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A good font, not unlike fashion, can take you on trip to another place or time. Simply how a word or phrase is written can tell a story or visually stimulate. Some fonts can do this in a really big way, but then, that particular font has a very limited use and seems out of place in most situations. Other fonts have more versatility, but tell a watered-down story. With these fonts, the copy is more of the hero. Those, to me, are the polarizing ends of the spectrum and it’s important for an art director to have an arsenal of fonts to pick and choose from, not unlike your wardrobe. It’s also a great idea to have a few versatile fonts that work well for you, then a variety of the flashier fonts to accessorize with them. So, what makes a font a favorite font? Are they the flashy fonts you’re dying to find the perfect opportunity to dust off and make shine, or the totally functional, “everyday wear” fonts? I struggled with this dichotomy when selecting my favorite fonts.

Fashion is a frivolous and fickle art. It’s expensive. It’s something that everyone partakes in daily. It’s something everyone is judged for whether they like it or not. I don’t know of any other form of art so tied to causing eating disorders. But as much as I get pissed about the fashion industry, I love a well-groomed man. The dawn of the hipster has encouraged the disheveled look for men and it’s a disappointment. I like that Paul Smith has a polished look that can’t take itself too seriously with quirky prints and colors.

Graphic Design is hard to narrow down. It’s so eclectic and vast. I know with my limited, always expanding design sensibilities, I’m immediately turned off if I find a piece easy to piece together or replicate. I’m also particular to organic feelings to digital art. Since the computer screen has become one of the most commonly used canvases, art can become robotic and I value when artists breathe life back into their work.

I hate to admit how much packaging affects my purchases. My first-time purchases, anyway. Great packaging is a promise upon which that product had best deliver. If the product doesn’t deliver, I feel deceived and tell everyone of my deception.

I really struggled to determine “favorite sculptors.” I feel like if I like an artist, I’m going to like anything they create. Julie Elkins makes teapots and they’re awesome. Giger paints, sculpts, makes bars and designed the creatures from the movie Aliens. All are awesome. I’m fairly certain that if he made toilet paper, I would want it. Dr. Seuss used both sculpting and painting as stress relievers in between creating the work that earned him the 2 Oscars and the Pulitzer Prize. I believe that a creative soul is going to take their perspective with them to whatever medium they use. I had a giant list of sculptors who I loved, but I realized, that with a lot of them, I liked their use of other mediums more. That helped me whittle away the list a bit.

I’ve never painted. I’ve never taken a painting class. I feel like I should, but I think painting is intimidating. It has much more of a permanence. It’s not an “Command + Z” when you mess up. There’s no dodging and burning. I have respect for painters as a craft. But, what do paintings do? They lay against a wall. You have to go to them, they don’t come to you. There aren’t too many paintings that change human perception, though the ones that do are awesome.

I never saw a building as an art. I never saw an architect as an artist. I saw an architect as a nerd with a pocket protector. Buildings serve functions. They separate us from all other animals. But once I started traveling around more, I have seen some beautiful buildings. I crave to travel abroad to see some of the buildings I’ve put in my collection.

With the internet and web sites like flickr, I never see just one photograph from a photographer at a time. I can see hundreds. Immediately. I have lost days looking at each of these photographer’s works. Honestly, I had never thought to pick just one favorite, which is probably what inspired my collage aesthetic to this book. So, I decided to pick photographs that encapsulated what I liked about each photographer. All are, of course, photographers I wish to borrow more from to create my own photographs.

Gwaley's Favorite Things  

A few of my favorite things, cliched, I know

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