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his year has been flying by so quickly, but then I guess they do say that time flies when you’re having fun! It’s a pleasure to work at Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, because we are surrounded by people who are dedicated to saving lives or helping others to. The people we work with, our volunteers and the patients who come back to see us are so inspiring that you cannot help but be supermotivated around here! Have a read of the stories on pages 8 and 13 to see what I mean. There are so many exciting things going on – every week our supporters find new and fun ways to raise money for the charity, but of course at the forefront of all our minds is the impending move to our new air base in Almondsbury. I love sorting stuff out and look forward to the challenge of clearing out the air base ready for the move, but I really don’t like spiders and the old Filton base is riddled with them, so I may have a think about how hands on to be! We are all looking forward to operating from a new, purpose built air base which is modern. This will be a huge milestone for our charity, and a significant step forward for our crew, who will have a home which is fitting of their vital work. We reach another significant milestone this year, celebrating 10 years since our helicopter set off on its first emergency flight. In this special issue of Helimed News we’ll be celebrating some of the amazing volunteers who have helped us over the years, and meeting some of our longest serving, and newest, members of our crew. Read on to find out more! Anna Perry Chief Executive




Celebrating 10 Years of The 3rd June 2018 marked a significant date for us here at GWAAC. Ten years ago, our helicopter took to the skies on its first mission, carrying a team of Specialist Critical Care Paramedics and Doctors to a road traffic collision. To celebrate our tenth birthday, we’re taking a trip down memory lane, with a snapshot of the last decade providing our life-saving service.



Over the years we’ve upgraded our helicopter several times. In 2014 we swapped from the Bolkow on the left, to the Eurocopter 135, a twin-engine civil helicopter widely used to provide Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS).

Back in the day all our navigation was done with paper maps. It may not look very high-tech, but this giant map in our crew room is still a good way to plot the location of our next mission. This article from The Bristol Post marked the launch of our helicopter. The amount we need to raise each year may have changed significantly, but some of the original crew are still here!

Our first ever helicopter was black and yellow. Training is still a daily occurrence for our highly skilled crew.


5 201

Our branded helicopter arrived on the scene in 2015, in eyecatching lime green and blue livery. It looks like this herd of local cows was pretty keen on it too!



Helimed NEWS


2014 We never know where we’ll be called to next. As well as saving lives, our crew have to be skilled at navigating too.

Whatever the weather, we’re out 365 days a year, providing critical care where it is needed most.

Our mascot Charlie the Critical Care Bear joined us in 2014. Keep an eye out for him at events this summer when he’ll be travelling across the region spreading the word about our life-saving work.

Many people think we’re all about the helicopter but in fact our cars arrived before. We have two Critical Care Cars which can carry our specialist team and equipment to the scene of an incident fast.


Here our crew are doing a simulation with the LUCAS Chest Compression System, which provides hands-free CPR and enables them to carry out other life-saving interventions at the same time.

Helimed NEWS

Our current crew includes a few faces from the very first years of GWAAC, and paramedics and doctors who are going through the rigorous training we provide to all our new members of staff.




GWAAC – Our Story... We’ve come a long way since our first flight in 2008. Our humble beginnings in 2007 saw just two volunteer medics providing the first Pre-Hospital Critical Care service for the region.


marks a milestone year for us – we celebrate a decade providing our vital service, and move into a purpose built airbase which will be a suitable home for our heroes of the sky. Here we meet two of our crew members who have been with us since day one, and learn about the history of GWAAC from our beginnings to the present day. PROFESSOR JONATHAN BENGER Professor Jonathan Benger is Professor of Emergency Care in the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences at UWE. He leads the Emergency and Critical Care Research Theme in the Centre for Health and Clinical Research, and is Director of the Bristol Academic Department of Emergency Care. He was instrumental in the setup of GWAAC, acting as our first medical advisor and promoting the active model of Pre-Hospital Critical Care. Jonathan still regularly completes shifts with us as one of our Critical Care Doctors, and is also a Trustee of the charity.

