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YO! News January 16/ 2015 3-7 Big House update- Jan 12 meeting held at elders building

Dear Community Members,

8 Food Security and Nutrition Coordinator- Good food box Starting up again

There are only two weeks left to enter to win round trip flights to Vancouver and tickets to a Canucks game. Please click on the link below – or visit the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw Facebook page where this link will also be posted – where we will ask you a few short questions about KEDC and how you want to hear from us. Answering the survey will automatically enter you to win the prize. As you may know, the KEDC was created as a result of strong community desire to grow opportunities that will bring in revenue, prosperity, skills and development to the community. It is a distinct entity that reports directly to the Chief and Council. We’re conducting this survey so that we can better understand how the community has come to know about the organization, what they believe it does within the community, and how people hope to communicate with the KEDC.

https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KEDCCommuni tySurvey

We hope that you have time to contribute to this process as it will help us better serve you.

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G-N Recycle Depot Schedule The Recycle depot will be opened 1-5 p.m.

Monday Wednesday Friday Friendly reminder to not leave any items outside the recycle depot while it is closed. We are doing the best we can to keep the area clean and just ask that you please wait until we are opened. If you have anything that need to be picked up give the band office a call.


Thank you

Conrad Browne

Brandon Walkus

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Hello community – may this year be filled with wishes and dreams that come true and may those promises that are written and talked about take full form.

One of the dreams discussed for a long period of time has been the building of our own Bighouse, ‘Gukwdzi’, here in Tsulquate. For the last two years a group of concerned/interested community members have spoken clearly of the need for our Bighouse now, not in another 50 years.

Bighouse Committee/Society formed Last spring we formed the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwa’xwda’xw Bighouse Society as well as a building committee to take the necessary steps toward planning to build a GN Bighouse. An early stage of the “planning” was to hire a project manager/coordinator to carry out the first stage toward a completed Bighouse. In early December, the Committee agreed to bring on board contractors with experience and proven ability to carry out tasks as laid out.

First Draft Concepts of the Bighouse Provided This past Monday, the contractors working for K’awat’si (GN Economic Development Corporation), provided a first report of the work that has been done toward the first of several stages to complete the Bighouse.

To build we need:         

an overall project coordinator; a location; plans that outline the specs as laid out by the Bighouse Committee and community members; a source of logs; experienced master carvers and GN apprentices, carpenters and; continued input and support from the community funds proposal writing fundraising

Derick Ewen, Dave Sawyer and Conrad Browne presented several drawings that show a potential site for the future GN Bighouse. The outside parameters are illustrated as well as the inside of the Bighouse, taking into consideration such things as seating, handicap access, washrooms, doors, tunnels, fire area, and all the other details recorded from previous meetings. PAGE 3



The drawings presented are available for viewing at the Elders Centre at this time and will be made available over the coming weeks. It is hoped that people will view these and provide comments.

A Meeting of Master Carvers with experience building a Bighouse It was very heartening to see the interest of the people present at the Monday meeting. As well as our Elders, staff and community members there were Master Carver guests from Alert Bay, Kingcome and Campbell River. The guests spoke strongly of the respect they have for our people and the ancestors of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwax’da’xw who had impacted and led to their own ability to become the Master Carvers they are today.

The meeting opened with words and prayer in our language, led by Hitlamas. The rest of the meeting was chaired by Colleen Hemphill, who gave a background of the activities and meetings leading up to that day. A great dinner followed, provided by Silena and Chelsey of the Elders Centre, when the guests introduced themselves…




“I am proud to see this coming together, and hope to have input to help our people come together. This Bighouse project will help the youth come together and feel alive, as it did for the Wewaykum in Campbell River, “ said Bill Henderson.

Bruce Alfred, grandson of Axu Alfred stated, “When the bighouse opened in Alert Bay in 1965, it changed things, our culture became strong!”

