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Economic Development Update So in the previous couple of updates we discussed a number of different things with regard to the Ecdev Corporation and where everyone fits. We know that:    

the community elects Chief and Council, Chief and Council appoints the board of directors (who need to have the right qualifications), the board of directors oversees the CEO The CEO then manages the businesses, sets out plans with the board of directors and ensures that the Ecdev Corporation is being run for the benefit of the community.


After the businesses are up and running the CEO will look at budgets and financial information to determine what to do with any profit that each company may retain. Profits will then be reviewed by the board of directors to first ensure that all of the businesses are stable (where profits may need to be invested in GNN companies to make sure they grow and meet the needs of GNN members). The board of directors will then present to Chief and Council a sum of money to put into areas that the community has asked for. One of the most important things community members can do is come to the annual general meeting of the Ecdev Corporation prepared with ideas to put to Chief and Council on how to spend the profits. There are a great number of areas that the community may wish to spend the money and we will discuss some of these areas in meetings to come. Okay now about these companies… Through our planning and discussion with the legal and financial people it was decided that the GNN would be best served by having 5 distinct companies, which are (1) Marine Services, (2) Forestry, (3) Fisheries, (4) Construction, and (5) Tourism. Information on these companies follows. Marine Services: Full service provider of water taxi, freight, accommodations, marine support, and other services. This company is looking to expand on its success of the last couple of years while following the GNN economic development 5 year strategic plan. Forestry: This Company will be responsible for all forestry activities that the GNN enter into. There are a few different agreements that the GNN have already entered into and the company will ensure that our obligations are fulfilled and any benefits brought back to the community.


Construction: This is a new company that will look to pursue opportunities both on and off reserve utilizing GNN community members where possible. This company will also be looking for real estate opportunities. Tourism: We will be looking to expand our existing tourism business into a competitive and profitable enterprise while being mindful of the GNN 5 year economic development strategic plan and other planning work that has happened. These are the 5 businesses that we are starting with, but it does not mean that we won’t look at setting up other businesses when needed.In the weeks to come we will discuss the issues of business liability, taxes, Own Source Revenue (OSR), community meetings and a number of other items that affect GNN economic development. Thanks for your continued interest!

Fisheries: This Company will manage the commercial licences, agreements, and other fisheries opportunities for the GNN. This will include any future expansion into aquaculture or other initiatives. PAGE 1


April.4/ 2014




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MA’YAXALA- Respect A couple of weeks ago two large boxes of chicken ($80 worth) were stolen from a freezer at the Elders Centre. A month or two before that someone broke into the Elders building and stole their flat-screen TV.

These acts are very disturbing. The fact that someone could steal from the Elders like that, points to a bigger issue. Traditionally Elders were treated with respect and honor, and rightfully so because they have been on earth for a long time and have accumulated a lot more knowledge and wisdom over the years than we have had a chance to. They have been through a lot, and they deserve our respect.

done to you or your family doesn’t define you, it doesn’t make you unworthy of respect, and it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to respect others.

Respecting others and ourselves is easier said than done when drugs and alcohol are involved. That’s why drugs and alcohol are factors in Elders Abuse and Neglect, so here we’re going to talk a bit about these issues.

Elders Abuse can be physical abuse, mental or emotional abuse, Financial or Material abuse. 

But if someone doesn’t respect himself or herself, how can they respect others? That’s the issue here. The kind of person that steals from Elders, is the kind of person that doesn’t respect themselves. There are a lot of people in this community that have been through hard times. The relocation and residential school messed things up pretty badly. The wounds are something that have been passed on through the generations. Those wounds are not “you”, and they don’t define you. The wrong that has been PAGE 3



Physical abuse: is actually physically hurting an Elder. Signs of physical abuse can be bumps, bruises, soreness scratches, scares, confusion or fearfulness. Mental or Emotional Abuse: Any behavior, which provokes fear of violence or isolation, emotional stress or mental anguish. Any behavior, which diminishes a person's sense of identity, dignity, or self-worth. This includes: threatening, name calling, humiliating, withholding affection, social isolation, removal of decision making rights, insulting, harassment, intimidation, and coercion. Signs that an elder has been mentally or emotionally abused are: appears

ashamed, low self-esteem, withdrawn/passive, fearful/anxious, feels guilty without cause, excluded from family gatherings, depressed, hopeless, helpless, agitated. Financial or Material Abuse: Any situation involving the dishonest or illegal use of an adult's personal money or property and/or possessions. This includes: - fraud, force, misrepresentation, theft, "conning", extortion, withholding, forced changes of will or property titles, misuse of power of attorney. Signs that an elder is being Financially or materially abused: they’re constantly used as a babysitter or house-sitter against their will, inadequate living environment, unable to afford social activities, possessions disappear such as jewelry, artwork, silverware, equipment, cars, etc, unexplained or sudden withdrawal of money from their accounts; unexplained or sudden inability to pay bills.