JUNE 2008 Great Western Air Ambulance Charity was officially formed and the crew made their base in a side room of the Flight Ops building at Filton air field. Those first missions were carried out using a Eurocopter 135. Every morning the helicopter had to be flown from its hangar on the other side of the airfield to the helipad by the crew room, and back again at night. The crew were online three or four days a week. The first emergency call came in one June 3rd, when the crew


DR PHIL COWBURN Dr Phil Cowburn is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Bristol Royal Infirmary, a Trauma Team Leader at Southmead Hospital and the Associate Medical Director (Acute Care) of South Western Ambulance Service Foundation Trust. He is also one of our Critical Care Doctors. In 2007 Phil worked alongside Jonathan at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, and together they recognised the need for an air ambulance service to cover what was then the county of Avon. Advocates of the Critical Care model of emergency care, they were keen to develop a service which was more than simply an air ambulance. They felt passionately about the need for a service providing advanced medical support at the scene of the incident, and in these early days operated out of a Critical Care Car. Retired pharmacist John Christensen was the Chair of NHS Trust, and took on the task of setting up the charity side of GWAAC. He put together a group of his friends and business associates to make this dream a reality. He remains closely involved with the charity.

were called to a road traffic collision on the M5, at junction 21 for Weston-Super-Mare. 2009 After a full year of operations it was obvious that the need for the service was great, and so a decision was made to operate seven days a week. The cost implications of this meant that we changed helicopter to a Bolkow 105, which was cheaper to run. This machine was designed in the 1960s to fight Russian tanks amid the Cold War!

In 2009 the crew also relocated to the hangar which we are in today – one of the oldest operating hangars in the country, it dates from the First World War!


Our Bolkow 105


Helimed NEWS

JULY 2012 The charity launched its ‘Movin’ on Up’ campaign, to raise £250,000 for the lease of a new helicopter. The target was an EC135, which would bring a whole range of benefits including an extra seat, more space, and a faster start up time. DECEMBER 2012 Filton Airfield was closed to flights by landlord BAE Systems, marking the end of a long period in aviation history. GWAAC, along with the National Police Air Service (NPAS), are the last operations to continue flying from the air field. OCTOBER 2014 The new EC135 helicopter arrives. The first mission was that afternoon, when the crew flew an 18-year-old female to Southmead Hospital in Bristol after she fell off a horse in Cirencester. Our first EC135

JANUARY 2015 The helicopter spent a week in the workshop to be donned with GWAAC’s trademark colours of blue and lime green (see pic below). MAY 2015 After a generous donation from Bristol Area Cardiac Support we purchased three LUCAS machines to carry on board the helicopter and Critical Care Cars. Good quality chest compressions are one of the most important interventions when dealing with a cardiac arrest. The LUCAS is a machine that straps to the patients’ chest and standardises chest compressions, freeing up the crew to carry out other medical interventions.

Helimed NEWS

LUCAS machine trainig

AUGUST 2015 After an 18 month planning process we started to carry two units of O Negative blood on board the helicopter and Critical Care Cars. From road traffic collisions to horse riding incidents our patients can be seriously injured, and have often lost a lot of blood. Waiting until they arrive at hospital for a blood transfusion could be too late, and in a situation where every minute counts giving blood at the scene can be crucial to their survival. A few days after the launch a biker was seriously injured in a traffic collision, and so became the first person to receive a transfusion from the GWAAC team. AUGUST 2016 GWAAC is chosen for a 2 year charity partnership with the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, an amazing opportunity to raise vital funds and spread the word about our lifesaving work. OCTOBER 2016 We launched our new education campaign, Great Western Heart Starters, to teach CPR to Secondary School students. Every year in the UK there Ground Breaking at our new air base

