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Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Comprehensive Community Planning Jan. 5 2009

Potential Tasks for CCP Part-time Helper Communications (3 hr/wk)  Co-ordinating activities and event advertising with Health & Family Services  Putting up posters in community  Putting CCP announcements in the local media  Delivering newsletters and other communications to community members, local businesses etc. as needed Planning Meetings & Advisory Committee Meetings (6 hr/wk)  Co-ordinating venue and food  Phoning attendees to remind them about meetings  Picking up groceries, supplies, attendees as needed  Cooking (if necessary)  Minute-taking  Delivering honoraria cheques to elders  Attending events (youth movie night, GN School parent’s club, etc.) to recruit CCP meeting attendees  Child minding at the meetings (if necessary) Administrative Assistance (1 hr/wk)  Running errands  Help folding & stapling CCP News  Help with misc. meeting/presentation prep. Total: (February  July ’09) 10 hours per week @ $10/hr (August  October ’09) 6 hours per week @ $10/hr

4 hours less per week of helping with meetings February 1 to July 3 : 22 weeks x 10 hours/wk = 220 hours July 6 to October 2: 13 weeks x 6 hours/wk = 78 hours 298 hours total X $10/hr = $2, 980 298 hours total X $12/hr = $3,576

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Comprehensive Community Planning Jan. 5 2009 Applicants must:  Have excellent note-taking abilities (by hand as well as typing)  Have excellent communication skills  Be able to summarize information  Be familiar with Microsoft word  Be able to present information to a group of people Applicants should be:  Outgoing & comfortable talking to anyone  Friendly  Familiar with G-N staff and their jobs  Able to work well with children and elders  Able to adapt to new challenges  Able to work without supervision  Able to co-ordinate events & meetings  Professional with a good work ethic Having access to a vehicle is a big plus!

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Comprehensive Community Planning Jan. 5 2009 Sample Interview Questions: 1. What skills do you bring to this position? a. Best answers: good communication abilities, experience coordinating events and presenting information. b. Good answers: Friendly, outgoing person who likes talking to people. Quick learner. 2. How comfortable are you talking someone you don’t know about work, such as cold-calling community members to invite them to a meeting? a. Best answers: Has experience doing this kind of thing, has no problem with it. Able to explain things so that the listener can understand easily. b. Good answer: Little or no experience doing this, but would probably be okay with it. Might need a script to read from for cold calls. 3. Why do you want this job? a. Best answer: Want to help make the community better by supporting the CCP, maybe want to work on community planning long-term. b. Good answer: Want to work in the community. 4. What are you hoping to learn from this job? a. Best answer: How to do a CCP/community planning. b. Good answer: How to organize community meetings and events. 5. What is your greatest strength? a. Best answer: Communications (oral, written, and listening) & confidence b. Good answer: Friendly & professional with good problem solving skills

Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Comprehensive Community Planning Jan. 5 2009 6. Can you tell me about a time that you failed at work? a. Best answer: Willing to admit failure, but shows that he/she dealt with it well and learned from it b. Good answer: Willing to admit failure. Might not have dealt with it well, but still learned from it. 7. Do you follow directions well? a. Best answer: Yes, but can also make independent decisions if needed. b. Good answer: Yes, but may a little bit of help at some point.

GN CCP Assistant Task List