 Elder Neglect is the failure to provide necessary care, assistance, guidance or attention that causes, or is reasonably likely to cause the person physical, mental or emotional harm or substantial damage to or loss of assets.  Some people have a legal or social responsibility to care for and support an adult who is unable to meet those needs himself or herself. "Neglect" occurs when the other person fails to live up to that responsibility. Neglect has two forms.  Active neglect which is the intentional withholding basic necessities of life (including care).  Passive neglect is not providing basic necessities of life because of lack of experience, information, or ability.  Neglect includes denying the person any of the things that are essential to life, such as food, water, medications, medical treatment, therapy, nursing services, therapeutic and equipment aids, clothing, visits from people important to the older person, and rights. Justice Canada includes these as some examples of neglect. Failing to provide: PAGE 4


Adequate nutrition, clothing and other necessities  Adequate personal care, e.g. failing to turn a bedridden older adult frequently  Safe and comfortable conditions  A clean environment  Prerequisites for personal cleanliness  Sufficient bathroom space for privacy  Sufficient space for personal privacy  Transportation to necessary appointments  (At least occasional) outings.  It may also include:  Leaving incapacitated adults alone too long or failing to remain with those who need help  Abandonment. 

If you suspect an Elder is suffering from any type of abuse or neglect the best thing to do is to report it to a Social Worker or Long Term Care Case Manager.

Our Elders hold a lot of important knowledge about our past and culture. They’ve lived amazing lives, and they know what it was like to live in the homelands. It’s important to make time to visit with them while they are still here with us. You make them happy, and make yourself happy too.

And remember, we all deserve MA’YAXALARespect.


ELDERS UPDATE YO WIKSAS! I hope everyone is enjoying the weather change. I love the sounds of birds chirping each morning, don't you? Here is what has been happening and what is going to happen: The elder's have finally replaced their stolen TV. All thanks to Tony Wong. The Elders can now enjoy a good movie or documentary when they need to.

Willie Walkus & Mary Henderson won the mini trip down island to go shopping or what ever they would like to do down island. Date has yet to be determined.

On Wednesday March 26, there was a Pavilion lunch to bless it. We had a great turn out. Great job Lucy Hemphill. Thank you Spruce Wamiss & Willie for doing the blessing.

Unfortunately the second clam digging adventure was cancelled due to a family emergency. I then had to leave immediately. Thank you to you all that expressed and gave their prayers. My mom is on the road to recover nicely. Chelsey and I will continue with walking club every Tuesday @ 11am here at the Elder's Center on the treadmills. Thanks Mary Henderson for participating and taking steps to a healthy life style, literally ;)

Monday March 31 was our final date to decide what the Elders wanted to do this summer as far as the annual trip went. The choices were 1. Annual Elder's Conference in Penticton in July 7-11. 2. Skip the Conference and stay behind to take part in hosting the Canoe journey when they stop here in Takush & a small adventure to a Pow Wow in late August, early September. The votes were 3 for Conference and 9 for the canoe journey & Pow Wow. With those results, the Elders will not be going to the Conference this year and doing other fun activities. I will be working on travel arrangements for those Elders tha wish to go to Takush when it is time to do so. You do not have to stay over night if you don't want to. There will be boats that can drop you off in the morning and pick you up at the end of the day. For those elders that would like to stay over night, you can do so. I am currently looking at Pow wow schedules. I will know more by the end of the day. I will keep everyone updated at Elder's Day Monday's and in the next newsletter as well. I apologize if you feel that you didn't have a say in what was going to take place, I did put the choices and information in the last two newsletters that we were going to have a vote on it by April first, which we did on march 31st. Catering has been very well. We have another coming up soon. Please don't hesitate to contact me as to when the cater jobs are. That's a wrap folks. If you have any questions for me, please call, text or email me.