are 60,000 incidents of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest and over half of them are witnessed by a bystander. However, many people lack the skills or knowledge to start CPR, and just wait for the ambulance to arrive. The mission of Great Western Heart Starters is to create a new generation of life-saving. NOVEMBER 2016 Planning permission for our new base was granted – a new modern hangar which is being built in Almondsbury by our landlords, BAE Systems. AUGUST 2017 Our newest helicopter, an EC135T2 +, arrived from Babcock. This has slightly enhanced features, but most importantly can carry more fuel so we can fly for longer and carry more. NOVEMBER 2017 On a wet and windy day in November, work began on the new air base. Our crew have monitored its progress from the sky ever since! JUNE 2018 A monumental year for GWAAC, not only do we celebrate 10 years since our first flight, but we are also set to move into the purpose built hangar. We have big dreams for this year, and a unique opportunity coming our way. Read on to find out the different ways that you can help make our dreams a reality.




Meet the New Recruits Dee Gordon and Mark Kinsella are both experienced paramedics, now undergoing our year-long training program to qualify as Specialist Paramedics in Critical Care. DEE GORDON STARTED HER TRAINING WITH GWAAC IN AUGUST 2017


Please can you explain a bit about your background and training?

Please can you explain a bit about your background and training?

I started my paramedic training at the University of the West of England in 2010 and qualified in 2012. After qualifying I worked for the West Midlands Ambulance Service on a rapid response vehicle in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Almost 2 years later I moved to the South Western Ambulance Service and was based in Gloucestershire. Whilst working in Gloucestershire, I continued my university education at Coventry University and gained a BSc (Hons) in Pre-Hospital Emergency Care. I moved to GWAAC in 2017 as a trainee Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care. Since being at GWAAC I’ve returned to university to complete an MSc in Pre-Hospital Critical Care - Retrieval and Transfer.

Why did you want to work for GWAAC?

I’ve always had an interest in Critical Care and the work of GWAAC since the start of my paramedic training. The more I witnessed the excellent care that the team provides, often in challenging circumstances, and saw the dedication of all the staff and volunteers, the more I wanted to become part of this amazing organisation and support our local communities. I like all aspects of the job - it’s brilliant!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I enjoy surfing and exploring new places. Interesting fact.... I like super noodle sandwiches and my favourite colour is orange! (This is fortunate as Dee spends a lot of time in her distinctive orange flight suit!)


I am a graduate paramedic, trained in UWE in Bristol. After graduating I worked on the ambulances in Bristol, based at Soundwell station. I became a Hazardous Area Response Team Paramedic in 2013. I Joined Wiltshire Air Ambulance Charity in September 2016 before moving to GWAAC last year. I have a 1st class BSc (Hons) in Applied Paramedic Science from UWE and am currently working towards a Masters in Pre-Hospital Critical Care - Retrieval and Transfer at Plymouth University.

Why did you want to work for GWAAC?

I’ve worked alongside GWAAC as a paramedic since I first started in the Ambulance Service and have seen first-hand the lifesaving capabilities of the team. I have always been impressed at the skills, knowledge and cutting-edge technology utilised by GWAAC clinicians. I always want to provide the best care possible for my patients and challenge myself personally and professionally. GWAAC provides a constant source of challenge and satisfaction I feel is almost impossible to get anywhere else.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I seem to change hobby every time I gain a basic proficiency! I’m a keen wild camper and enjoy bush craft, though not in the winter!

What do you like best about the job?

The constant challenge to provide the best possible care to patients and their relatives.



Helimed NEWS


Critical Care Team at the Scene Saves Jerry’s Life Our work is centred on getting the skills and expertise of our crew to the scene of an incident as quickly as possible.