Wayne Alfred spoke on how he had observed Willie Seaweed carving and how he was a real carver, different from others around him. He talked about Mr. Hall, who was the head carver of the Big House in Alert Bay. He mentioned how after watching our film, How a People Live, he thought, “How can I help my people out?” He said tears of pride are with us GN and he commits to help as much as possible.

Junior Henderson said he has been carving for 21 years under his uncle Bill Henderson, and said that as a grandson of Sam Henderson of the ‘Nakwa’xda’xw, “ … it would be an honor to give back some of what we got..”

Charles Willie said how it is an honor to see all the strength and spirit present and he is glad to see the Bighouse coming. He explained how in Rivers Inlet, the Wixinuxw hold all of their Elder, treaty and other meetings in the Big House now – the level of respect is different and more positive now. “ I am glad to be here, you’ll have all of me,” he said.

GN Councillor, Ernie Henderson, said he welcomed all the families present, “This is what it’s all about. This is about pulling our people together. Its good for our kids, it is a must today. “

Mary Johnson, Elder Council and Bighouse Committee member stated, “Thank you for sharing your beautiful skill from the elders.” She spoke of her ties to Hamidzi, Tom Johnson, a beautiful elder with skills to sing. She stressed that we are the elders for the next generation to teach.”

Kathy Walkus said she is excited for the Bighouse and hopes our young people will be put to work.

Wayne Walkus stated he has been carving for four years and looking at the art of Smokey Top. He said he feels privileged to be involved and is the great grand son of Charlie G and Smokey Top.




Walter Brown, ‘Pangwadi’, stated that his grandfather, Willie George, inspired him and that he has been carving for five years with Charles Willie.

Eddy Walkus said words cannot express how happy he is to be hearing of our plans and that he has been working with Master Carvers in Alert Bay for a number of years now.

Alfred Rufus, “Bird”, spoke about how he grew up on Turnour Island to see lot of dancers and masks that are not seen anymore. To the Master Carvers present, he said, “I am real glad you guys are here, I heard people say ‘there is not gonna be a Bighouse here, you’ll be dead first.’ I never realized it’s such a big thing. The young singers here would feel more at home in a Bighouse.

Leo Lawson talked about his experiences where he came from and how important it is to have a community process driven by community. He noted how the drawings “…capture what the Elders said”.

Kenny Walkus said he is anxious to learn more about the culture.

Alvin Walkus stated his lineage to George Walkus and that he is happy to see what is happening. “If we have problems, with your help we can work it out.”

Willie Walkus talked about how he was told by his dad that the people of old days travelled to help each other out. “My grandparents travelled from place to place to help. We are the grand children of those that did this before. We are coming together now, after 50 years of separation – from our culture. This Bighouse will be built with love.”

Community members raised questions and concerns Conrad, Derrick and Dave provided responses to some of these.

Doug Johnny talked about the potential location, that he felt strongly on the need to build in the homelands, he also stressed the need to speak to heads of the families.




Davis Henderson spoke of his concern that the plans do not reflect the way things were done in the past. He also spoke on the need to rely on our own carvers.

Wade Charlie questioned the process that has brought the Bighouse planning to this point.

Hitlamas spoke his feelings about the need for respect and the need to avoid hurting. He talked of his training from Katie Adams and the elders. And he thanked the remaining Wewaikum at the meeting for their input.

Gary Walkus outlined his involvement. ”When I was 13 years old I heard people say ‘we need a bighouse’; it was discussed again when I was 17. In later years I came back again and sat with Colleen and soon our meetings started to grow. Elders came, we talked about location and Council supported a potential lot. We kept inviting more and more people to discuss things; we extended invites to more families. At the beginning in the meetings it was said, why not build in the homelands – but where could we find neutral location?” He pointed out, “These are draft proposals for all our people’s input before we actually start to build”.

Bill Henderson said, “My father learned to carve in Ba’as. He brought that teaching and culture to Campbell River. I went to Colleen’s nephew’s funeral in November and saw the boys from here sing… with that and a Bighouse you’ll only get better,” he said.