Elder's Day was another great success. We had to cut it short due to another function taking place in the Elder's Center. Ekimexi had their Film project launch here Monday March 31. PAGE 5


Gilakasla, Silena George, Elder's Coordinator Office Phone: 949 7406 email: silena1314@gmail.com 04/4/2014

CLEAN UP YOUR ACT: NEW GARBAGE TRANSFER STATION IN TSULQUATE! We love our community, but sometimes it’s not as tidy as it should be. We’ve all seen the couches, mattresses, appliances etc. piled up around dumpsters in Tsulquate, plus all of the garbage left behind by construction and renovation projects. But we’re in luck! Thanks to the hard work of Leo Lawson, Capital Specialist for the band, we are getting a new Transfer Station (which basically means a place to drop off garbage) on the lot across from the Wa’kas Hall. This will not replace the regular blue garbage bins around the community; it will be an additional garbage service.

Leo has successfully got funding to do this project, to try and help keep our reserve a little cleaner. The new transfer station will have three large bins: 1. One bin for regular household garbage (including furniture) 2. One bin for construction debris (except for drywall, asbestos, etc.) 3. One bin for scrap metal (except for valuable metal like copper and aluminum) Leo’s also working on getting a recycling program in place. If it works out, there will be huge bags at the site where community members can recycle plastic, newsprint and cardboard, and lots of other things.

The site will be locked most of the time, with security cameras so that people don’t dump garbage at the site when it’s closed. To start with, it will likely be open for dumping for a few hours, twice a week, with Bob Swain manning the station. Check out our Facebook poll on the GN facebook page to weigh in on which days you think it should be open.

Big thanks to Ernie and Ken Knopp, who have been doing a fantastic job of prepping the site (and thanks to Ken for the photo of the site in progress) and also to Brandon Walkus and Rolando King for their carpentry work. Let’s all work together to keep our community clean and green for future generations!




BA’AS LANDS PLAN SURVEY RESULTS On March 19 we had an awesome meeting at the Elders’ Centre, with 32 people filling out a survey about what they would or would not want to see happening in Ba’as. Here are some of the results:

Q: If we could make enough money logging in this area to build a big house and cabins, should we do that? A: 79% YES / 21% no


Q: What kind of tourism would you like to see in this area?

A: Hiking (4 responses) / Whale watching (4 responses) / Kayaking (3 responses) – there were others but

these were the top 3

Q: What kind of tourism do you NOT want to see in this


A: Non-community members taking advantage (5 Fishing, crabbing, hunting (4 responses)

responses) /

KAYAKING Q: Anything else you DON’T want to see happening


A: Clear-cut logging (3 responses)


There were some mixed results to some of the questions as well, for example, 55% of people said “I think we should rebuild old villages exactly as they used to be” but then 52% said “I think we should build new styles of houses/cabins, with modern features”.

Also, 58% of people said “I think we should encourage visitors to visit old village sites and culturally important places” while 52% said “I think we should keep old village sites and culturally important places private” so, clearly, we need more direction about these issues from our elders and community leaders.

Some of the comments that community members wrote included: PAGE 7




“I think we should bring back our old ways for sure. Use the teachings from our elders. Keep our home lands for us. Visitors are ok once in a while. Not a tourist attraction. I think it is important to get input from everyone. Not just a few”

“We should have a big house there so our people can go there and have potlatches to feel more at home to reconnect with our cultures. Being there will bring back the memories”

“I find the lands very sacred. Our ancestors all lived there as one and worked together as a whole village. Tourists should be able to look and not touch.”

“I think having the village the way it is because people were born and raised there and would love things that are still there.”


“There are a lot of places in our home lands that untouched. It should stay that way”

some of our to see the old

are private and

“I don’t know much about the home lands as I’ve never been before so my only comment will be to have easier access to visit the home lands.”

Big thanks to those who took the survey. The information from this survey, the meeting, and other work related to the Ba’as Lands Plan will help to create a vision for our home lands that our community agrees with – everything from where we should build cabins for community members, to where/what we could do for economic development.

This project will have a booth at the big community open house on May 7, so hope to see you there!




RECONSTRUCTING BA’AS: BRINGING THE VISION TO LIFE! On March 20th we had a really exciting meeting at the Elders’ Centre – looking at the drawings for the rebuilding of the boardwalk at Blunden Harbour!

At the last few meetings about this project, community members strongly stated that, first and foremost, we need to make sure that our elders can get there easily, and then that our community members have access, before we do anything aimed at tourists.

So, the staff that are working on this project (Linda Dorricott, our historian, Judith and Lerato from the UBC Sauder School of Business, and Malcolm McSporran of Quinkatla Development Planning, who is standing up in this photo) came up with plans for cabins, a cookhouse, boardwalk, gathering spaces (Awa’kwis) and other elements according to what the community members had requested.