any people don’t realise we run two Critical Care Cars as well as our helicopter, and our crew are dispatched via the most appropriate at the time. For Jerry Phelps, the speed with which our car was able to reach him one fateful day in June 2017, along with the specialist skills and experience of our crew undoubtedly saved his life. Jerry had just finished work and was driving to a doctor’s appointment, when he went into cardiac arrest. Despite the severity of the situation, he managed to stop the car in the middle of a roundabout in Brislington. Luckily for Jerry a member of the public saw what happened and pulled him from his car. The bystander called 999 and began CPR, giving him the best possible chance of survival. Within five minutes of being called we arrived on scene. Our Critical Care team consists of a highly trained and experienced Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care and a Critical Care Doctor, who bring the skills and expertise of an Accident and Emergency Department directly to the patient. Critical Care Doctor Cosmo Scurr and Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care Matt Baskerville were on scene during Jerry’s incident that day. Cosmo explained: “We were called to assist our ambulance service colleagues as Jerry’s heart had stopped. They carried out CPR and life support

Helimed NEWS

Jerry Phelps with Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care Matt Baskerville

Jerry had just finished work and was driving to a doctor’s appointment, when he went into cardiac arrest and when we arrived his heart had been restarted but was extremely unstable”. On average GWAAC responds to a cardiac arrest patient every day. Cosmo continued: “We treated Jerry on the roundabout, stabilising his heart and protecting his brain, and then took him directly to the Bristol Heart Institute.” Jerry said: “I still have no knowledge of the incident. Matt, the Critical Care Paramedic who helped me that day has since explained how I was revived. I was given several shocks with a defibrillator, and was then given drugs which meant I can’t

remember anything else.” Jerry says he now feels very grateful and lucky, and was even able to visit the GWAAC air base recently to meet the crew and find out more about what happened on that day. Matt said: “It was great to meet Jerry again and a privilege to meet his family and to welcome them to the air base.” Jerry continued: “Thanks to the extensive work of the GWAAC team and the doctors and nurses of the Bristol Heart Institute, I have made a full recovery. The rapid response and excellent treatment at scene saved my life.”




MISSION DATA ... 2017 – 5 Areas – Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) provide the Critical Care and air ambulance service for 2.1 million people across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, North Somerset and surrounding areas. Our crew attend the most critical incidents across the region by helicopter or by one of our two Critical Care Cars. When someone is seriously ill or injured, time is of the essence, and they need expert help fast. This is where we come in. The GWAAC Critical Care team consists of a highly trained and experienced Pilot, Specialist Paramedics in Critical Care and a Critical Care Doctor. From emergency blood transfusions to roadside amputations or treating cardiac arrests, our crew specialise in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine and Trauma Medicine, bringing the skills and expertise of an Accident and Emergency Department to the patient.

AURORA-MAE’S STORY Little Aurora-Mae was watching her favourite television program with her dad, when she suffered a life-threatening seizure. Our Critical Care team sped to the scene, arriving just a few minutes later. She was made comfortable and taken to the Bristol Royal Hospital For Children, and is now home safe and sound, having made a full recovery.

DYLAN’S STORY Every parent’s worst nightmare became a reality for Tanya when her 4 year old son Dylan suffered a seizure at home, and found himself in need of urgent help from our Critical Care team. As Dylan’s seizure had been abnormally prolonged our team anaesthetised Dylan and stabilised him enough to be taken to the Bristol Royal Hospital For Children. Dylan has recovered well and recently celebrated his 5th birthday. He even asked for donations for GWAAC instead of birthday presents this year!

As a charity we need to raise over £3 10



Helimed NEWS

– 1 Dedicated Critical Care Team



755 jobs




119 jobs

206 jobs 97 jobs

Total missions in 2017: 1,824


137 jobs

million each year to stay operational Helimed NEWS




Volunteer Focus – 10 Years of Saving Lives Our volunteers are the unsung heroes of the charity – working tirelessly to spread the word about everything we do.