This is a chance for the young people Betty Walkus stated that members present represented the families. She said we are a fast growing community that needs a very large space. “My heart is with the young, they will learn here. Our children can be proud. It is hard to have everyone involved -- this project has been discussed for years,” she said.

The meeting ended with all holding hands as Mary Johnson gave praise to God in a prayer and asked for blessings on everyone especially those to travel back home.

Update Prepared by Colleen Hemphill For Yo News, January 15, 2015




Hello Everyone! I have had the great opportunity to take over the Food Security and Nutrition Coordinator position!  I am very excited to keep the Good Food Box program going! The sign-up sheet will still remain at the front desk and will be there on Monday, January 19/15. Sign up cut off: Tuesday, January 27/15 Pick up: January 30/15 1-3pm Elders Building Just a reminder that payment is due at the time you sign up and can be given to myself or Bernadine at the front desk. If you do not pick up your Good Food Bag on the pick-up date it will be sold to someone else! If you have any questions you can contact me at (250)230-2319 or chelseywalkus@gmail.com Thank you! Chelsey Walkus Food Security and Nutrition Coordinator




Yo wiksas Happy New Year to you all. The elders have had a slow start to this year but things are picking up very quickly. We catered for the Big House dinner meeting on Monday (jan 12). What a great turn out that was. We had our first luncheon yesterday (Jan 15). I am pleased to say we had 19 elders, 5 staff members & 1 councillor all in attendance  I hope to see more turn outs such as these. Thank you Chelsey for all of your help! You rock.

We have a couple of catering jobs coming up on January 22 for Trust and January 29 for VIHA. We will begin at 10am both days. Elder's council meetings will resume next week. I will be away with granny Sara on Monday & Tuesday (Jan 19&20).

There will still be an Elder's Day Monday the 19th, thanks again Chelsey. Chelsey is our new food & nutrition Coordinator. You will be seeing more of her at our Elder's Center. She will be doing her first Good food bag on January 30th. So if you wish to get one, please sign up asap!  have a great weekend folks Gilakasla Silena George




Public Works Emergency Planning Committee: Our next regular meeting is on Feb 5, 10 - 11 am at Wakas Hall. Please feel free to join us and see what we are doing. Housing problems: If you have any issues with your home Please contact Lorna or Leo. Lorna looks after Social Housing homes, Leo looks after Band Owned homes. They will call Public Works to see if we can fix it and if we can’t we will let them know. Then they will call in a plumber, electrician or appliance repair who ever needs to be called.

Bob 250-230-0087







JOB POSTING – LANDS SURVEY ASSISTANT As you may know, we conducted land and forests surveys on potential Treaty Settlement Lands in the territory last year at Ba’as. This year we will be doing the same in 4 locations in Gwa’sala Territory at Giga’ak, Margaret Bay, Tocsee and Nekite. We are looking for an energetic field assistant to join the team of Ernie Henderson, Patti Sewid, Ken Walkus and Carol Ellingson to camp at Giga’ak in June and July and travel by boat to conduct the surveys. REQUIREMENTS The field assistants will participate in all aspects of the survey, including:  working safely  trip preparations  setting up and taking down camp  food preparation and cleanup  travel by boat, extensive hiking  able to measure distances, lengths, sizes  be observant and thoroughly record all required data types  assist in orienteering, map reading, GPS use  establishing plots, cutting marker stakes  any other tasks as requested by the Lead Surveyors Prior to the survey, we are doing team building workshops with the survey crew and a small group of community members to build good working relationships and help understand the complex information that will result from the survey. The new assistant will be an important part of the workshops. PREREQUISITES  Good physical condition capable of hiking in dense bush for 8 hours per day on a 5 day shift.  Good work ethic – “self starter”, professional and courteous manner  Good reading comprehension and writing skills  Able to learn requirements such as reading maps, setting compass courses, data recording, etc.  Able to take direction and complete tasks as required  Training will be provided both prior and during the survey.

