@gntreaty.org Crystal Walkus, Treaty Resource Assistant crystalw@gntreaty.org Natasha Walkus, Treaty Resource Assistant natashaw@gntreaty.org

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Health & Family Services Front Desk: (250) 949-8131 Sandra Charlie, Health Director scharlie@gwanakhealth.info / 902-2286 2

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10

FROM THE BAND MANAGER’S DESK We had a council meeting on November 3, 2010. Those who attended and were not present were: Present: Terry Walkus (acting Chief) / Crystal Walkus / Eddie Charlie / Ernie Henderson / Victor Walkus Away: Paddy Walkus (at meetings) / Gary Walkus (working). The November 3, 2010 Council Meeting started at 10:36 and we finished at 12:45pm Council Meetings are every Wednesday at 10am to finish of agenda. There is to be one council meeting dealing with business matters. The next Council Meeting is is open for band members to present to council. One of the keys directives from council is for the band manager to respond in writing to band members when they make a submission and acknowledge their letter. Band Manager is to advise member of discussion and outcome if possible. We are involving ourselves in a new project with 3 levels of government to train our people for future initiatives in housing and other areas. We had our first meeting and it is looking really good to get some positive results because the Ministers are involved and they want results as much we do. Hopefully there can be some positive steps and an attempt to cut through the red tape and application process. I will keep you posted as to what’s happening with this project. After some local workshops in our community, I’ve been advised about the possibility of the formation of Youth Council. This really makes me interested in supporting this endeavor. Too often decisions are made for the youth without consulting them. I would totally support this being developed. The Band office will be closed on November 11, 2010 for Remembrance Day and I hope you can all remember our fallen on this very special day to remember. There has been a lot of discussion around ensuring band members are kept up to speed on the information that pours into our office and we are doing our best to accommodate everyone. Please keep in mind that you are welcome to submit things (including your questions) to either this newsletter or the website (which will be launching within a week or two) and I encourage you to do so.

Les Taylor, Band Manager 3

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 10/25/10

COUNCIL NOMINATIONS November 5th, 6-9:00 PM – Nominations for one band councilor were held at the Eke Me-Xi school. On Friday evening, approximately 20 people visited to see who was nominated or to nominate someone. Twelve Nominees were registered by 9:00 PM , now they need to pass the tests of eligibility (such as living on the reserve and they agree to be nominated). Their names will be on the ballot for the ADVANCE Polls on November 12th at 6-9:00 PM and again for the Election Day November 19th 8:00 AM-8:00 PM. Politics is not for the faint of heart or thin of skin. It’s an odd, tough business, where the nice often finish last. The dictionary says NOMINATE means: 1. the act of officially naming a candidate 2. it is the condition of having been proposed as a suitable candidate for appointment or election Thank you everyone for attending and now please encourage people to get out and VOTE! Donna Gault Electoral Officer

Darryl Coon M. Dodie Rufus Robert Walkus Jr. Dennis Walkus Sr. Tom Rufus Harriet Henderson


Mildred Walkus Paige Walkus Darcy Walkus Dorothy H. Walkus Dorey Brotchie Bob Swain

If your name is on this list and you DON’T want to run for Council, please let Les Taylor, Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Band Manager, know. (250) 902-2307

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Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10

HOUSING UPDATE As of November 3, 2010, the housing renovation projects are as follows: Canada’s Economic Action Plan (CEAP) - INAC funded project (5) units: Crystal Walkus, Brandon Walkus, Samson Cecil, Herbie Bell, & Leroy Charlie. Herbie Bell and Samson Cecil’s units are complete thanks to William Henderson for Herbie’s & Eddie Charlie for Samson’s. Brandon Walkus is about 95% complete thanks to Randy Walkus, and Crystal Walkus is in it’s first stages thanks to Terry Walkus. Wade Charlie will be responsible for Leroy Charlie once it gets underway. CEAP Retrofit - CMHC funded project (7) units: Grace Smith, Terry Walkus, Simon Walkus Jr., Eddy Walkus, Steve Walkus, Martha Walkus & Jessie Walkus. Terry Walkus, Martha Walkus, Steve Walkus, Simon Walkus Jr. & Jessie Walkus are in the first stages of renovations. Contractor’s for these units are Terry Walkus, William Henderson, Eddie Charlie, Alvin Walkus, Murray Giesbrecht. Eddy Walkus is about 50% complete. Regular renovations - INAC funded (7) units: Rita Walkus, Mathew Walkus, Mary McDougall, Alice George, Duplex 233-A&B, & Andrea Walkus - Andrews. Funds just came in for these units and will begin a.s.a.p. Contractors for these units are: Eddie Charlie, Randy Walkus & Oliver Walkus. Still awaiting bids for Rita Walkus & the duplex. 3 new units are to be built within the next 6 months, and we are pretty excited about this because we are trying something different this year! We will be using panel system walls for these houses instead of stick build, which will be less time consuming, less materials needed, and less waste . Please be sure to keep your Housing applications up-to-date if you wish to remain on the housing list. Chief & Council would like to see it updated every year or whenever there is a change in your living situation or number of dependants. This will help determine the size of units your family will need as we progress with the land expansion in the future. Once our Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw web site is up and running you will be able to access housing applications and update them on line. If you require any information please do not hesitate to call me at 250-902-2304 or email me at lornah@gwanak.info