rom delivering talks in the community, to helping out at events; working in the charity office, to delivering our Great Western Heart Starters program in schools – our volunteers really are the backbone of our charity. We currently have over 100 regular volunteers helping out. In the summer months, this number is set to swell as we attend more events across the region. Our Volunteer and Events Coordinator, Claire Harmer, explains: “As a charity, it’s really important that we look after our supporters well, and get out into the community to spread the word about the work we do. Our volunteers are integral to making this happen. Coming from all walks of life - and all corners of our region - they bring a wealth of skills and experience which complements that of our charity team. For many, volunteering is a great way to meet new people, use their skills and learn new ones, all whilst helping a good cause… and what’s more, it’s great fun too!” VOLUNTEER AWARDS We wouldn’t be where we are today without their support over the years, and it seems fitting that earlier this year we were able to celebrate the amazing work and achievements of three of our longest serving volunteers. Jenny James, Phil Howgarth and Julia Mayfield

were recognised at a special award ceremony held by Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, Sue Mountstevens. The PCC Awards aim to highlight people working tirelessly in their communities and organisations, which our volunteers certainly do! Jenny and Phil were able to attend the event to collect their certificates, and are pictured here with Sue Mountstevens who said: “It’s always humbling to see the dedication, bravery and hard work that so many people do. They are the unsung heroes going that extra mile to keep the communities of Avon and Somerset safer and stronger and it is always a joy to meet them and hear their stories. Both Phil and Jenny have devoted their time to supporting Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, and they really do go above and beyond to help. To get the chance to meet them today was lovely, well done both!” If you would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities with GWAAC, contact Claire on claire @gwaac.com

GWAAC volunteer Phil Howgarth receives his award

Jenny James Sue (right) with s en ev st nt Mou




Helimed NEWS


From Life-Changing Injuries to Para-Rider When our crew has attended an incident they may not hear about the outcome, so we love to welcome patients back to visit our air base.


allyanne Haigh’s life changed forever one day whilst she was out riding in the Gloucestershire countryside. Having spent a happy morning polishing her riding skills, she was halfway round a cross country course when her horse refused a fence. The horse reared up, then toppled backwards down the hill they were on, with Sallyanne still in the saddle. As she fell, Sallyanne heard the horrifying sound of her back crack. She hit the ground with the horse on top of her, then everything went white. Although she was conscious and remembers most things, this was the moment when she believes her spinal cord was severed. “I was in absolute agony,” remembers Sallyanne, “I’ve never had pain like it before. It felt like there were bricks on my chest and back, and I was frightened, very frightened. I knew it was bad, as I couldn’t feel my legs.” Paramedics from the Ambulance Service rushed to the scene, and soon realised that her injuries were critical. This was when the team from Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) were called to the incident. Eight minutes after the call came through to our base in Filton, our highly trained Critical Care team arrived by helicopter and were at Sallyanne’s side. Critical Care Dr Ed Valentine and Critical Care Dr Greg Cranston, who both also work as Emergency Medicine Consultants at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Wales, were two of those in attendance.

Helimed NEWS

Sallyanne with some of the crew

She hit the grou nd with the horse on top of her, then everything went white. Sallyanne was treated at Southmead Hospital, then at Salisbury Spinal Unit. She had broken her back in several places and sustained an injury to her spinal cord. She is now paralysed from the waist down, and will be impacted by the accident for the rest of her life. However, with the support of her family, including her children, Harry and Stella, Sallyanne has striven to re-build her life and has proven to be an inspiration to all around her. “I’m now back in the saddle. I have been classified as a Paragrade II rider by British Dressage and am working slowly towards riding again in para-dressage for the South West British ParaEquestrian team.” Sallyanne recently paid a visit to GWAAC, to meet the team who saved her life. “I got a bit emotional,” she explains. “I had

a horrible lump in my throat and tears started welling up in my eyes. I realised I hadn’t thought much about the accident before now and, as a result, had put it all behind me. When we walked through the door into the control hub, any feelings of anxiety vanished. We were met by the most amazing team of heroes you could ever imagine,” she continues. “We all chatted a lot about the day and what happened. Dr Greg explained that he held my hand and positioned himself in my line of vision all the time, giving me reassurance. It was this act of kindness that I’ll always remember. When I think back to that eventful day, I only remember being in extreme pain and having someone close to me, reassuring me all the time. I now know that this was Dr Greg – I was so frightened, and he’d made me feel safe”.