Please submit a description of your qualifications to the Band Office reception, attention Colleen Hemphill by January 22.




Community Liaison Position The Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations Treaty Office has a position opening as a Community Liaison Worker. The temporary three-month position will commence on or about Jan 28, 2014. Duties: This position is designed to help inform and raise greater awareness of Treaty Negotiations issues and information with community members. While seeking to raise a greater awareness and understanding we will also seek direct input and feedback from members to help guide the Negotiation Team as they represent community members at Main Table Negotiations. Activities/Meetings: In preparation for working with the community, the Liaison will: 1. Assist with research and preparation of information materials including brochures, hand-outs, power points and questionnaires; 2. Work with current Treaty Team and staff to host meeting with Elders, Youth, Families and individuals; Reports/Planning: 1. The information gathered will be put together into a report to help guide Negotiations. 2. The Community Liaison will assist with a Strategic Engagement Plan for community, to insure full input prior to completion of the Agreement in Principle stage four of Negotiations. Qualifications: The successful candidate will:      

Possess excellent research, writing, speaking and organization skills. Have an ability to use the computer to carry out the above-related activities. Have good ability to listen, take notes and analyze as per tasks listed above. Work well in a team setting. Take direction as well as be a self-starter. Be in good health and preferably possess a valid drivers license.

Please send resume with references to: Colleen Hemphill, Chief Negotiator, C/O Bernadine Clayton at Band Office Reception Or mail to: Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Treaty Office Box 110, Port Hardy, V0N 2P0 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS JAN.23, 2015










LOCAL JOB POSTING Landingman-Full-Time Company: Western Forest Products Inc. Industry: Forestry Wage: 29.00/hour Expiry Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 8am Details: WFP is currently seeking a Landingman to join our Holberg Forest Operation located approximately 45 minutes west of Port Hardy, BC. Located at the northern tip of Vancouver Island, BC, Port Hardy (pop. 4,500) is nestled on the edge of the Queen Charlotte Strait, in the small Hardy Bay. Qualifications & Experience: Fully experienced Grapple Yarder Landingman required. Must be in good physical condition with an excellent safety record and a strong work ethic. You are a highly motivated team player with excellent skills in relation to time management and prioritizing. You have creative and innovative thinking and logical problem solving, verified by your references who confirm you as a person that is accountable and dependable. How to apply: Facsimile: 1.866.840.9611 Email: resumes@westernforest.com Application Deadline: Monday, January 26, 2015 Reference Code: Landingman, HFO Grapple Yarder Operator-Full-Time Company: Western Forest Products Inc. Industry: Forestry Expiry Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 8am Details: WFP is currently seeking a Grapple Yarder Operator to join our Holberg Forest Operation located approximately 45 minutes west of Port Hardy, BC. Located at the northern tip of Vancouver Island, BC, Port Hardy (pop. 4,500) is nestled on the edge of the Queen Charlotte Strait, in the small Hardy Bay. Qualifications & Experience: You bring to the job an excellent safety record and a strong work ethic. You are a highly motivated team player with excellent skills in relation to time management and prioritizing. You have creative and innovative thinking and logical problem solving, verified by your references who confirm you as a person that is accountable and dependable. A minimum 5 years’ experience operating a Madill 044 Grapple Yarder. Experience with an Interlock Grapple Yarder is an asset. How to apply: Facsimile: 1.866.840.9611 Email: resumes@westernforest.com Application Deadline: Monday, January 26, 2015 Reference Code: Grapple Yarder Operator, HFO