At the meeting we looked at the plans for this development, including some beautiful drawings that Malcolm did to show what it would look like in 3D. Then everyone wrote their comments on sticky notes, and placed them on the drawings to share their comments. Here are some of the comments:

“I do hope this takes place as soon as EXCITING!”

possible! Looks very

“Very happy about this Ba’as plan. Good happen for our youth and grand about our home lands.”

things are going to children learning

“I’d love to see a park for children. future ”

Children are our

“It’d be nice to see a wedding ceremony in Ba’as. That is such a great idea.”




Some people had some concerns and suggestions:

“I would like to see a big house be built and used for a potlatch. I don’t think it’s realistic to plan moving back permanently.”

“How will the buildings/site be secured? Security patrols?”

“Will there be staff living there throughout the year?”

“Have all the plans included environmental concerns? Sewage, public works.”

A handful of people suggested that the plans needed a detox/treatment centre, and one person suggested a spa  All of this feedback is really helpful as these draft plans are refined and brought back to our people for review.

Another fun part of the meeting was watching the old black and white Gardner film from 1951, called “Blunden Harbour” that showed our community members in Ba’as when it was still a thriving village. This movie is available at the Port Hardy Museum.

While it seems like a lot is happening in the Ba’as area right now, the treaty office is applying for funds to do the same kind of planning work in Gwa’sala territory next year. Thanks to everyone who came out to the meeting, it was awesome to see everyone so excited and happy  Hope to see you at the May 7 open house!







Food Security, Traditional Foods & Nutrition Update Hi All, Spring has finally arrived, we’ve had a couple days of beautiful sunshine, and the salmonberry bushes are already blossoming! The Good Food Bag Program has been going really well, more and more people have signed up. That’s great because the more people the merrier. The Good Food Bag program makes wholesome food more affordable. Almost everyone that get’s it thinks it’s great, so if you’re not sure if you want one, just ask someone who get’s it, or feel free to ask me. It costs $10, and your $10 must be received the Friday before the GFB arrives. You can pay the $10 at the Band Office Reception, but don’t forget to sign the form so I know we’ve received payment. Alternatively, if you’re on Social assistance you can request for your SA to be deducted every two weeks for the GFB, these forms can be found with Bernadine, at the Band Office Reception. On the next page there is a calendar with the Good Food Bag payment and pickup dates. * Please note* that the Good Food Bag pickup day would have been on April 4th, but because I will be away at a Food Security Training Workshop, and both Andrea and Colleen will be away we’ve postponed it until April 11th. So as long as you’ve paid your $10 before Friday April 4 th you will get a GFB next Friday. The bags can be picked up at the Elders Building from 1:30 till 3:30. If you do not pickup your Good Food Bag, and do not make arrangements for someone else to pick it up for you or make alternate arrangements with me I will have to give the bag to another person. Next week on April 9th we will be having a healthy cooking class at the Elders Building from 11am until 1pm. The signup form is at the Band Office Reception. If you have signed up with your phone number I will text you to remind you about it on the day before. We will also be starting Healthy Shopping Tours at Overwaitea, so if you’re interested in that, you can sign up at the Band Office Reception. As many of you may have noticed, there is a beautiful pavilion that was built next to the Bus Shed. Last week on Wednesday the Elders had a luncheon to bless it, and to celebrate it. The purpose of the pavilion is to provided a sheltered place where Elders can clean and cut fish, bbq fish, or can fish. It was also built to provide a location where the Elders can pass on their knowledge to Youth. The funding to build it came from New Horizons for Seniors, so the pavilion was built for the Elders, therefore they came up with some basic rules for it:   

Respect the pavilion, if you use it, clean up after yourself. Please don’t allow kids to climb on it. No drinking. Surveillance will be installed, to prevent people from drinking or partying there. Community Members can use the Pavilion, but must get permission from the Elders Coordinator, to make sure that the Elders won’t be using it. More will be added to the pavilion over time. The Elders wish to have a name and a design made for it, as well as a fish-cleaning sink and table and running water. Because spring is here, we will soon be able to work in the community garden again. If you are interested in learning about growing your own fruits and vegetables, or just want to volunteer some time to help out please contact me via e-mail of on my cellphone. Any help in the garden would be greatly appreciated! The aim of the Food Security and Nutrition Program is to help community members’ access and eat more wholesome food. By eating healthier food and being more active we can heal our bodies and become healthy. Traditional foods are the healthiest foods possible, so an important component of the program is revitalizing traditional foods practices, learning from the elders, and just going out and collecting traditional food. Going out, harvesting, collecting and eating traditional foods are good for you in way more ways than one would think. Getting out in nature is good for you mind and body; it makes you feel more peaceful and happy. It’s also good exercise. Even though it can be a bit of work, you’re saving money on food that you would normally buy from the store, but you’re also in charge of your food: it didn’t have to change hundreds of different hands, or travel across the world to get to you. To top it all off, you’re eating the healthiest food on the planet, AND it’s a part of your history and culture. Because we think traditional foods are so important, we will be going on traditional food harvesting trips. If you’re interested in these, or getting involved in anyway please let me know. If you have any questions about the Good Food Bag program, healthy cooking classes, Overwaitea tours, the pavilion, the garden, or our future traditional food harvesting trips, or if you just want to be involved, please text, call or e-mail me. Keep well,