The Challenge of a Lifetime In 2017 Becky Garland and a team of 21 intrepid explorers took part in our first ever overseas challenge, trekking Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and raising thousands for GWAAC in the process…


“ n February 2017 I joined the team with four of my colleagues from Bristol Marriott hotel. We had already done some fundraising for GWAAC and were impressed with their personal touch.

Fundraising for the trip “Admittedly we were a little daunted at first about the thought of raising the money, but once GWAAC gave us fundraising ideas and inspiration we felt a lot more confident. Whilst it can be hard work at times, we had the time of our lives dancing in supermarkets and at events with GWAAC’s Critical Care Bear Charlie! From car boot sales, to half marathons, a 50 mile bike ride, supermarket collections and a charity ball, we did the lot. Not only did I manage to raise the funds, I also had the most memorable and exciting year of my life so far! It was amazing how many people we met shared their stories about their family or friends who had been saved by GWAAC. It inspired us to keep going and raise more as we realised how many people’s lives had been touched, and saw first-hand what it meant to them.

The trek “If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I’d say it was the hardest yet the best thing I’ve ever done, making unforgettable memories. “After a year of fundraising and training I was

nervous yet excited when the day came to start our expedition, and attempt to climb the highest free standing mountain in the world. The moment we set off to the airport we were all full of excitement and laughed pretty much the whole way. Most of us had met before on some ‘socials’ to get to know each other. I can honestly say that the people on this trip, who were from all walks of life, have now become lifelong friends. I am so thankful to GWAAC for not only giving me this opportunity to raise money for a lifesaving cause, but also for introducing me to the most hardworking and inspiring people I have ever met. I experienced things I never thought I would, and I am so glad I took the opportunity when I did. “The trek itself was hard going, but the beautiful scenes and great team got me through to the end, plus I also remembered the reason we were there – to raise money for this vital service. Even the headaches and upset stomachs could not be ruined by the laughter, dancing, support and beautiful views. The feeling of being up above the clouds and so close to the stars is something I will never forget. “It’s been over a year now since the trek, and I have been inspired by the work of the charity so much that I am now working full time for them… knowing what a difference they make to people’s lives has given me so much drive to help keep them flying!”

ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHALLENGE? To find out more about joining the Kilimanjaro 2019 trek, contact claire@gwaac.com

There were highs and there were lows, but this was a trip Becky will never forget




Helimed NEWS

abbeyfield 132x90 Dorset Air Ambulance_Layout 1 22/01/2014 15:18 Page 1 Registered Charity No. 1014697

Come and meet us at the house in Bleke Street where visitors are always welcome

The Abbeyfield Blackmore Vale Society in Shaftesbury provides sheltered accommodation for 15 people approaching their later years who no longer wish to live alone or maintain their own home, yet still want to lead an independent and active life. We are an independent charitable organisation managed by trustees. We employ a team of house staff and are supported by a group of loyal volunteers. For information on vacancies or volunteer opportunities please contact us on

01747 854922 Email: info@abbeyfieldbv.org.uk

Untitled-1 1

Thinking of moving into a care home – or just needing a little extra help at home? We’re here to help Whatever your care needs, we know that it’s care that counts – the quality care of all our residents and home care customers. As a leading provider of residential and home care across the south of England, we offer compassionate residential, nursing, dementia and home care at a realistic cost. Whether you’re looking for care in your own home, a short respite stay or a new home, we offer a warm welcome, comfort and peace of mind. To request a brochure, arrange a visit or find out more, contact

www.care-south.co.uk ☎ 01202


| info@care-south.co.uk


28/09/2015 09:56


Your Messages and Photos We love receiving messages and photos of our helicopter, so keep them coming! You can tweet us – @GWAAC, find us on Facebook – Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, or email pr@gwaac.com. You never know, your comments could be featured in the next issue! Richard Jeavons: One of our Critical Care Doctors took this picture of the crew out on a mission during #StormEmma @Will_Lee765: Attended incident in WSM with @swasFT crews. Thanks to @ASPolice and @GWAAC for their assistance, excellent landing by the pilot!