Lorna Henderson, Housing Coordinator 5

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10



any people want to know what will be different in our lives if we get a Treaty. Here are two charts that show some of the changes.



Dependent on the Government DIA controls everything in our lives from “Birth to death”

Independent Gwa’sala Nakwaxda’xw Government is independent of Canadian/BC government, we control our own lives

Governed entirely By the Indian Act Indian Act defines Band council & their powers Band council has delegated authorities Report to minister of Indian affairs

Governed by First Nation Constitution First Nation’s systems of government makes laws Government is accountable to the people

Health Canada & INAC Services Continued reduction in benefits ( e.g. medical, dental, education, childcare)

GN Nation Services Same level of existing services plus ability to expand services to meet needs of members

Government imposed solutions Government imposes solutions upon us that have little to do with who we are

GN community-driven solutions Gwa’sala Nakwaxda’xw government develops our own solutions bases on our own cultures and values



Indian Status Indian Act still applies for the purpose of defining “who is an Indian”

Individuals enrolled under the GN Treaty are entitled to all benefits in the treaty. GN Citizens: are entitled to rights as defined in First Nation Constitution

Funding: Funding for programs and services continues, but through treaty

All funding for existing programs and services will continue; funding is enhanced under the treaty and adjusts for inflation and population increase

Programs/Services: As Status Indians under the Indian Act those Gwa’sala Nakwaxda’xw remain entitled to apply for programs and services available to status Indians (that are not provided for in the treaty)

GN Citizens are entitled to benefits by First Nations. If Gwa’sala ‘Nakwaxda’xw do not live in their own treaty lands, services such as education, social assistance, health and dental are provided for and paid for by the federal gorernment

Health/Dental benefits: Gwa’sala-Nakwaxda’xw remains entitled to NonInsured Health Benefits as per current policies, including prescriptions, dental, & medical

Benefits: First Nations have the ability to enhance these services as determined by local priorities

Note: This update was ready for the last newsletter but accidentally got left out. Sorry! Questions or comments? E-mail jessieh@gwanakplan.org


Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10



ell we have some very exciting news from the economic development department; we have received funding from Coast Opportunities Fund to help us create an economic development corporation. We put together a very good application with a specific goal of having an economic development corporation that is separate from the politics of the band. The idea to separate business from politics was a common theme in the CCP work that the community did recently. We will be having our first community meeting for economic development in the next 2 weeks. At this meeting we will be asking the community to help us envision what an economic development corporation looks like to you. We will also begin the process of finding out what the community wants for economic activity in the community. We will work towards setting up a corporation that will allow the First Nation to enter into business opportunities with the least amount of liabilities and the maximum tax benefits. The first meeting will not be too technical! We need your input to make sure that we are going down the right path. We will be looking for people who will want to take an active role in a working group to move forward. This first community meeting will see honorariums to the Elders who come and participate. At future meetings honorariums will be split by all who attend and participate in the meeting. Remember this is very important work and we need the community to participate in this!! We need to take pride and ownership in this work because it will affect all of the people of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nation for generations to come. All of the work that takes place will be reported on and will be available through this newsletter and/or on the website. I really look forward to the work that we will be doing!