Social Worker-Part-Time Company: Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre Industry: Social Services Wage: DOE Expiry Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 8am Details: This job is 17.5 hours/week *Maintain a caseload of a maximum of 6 clients/families *Act as a liaison between participants and other agencies as required *Coordinate meetings *Work in one on one and/or group settings *Provide support and education around Child Protection Process and Ministry of *Children and Family Development *Work as part of the team for larger community events *Develop reports and maintain statistics *Attend training as required- some travel may be expected *Adhere to Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre Policy and Procedures Qualifications & Experience: *Minimum undergraduate degree in related field or an equivalent experience with a diploma or certificate in social work or social science field *Class 5 drivers’ licence, Own transportation *Familiarity with Microsoft Office: word, excel and publisher *Strong ability to develop service plans (with client participation) and work plans *Abundance of experience working with aboriginal families and aboriginal communities and MCFD *Ability to maintain confidentiality *Good understanding of the Friendship Centre Movement *Willing to complete a criminal records check through the Ministry of Justice How to apply: Send resume and cover letter and 3 references by 4:30 pm January 31, 2015 to: Attention Janet Hanuse edswfc@telus.net or in person to 145-A Granville Street, Port Hardy BC Bull Cook-Full-Time Company: RSD Road Building Industry: Forestry Wage: $225 per day Expiry Date: Monday, January 26, 2015 - 8am Details: Successful applicant will have to fly into camp from Coal Harbour

Qualifications & Experience: Looking for someone with experience working as a bull cook for a barge camp. Schedule will be discussed with the successful applicant. How to apply: Email resume with references to rsdroads@shaw.ca Kitchen Manager/Head Chef-Full-Time Company: Quarterdeck Pub Industry: Other Wage: TBD Expiry Date: Friday, January 23, 2015 - 8am Details: ◾You must possess excellent customer-service skills. ◾Keen attention to detail: You will be responsible for a lot of elements: food standards, costs, safety, etc. ◾Strong leadership skills. ◾Management Skills: This position not only deals with food, you also deal with costs, pricing, creating work schedules and more. ◾Organizational Skills: Keeping work schedules, shipments, cleaning schedules etc. is crucial to the job. ◾Problem-Solving Skills: Dealing with employee conflict, unhappy customers etc. ◾Speaking/Communication Skills: As a Kitchen Manager, you will need to be able to accurately and easily communicate standards and cooking methods to staff, give orders and speak with customers clearly. You will be responsible for the overall operations for the back of house and kitchen area of the Pub/ Restaurant. Kitchen managers hire staff, purchase food and stock, and make sure everyone is trained on proper food preparation and kitchen safety techniques. In addition, as the kitchen manager, you will ensure that the Companies standards are upheld: the food looks good and is cooked properly, the proportions are correct, and it is cooked and served quickly. You will also make sure that the kitchen is properly cleaned on a regular schedule, food is disposed of properly and the kitchen meets all sanitary standards. Qualifications & Experience: Proven experience in kitchen management setting. A bachelor's degree in food service management or similar, or Red Seal certification is preferred. Current FoodSafe is manadatory. How to apply: Email cover letter, resume and references to carrie@quarterdeckresort.net Apply in person to Carrie at the Quarterdeck Inn with cover letter, resume and references.




ECE-Full-Time Company: Kwigwis Daycare Industry: Education Wage: TBD Expiry Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 8am Details: Up to 35 hours per week. Work within licensing requirements labour act, Band Policy - Must have ECEBC Code of Ethics. Experience working with Infants & Toddlers, 3-5yrs and after school children. All aspects of quality childcare with respect for health and safety. Qualifications & Experience: Must have ECE Certificate (or working on 500hrs) Criminal record clearance, First Aid, TB Test, Immunization 2 References and a Doctor's Note. Must have a sense of humor and flexibility! Please apply with Resume and Cover Letter. Position to Start ASAP How to apply: Please send resume via fax to (250) 949-9015, mail resume or apply in person with resume to Box 1440 Port Hardy, B.C. V0N 2P0 Sales Person-Full-Time Company: Shoprite Port Hardy Industry: Retail & Wholesale Wage: TBD Expiry Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - 8am Details: This is a full time position available with full benefits. Must be able to work Saturdays. Qualifications & Experience: Must possess good communications skills, be reliable and are self motivated. Employer is willing to train the right person, and being an outgoing personable personality is an asset. How to apply: Please apply by email with resume and references srsph@telus.net Mechanic Logging-Full-Time Company: W.D. Moore Logging Industry: Forestry Wage: Union Rate Expiry Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - 8am Details: Full time union Mechanic needed for working in the Port Hardy and Winter Harbour area. Qualifications & Experience: Fully experienced logging mechanic for coastal logging, hauling, and roadbuilding equipment.