@Littlun007: Todays excitement; seeing the air ambulance passing overhead and landing nearby

On Twitter…

@cehwitham: Never good to look out and see @gwaac at @ cinderfordfc but always greatly appreciated. #thankyou @karenmaryoniell: You do incredible work + make us proud day in day out. My friends Dr Andy + Dr Andy work with you - two fantastic + incredible dedicated Doctors! @LeafiLou: Amazing people. Thank you for all you do xx @Elaynareeves: Truly amazing teamwork by the crew so relaxed and professional. Andy was one of the doctors who came out to my partner Jess in August last year, unfortunately she passed away. He came out to speak to me and could not have been kinder and I will never forget that. Thank you

@npasfilton: Our neighbours at @npasFilton managed to get this great shot of our helicopter returning to a snowy helipad! ‘’GWAAC returning to a snowy Filton earlier’’

Nathan Aylett: Nathan and his dog Wilson spotted the helicopter out on their daily walk!

Carly Hemmings, Facebook: Thought you all would like to see how much my little boy Jack loves his helicopter. I work in A&E at Southmead and the difference the charity makes really is the difference between life and death xx



On Facebook…

Zoe Tattersall: Will be forever grateful to the team who helped my 11 year old son. He suffered a bleed and a clot on the brain whilst we were holidaying in burnham-on-sea and the team where amazing not only to my son but to me as well. Keep up the good work Niki Connor: Still hard to believe that you have only been in operation for 10 years. If it wasn’t for you I would be dead, fact and my little boy would have lost a mummy as well as a brother xxx Pauline Tanner: My gratitude to you all, for all you do for us.All other services that are there to assist at a moment’s notice


Helimed NEWS



01225 487772 01225 487772 enquiries@epochwm.co.uk 01225 487772 enquiries@epochwm.co.uk www.epochwm.co.uk E enquiries@epochwm.co.uk W www.epochwm.co.uk W www.epochwm.co.uk T T E T E W

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ir The old a


The new air base under construction

Help us to Secure the Future for our Life-Saving Service

We need your help to secure our home for the long term

In 2012 we found out that we had to leave our current home. Our landlords are building a new air base in Almondsbury, and now we’ve been presented with the opportunity of a life-time – the chance to Buy Our Base.


e provide cutting edge emergency care to the most critically ill 365 days a year. Yet for the last ten years we’ve been operating from one of the oldest air bases in the country, one which no longer provides our crew with the facilities which they need. From emergency blood transfusions to roadside amputations or treating cardiac arrests, our crew specialise in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine and Trauma Medicine, bringing the skills and expertise of an Accident and Emergency Department directly to the patient.


Now we need your help to secure our home for the long term – providing security for our charity, and a proper base for our life-saving crew. To find out more about our new appeal, and how you can help us Buy Our Base visit www.buyourbase.co.uk


See back page for more!


Helimed NEWS


Help Us To Securing the Future for our Life-Saving Service THERE ARE VARIOUS WAYS THAT YOU CAN DONATE TO OUR APPEAL: Donate online via our website: www.buyourbase.co.uk Hover your smart phone camera over the QR code to quickly and easily donate

Complete the form below and return it with your donation to: 3rd Floor, County Gates, Ashton Rd, Bristol BS3 2JH

DONATION FORM Please use block capitals Title Forename

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GIFT AID DECLARATION With Gift Aid, we can reclaim 25p of tax for every £1 you donate, completely free of charge to you! Yes! I want my donation to go further. I am happy for all gifts of money that I have made to Great Western Air Ambulance Charity in the past four years and all future gifts that I make to be gift aid donations.



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By ticking the box I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/ or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities or Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for that tax year. I understand the charity will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. Please notify the charity if you want to cancel this declaration, change your name or home address and /or no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains.



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