Conrad Browne Economic Development

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10



he work on the water has come to an end for the watchmen pilot project. This work was funded through Coast Opportunity funds conservation allotment. We had some excellent success in achieving our goals as well as the side benefits that came from having the boat. Because this was a pilot program we have had to lay off 2 of our watchmen techs until next year and we have kept one of the techs working for the next couple of weeks. The techs affected by the immediate lay-off were Doug Johnny and Leslie Walkus. Colin Smith is staying on for an additional 2 weeks to finish off the paper work, build a presentation and deliver it over the next few weeks to the school, Elders, Chief and Council as well as some off-reserve groups. Colin and I will be working closely together to review this year’s work to ensure that we achieved all of the goals we hoped to. Colin will also be creating the program and budget for next year. We will be looking to expand the watchmen program to a ¾ year program but to do this we need to find more funding. Colin has lots of paper work to do over the next couple of weeks! When the final report on the pilot program is finished we will have copies available at the Band office for those of you who are interested. Stay tuned and I will let everyone know when this work is complete. I would like to thank the Crew for their hard work during this project. They have mentioned that it was with great pride that they were able to represent all of you when they were interacting with everyone they met. The crew learned something every single time they went to work and never came back to Tsulquate without some new wisdom that they could save and pass on to others when the time is right. Thank you Doug, Colin and Leslie. I would also like to thank Chief Paddy Walkus, Hereditary Chief Tom Henderson and Hereditary Chief Willie Walkus for their support of the project as well as the words of advice and wisdom that allowed us to move the project in the right direction. And most importantly we would like to thank the Elders who gave of their time, knowledge, wisdom and support. We look forward to expanding on our relationship with you next year to gain even more knowledge and wisdom. Gilakas’la

The Watchmen Crew Questions or comments? E-mail jessieh@gwanakplan.org


Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10

DEEP DEMOCRACY WORKSHOPS By Aftab Erfan & Jessie Hemphill


uring the first week of November, approximately 20 members of our community, including Band Office staff and a group of students from the Eke Me-xi School, had a chance to learn about working better with groups. The trainings were on Deep Democracy, a facilitation method from South Africa that focuses on making decisions together and honouring the wisdom of each person. They were held at the Elders’ Centre and led by Aftab Erfan, a graduate student from the University of British Columbia, who is helping us implement some of the CCP action items. Here is a taste of the ideas covered in the workshops and the discussions we had: Whenever a group (a family, a class, a business, a community, a society) comes together, often one or a few people make decisions on behalf of everybody else without consulting them. We may call these people “leaders” at first, but when they get too far removed from the rest of the group they begin to be more like “kings”. Inevitably, when there is a “king” making all the decisions, others who don’t have a voice begin to feel left out and upset. They may start to go against the king’s orders – first quietly (through jokes, gossip etc) and then more loudly (through strikes, attacks etc). A wise king, or an effective leader, is one who recognizes the wisdom that every individual in the group has and tries to include that wisdom in the decision making. When everybody feels like they have a voice, then they work with the leader instead of working against the leader. During one workshop, we talked about leadership in the G&N community. Most participants felt that it’s important to improve communications between the leaders and community members, so that we avoid having the “king ruling over his subjects”. Most participants also agreed that as community members we need to hold our leaders accountable and step up to take part in conversations about how the community is run. Part of holding ourselves accountable as community members is to be more thoughtful and engaged when we elect our leaders: we need to elect people whom we know and trust, but also people who are qualified and competent and have leadership qualities. (Think about this as you go to the polls for the Band Council by-election in a couple of weeks!) 9

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Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10

One of the best things about the workshop was having a mix of youth and adults together. The young people struggled at times to participate in the political conversation and were feeling left out and bored. But half-way through the workshop we used democracy to vote on how we should proceed. Using the wisdom of the entire group we voted to start talking about our hopes and dreams, and to bring the conversation to a level that could engage everyone. This shifted the dynamics of the group. Some people had to leave, but those who stayed became much more enthusiastically engaged in the conversation. As we One idea Commuexceping

talked about our hopes and dreams for the future several themes emerged. that several people shared was to put some basketball hoops in the nity Hall so that young people can reach their dreams of becoming tional basketball players. We talked about how we might go about doa simple project like this without playing “king” and leaving out parts of the community. (After all, we all know that when people feel excluded and resentful they are capable of ripping up the new flooring in the Hall!) Here are some ideas that emerged, most of which the students are able to take on:

Ideas for achieving our dream of putting basketball hoops in the Hall: - Writing a letter requesting support from the Band Office - Developing a Hall policy that reflects everyone’s needs - Having individual conversations with community (including youth) about their needs and use of the Hall - Conducting a door-to-door survey - Looking into past initiatives: what has been done already - Holding Chief and Council responsible for making decisions - Creating a Youth Council that helps advocate for the interests of young people and that become a model for good governance We left the workshop energized by the idea of a Youth Council, and the potential for young people to become leaders. In light of what we learned in this workshop, we all recognized that collaboration is important and it is difficult. The emerging Youth Council has challenges to meet, but it also has the possibility to make a better future for the G&N community: one little basketball hoop dream at a time! Questions or comments? E-mail jessieh@gwanakplan.org


Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10


Thanks to the staff at Health & Family Services for organizing the party, and thanks to Eleanor Wilson for these pictures!


Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10


Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween. I know the elders certainly did. The elder Halloween party was a huge success. Thank you to all those were able to make it. The next elders’ meeting will be Wednesday, Nov.17th at 12 noon at the Elders’ Centre. I will be gone to do the elders’ Christmas shop Monday Nov.8th So I will be out of the office Monday & Tuesday. Gilakasla ~ Silena George

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Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10


Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10


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Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10

Most of these pictures are from Seymour Inlet. In the recent flooding, Adam came within a few feet of a major mudslide, and some of his gear was washed away!

Do you want your pictures in the Band Office Newsletter? E-mail them to jessieh@gwanakplan.org, along with any kind of write-up you want. 15

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10



he old village of Dals or Ta’altz is located at the head of Seymour Inlet on Salmon Arm. Stories recorded in the 1890’s say that it was one of the origin places of the ‘Nakwaxda’xw people. In 1883, the Indian Agent defined an 80 acre reserve at Dals. At that time it was a salmon station with three houses. Today it is an abandoned 7 acre reserve known as Kuthlo IR#8. There are only a few people today who know about the old village of Dals and the treaty office library is interested in any stories that people may want to share about this and any other village sites in Gwa’sala ‘Nakwaxda’xw Territory. The following story is adapted from a longer story recorded in 1987 by Katie Adams (Ubumpa), a respected Nakwaxda’xw elder from the village of Ba’as at Blunden Harbour. LEGEND OF THE THUNDERBIRD AND THE WHALE There was a big tribe at a place called Dals at Seymour Inlet, way near the head. And people from that village would go out in their canoes and get lost and wouldn’t come back. Sometimes whole families went out in a canoe and just disappeared without a trace. There were less and less people and so the people got together to find out what was killing their people and to decide what to do. One man said “Well, let’s make two big canoes and we’ll put them together and make a whale out of it.” And that’s what they did. They made a whale out of the canoes and when it was all finished they tried it out in front of the village. You know how the whale comes up and down? Well do you know what they did to make it go up and down like that? They’d all run from the tail to the head and then they’d run back to the tail. And when the head was sunk down in the water, the tail would come up. Smart people. And they pounded up clamshells to use for the blowhole. And it looked like steam coming through the blowhole but it was really clam shells all pounded up until it was just powder. So they travelled down the channel, up and down like this. They hired all the people and they had a whole bunch of poles ready in case there was a big monster getting them. And just when they got around the point - all of a sudden the lightning came and there was big thunder roaring across the sky. And a great big thunderbird came and grabbed that canoe that was made like a whale. The thunderbird thought it was a whale and grabbed it by the tail. The people in the canoe started pounding and pounding its wing and when they broke its wing, the thunderbird dropped the canoe from way up out of the water. Questions or comments? E-mail jessieh@gwanakplan.org


Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10

The whale canoe went shooting down to the bottom of the sea and it was such a heavy thing that it went down fast and was buried in the sand under the water. So they had to get all the different tribes to help: the crab tribes, the starfish tribes, the devilfish tribes and all the different animals. And the crabs were the fastest ones to dig it out - and the starfish. Three times this happened. And the third time they managed to kill the thunderbird family – the father, the mother and the son and they thought that their people would never die off again when they went away on those trips. But when they went up a great big mountain to look around for where the lightning and thunder started from they found a baby in a cradle in the thunderbird home. It was still just a little infant and they left it there. They left the baby so that it would continue with the lightning and with the big roaring noise that it makes. And that’s why we own the thunderbird. And if they hadn’t left that baby in that cradle, there would be no thunder today. Legend recorded by Colleen Hemphill, 1987

REMEMBRANCE DAY TRIVIA The first Remembrance Day was conducted in 1919 throughout the Commonwealth. Originally called Armistice Day, it commemorated the end of the First World War on Monday, November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m.: the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. During the Napoleonic Wars, the poppy drew attention as the mysterious flower that bloomed over the graves of fallen soldiers.