How to apply: please send resume by email to hdlogmech@gmail.com

• Exercise flexible work practices to complete light mechanical repairs as needed.

Red Seal Automotive Technician-Full-Time Company: EJ Klassen Industry: Construction/ Trades Wage: Excellent Wage/Benefits Expiry Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 8am Details: Full time permanent position at busy GM dealership. Qualifications & Experience: Must be Red Seal Certified Automotive Technician How to apply: Apply in person to Brent Mitchell or Cory Klassen: 9045 Granville St. Port Hardy BC or Phone: 250-949-7442 Electrician-Full-Time Company: Marine Harvest Industry: Aquaculture Wage: DOE Expiry Date: Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 8am Details: Marine Harvest is the world’s leading producer of farmed salmon. Our Port Hardy Processing Plant is the most technically advanced fresh salmon processor in BC. Our Northern Vancouver Island location offers great outdoor and marine recreational activities, as well as excellent sports facilities and cultural, social and commercial amenities. Our processing plant operates year-round. We are currently looking for a team oriented, dynamic individual to join our team at the Port Hardy Processing Plant. \ The responsibilities of the successful applicant will include: • Repair, troubleshooting and installation of machinery including electrical and electronic equipment, control systems and automation • Read and interpret drawings, blueprints, electrical code specifications and schematics in order to effectively troubleshoot, maintain and repair equipment. • Optimize equipment safely, efficiently and reliably participating in continuous improvement projects and completing work orders according to PM schedules • Install or rework data/comm. and security wiring. • Preventative maintenance and servicing high-speed packaging and processing equipment • Work on other electrical projects as required. • Be self starting and reliable dealing with a wide range of people in all levels of the building/subcontracting industry.




Qualifications & Experience: The successful candidate will possess: • Red Seal Certification as Electrician (preferably Industrial) – 3rd or 4th year apprentice may be considered. • Strong troubleshooting skills • Experience with PLCs, VFDs, and robotic control systems • Ability to read electrical schematics • Experience with networking • Strong computer skills • Experience in a manufacturing maintenance environment, preferably in the food industry, would be an asset • Experience with dynamic and static weighing units would be an asset • Be committed and self-motivated, with very good organisational skills • Good working knowledge of current electrical standards and regulations The successful applicant will enjoy working to deadlines, be focused, be passionate about their work and have the ability to work under pressure when needed. Marine Harvest Port Hardy Processing Plant offers competitive, union rate wages with a comprehensive benefits package. How to apply: Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2015. Only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted. Please forward cover letter and resume to Shylo Loock: email: shylo.loock@marineharvest.com Fax: 250.850.3275


Happy Birthday to sis Elizabeth George January 13th we love and miss you get well soon. Happy Birthday to my best friend/ sister Ellen Betty January 15th hope you have a good day sis love you from sis Jo bro Rolly n kids Tynisha, Mckayla, Tomika and Mitchell Happy Birthday To Dowa January 30th hope you have a good day from Joanna, Rolando n kids Tynisha, Mckayla, Tomika n Mitchell we love you all __________________________________________ Birthday Wishes To: My Son Jaiden Joe On The 15th, My Bro Clarke On The 25th, My Mom Blanche Charlie On The 26th, And Happy Anniversary To My Husband Luke Joe On January 26th Love From The Joe/Walkus Family đ&#x;’• __________________________________________________ Happy birthday to my handsome nephew Tino on January 18th. Lots of love Aunty Tiff & family __________________________________________ I would like to request reports from Chief and Council and any departments ie: Band Manager, Treaty, Economic Development, ect. Please and thank you! Gloria Brotchi __________________________________________ Happy Birthday to uncle John Charlie Jr Wishing you the best and many more yrs to come. We love you uncle Johnny