Lucy Hemphill, Food Security & Nutrition Coordinator 1-250-230-2707 lucyhemphill7@gmail.com PAGE 12















Tutoring April ScheduleAdult Education Centre at Gwa –Sala- ‘Nakwaxda’xw Thursday, April 3-


Saturday, April 5-


Sunday, April 6Monday, April 7-

7-9 7-9

Thursday, April 10-


Saturday, April 12-


Sunday, April 13-


Monday, April 14-


Thursday, April 17-


Saturday, April 19-


Sunday, April 20-


Monday, April 21-


Thursday, April 24-


Saturday, April 26- canceled Sunday, April 27-


Monday, April 28-








Feast at the Wakas Hall Darlene Paul Walkus April 10, 2014 We would like to invite you to the feast for Darlene Paul Walkus We ask for anyone who is able to donate food would be greatly appreciated, that it is brought to Paula's, Vic's or Bernadine's. I would Very much like to go through with this event out of the love and respect I have for my late wife. So anyone wishing for info please call or text me at 250-230-1126. Thank you very much for my family and friends helping in this important event.







Seeking GNN Economic Development Corporation Directors Deadline: April 25, 2014 Opportunity Summary The Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Development Corporation (GNNDC) is a wholly owned entity of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations, located in Port Hardy, BC and we are looking for Directors to lead the future of GNNDC and all its other companies. We have a mandate to carry out economic development activities on behalf of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations in a manner that is consistent with social, environmental and cultural goals of the Nation. We are now in the process of reorganizing company activities and structure, and are looking for individuals to serve as Directors that can commit between one to three years in this capacity.

The Primary Responsibilities of GNNDC Directors are to:     

Review and update strategic plans as required; Approve annual business plans consistent with the strategic plan for management to implement; Oversee management and provide support where necessary; Report to Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations Chief and Council as well as membership; and Establish policies that reflect laws and policies as established by the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations.

The Skills, Experience and Personal Qualities of Directors we are looking for are:         

Business experience in accounting, finance, human resources, and/or marketing; A strong ability to understand financial and non-financial performance reports; Knowledge of, and experience in one or more of the following sectors: Forestry, Tourism, Fisheries, Marine Development and others; Previous board experience and training in business, finance or government relations; An understanding of Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations culture and/or experience in working with First Nations; The willingness to devote time required to carry out Director duties and responsibilities; The ability to be impartial, trustworthy and respectful of confidentiality that the role requires; A positive attitude that promotes teamwork; and Values similar to that of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations and its culture.

Directors are being sought through a competitive, fair and transparent process to help lead this exciting initiative. We thank all interested applicants in advance and look forward to sharing experiences with successful candidates. Please submit a resume and cover letter, via email or delivered hard copy, in support of your application by 4:30 pm on April 25, 2014 to: Conrad Browne Email: ecdev@gwanak.info Or Mail to: 998 Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0 Or Drop off to: Reception, 154 Tsulquate Reserve Attention- Conrad Browne PAGE 21









