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LUNG-CHING CHAN Works Volume 2013

01 Smart City, Kochi,India

02 Tishman Speyer, Suzhou,China

03 Eco-City, HuaiAn,China

04 ACRPS Arab Centre, Doha,Qatar

01 Smart City Kochi,India

Fall 2013 1. Liveable SmartCity Community The Structure of SmartCity Kochi is to create an innovative, culturally symbolic, contemporary, culturally symbolic, contemporary, and distinct Urban Form. Integrated Neighborhoods, and Lifestyle Villages connected by a seamless and picturesque green and blue network.

2. Incubator for Diversity To build a SmartCity, we identify diversity as an essential characteristic to vibrant ecological, social, and economical structures. Through stimulating diversity in all sectors of its development we will see an integrated community grow and prosper.

3. Context & Connection of Place Strengthen and enhance the global identity of the Kerala region through its connection to SmartCity Kochi – mutually benefitting connections to surrounding communities. Spatial sequences are integrated into the Urban Form from the macro scale as people approach SmartCity Kochi by land, air or sea; into a streetscape and public transit hierarchy as people move through; and into a very human scale that allows for people to connect with people and nature.

4. City Living & Nature City/Smart/Culture/Park – A sustainable and integrated combination of Natural Systems and Urban Fabric will be created to ensure habitat connectivity for all species. Each aspect of SmartCity rehabilitates the native ecosem, which supports the development of a diverse community program.


Spark Innovation & Anticipate Change

A SmartCity Master Plan that incorporates innovations and improvements in processes, technologies, for local infrastructure and the integration of built systems. A flexible Master Plan that facilitates opportunities for future generations to exchange knowledge globally that can be adapted locally – a long-term approach.

lung ching chan work sample  
lung ching chan work sample