Jan 19th From Priscilla Diana Luis baby Rj __________________________________________ Happy birthday brother/uncle Russell walkus we love you bro me,tyren,cole,and kailey! January 22 __________________________________________ Happy birthday to mom Blanche Charlie many more yrs to come. We love you so much Jan 26th Happy Birthday mama Loraine Skookum best wishes and many more yrs to come. We love you so much â™Ąâ˜†â™Ąâ˜†â™Ą Jan 27th Happy 9 yrs Anniversary to my Husband Luis Iraheta I love you with all my heart â™Ąâ˜†â™Ąâ˜†â™Ąâ˜† Jan 28th __________________________________________ Happy bday neph greg january 13th, special birthday wish to my love Philena Walkus on january 19th many many more to come _________________________________________ Happy birthday to my broth johnny nd my nephew Clarke Walkus nd my sister Blanche Charlie love u all from mommy nd I __________________________________________ Happy Birthday Tino Jan 18th Happy birthday sis Philen Jan 19th Happy Birthday to the best mom Maria Jan 27th. Love u all Frm Pam &Kendra __________________________________________ Happy 20th Birthday to our son Tino, January 18th. Happy 9th Birthday to our daughter Sierra Harmony on January 22nd. Love you both so much. Love from Dad, Mom, Tris, Lish, Trin and Buwa Jr. __________________________________________ Happy birthday to my son Russ on January 22nd. Love you son and wish you all the best! Lotsa love mom Tiff & all your siblings __________________________________________ Happy birthday to my baby sis Ellen Betty Han 15th

Happy birthday to my nephew Tino on Han 18 we love you nephew ' Happy birthday to my beautiful aunty Sandra aka Dowa . Jan 30 Happy birthday to uncle danial coon ' on January 30 . And a very happy new year to all the tsulquatians in 2015 . Love you all. From: Maggie Coon __________________________________________ I too would like to request reports from Chief and Council and any departments ie: Band Manager, Treaty, Economic Development, ect. Please and thank you! Janine Johnny __________________________________________ wishing my baby boy a very happy birthday... gregory walkus.. mommy loves you __________________________________________ would like to wish my teddy a happi birthday on the 18 (aka Quinten Coby) and wshing Sierra a happi 9th bitrthday on 23rd and wishing my babygirl Andi-Rae Fraser a happi 9th birthday on the 25th I Love you all with all my heart Wishing our baby girl Mackenna a very special birthday wish on Jan. 23rd love u baby __________________________________________ happy birthday to kenna duck and my handsome godson Jacoby duck ooooh and of course birthday wishes to my sista love ... nene also birthday wishes going out to one young man, who's so just awesome... happy birthday tino!! love auntie mel __________________________________________

Happy 9 year Anniversary to my wonderful parents Doug and Audrey Johnny! As of Janurary 1st __________________________________________ PAGE 20



Lou and Elizabeth Walkus' Family wish the following a very happy birthday: Libby Walkus, Gregory Walkus, Perrys Charlie, Don Felkley, Victor Hanuse Jr., Bryce Walkus, Quinten Coon, Philena Walkus, Sierra Walkus, Mackenna Scow, Tyson Joseph, Rylan Scow, and Lance Joseph. We hope you all have a wonderful birthday!Love from all of us ♥

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2015 01 16 yo news  

Another issue of the newsletter for the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw Nations

2015 01 16 yo news  

Another issue of the newsletter for the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw Nations

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