LOCAL JOB POSTING Grade Hoe Operator-Full-Time Company: RSD Road Building Ltd. Wage: To be negotiated Expiry Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 9am Details: Shiftwork 14/7. Camp job in remote location. Fly to camp from Port Hardy/Port McNeill area, boat to worksite. Qualifications & Experience: Experience building coastal logging road. Level 1 first aid required or course to be taken within 3 months of hire date. How to apply: Email resume with references to rsdroadbuilding@gmail.com Satellite Internet Installer-Full-Time Company: West Coast Satellite Services Wage: sub contract Expiry Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 9am Details: This is a very good job that you can make upwards of $8000 per month, easily. Traveling around the north island area is a must, also you will be going to a large amount of small islands in the area. All mileage and boat rides are paid for by the customer. You get $1.25 perk pkus $65 per hour (both ways) on any boat or ferry. I will supply the work but you can make more if you sell installs too (way more!) Very good pay for a motivated guy! Qualifications & Experience: The only qualifications you will need is the desire to work, the ability to talk comfortably with customers, a truck (small is fine) a cell phone and some hand tools along with a 24ft ladder (which I can supply for a little while) How to apply: Send me a email with your age, address, phone #, email address,, any work in this feild (not mandatory) Email: westcoastsatellite@shaw.ca Driller/Blaster-Full-Time Company: RSD Road Building Ltd. Wage: TBN Expiry Date: Monday, April 14, 2014 - 9am Details: Rate to be negotiated based on experience. Camp work, shift 14/7. Boat or fly to camp, boat to worksite. Qualifications & Experience: Driller/Blaster with experience building coastal logging roads, PAGE 24


operating hoe drills & tank drills. Must have valid Worksafe BC blasting certificate. Level 1 first aid required or course to be taken within 3 months of hire date. How to apply: Email resume with references to rsdroadbuilding@gmail.com Roofers/General Labourers-Part-Time Company: North Island Peaks Roofing Wage: $20.00 Hour Expiry Date: Friday, April 11, 2014 - 9am Qualifications & Experience: General Labour and Roofing Experience Preferred. Start Date April 15th, 2014 How to apply: Please email resumes to: kendaff@hotmail.ca Terminal Service Attendants-Seasonal Company: BC Ferries Wage: $21.86 Expiry Date: Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 9am Qualifications & Experience: Terminal Service Attendants Port Hardy/Bear Cove Seasonal on-call positions You are enthusiastic and reliable, performing traffic control, baggage, and custodian duties. You direct traffic during loading/unloading procedures; maintain terminal buildings and grounds; communicate with other shipboard and terminal staff to ensure the safe and efficient loading and discharge of vessel traffic; respond to passenger queries; and perform additional duties as required. A valid BC Driver's License is required. How to apply: Email your resume to erlr@bcferries.com; quoting position title or fax to (250) 339-5427. Cook/Line Cook-Full-Time Company: Sporty Bar & Grill Wage: DOE Expiry Date: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 9am Details: Part-time and Full-time position available. Apply asap Qualifications & Experience: Must be young, fast, clean, reliable and trainable with positive and creative input; able to maintain high quality and cleanliness How to apply: Email resumes to Alfons or Stacey: sportybar@telus.net or drop off in person to 8700 04/4/2014

Hastings St. Port Hardy or mail to Box 113, Pt.Hardy BC V0N 2P0 Salmon Hatchery Manager-Full-Time Company: Northern Vancouver Island Salmonid Enhancement Association Wage: $24.00/hour Expiry Date: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 9am Details: The Northern Vancouver Island Salmonid Enhancement Association (NVISEA) is seeking a Manager for the Quatse River Hatchery in Port Hardy. This is a dynamic and challenging role with a wide range of duties and responsibilities both in the field and the office. Some of the duties of the Manager position include supervision, staffing, fish production planning, multiple contract administration, expense allocations, payroll, fish husbandry practices and facility/grounds maintenance. The Manager will be responsible for three full time staff, with seasonal employment of up to ten additional employees. Qualifications & Experience: Candidates are required to have completed a post secondary program, ideally in Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology or an equivalent amount of hands on facility experience. The ideal candidate will have excellent computer skills and a valid BC driver’s licence. Assets include swift water rescue, level one first aid, net pen fish culture experience, financial bookkeeping experience and general maintenance skills. How to apply: Email Food and Beverage Server-Part-Time Company: Quarterdeck Pub Wage: Depends on experience Expiry Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 9am Qualifications & Experience: Must be of legal age, have Serving it Right certificate, experience with cash and customer service experience. How to apply: Drop resume to Quarterdeck Pub in person . Relief Housekeeper/Chef-Full-Time Company: Great Bear Nature Tours Expiry Date: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 9am Details: As the Relief Housekeeper/Chef, you will work as the Lodge Chef when the fulltime chef PAGE 25