Almost 620,000 Canadian men and women served in the First World War at a time when the population of the country was only a few million. Of these, more than 66,000 were killed. More than one million Canadians served in the Second World War and approximately 45,000 gave their lives. [From www.vac-acc.gc.ca] 17

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10 Local Travel (within one community) : $1.25 Zone 2 : $2.50 - Port Hardy to Coal Harbour - Port Hardy-Fort Rupert


Zone 3 : $3.75 - Port Hardy-Port McNeill - Port McNeill-Woss Child under 4 and under ride free when accompanied by adult. Additional children pay fare. Sheet of 10 Tickets $10.00 $20.00 $30.00

Local Zone 2 Zone 3


Port Hardy: Thunderbird Mall

Tsulquate Reserve

Trustee Rd. @ Port Hardy North Island Hospital College MONDAY TO FRIDAY - MORNING

8:10 9:17

8:19 9:26

8:24 9:31

8:26 9:33

8:29 9:36

3:58 4:39

4:03 4:44

4:05 4:46

4:08 4:49


3:49 4:30

Port Hardy: Thunderbird Mall


Port Hardy: Thunderbird Mall

7:11 9:51

Coal Fort Rupert Port Alice Port McNeill Port McNeill Harbour Park & Ride Junction Ferry Pioneer Mall Junction Terminal MONDAY TO FRIDAY - MORNING 7:21 10:01

7:31 10:11

7:51 10:31

7:54 10:34

1:22 4:15 5:30

1:27 4:20 5:35

1:37 4:30 5:45

1:57 4:50 6:05

2:00 4:53 6:08


1:17 4:10 5:25 9:25 am 1:20 pm

7:16 9:56



9:36 am 1:31 pm


Questions or comments? E-mail jessieh@gwanakplan.org


10:09 am 2:04 pm 18

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10

JOB POSTINGS FROM SERVICE CANADA & NIEFS Job Title : Sales Associate Employer : Fields Date Posted : 11/5/10 Full/Part-Time : Part-time Location : Port Hardy Salary : DOE Details : Responsibilities include customer service, cashier duties, stocking shelves, cleaning, loss prevention, opening and closing, etc. Contact : Bring resume in person to Fields, Suite 145F-8950 Granville, Port Hardy Job Title : Fish Pump Operator Employer: Quatsino Community Society Date Posted : 11/4/10 Full/Part-Time : Casual Location : Coal Harbour Salary : TBD Details : Must be willing to work varied hours;able to work nights and weekends to offload pilchard. Must have experience operating fish pump; be available on call with short notice. Require rubber boots, transportation to Coal Harbour. Start ASAP Contact : Dave Schmidt Fax: 250-949-6249 Job Title: Labourer Employer : Quatsino Community Society Date Posted : 11/4/10 Full/Part-Time : Casual Location : Coal Harbour Salary : TBD Details : Slush totes, must be physically fit; able to lift up to 20 pounds repetitively. Require rubber boots, transportation to Coal Harbour. Start ASAP. Contact : Dave Schmidt Fax: 250-949-6249

www.niefs.net/jobbank 19

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10

JOB POSTINGS FROM SERVICE CANADA & NIEFS Job Title : Forklift Driver Employer: Quatsino Community Society Date Posted : 11/4/10 Full/Part-Time : Casual Location : Coal Harbour Salary : TBD Details : Must be certified forklift driver. Able to load / offload totes for trucks. Must be willing to work nights and weekends; available to work on short notice on call. Must have rubber boots; transportation to Coal Harbour. Start ASAP. Contact : Dave Schmidt Fax: 250-949-6249

ob Title : Aboriginal Infant Dev Employer : Kwakiutl Band Date Posted : 11/2/10 Full/Part-Time : Part-time Location : Port Hardy Details : ECE or equivalent. Min. 2 yrs exp. in IDP (willing to work toward). Knowledge of Kwakiutl, community/prov program, effective communication/time mgmt skills. Valid First Aid, CPR, & criminal record check. Apply w/resume by 4 PM, Nov 19. Contact : Submit resumes to Carole Ford, Kwakiutl Band Headstart ECD Coordinator. Position is 20 hrs/week. Carole Ford: Box 1440 Pt.Hardy BC V0N 2P0; Ph: 250949-6012; Fax: 250-949-6006; Email: frhs@kwakiutl.bc.ca Start: Nov 29 Job Title : Bartender/Server Employer: Quarterdeck Pub Date Posted : 10/28/10 Full/Part-Time : Full-Time Location : Port Hardy Details : Must have Serving It Right. Must be flexible to work different shifts. Friendly/positive attitude. Contact : Apply in person with resume to the Quarterdeck Pub. 949-6922 www.niefs.net/jobbank Questions or comments? E-mail jessieh@gwanakplan.org


Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10

JOB POSTINGS FROM SERVICE CANADA & NIEFS Job Title: Employer: Date Posted : Full/Part-Time : Location : Salary : Details : Contact :

Cleaner B&B Cleaners 10/22/10 Part-time Port Hardy $8.50/hr Cleaner required to start as soon as possible, willing to train. Please mail resume to Box 2691 Port Hardy BC V0N 2P0

Job Title: Noon-Hour Supervisor Employer: School District 85 Date Posted : 10/22/10 Full/Part-Time : Part-time Location : Port Hardy Salary : $20.52/hr Details : Two Special Needs Noon Hour Supervisors required at Eagleview Elementary School, 5 hours per week while school is in session. 6 months to 1 year recent experience preferred and must have a valid level 1st aid certificate. Must have secondary school graduation with Dogwood or equivalent, ability to maintain good working relationships, communicate and work effectively with school staff/students with special needs. Contact : Mr. John Martin School District 85, Box 90, Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0 or fax 250-949-8792


Declaration Cut-Off Dates:

Oct. 22, 2010 (for November 2010) Nov. 19, 2010 (for December 2010) Declarations received after this date will result in delayed cheque issue!

If you do not get this form in EVERY MONTH by the cut-off date, you might not get your cheque! Please remember to bring in your BC Hydro bills as well. 22

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10


Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Band Office News - 11/09/10








Nov. 7 Daylight Savings (“Fall” back one hour)

Nov. 8 1-4pm Drop-in Exercise @ Elders’ Centre

Nov. 9 11-12 free family swim

Nov. 10 10am Council Meeting

Nov. 11 Remembrance Day (Stat Holiday)

10-12 Elders’ Coffee House @ Elders’ Centre

Parade @ 10:30 am

Nov. 12 1-3pm Bakwamgala Tea @ GN School

Nov. 13 Herbert Memorial Hockey Tournament

Nov. 14 Herbert Memorial Hockey Tournament

Nov. 15 1-4pm Drop-in Exercise @ Elders’ Centre

Nov. 16 11-12 free family swim

Ceremony in Carrot Park @ 11:00 a.m.

Nov. 17 10am Council Meeting

Herbert Memorial Hockey Tournament 6-11pm @ Wakas Hall Nov. 18 11-12 free family swim

10-12 Elders’ Coffee House @ Elders’ Centre

1pm Emergency Planning Meeting @ GN Youth 8am-8pm @ Eke Me-Xi Centre Bye-Election Vote 1-4pm Drop-in Exercise @ Elders’ Centre

Nov. 21

Nov. 28

Nov. 22

Nov. 23

Nov. 24

Nov. 25

1-4pm Drop-in Exercise @ Elders’ Centre

11-12 free family swim

10am Council Meeting

11-12 free family swim

10-12 Elders’ Coffee House @ Elders’ Centre

1pm Emergency Planning Meeting @ GN Youth Centre

Nov. 29

Nov. 30

1-4pm Drop-in Exercise @ Elders’ Centre

11-12 free family swim

6-9 pm @ Eke Me-Xi Advance Poll for ByeElection

S.A. Day 1-4pm Drop-in Exercise @ Elders’ Centre Dec. 1 Dec 2 10am Council Meeting

11-12 free family swim

10-12 Elders’ Coffee House @ Elders’ Centre

1pm Emergency Planning Meeting @ GN Youth Centre

GN Time Sheets Due

Nov. 19 1-3pm Bakwamgala Tea @ Elders’ Centre

Nov. 20

Band Office News Deadline S.A. Cutoff Day Nov. 26

Nov. 27

1-3pm Bakwamgala Tea @ GN School GN Time Sheets Due

Dec. 3

Dec. 4

1-3pm Bakwamgala Tea @ Elders’ Centre Band Office News Deadline

1-4pm Drop-in Exercise @ Elders’ Centre

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GN Newsletter - Nov 8/10  

Another issue of the bi-weekly newsletter delivered to all houses on the Tsulquate Reserve. This newsletter is designed to communicate the a...

GN Newsletter - Nov 8/10  

Another issue of the bi-weekly newsletter delivered to all houses on the Tsulquate Reserve. This newsletter is designed to communicate the a...

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