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What does

Governance mean?


overnance means the people in charge and what they do. It can mean Chief & Council, the BC or Canadian governments, G-N Administration etc.

Hot Topics in Governance



Some people in the community don’t feel like there is enough transparency in our council & staff operations.


There are committees to deal with some things, like housing, but maybe we need more committees to help deal with some of the other issues, like the use of the Wakas Hall.


Many people don’t understand what the treaty means and how it will affect our community.

[ ) [ ) Chief Paddy Walkus

C Community Meetings

Our community members like to be active in all of the things that happen in our community. However, many people don’t want to go to AGMs and other meetings because of politics and disorganization.

Would youth get more involved if we had a youth council?

Toby & Patrick working hard

What do you think of the way the government treats our people?

Our ancestral Chief

Do you have enough of a say?

Our people have always had strong traditional governance systems. We still respect the authority of our hereditary chiefs.

GN CCP Governance Poster