has their days off, and the Lodge Housekeeper when the fulltime housekeeper has their days off. While housekeeping, you will have responsibility for the cleanliness of the lodge, and the comfort of the guests while at the lodge. While cooking, you will be cooking for up to 16 guests and 6-8 staff. The quality of food at Great Bear Lodge is characterized as ‘wilderness gourmet’ and is an essential part of the experience. In addition to being passionate about preparing great food, you will also need excellent time management skills. These positions offer a unique opportunity gain customer service skills in the area of ecotourism while living in an amazing wilderness setting. Your housekeeping duties would include: • All house-keeping duties for the lodge, including changing rooms on guests departure. • Cooking meals for guests and staff when the Lodge Chef has days off. • Training and supervising volunteer housekeepers. • Acting as a welcoming host to the guests when they take breaks from wildlife viewing, for example by providing warm drinks/snacks and by interacting with the guests. • Occasional general maintenance of the lodge such as painting and gardening. • Maintaining communication with guides while they are in the field. Your chef duties would include: • Preparing and serving delicious and wellpresented lunches, snacks and dinners for up to 16 guests. • Preparing nutritious lunches and dinners for 68 staff. • Kitchen clean-up and management of food storage areas. • Ordering food and supplies and maintaining inventory. We are a small team and occasionally you may be called upon to assist with other tasks that are outside of your job description. Qualifications & Experience: Minimum Position requirements: 1. Strong interpersonal skills, clean professional appearance 2. Driven to provide excellent customer service and exceed customer expectations on a daily basis. 04/4/2014

3. Ability to work cheerfully and independently in a remote lodge for long periods of time, working and living very closely with other staff members and guests. Highly Desirable additional qualifications: 1. Working verbal ability in any of the following languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish, or Japanese. (In order of importance) 2. FOODSAFE certification, or other certification for food handling. 3. First Aid training. Additionally Successful Candidates will: 1. Be self-starters with a strong work ethic. 2. Be independent and respectful of other staff work obligations and personal space. 3. Savor life in a remote wilderness setting with limited access to communication or traditional social life. How to apply: Please email a cover letter and resume with 3 references. At least 2 of them should be work related and all must have both e-mail addresses and contact phone numbers. Email materials to Marg Leehane at info@greatbeartours.com. All emails will be acknowledged and selected applicants will be contacted by email and phone for interviews by phone or in person. Class 1 Or Class 3 Truck Driver-Part-Time Company: JD Petroleum Ltd Wage: competitive Expiry Date: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 9am Details: Must have reliable transportation to job site. Qualifications & Experience: Most suitable for a retired or semi-retired person. Casual Position for local drivers. Experience preferred, extensive training provided. How to apply: Please fax resumes to 250.949.6381 or email: jdwork@ketacable.net Experienced Waitress/Server-Full-Time Company: Sams Place Wage: TBD Expiry Date: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 9am Details: Restaurant Phone # (250) 949-3333 Qualifications & Experience: Food Safe & Serving it Right are an Asset. How to apply: Please drop off Resume in person Attn: Yani or Fax to (250) 949-7387 PAGE 26


Experienced Short Line Cook-Full-Time Company: Sams Place Wage: TBD Expiry Date: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 9am Details: Restaurant Phone # (250) 949-3333 Qualifications & Experience: Food Safe & Serving it Right are an Asset. How to apply: Please drop off Resume in person Attn: Yani or Fax to (250) 949-7387 Experienced Chef-Full-Time Company: Sams Place Wage: TBD Expiry Date: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 9am Details: Restaurant Phone # (250) 949-3333 Qualifications & Experience: Food Safe & Serving it Right are an Asset. How to apply: Please drop off Resume in person Attn: Yani or Fax to (250) 949-7387 House cleaning.-Part-Time Company: An Ocean Storm bed and breakfast Wage: $15.00 per hour Expiry Date: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 9am Details: House cleaning for 3 b&b rooms plus common areas for guests use,20 hours per week.This is a seasonal position from MayOctober. Qualifications & Experience: House cleaning and or chambermaid experience.Tourism an asset. How to apply: Contact Michele-250-949-9611 or email anoceanstormbb@cablerocket.com Band Manager-Full-Time Company: Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw Nations Wage: Competitive + benefits Expiry Date: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 9am Details: See www.gwanak.info for more details. Qualifications & Experience: 5-7 years progressively more responsible managerial experience (preferably with First Nations), postsecondary education, and superior management skills. Candidates must be willing to provide a criminal record check, and do the job interview in person in Port Hardy. How to apply: Submit cover letter and resume, with 3 references, to finance@gwanak.info by 4pm Apr. 11 Substitute IT or ECCE Worker-Casual


Company: Kwigwis Daycare Wage: DOE & licence Expiry Date: Friday, April 4, 2014 - 9am Details: We are looking for licensed substitutes to work with children in our licensed daycare centre-food prep, programming, supervise & interact with children & staff. Qualifications & Experience: Infant Toddler or ECCE certificate & license, Dr note of health, TB test,First Aid, 19 + yrs of age, references, criminal record check, team player, sense of humour How to apply: Fax: 250.949.9015 Mail or in person: 99A Tsakis Way Fort Rupert BC ECCE or ECCE Assistant-Full-Time Company: Kwigwis Daycare Wage: TBD Expiry Date: Friday, April 4, 2014 - 9am Qualifications & Experience: Able to cover breaks, assist with program planning, snacks, clean up, field trips, be a team player, interact with children, families and staff. Must have ECCE License or ECCE Assistant Certificate. A Dr's Note, criminal record check, 19 years old. TB Test First Aid, flexibility, sense of humour and a forward thinker. Start Date Feb 17th How to apply: Please apply with a Cover Letter, Resume and 2 written references. Fax resume to 250.949.9015 or Mail to P.O. Box 1440, Port Hardy BC, V0N2P0. Or drop off in person Front Store Manager-Full-Time Company: Rexall Wage: TBD Expiry Date: Friday, April 4, 2014 - 9am Details: The Front Store Manager is the catalyst in building an effective team to ensure the ongoing success of store operations. Acting as a leader in driving superior customer experience, that translates into an environment that ensures people make the healthiest choices quickly, easily and confidently, helping them feel better every day.

through participation and leadership in community business groups as well as initiatives focusing on Health and Wellness. •Demonstrate outstanding sales ability, leadership capabilities, and contributes to the overall store concept by bringing plenty of energy, enthusiasm, passion and strong communication skills as we strive to be recognized as the Canadian leader in pharmacy health care. •Identify ways in which front shop and pharmacy programs intersect and ensure communication to maximize customer interface is smooth and seamless towards achieving exceptional customer service. •Oversee human resource activities which include recruitment, training, certification, developing and motivating staff, performance evaluations, disciplinary procedures, and handling union issues where applicable. •Champion and model the development of subject matter expertise at store level. Health and Wellness product knowledge, merchandising, loss prevention, Health and Safety and exceptional Pharmacy/Patient Care. •Ensure that the store achieves and maintains budgeted sales, gross profit, EBITDA, inventory targets, labour costs, shrink, and controllable store expenses. •Lead and inspire store staff-"hands-on" approach in identifying and responding to issues in a timely manner motivating employees to perform above expectations. Qualifications & Experience: •5-7 years retail sales experience •Strong financial acumen •Proven superior customer service, people management and effective communication skills; •Exceptional multi-tasking skills with the ability to adapt to change •The effective execution and implementation of strategic corporate initiatives and programs; •Strong problem solving and analytical skills How to apply: Visit Rexall.ca/careers/ posting #860-029 or email resumes to 7104general@rexall.ca

WORKING TO BUILD STORE OPERATIONS YOUR FOCUS WILL BE TO: •Actively promote the Rexall image within the community by encouraging a positive profile PAGE 27




Lou and Elizabeth Walkus’ Family would like to send belated birthday wishes to: Morris

Would like to wish to my BEAUTIFUL Niece Cheyenne Janssen HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY we LOVE YOU Chey many more years to come. April 6th

Johnny, Auntie Lily Johnny, Clayton Walkus, Cathy Swain, and Blaze Walkus-Charlie. Happy birthday All! We hope you had a great day ď Š

We would also like to wish the following a very happy birthday: Harvey Walkus II, Bob Wishing sister in law/auntie Mona George a Happy Birthday on April 4th Hope you have a great day. Lots of Love from Bill, Alice, Lawrence, Chass, Jeremy and Shandi.

Swain, David Wallace Jr., Ernie Scow, Caleb Dick, Kristen Walkus, Corey Swain, Braden Walkus, Trinity Walkus, Aaron Walkus, and Justice Walkus. Love you all and hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy 8th birthday to my handsome son William Charlie, happy birthday cuz Thomas jack & Happy Anniversary to my neph Wes & niece Tricia Walkus all on March 24th . Lotsa love Auda T and fam.

Special Birthday wish going out to my pretty Cheyenne love from mom and gran April 6th From Margaret. >>>Would like to wish my momma/gramma Mona a Happy Birthday we hope you have a great day we love you so much huge hugs from Margaret, your grandsons, Fred and kids xoxoxo.




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April 4 2014  

Here is another issue of the newsletter for Gwa'sala- Nakwaxda'xw Nations

April 4 2014  

Here is another issue of the newsletter for Gwa'sala- Nakwaxda'xw Nations

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